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Research on Engineering Structures and Materials

Number 4, 2022

  • 643-658
    Synthesis of ß-strontium hydrogen phosphate nanosheets and its effect on thermal and tribo-mechanical properties of polypropylene composites
    Authors: Lemiye Atabek Savaş
    Number of views: 43
  • 659-674
    Influence of multi-walled carbon nanotubes on tensile and flexural properties of polyamide 66/short glass fiber composites
    Authors: Özgür Demircan, Fatma Burcu Uzunoğlu, Naser Rezaei Ansaroudi
    Number of views: 26
  • 675-694
    Performance evaluation of unmanned aerial vehicle wing made from sterculiasetigeradelile fiber and pterocarpuserinaceus wood dust epoxy composite using finite element method abaqus and structural testing
    Authors: Nasir Mohammed Tahir, Adamu Umar Alhaji, Ibrahim Abdullahi
    Number of views: 31
  • 695-706
    Adhesion strength evaluation for plasma-sprayed coatings based on intensity of singular stress
    Authors: Nikolay Dolgov, Maris Hauka, Leonids Vinogradovs
    Number of views: 30
  • 707-720
    Experimental investigation on bamboo fibre reinforced mortar using artificial neural network – a comparative study
    Authors: Prem Kumar V, Vasugi V
    Number of views: 32
  • 721-733
    Effect of ZrO2 on morphological and adhesion properties of hydroxyapatite reinforced poly– (lactic) acid matrix hybrid coatings on Mg substrates
    Authors: Mehmet Topuz
    Number of views: 27
  • 735-749
    Weldability of interlocked-end friction stir welding of aluminum alloy: single and double-sided welding
    Authors: Olatunji Oladimeji Ojo, Gbadebo Samuel John
    Number of views: 27
  • 751-772
    Numerical investigation of the combined effects of coating layer properties and specific heat capacities of materials on the heat transfer mechanism in solidification of pure metals
    Authors: Mehmet Hakan Demir
    Number of views: 28
  • 773-798
    Evaluation of mechanical properties for banana-carbon fiber reinforced nano-clay epoxy composite using analytical modeling and simulation
    Authors: Tanvi Saxena, V.K. Chawla
    Number of views: 31
  • 799-809
    On the effect of numerical parameters in finite element through thickness modeling for springback prediction
    Authors: Bora Şener, Toros Arda Akşen, Emre Esener, Mehmet Fırat
    Number of views: 27
  • 811-834
    Performance of URM structures under earthquake shakings: Validation using a template building structure by the 2019 Albanian earthquakes
    Authors: Altin Bidaj, Huseyin Bilgin, Marjo Hysenlliu, Irakli Premti, Rrapo Ormeni
    Number of views: 27
  • 835-851
    Nonlinear behaviour of reinforced concrete moment resisting frame with steel brace
    Authors: Birendra Kumar Bohara, Prasenjit Saha
    Number of views: 23
  • 853-860
    The strength characteristics of concrete using recycled concrete aggregates
    Authors: Om V. Vaidya, Kapil Malviya, Yuvaraj L. Bhirud
    Number of views: 23
  • 861-884
    Experimental investigation of spalling effect of elevated temperature on concrete containing waste plastic aggregates
    Authors: Lalit B. Pawar, Keshav K. Sangle, Yuvaraj L. Bhirud
    Number of views: 27
  • 885-904
    Leverage of high-volume fly ash along with glass fiber for sustainable concrete
    Authors: Mahesh V. Raut
    Number of views: 27

