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Medical perspectives (Medicni perspektivi)
Bulletin of Dnipropetrovsk University. Series: Communications in Mathematical Modeling and Differential Equations Theory

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Number A13, 2019

  • 1-8
    Biochemical efficacy of Ircinia fusca marine sponge of Ratnagiri Coast (MS) India
    Authors: Lakwal VR, Shaikh SA, Kharate DS, Kalse AT and Mokashe SS
    Number of views: 17
  • 9-13
    Effect of Anticancer Drug, Cisplatin on the Nucleolar Changes in the Developing Oocytes of Fresh Water bivalve, Corbicula Striatella (Deshayes1854).
    Authors: Bhosale PA
    Number of views: 14
  • 19-23
    Seasonal Variations in Life Cycle Of Forensically Important Calliphoridae Fly Lucilia Cuprina In Nandurbar (MS) India
    Authors: Mali KH and Zambare SP
    Number of views: 11
  • 29-32
    Effect of leaf extract of Annona squamosa on Tribolium castaneum
    Authors: Chetankumar Sharma, Manoj Patil, Shubhangi Naiknaware and Geeta Patil
    Number of views: 10
  • 33-38
    Preliminary survey of Wild Edible Plant Resources in Rajgarh (M.P.)
    Authors: Hemant Kumar Nahar
    Number of views: 10
  • 39-43
    Preliminary Ethno- botanical survey of some medicinal plants in Rajgarh (M.P.), India
    Authors: Hemant Kumar Nahar
    Number of views: 9
  • 44-46
    Effect of some parts of plant powders to control Sitophilus granarius in store wheat grains.
    Authors: Geeta Patil, Chetankumar Sharma, Vaishali Maliand and Kajal Patil
    Number of views: 8
  • 47-52
    Spectroscopical view and application of Naphthol Coupled Azo Compounds in complexing and sensing of Fe (II) ions in tap water.
    Authors: Damade Kanchan R, Savdekar Nitesh P and Chaudhary Rakesh
    Number of views: 8
  • 53-57
    Phytochemical screening of Rhizome extract of Curcuma zedoaria (Christm) Roscoe by HRLC-MS technique
    Authors: Jadhao Anand S and Bhuktar Anil S
    Number of views: 12
  • 58-60
    Studies on fungal and bacterial diseases of Azadirachta indica. A.Juss (neem ) in Jalgaon district
    Authors: Firdousi SA
    Number of views: 8
  • 61-66
    Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial activity of Cassia fistula Linn.
    Authors: Dhale DA
    Number of views: 10
  • 67-70
    Soil health management and water salinity problems
    Authors: Khanduri Preeti
    Number of views: 9
  • 71-77
    Assessment of physical parameters of Amravati Dam, Malpur, Dist. Dhule, (M.S.), India.
    Authors: Patil Jitendra C, Badgujar Sandip R, Jaiswal Deepchand P and Balde Govind H
    Number of views: 10
  • 78-83
    Diversity of Macrofungi from North Maharashtra-II
    Authors: Patil SY
    Number of views: 9
  • 84-86
    Efforts for quality biomass of earthworm Eudrilus eugeniae by using tomato powder
    Authors: Patil DS, More BC and More SB
    Number of views: 8
  • 87-90
    Crust forming Blue Green Algae Scytonema Ag. from North Maharashtra Soils
    Authors: Archana Chaudhari
    Number of views: 9
  • 91-97
    Studies of Seasonal variations of Phytoplankton diversity and their Correlation with Physicochemical Parameters of Susari dam of Shahada Taluka District Nandurbar (M.S.) India.
    Authors: Patil Ravindra D and Patil Rajendra D
    Number of views: 9
  • 98-101
    Phyto-taxonomical analysis of Angiospermic species found In Satpura region of Harda district of Madhya Pradesh, India
    Authors: Sainkhediya Jeetendra and Ray Sudip
    Number of views: 11
  • 102-105
    Insecticidal activity of seeds extracts of Argemone mexicana against Tribolium castaneum (Herbst, 1797) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
    Authors: Patil Dipti R and Zambare SP
    Number of views: 9
  • 110-112
    Biochemical change in protein of fresh water fish Channa punctatus, in response to treatment with glyphosate
    Authors: Rohankar Pratibha H and Feroz Ahmad Dar
    Number of views: 9
  • 113-116
    Spermatogenesis in freshwater Mussel, Lamellidens corrianus, when subjected to Cereralectomy.
