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Research on Engineering Structures and Materials

Number 3, 2017

  • 164-175
    Dynamic identification of historical Molla Siyah Mosque before and after restoration
    Authors: İsmet Çalık, Alemdar Bayraktar, Temel Türker, Ali Osman Ayan
    Number of views: 356
  • 176-184
    Fuel butanol dehydration by using a membrane based pervaporation method
    Authors: Filiz Ugur Nigiz, Nilufer Durmaz Hilmioglu
    Number of views: 443
  • 186-191
    Recovery of waste tyres by pyrolysis in a fixed bed reactor for liquid fuel production: effects of pyrolysis conditions on oil yield
    Authors: Derya Yesim Hopa, Alime Yilmaz, Tuba Aksoy Bahtli
    Number of views: 501
  • 192-200
    Experimental investigation of R134a adsorption on silica gel for cooling system applications
    Authors: Muhsin Kilic, Ersan Gonul
    Number of views: 474
  • 202-209
    Numerical investigation of a heat wheel performance used for enthalpy recovery applications
    Authors: Erdem Çiftçi, Adnan Sözen
    Number of views: 618
  • 210-226
    On the mechanics of corbelled domes: new analytical and computational approaches
    Authors: Pilade Foti, Aguinaldo Fraddosio, Nicola Lepore, Mario Daniele Piccioni
    Number of views: 1040
  • 228-236
    Influence of drainage on flexible road pavement design
    Authors: George Kollaros, Antonia Athanasopoulou
    Number of views: 635

Number 2, 2017

  • 89-97
    A reactive poly(styrene sulfonic acid) catalyst preparation and usage for fuel additive ester production
    Authors: Filiz Ugur Nigiz, Nilufer Durmaz Hilmioglu
    Number of views: 467
  • 99-112
    Model updating effects on the seismic behavior of tall buildings under far and near-fault ground motions
    Authors: Betül Demirtaş, Alemdar Bayraktar, Aydın Dumanoğlu
    Number of views: 536
  • 113-121
    Constructional characteristics and restoration aspects of historic earth block structures
    Authors: Ioanna Papayianni, Vasiliki Pachta
    Number of views: 386
  • 123-133
    Elastic-plastic deformation of a thin rotating solid disk of exponentially varying density
    Authors: Manoj Sahni, Sanjeev Sharma
    Number of views: 562
  • 135-146
    Probability of failure determination for tunnels in rock by using Monte Carlo simulation
    Authors: Erion Bukaçi, Thoma Korini, Erion Periku, Skënder Allkja, Paulin Sheperi
    Number of views: 671
  • 147-153
    Mass effect on magnetic flux behavior
    Authors: Deniz Perin, Aykut Ilgaz, Mustafa Göktepe
    Number of views: 432
  • 155-162
    Mixed convection heat transfer of nanofluids in a trapezoidal cavity having an adiabatic square body at its center
    Authors: Müslüm Arıcı, Çağatay Kaptan, Hasan Karabay
    Number of views: 492

Number 1, 2017

  • 1-10
    Solution of model equation of completely passive natural convection by improved differential transform method
    Authors: Mustafa Ekici, Fatma Ayaz
    Number of views: 414
  • 11-25
    Direct application of the Complementary Functions Method (CFM) to the static analysis of rotating disks with both parabolic-varying thickness profile and functionally graded (FG) material
    Authors: Cem Boğa, Vebil Yıldırım
    Number of views: 488
  • 27-44
    On the characterization of the free vibrations behavior of multiscale composite plates
    Authors: Diogo Miguel Silva Costa, Maria Amélia Ramos Loja
    Number of views: 345
  • 45-54
    Multi-functional materials for military aircrafts; radar absorbing and flame retardant composites
    Authors: Hüsnügül Yilmaz Atay
    Number of views: 878
  • 55-64
    Physico-mechanical and corrosion behavior of acid resistant bricks developed from quarry waste silicate residues using powder metallurgy
    Authors: Seun Samuel Owoeye, Yinusa Daniel Lamidi, Olusola Joseph Ajayi
    Number of views: 521
  • 65-75
    A case study for improving tool life in cold forging: Carbon fiber composite reinforced dies
    Authors: Sezgin Yurtdaş, Umut İnce, Cenk Kılıçaslan, Hasan Yıldız
    Number of views: 1016
  • 77-87
    Wear behaviour of the glass fiber reinforced cast polyamide in pin-on-disc type wear machine
    Authors: Hüseyin İpek, Hamdullah Çuvalcı
    Number of views: 667

Number 2, 2016

  • 51-57
    A fiber network model to understand the effects of fiber length and height on the deformation of fibrous materials
    Authors: Alp Karakoç
    Number of views: 360
  • 59-66
    Nonlinear finite element analysis of optimally designed steel cellular beams
    Authors: Ferhat Erdal, Osman Tunca, Serkan Taş
    Number of views: 664
  • 67-74
    Some properties of Cu-MgO composites produced by powder metallurgy
    Authors: Gözde F. Çelebi Efe, Mediha İpek, Sakin Zeytin, Cuma Bindal
    Number of views: 418
  • 75-87
    Free vibrations of fluid conveying pipe with intermediate support
    Authors: Ahmet Kesimli, Süleyman Murat Bağdatlı, Seyit Çanakcı
    Number of views: 615
  • 89-104
    Fatigue-life estimation and material selection for commercial-purity aluminum sheets
    Authors: Raif Sakin
    Number of views: 2117

Number 1, 2016

  • 1-18
    Comparing transfer matrix method and ANFIS in free vibration analysis of Timoshenko columns with attachments
    Authors: Oktay Demirdag, Bulent Yildirim
    Number of views: 345
  • 19-27
    Shear and torsion correction factors of Timoshenko beam model for generic cross sections
    Authors: Jouni Freund, Alp Karakoç
    Number of views: 443
  • 29-37
    Optimum design of cold-formed thin-walled sections subjected to axial and bi-axial bending using artificial bee colony algorithm
    Authors: Serdar Carbas, Mehmet Polat Saka
    Number of views: 446
  • 39-47
    Linear static analysis of perforated plates with round and staggered holes under their self-weights
    Authors: Mustafa Haluk Saraçoğlu, Uğur Albayrak
    Number of views: 601
  • 49-59
    Vibration and buckling analysis of a curved sandwich composite beam with FEM
    Authors: M. Evren Toygar, Onur Sayman, Uğur Kemiklioğlu, Hasan Öztürk, Zeki Kıral, Farshid Khosravi Maleki
    Number of views: 562

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