Number 3, 2022

  • 431-445
    Effect of blowing ratio on adiabatic effectiveness for effusion cooling in gas turbine combustor liners
    Authors: K R Yellu Kumar, Adnan Qayoum, Shahid Saleem, Fasil Qayoom Mir
    Number of views: 37
  • 447-462
    Synthesis and characterization of high-quality multi layered graphene by electrochemical exfoliation of graphite
    Authors: Bisma Ali, Adnan Qayoum, Shahid Saleem, Fasil Qayoom Mir
    Number of views: 40
  • 463-490
    Capabilities and limitations of existing finite element simplified micro-modeling techniques for unreinforced masonry
    Authors: Nitin Kumar, Michele Barbato, Erika L. Rengifo-López, Fabio Matta
    Number of views: 47
  • 491-518
    Evaluation of energy retention capacity of composite CFRP and GFRP in RC beam strength
    Authors: Ali İhsan Çelik
    Number of views: 56
  • 519-533
    Moment-curvature relationships for RC chimney sections
    Authors: Megha Bhatt, Sandip A. Vasanwala
    Number of views: 51
  • 535-551
    Additive manufacturing techniques in construction
    Authors: T. V. Sheeja, S. V. S. Jebadurai, D. Tensing
    Number of views: 37
  • 553-567
    Experimental assessment of recycling methods of used engine oil for sustainable environment
    Authors: Afreen Nissar, M. Hanief, Fasil Qayoom Mir
    Number of views: 39
  • 569-581
    Optimal water-cement ratio and volume of superplasticizers for blended cement-bamboo leaf ash high-performance concrete
    Authors: Samson Olalekan Odeyemi, Michael Oluwasegun Adisa, Olumoyewa Dotun Atoyebi, Uwemedimo Nyong Wilson, Omolola Titilayo Odeyemi
    Number of views: 44
  • 583-602
    Fracture behavior of plain and fiber-reinforced high strength concrete containing high strength steel fiber
    Authors: P.N. Ojha, Pranay Singh, Brijesh Singh, Abhishek Singh, Piyush Mittal
    Number of views: 38
  • 603-614
    Effect of metakaolin and steel slag on performance of binary blended concrete
    Authors: Moulshree Dubey, Shirish V Deo, Gangadhar Ramtekkar
    Number of views: 39
  • 615-632
    Effect of asphalt pavement construction on the environment of Ethiopia
    Authors: Badrinarayan Rath
    Number of views: 45
  • 633-642
    Self - compacting concrete made with partial replacement of lime stone and quarry dust powder
    Authors: Deepan Rajendran, Chella Gifta Christopher, Malaiappan Sindhu Muthu
    Number of views: 43

Number 2, 2022

  • 205-222
    Fracture behaviors and optimizations of friction stir spot welded and friction stir clinched hybrid aluminum/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene joints
    Authors: Michael Kanisuru Adeyeri, Olatunji Oladimeji Ojo, Adefemi Oluseye Adelusi
    Number of views: 81
  • 223-231
    Synthesis and air permeability of electrospun PAN/PVDF nanofibrous membranes
    Authors: Atike Ince Yardimci, Mehmet Kayhan, Aslı Durmus, Mehmet Aksoy, Ozgur Tarhan
    Number of views: 85
  • 233-251
    Effect of high ratio fly ash on roller compacted concrete for dam construction
    Authors: P. N. Ojha, Brijesh Singh, Shivam Prakash, Pranay Singh, Manish K. Mandre, Suresh Kumar
    Number of views: 51
  • 253-264
    The freeze-thaw durability of concrete containing the rubber aggregate of tire waste
    Authors: Layachi Guelmine
    Number of views: 48
  • 265-281
    Mechanical and durability properties of cement mortar and concrete reinforced with glass micro fibre
    Authors: P. N. Ojha, Abhishek Singh, Brijesh Singh, Vikas Patel
    Number of views: 61
  • 283-305
    A review of the effect and optimization of use of nano-TiO2 in cementitious composites
    Authors: Mahmud Sami Döndüren, Mohammed Gamal Al-Hagri
    Number of views: 45
  • 307-336
    Evaluating the effects of agricultural wastes on concrete and composite mechanical properties: a review
    Authors: Abiodun Kilani, Christopher Fapohunda, Oluwatobi Adeleke, Charity Metiboba
    Number of views: 60
  • 337-357
    Damage potential of near and far-fault ground motions on seismic response of RC buildings designed according to old practices
    Authors: Marsed Leti, Hüseyin Bilgin
    Number of views: 48
  • 359-370
    A study on high-rise RC structure with fluid viscous damper using python
    Authors: Laxmi M Ramdas, M. Helen Santhi G. Malathi
    Number of views: 83
  • 371-384
    Properties of self-compacting concrete modified with ultrafine slag
    Authors: Bode Venkata Kavyateja, Panga Narasimha Reddy, C. Arvind Kumar
    Number of views: 77
  • 385-402
    Effect of soil and foundation stiffness on the seismic behavior of mid-rise RC buildings
    Authors: Hayri Baytan Ozmen, Naile Gül Tarakcı
    Number of views: 52
  • 403-420
    Economizing the road drainage construction’s cost using standard design, offsetting and setting out method: a case study of Ogbomoso – Oko – Osogbo Road, Nigeria
    Authors: Abiodun Kilani, Christopher Fapohunda
    Number of views: 49
  • 421-430
    An artificial neural network for the prediction of the strength of supplementary cementitious concrete
    Authors: Lomesh Mahajan, Sariputt Bhagat
    Number of views: 45