    Authors: Dongre Sangeeta B
    Number of views: 7
  • 117-121
    Estimation of Oxidative Stress in Indigenous Bull’s Semen during Cryopreservation Following Incorporation of Trehalose
    Authors: Shaikh Kashif Qadeer
    Number of views: 9
  • 122-125
    Morphotaxonomic studies of diversity of genus Panicum l. of family Poaceae of Amravati District, Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Masatkar Priyanka A and Deore Ashok N
    Number of views: 9
  • 126-134
    Taxonomical investigation of Cyanophyta From Nandurbar District MS, India
    Authors: Jaiswal AG and Gavit UG
    Number of views: 3
  • 135-138
    Biochemical, Physiological and Mycological changes in Gram seeds due to infestation of Pulse beetle during storage
    Authors: Lambat Ashish, Gadewar Rajesh and Lambat Prachi
    Number of views: 3
  • 139-142
    In vivo Effect of Sprint against Rot Pathogens associated with Cucurbitaceae members.
    Authors: Shaikh Farah T and Sahera Nasreen
    Number of views: 4
  • 143-149
    Effect of Yoga practices with suryanamaskar on flexibility, BMI, Hb level in underweight anemic college students
    Authors: Nandre YM and Patole SS
    Number of views: 3
  • 150-154
    Impact of different Pesticides on Beneficial Insects: a serious damage to natural ecosystem.
    Authors: Tayade Rupali, Sharma Chetankumar and Patil Geeta
    Number of views: 3
  • 155-159
    Noteworthy on colourless euglenoids from North Maharashtra region, India
    Authors: Kumawat DA, Patil Jayashri K and Shaikh Tauseef J
    Number of views: 2
  • 160-168
    Antimicrobial activities and phytochemical analysis of ethanolic flower extract of Thevetia peruviana (Pers.) K. Schum (Thevetia Yellow)
    Authors: Ghavri Krati and Adhav Madhavi
    Number of views: 4
  • 169-172
    Ethnobotanical study of Socioeconomic Indigenous wine product plants used by tribals of Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh, India
    Authors: Alawa KS & Ray S
    Number of views: 4
  • 173-177
    Diversity of Some less-known economic species of sorghum in tribal region of Western Madhya Pradesh, India
    Authors: Dawar suwalal and Satya Veena
    Number of views: 7
  • 178-182
    A comparative study of changes in protein contents in freshwater bivalves after chronic exposure to cadmium
    Authors: Waykar BB and Shinde SM
    Number of views: 9
  • 183-189
    Studies on Plant diversity of Laling Forest of Dhule District (Mh), India
    Authors: Dhole JA and Patole MG
    Number of views: 9
  • 190-195
    Antimicrobial potential and phytochemical screening of leaves and fruits of Solanum thorvum (swartz). A medicinally important plant
    Authors: Ugandhar T, Venkateshwarlu M, Odelu G, Rajendra prasad B and Anitha devi U
    Number of views: 5
  • 196-200
    Biochemical & molecular characterization of Pseudomonas fluorescence for divulging its plant growth promoting & biocontrol traits
    Authors: Paliwal Kiran and Prakash Anil
    Number of views: 7
  • 201-209
    Effect of three different storage containers on the Protein Content and Reducing Sugar in four different varieties of Soybean seeds under tropical storage conditions
    Authors: Dambhare Kirti Gadewar Rajesh, Mahajan Ashish
    Number of views: 7
  • 211-214
    Comparison of yield and yield parameter and plant height in Glycine max (L) (JS72-44 and JS75-46) in polluted and non-polluted environment
    Authors: Shrivastava Smita
    Number of views: 3
  • 215-218
    Leafing, flowering and fruiting pattern of some species of caesalpiniaceae from Buldhana district (M.S.), India
    Authors: Dhore MM and Wakode AV*
    Number of views: 7
  • 219-225
    Study of Snake Species Diversity in Rural and Semi Urban Areas of Buldhana district of Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Kale GB, Vairale Shiva and Ghait SN
    Number of views: 8
  • 226-228
    Bio reduction of water content fluoride by Bat Guano
    Authors: Bharambe CM and Choudhari Sharda N
    Number of views: 7
  • 229-231
    Impact of Bat guano on the salinity of aquatic ecosystem
    Authors: Bharambe CM and Autkar Vivek K
    Number of views: 9
  • 232-234
    Phenological study of Malvastrum coromandelianum (L.) Gracke
    Authors: Hinge Harsha, Billore DK, Vyas Sanjay
    Number of views: 9
  • 235-240
    On identities and ethnomedicinal plant parts sold by vendors in North Maharashtra (India) to cure Human diseases
    Authors: Ahirrao YA and Patil DA
    Number of views: 2
  • 241-246
    A review on- A medicinally important climber plant Clitoria ternatea L. and its variants
    Authors: Yeotkar Swati
    Number of views: 1
  • 247-250
    Studies on taxonomy of some coccoid Cyanophytes from Hartala lake, Maharashtra.
