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Budownictwo i Architektura

Number 19(3), 2020

  • 5-20
    Tests of bond between concrete and steel bars – literature background and program of own research
    Authors: Marcin Burdziński, Maciej Niedostatkiewicz, Patryk Ziółkowski
    Number of views: 27
  • 21-30
    Studies on the effects of superficial strengthening with FRCM system on compressive strength of AAC masonry
    Authors: Łukasz Drobiec, Wojciech Mazur, Remigiusz Jokiel
    Number of views: 31
  • 31-40
    Digital fabrication in the process of creation of the parametric concrete fencings
    Authors: Marcin Giedrowicz
    Number of views: 26
  • 41-52
    Effect of load level of corner columns on punching shear resistance of flat slabs
    Authors: Michał Gołdyn, Tadeusz Urban
    Number of views: 29
  • 53-62
    Simulation of four-point beam bending test using the X-FEM method
    Authors: Jakub Gontarz, Jerzy Podgórski
    Number of views: 28
  • 63-76
    Influence of the interface reinforcement on static performance of concrete composite T-shaped beams
    Authors: Łukasz Jabłoński, Anna Halicka
    Number of views: 25
  • 77-88
    Nonlinear analysis of lightweight aggregate concrete columns
    Authors: Ewelina Kołodziejczyk, Tomasz Waśniewski
    Number of views: 31
  • 89-100
    Analysis of precast lintels behaviour in walls confined by reinforced lightweight and ordinary concrete
    Authors: Wojciech Mazur, Tomasz Rybarczyk
    Number of views: 32
  • 101-112
    Load and resistance factors for prestressed concrete girder bridges
    Authors: Andrzej S. Nowak, Olga Iatsko
    Number of views: 29
  • 113-122
    Research on the recycled and hybrid fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete under flexure
    Authors: Małgorzata Pająk
    Number of views: 26
  • 123-134
    The experimental investigation of the failure of load-bearing masonry walls supported by a deflecting structure
    Authors: Adam Piekarczyk
    Number of views: 28

Number 19(2), 2020

  • 5-18
    The innovation of accounting and certification of historic architectural monuments using BIM technology
    Authors: Olga Kysil, Raddamila Kosarevska, Oleksii Levchenko
    Number of views: 28
  • 19-32
    Evaluation of the contact angle and wettability of hydrophobised lightweight concrete with sawdust
    Authors: Małgorzata Szafraniec, Danuta Barnat-Hunek
    Number of views: 28
  • 33-40
    Self-healing cement materials – microscopic techniques
    Authors: Marta Dudek
    Number of views: 27
  • 41-51
    Program of fragmentary revitalization of the historical town of Lyashky Murovani
    Authors: Zoriana Lukomska, Iryna Shevchuk, Halyna Lukomska
    Number of views: 30
  • 53-72
    Contemporary challenges of spatial development of local service centres in the suburban areas of Wrocław – example of Czernica, Poland
    Authors: Piotr Kryczka, Katarzyna Chrobak
    Number of views: 30
  • 73-85
    Influence of boundary conditions in FEM model on structural behaviour of thin-walled steel beams strengthened by CFRP tapes
    Authors: Katarzyna Rzeszut, Ilona Szewczak, Patryk Rozylo
    Number of views: 29
  • 87-100
    Report on laboratory tests of sandstone and porphyry for rock fracture analysis
    Authors: Jakub Gontarz, Jacek Szulej
    Number of views: 32
  • 101-110
    Impact of curing conditions for concrete on its mechanical properties
    Authors: Joanna Witkowska-Dobrev, Olga Szlachetka, Paulina Spiek
    Number of views: 27
  • 111-119
    Geometry of cycling track
    Authors: Maciej Tomasz Solarczyk
    Number of views: 31
  • 121-135
    Contemporary symbols in the space of Baku
    Authors: Elżbieta Kaczmarska
    Number of views: 29

Number 19(1), 2020

  • 5-14
    Pluralism of goals of proecological architecture
    Authors: Justyna Kobylarczyk, Janusz Marchwinski
    Number of views: 31
  • 15-28
    Selected factors that impact low-energy buildings (NZEB)
    Authors: Krzysztof Pawłowski, Magdalena Nakielska
    Number of views: 30
  • 29-37
    Opportunities and threats for natural building using straw bale technology
    Authors: Agnieszka Augustyńska
    Number of views: 27
  • 39-46
    Analysis of the structure of housing in Poland in the years 2009-2018
    Authors: Agnieszka Czajkowska, Wioletta Raczkiewicz
    Number of views: 27
  • 55-62
    An experimental study of girder-borne sound pressure emission and acceleration
    Authors: Łukasz Szyszka
    Number of views: 32
  • 63-81
    Explicit and implied significance of contemporary public spaces. Part 1. Spaces of attractions
    Authors: Dariusz Dziubiński
    Number of views: 28
  • 83-102
    Explicit and implied significance of contemporary public spaces. Part 2. Alternative spaces
    Authors: Dariusz Dziubiński
    Number of views: 34

Number 18(4), 2019

  • 5-14
    Eco-efficient blended cements with high volume supplementary cementitious materials
    Authors: Myroslav Sanytsky, Tetiana Kropyvnytska, Hanna Ivashchyshyn, Оksana Rykhlitska
    Number of views: 27
  • 15-22
    Spectral analysis of multi-year GNSS code multipath time-series
    Authors: Jacek Kudrys
    Number of views: 26
  • 23-40
    Temperature and moisture effect on laminated rhombic hyperbolic paraboloid
    Authors: Abhay Chaubey, Ajay Kumar, Małgorzata Grzegorczyk-Franczak, Małgorzata Szafraniec
    Number of views: 27
  • 41-50
    Impact of epoxy resin modification on their strength parameters
    Authors: Andrzej Szewczak
    Number of views: 31
  • 51-58
    Liquid plastic films as a solution in terms of tightness problems and roofs aesthetics improvement – review
    Authors: Barbara Ksit, Roman Pilch
    Number of views: 26
  • 59-82
    The wooden architectural complex of the city and royal residence of the John III Sobieski in Kukizów
    Authors: Mykola Bevz
    Number of views: 23
  • 83-102
    The possibility of DIC system application in numerical models updating
    Authors: Barbara Turoń, MSc, Bartosz Miller, PhD DSc
    Number of views: 29
  • 103-116
    Houses of the Polish-Belarusian borderland as areas of value
    Authors: Magdalena Sulima
    Number of views: 25

Number 18(3), 2019

  • 5-16
    The analysis of energy-saving technologies used in buildings with low energy consumption
    Authors: Krzysztof Pawłowski
    Number of views: 25
  • 17-28
    Strengthening of the wooden structures
    Authors: Szymon Ślósarz
    Number of views: 39
  • 29-40
    Use of aluminium and glass facades in urban architecture
    Authors: Monika Górka
    Number of views: 30
  • 41-50
    Selection of floor heating by MCDA method
    Authors: Jacek Karpiesiuk
    Number of views: 27
  • 51-62
    The problem of GNSS positioning with measurements recorded using Android mobile devices
    Authors: Bogdan Skorupa
    Number of views: 26
  • 63-72
    Interpretation of CPT and SDMT tests for Lublin loess soils exemplified by Cyprysowa research site
    Authors: Krzysztof Nepelski
    Number of views: 27
  • 83-92
    Property price dependence from noise level on example of local real estate market
    Authors: Ewa Debinska, Joanna Pałubska
    Number of views: 27
  • 83-92
    New urban spaces - their heritage and creation
    Authors: Dariusz Gawel
    Number of views: 27

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