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Budownictwo i Architektura

Number 20(4), 2021

  • 5-16
    Comparison of methods of monitoring structure deformations based on tests of a column-plate slab
    Authors: Damian Nykiel
    Number of views: 40
  • 17-36
    Acoustic analysis of selected sacred buildings in Szczecin
    Authors: Agata Stolarska, Jarosław Strzałkowski, Agata Kandybowicz
    Number of views: 42
  • 37-46
    Size effect at testing strength properties of concrete
    Authors: Amanda Akram
    Number of views: 34
  • 47-62
    The functio-spatial structure of airport surroundings: the case of Kraków Airport
    Authors: Tomasz Bajwoluk
    Number of views: 39
  • 63-92
    The acoustic climate of spaces located under overpasses in the context of adapting them for outdoor public events – a pilot case study
    Authors: Elżbieta Komarzyńska-Świeściak, Piotr Kozlowski
    Number of views: 45
  • 93-114
    Simplified analytical method for the robustness assessment of precast reinforced concrete structural systems
    Authors: Viktar Tur, Andrei Tur, Aliaksandr Lizahub
    Number of views: 36

Number 20(3), 2021

  • 5-24
    Effectivity of BIM transfer of structural models between programs for engineers
    Authors: Oskar Kotlarz, Adam Wosatko
    Number of views: 37
  • 25-42
    Analysis of the state of preservation the historic arcaded houses in Vistula Delta listed in the National Inventory of Historical Monuments
    Authors: Tomasz Zybala
    Number of views: 33
  • 43-56
    Role and Factors of Solar Façades Shaping in Contemporary Architecture
    Authors: Janusz Marchwiński
    Number of views: 34
  • 57-82
    A universal standard for health-promoting places. Example of assessment – on the basis of a case study of Rahway River Park
    Authors: Monika Trojanowska
    Number of views: 33
  • 83-97
    The role of reliable mining and construction analysis in adjudicating mining damage claims
    Authors: Wojciech Kocot
    Number of views: 40
  • 119-133
    Forgotten shelters of Kłodzko Land. On architecture inspired by the local building tradition
    Authors: Jacek Suchodolski
    Number of views: 38
  • 135-144
    Granulation Of Porous Materials with Phase Change Material (PCM)
    Authors: Tomasz Bien
    Number of views: 37

Number 20(2), 2021

  • 5-14
    Assessment of the early-age compressive strength of concrete
    Authors: Dorota Michałowska-Maziejuk, Barbara Goszczyńska
    Number of views: 34
  • 15-28
    Capillary water absorption in mixtures of cohesive soils stabilized with cement and hydrophobic agent
    Authors: Szymon Węgliński
    Number of views: 35
  • 29-40
    The influence of internal installation solutions in single-family housing on the "EP" factor in the light of the new requirements of WT 2021
    Authors: Aneta Biała
    Number of views: 34
  • 41-56
    Influence of effective width of flange on calculation and reinforcement dimensioning of beam of reinforced concrete frame
    Authors: Maciej Tomasz Solarczyk
    Number of views: 37
  • 57-68
    Application of fracture energy for the assessment of frost degradation of high-strength concretes
    Authors: Sylwia Borowska, Marta Kosior-Kazberuk
    Number of views: 34
  • 69-82
    Influence of sunspaces on the heating demand in rooms – comparison of ISO 13790 calculation methods
    Authors: Magdalena Grudzińska
    Number of views: 35
  • 83-94
    Digitalization of historic buildings using modern technologies and tools
    Authors: Anna Prokop, Piotr Nazarko, Leonard Ziemiański
    Number of views: 37
  • 95-116
    Hybrid methodology of multi-sensory research of public space in urban planning
    Authors: Ewa Jarecka-Bidzińska
    Number of views: 34

Number 20(1), 2021

  • 5-24
    Many beginnings: the thought, thinkers and actions behind the planet-oriented architecture
    Authors: Adrian Krezlik
    Number of views: 31
  • 25-36
    Society of Workers’ Housing Estates and its attempt to overcome the residential crisis in interwar Poland
    Authors: Jakub Frejtag
    Number of views: 30
  • 35-46
    From Emergency Shelter towards Disaster-relief Housing — Tōhoku’s Reconstruction Case Study
    Authors: Camille Cosson
    Number of views: 36
  • 47-58
    Design at the root of biophilia. Imitation. Nature
    Authors: Marcin Marciniak, Dżoana Latała-Matysiak
    Number of views: 35
  • 59-76
    Architecture as the art of creating human-friendly places
    Authors: Agnieszka Chęć-Małyszek
    Number of views: 34
  • 77-82
    The architecture of the former Carmelite Monastery in the Mali Dorohostai village in Volhynia
    Authors: Petro Rychkov
    Number of views: 36
  • 83-116
    The Modern Trend of Super Slender Residential Buildings
    Authors: Jerzy Szołomicki, Hanna Golasz-Szołomicka
    Number of views: 31
  • 117-140
    Urban design and therapeutic landscapes. Evolving theme.
    Authors: Monika Trojanowska
    Number of views: 35

Number 19(4), 2020

  • Adam Piekarczyk
    Deformability of the masonry subjected to shearing due to vertical displacements
    Authors: 5-18
    Number of views: 32
  • 19-32
    Mechanical performance of FRP-RC flexural members subjected to fire conditions
    Authors: Kostiantyn Protchenko, Elżbieta Szmigiera, Marek Urbański, Andrzej Garbacz
    Number of views: 33
  • 33-44
    Composite beams with indented construction joint – comparison of results of laboratory tests and numerical analysis
    Authors: Grzegorz Sadowski, Piotr Wiliński, Anna Halicka
    Number of views: 32
  • 45-54
    Thermal performance of Rice Husk Ash mixed mortar in concrete and masonry buildings
    Authors: Kajanan Selvaranjan, J.C.P.H. Gamage, G.I.P. De Silva, Vajira Attanayaka
    Number of views: 32
  • 55-66
    Crack mechanisms in concrete – from micro to macro scale
    Authors: Marta Słowik, Piet Stroeven, Amanda Akram
    Number of views: 33
  • 67-80
    An innovative safety format for structural system robustness checking
    Authors: Andrei Tur, Viktar Tur, Stanislav Derechennik, Aliaksandr Lizahub
    Number of views: 29
  • 81-88
    Assessment of the early-age strains and stresses in 2D restrained self-stressed members
    Authors: Viktar V. Tur, Volha H. Sannikava
    Number of views: 31
  • 89-100
    Ductility and internal forces redistribution in lightweight aggregate concrete beams
    Authors: Tomasz Waśniewski, Ewelina Kołodziejczyk
    Number of views: 34
  • 101-114
    Buildings of the John Paul II Center – a challenge for civil engineering and architecture
    Authors: Bogumił Wrana, Jan Wrana
    Number of views: 40
  • 115-126
    Nonlinear finite element analysis of punching shear strength of reinforced concrete slabs supported on L-shaped columns
    Authors: Qing Zhang, Graeme J. Milligan, Maria Anna Polak
    Number of views: 34
  • 127-138
    Factors determining the quality of masonry – differentiation of resistance and reliability
    Authors: Joanna Zięba , Lidia Buda-Ożóg, Izabela Skrzypczak
    Number of views: 30

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