    Authors: Dhande JS, Jawale AK, Vanjari SD and Chaudhari NA
    Number of views: 1
  • 251-257
    Studies on Morphologic Evaluations of Ascaridia galli from Nandurbar (M.S.), India.
    Authors: Balde Govind Hanmantrao
    Number of views: 2
  • 258-262
    Analysis of Physico-Chemical water quality to assess environmental degradation of Malapur dam from Jalgaon district (M.S.) India
    Authors: Sadafule HG, Pathan AV, Korde SS
    Number of views: 2
  • 263-266
    Bio Reduction of Industrial waste water Hardness by Bat Guano
    Authors: Bharambe CM and Bathe Prajakta N
    Number of views: 2
  • 267-269
    In-vivo Pharmacological activity of Leaf extract of Cyclea peltata
    Authors: Chaudhari RT
    Number of views: 2
  • 270-272
    Qualitative Phytochemical analysis and Pharmacological Studies of Salvia officinalis (Linn.)
    Authors: Khadse PM
    Number of views: 1
  • 273-275
    Study of fresh water fish diversity of Sanjul Lake, Aurangabad. (M.S). India
    Authors: Gedam Ajit K, Andhle AV and Phulwade Durgesh N
    Number of views: 2
  • 276-282
    Assessment of physical parameters of Dedargaon Dam, Dist- Dhule, Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Sonawane Deepali and Patole SS
    Number of views: 2
  • 283-288
    Ethnoveterinary plants used against different ailments from West nimar region of M.P. India
    Authors: Parashar Preeti and Ray Sudip
    Number of views: 1
  • 289-291
    On the occurence of Athyrium genus from Bhandardara hills, Akole taluka, Ahamednagar Maharashtra, India.
    Authors: Rathod VN*, Patil NH, Garud GD, Patil SN, Shinde PS and Mathew Dinu
    Number of views: 1
  • 292-293
    Biodiversity of Forest Plants of Powdery Mildew on Jalgaon, Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Pawar Vasantrao P, Wankhede CV and Chaudhari Nitin A
    Number of views: 2
  • 295-295
    Rust diseases and trees of forest of Jalgaon District
    Authors: Kamble Vijay Mahadeorao and Firdousi SA
    Number of views: 2
  • 296-298
    Survey of Amphibian fauna from Poladpur tehsil, Western Ghats, Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Tinagre BP
    Number of views: 2

Number 7(4), 2019

  • 601-608
    Effect of EDTA on nickel (Ni) phytoremediation by rapeseed (Brassica napus L.)