Number 1, 2022

  • 1-18
    Tensile and flexural properties of MWCNT-COOH and hBN integrated polyamide 66/short glass fiber composites
    Authors: Özgür Demircan, Naser Rezaei Ansaroudi, Fatma Burcu Uzunoğlu
    Number of views: 52
  • 19-43
    Mechanical and durability characterization of hybrid fibre reinforced green geopolymer concrete
    Authors: Kadarkarai Arunkumar, Muthiah Muthukannan, Arunachalam Sureshkumar, Arunasankar Chithambarganesh, Rangaswamy Kanniga Devi R
    Number of views: 77
  • 45-56
    Analysis of effect of variation of Honeycomb core cell size and sandwich panel width on the stiffness of a sandwich structure
    Authors: Anil Kumar, Surjit Angra, Arindam Kumar Chanda
    Number of views: 62
  • 57-73
    Recent developments in vibrothermography
    Authors: Orhan Gülcan
    Number of views: 61
  • 75-89
    Analytical evaluation of plasticity models for anisotropic materials with experimental validation
    Authors: Emre Esener, Aysema Ünlü
    Number of views: 47
  • 91-99
    Manufacturing brick using waste rocket propellant: thermal insulation improvement through eco-friendly disposal
    Authors: Pravin Kumar Mehta, A Kumarswamy, V.K. Saraswat, Himanshu Shekhar
    Number of views: 51
  • 101-115
    Effect of elevated temperature on strength and durability properties of concrete using nano-silica and alccofine
    Authors: Ashwini K, Srinivasa Rao P
    Number of views: 53
  • 117-126
    Impact of controlled permeable formwork liner against chloride penetration on the concrete structures
    Authors: Vishal Ambad, Raju Narwade, Karthik Nagarajan
    Number of views: 45
  • 127-154
    Influence due to interface in finite element modeling of soil-structure interaction system: a study considering modified interface element
    Authors: Gaurav D. Dhadse, Gangadhar Ramtekkar, Govardhan Bhatt
    Number of views: 49
  • 155-177
    Effect of position of steel bracing in L-shape reinforced concrete buildings under lateral loading
    Authors: Birendra Kumar BoharaKafeel Hussain Ganaie, Prasenjit Saha
    Number of views: 56
  • 179-203
    Analysis of various flow field designs for PEM fuel cells used in vehicular systems through 3D modelling
    Authors: Muhammed Mücahid Toprak, Ceyda Kök, Suha Orçun Mert
    Number of views: 54

Number 4, 2021

  • 481-504
    Valorization of geopolymer paste containing wastes glass
    Authors: Ismail Luhar, Salmabanu Luhar
    Number of views: 110
  • 505-522
    High performance fiber reinforced concrete – for repair in spillways of concrete dams
    Authors: P N Ojha, Amit Trivedi, Brijesh Singh, Adarsh Kumar N S, Vikas Patel, R K Gupta
    Number of views: 116
  • 523-538
    Dynamic and buckling of functionally graded beams based on a homogenization theory
    Authors: Giovanni Falsone, Gabriele La Valle
    Number of views: 76
  • 539-550
    Fresnel calculations of double/multi-layer antireflection coatings on silicon substrates
    Authors: Al Montazer Mandong, Abdullah Uzum
    Number of views: 113
  • 551-577
    Case study of the Beirut port explosion using 3D laser scan and nonlinear finite element model
    Authors: Sahar Ismail, Wassim Raphael, Emmanuel Durand
    Number of views: 129
  • 579-593
    Fatigue life prediction of steel bridge connections using fracture mechanics models
    Authors: Warda Abdulla, Craig Menzemer
    Number of views: 67
  • 595-615
    Behavior of structure type 82/2 (RC frame), during the earthquake of 26 November 2019 in Durrës, Albania
    Authors: Anjeza Gjini, Hektor Cullufi, Enio Deneko, Princ Xhika
    Number of views: 96
  • 617-633
    Macro-/micro-mechanical interlocking modification on the performance of hybrid friction stir spot welded aluminum/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene joints
    Authors: Olatunji Oladimeji Ojo
    Number of views: 128
  • 635-646
    Development of specially reinforced magnesium composites prepared by squeeze casting process
    Authors: Akshansh Mishra, Devarrishi Dixit, Raheem Al-Sabur
    Number of views: 76
  • 647-660
    Characterization of low-cost inkjet printed-photonic cured strain gauges for remote sensing and structural monitoring applications
    Authors: Juho Kerminen, Jenny Wiklund, Alp Karakoç, Kalle Ruttik, Riku Jäntti, Hüseyin Yiğitler
    Number of views: 88
  • 661-675
    London the Shard analysis in the context of parametric and sustainable skyscraper design
    Authors: Selale Elcin Sungur, Umit Turgay Arpacioglu, Mustafa Ozgunler
    Number of views: 68

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