    Authors: Parisa Aghaei-Gharachorlou, Safar Nasrollahzade, Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani, Shahin Oustan
    Number of views: 4
  • 609-615
    Assessment of Hyperglycemia in response to dietary management and severity of illness in ICU patients
    Authors: Abdulaziz Al Rasheed, Fasih Maqbool and Mahmoud M. A. Abulmeaty
    Number of views: 3
  • 616-624
    Determination of Uranium, Thorium,238U/232Th Activity Ratio and Rare Earth Elements Distribution Using Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA)
    Authors: Nassef MH and Nawal M. Said
    Number of views: 3
  • 625-630
    Vegetation along River Bank (Riparian) In Ondo State, Nigeria
    Authors: Erhenhi AH
    Number of views: 4
  • 631-637
    Efficacy of Insecticides and Crop Critical Stage for the Management of Chickpea Pod Borer [Helicoverpa armigera] in Central Zone of Tigray, Ethiopia
    Authors: Gebretsadkan Zereabruk, Nahom Woldu and Kiros Wolday
    Number of views: 5
  • 638-644
    Effect of Yam tuber size weight on its yield in Western Oromia, Ethiopia
    Authors: Sheleme Kaba
    Number of views: 4
  • 645-648
    Registration of ‘‘Fadis 01’’ Sorghum Variety
    Authors: Alemayehu Biri, Zeleke Legesse and Jifara Gudeta
    Number of views: 6
  • 649-654
    Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of methanol tuberous root extract of Decalepis salicifolia (Bedd. ex Hook.f.) Venter
    Authors: Saradha M
    Number of views: 3
  • 655-664
    Impact of water quality parameters on diversity and intensity of biofouling at sea cage farm, Karwar, Karnataka, India
    Authors: Mhaddolkar Sonali S, Dineshbabu AP, Thomas Sujitha and Loka Jayasree
    Number of views: 4
  • 665-669
    Effects of Aegle marmelos leaf extract on seminal electrophoretic proteins of mice (Mus musculus) in relation to antifertility
    Authors: Rajesh Kumar, Soni Kumari, and Singh VN
    Number of views: 4
  • 671-680
    Floristic study in region of Basukedar, Rudraprayag (Uttarakhand)
    Authors: Pradeep Kumar Bhandari and Uniyal PL
    Number of views: 6
  • 681-690
    Studies of morphological and biochemical parameters of Oryza sativa L. seedlings under salt stress
    Authors: Souransu Jena, Goutam Sabat and Mohanty BK
    Number of views: 7
  • 691-699
    Utilization of phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) for sustainable agriculture
    Authors: Dalvi Sanjay M and Rakh RR
    Number of views: 11
  • 701-704
    Endosulfan Induced Male Reproductive changes and their Treatment with Withania somnifera
    Authors: Pryuttma and Singh RP
    Number of views: 5
  • 705-709
    To study the incidence and control of Candida albicans, in immune compromised individuals
    Authors: Nikita Naik and Deepa Hirani
    Number of views: 4

Number 7(3), 2019

  • 169-172
    Ethnobotanical study of Socioeconomic Indigenous wine product plants used by tribals of Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh, India
    Authors: Alawa KS & Ray S
    Number of views: 3
  • 451-466
    Hydrocarbon degradation potentials of bacterial species isolated from leachate of Lemna waste dump site Calabar
    Authors: Bassey IU, Odokuma LO, Ogugbue CJ and Umeojiaku CF
    Number of views: 75
  • 467-482
    Bioecology of the corallivorous Acanthaster planci (crown-of-thorns seastar) in the coastal areas of Dimataling, Zamboanga del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines
    Authors: Alibon, Ranjiv D and Madjos Genelyn G
    Number of views: 27
  • 483-490
    Chemical study of various Blueberry varieties introduced in Georgia
    Authors: Meri Khakhutaishvili, Indira Djaparidze, Maia Vanidze and Aleko Kalandia
    Number of views: 57
  • 491-494
    Comparing post-operative complications rate, in Dissection and Guillotine Circumcision techniques
    Authors: Ramy Aly
    Number of views: 48
  • 495-500
    A study on scale insects (Hemiptera: Coccoidea) found in Tumakuru, India
    Authors: Lakshmishree SU, Mahalakshmi E, Ramya KP, Varsha Vishwanatha Rajapuri and Kokilamani AL
    Number of views: 72
  • 501-508
    A preliminary study on Odonate diversity in and around the campus area of Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University Raipur (C.G.) India
    Authors: Sahu R and Rai RK
    Number of views: 82
  • 509-517
    Origin, diversity and uses of Invasive Alien plant species in Utkal University Campus, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
    Authors: Sanjeeb Kumar Das*, Ashutosh Subudhi, Samarendranath Naik, Sourav Ranjan Pradhan and Sidhanta Sekhar Bisoi
    Number of views: 63
  • 518-524
    Effects of inter and intra-row spacing on the yield and yield attributes of onion (Allium cepa L.) under North Western zones of Tigray
    Authors: Yohannes Gebremichael*, Kiros Asgele, Gebremedhen Gebretsadik, Eyasu Abebe & Welegerima Gebrelibanos
    Number of views: 78
  • 525-534
    Infraspecific Variations in Curcuma inodora Blatt. from Melghat Forest Dist. Amravati (MS), India
    Authors: Dagawal MJ and Bhogaonkar PY
    Number of views: 24
  • 535-543
    Evaluation of ideal median lethal concentration (LC50) of a biofertilizer in an Indian air-breathing fish, Channa gachua (Ham.)
    Authors: Dina Nath Pandit and Sushama Kumari
    Number of views: 70
  • 544-550
    Isolation, optimization, characterization of cellulose enzyme production from Bacillus subtilis
    Authors: S. Prabhakar, C. Kandeepan and R. Charulatha
    Number of views: 49
  • 551-556
    Preliminary phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial activity of Strychnos nux – vomica Linn. (Loganiaceae)
    Authors: Vadivalagan A, Kannan R and V. Balasubramaniam
    Number of views: 50
  • 557-562
    Evaluation of Fungitoxic efficacy and Physicochemical analysis of Essential Oil of Acorus calamus
    Authors: Samuel CO* and Chaudhary Sandeep
    Number of views: 54
  • 563-567
    Melanoidin degradation in distillery effluent by Bacillus cereus.
    Authors: Girde AV
    Number of views: 48
  • 569-572
    A review on Capparis zeylanica (Unripe fruit) - a seasonal vegetable and its medicinal perspectives
    Authors: NJQ Tharshanodayan and P Rohini
    Number of views: 56
  • 573-576
    Quantitative analysis of phytoplankton of Ghagardara dam, District Nanded, Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Pawar SK
    Number of views: 26
  • 577-579
    Quantitative analysis of Zooplankton of Ghagardara dam, District Nanded, Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Pawar SK
    Number of views: 24
  • 580-582
    Avian fauna diversity of Purna river of Brahmanwadathadi, dist. Amravati, Maharashtra, MS, India
    Authors: Khalokar SP
    Number of views: 16
  • 583-585
    Bacteriological studies on Purna river water at Asegaon Purna with reference to coliform from Amravati District, MS, India
    Authors: Khalokar SP
    Number of views: 16

Number 7(2), 2019

  • 151-160
    Effect of vitamin B12 supplementation on the reproduction of Daphnia magna (Straus 1820) under sudden turbidity change
    Authors: Nadia Istiqomah, Novi Arisman, Takao Yoshimatsu
    Number of views: 111
  • 161-171
    Evaluation of tillage and planting method under conservation farming for soil and crop productivity in the Dryland areas of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia
    Authors: Assefa Workineh
    Number of views: 84
  • 172-180
    Effect of Physical and Chemical Mutagens on Mitotic Cell Division Rate (MI) in Rivinia humilis L.
    Authors: Aney Avinash and Choudhary Arvind
    Number of views: 91
  • 181-186
    Evaluation of NPS Fertilizer on Yield and Economic Performance of New Variety of Hot Pepper (Capsicaim Annum) in Tanqua Abergelle, Central Tigray, Ethiopia
    Authors: Hintsa Meresa, Fantay Belay, Atsbaha Gebreslase, and Kassa Melese
    Number of views: 98
  • 187-190
    Factor analysis of yield and yield related traits in durum wheat genotypes in Southern Tigray, Ethiopia
    Authors: Muez Mehari* Adhiena Mesele and Assefa Workineh
    Number of views: 59
  • 191-200
    Educational intervention in improving the Quality of Life of renal transplant patients
    Authors: Yangchen Dolma
    Number of views: 64
  • 201-211
    A check list of floral and faunal diversity of National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha: implication on conservation and environmental studies
    Authors: 1Sanjeet Kumar, 1Sweta Mishra, 2Samarendra N Mallick*, 1Prabhat K Das and 3Y Chandrakala
    Number of views: 91
  • 212-220
    Species diversity and basic biology of Octopus from Maharashtra waters, northwest coast of India
    Authors: Sujit Sundaram1, Sushant Mane2 and Dhanashree Bagade3
    Number of views: 82
  • 221-228
    Isolation and Identification of Urolytic Bacteria to Produce Biocement
    Authors: Gondaleeya Shraddha and Marjadi Darshan
    Number of views: 86
  • 229-235
    Arbuscular Mycorrhizal biodiversity associated with Citrus aurentifolia from Amravati region
    Authors: Khalid Lubna P and Pulate PV
    Number of views: 108
  • 236-248
    Zooplankton diversity of freshwater lakes of Chennai, Tamil Nadu with reference to ecosystem attributes
    Authors: K. Altaff*
    Number of views: 108
  • 249-255
    Antioxidant and HPLC analysis of an Indian Medicinal Herb: Paederia foetida L. (Prasarini)
    Authors: Subhashree Satapathy and Gurudutta Pattnaik
    Number of views: 89
  • 256-260
    Antifungal and antibacterial activity of some mosses from Maharashtra, India.
    Authors: Mulay AV, Kutade SB, Murumkar CV and Chavan SJ
    Number of views: 83
  • 261-267
    Biodegradation of Xenobiotic (phenol) by using Aspergillus niger isolated from waste fruits
    Authors: Tumane PM, Shamli Sahu, Wasnik DD & Kolte NA
    Number of views: 70
  • 268-274
    Investigating seeds of Araceae from the Cretaceous-palaeogene sediments of central India
    Authors: Ramteke Deepak D and Nagrale Vaishali D
    Number of views: 50
  • 275-280
    A comparative study on the occurrence, density, percentage composition and seasonal variations of cladoceran and copepod fauna in a wetland ecosystem of Tripura, India
    Authors: Chakrabarti Saumen
    Number of views: 83
  • 281-285
    Two new foliicolous ascomycetes from Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary, (M. S.) India
    Authors: Lonkar SV, Patil CR and Salunkhe CB
    Number of views: 69
  • 286-292
    Investigation of the Effect of Croton bonplandianum Baill on Multidrug Resistant Microorganisms
    Authors: Tayya Raga Sudha
    Number of views: 88
  • 293-300
    A survey report on the distribution conservation and protection of butterfly in Navegaon national park, Navegaon lake and outskirts area in Gondia district Maharashtra India
    Authors: Bhonde Kishor P and Chandewar Kishor M
    Number of views: 71
  • 301-308
    Vegetation development and diversity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi associated with some plants of abandoned cropland in J. P. University Campus, Chapra Bihar
    Authors: Chanda Kumari and Jha AK
    Number of views: 57
  • 309-315
    A preliminary study on the association of glutathione S- transferees (GSTM1 and GSTTI) gene polymorphisms with type-2 diabetes mellitus among Telangana population
    Authors: Vanitha Baluka, Prashanth Chiliveri, Rashmi T, Reddy PP
    Number of views: 65
  • 316-320
    Biodecolorisation of Reactive orange-16 by Lysinibacillus Boronitolerans CMGS-2
    Authors: Madhuri R Basutkar and Channappa T Shivannavar
    Number of views: 52
  • 321-324
    Estimation of Length-Weight Relationship (LWR) and Condition Factor (CF) of certain fishes of Barak Valley region belonging to order Perciformes
    Authors: Sayon Paul, Joydeep Chandra Das, Nabajit Roy, Mrinmoy Choudhury and Devashish Kar
    Number of views: 77
  • 325-328
    A new species of Beltrania from Western Ghats India
    Authors: Bandgar SG and Patil CR
    Number of views: 58
  • 333-336
    Isolation and characterization of IAA producing plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) from rhizospheric soil of ornamental (Marigold) plant.
    Authors: Pradeep Kumar Maharana
    Number of views: 66
  • 337-342
    COD reduction by filamentous fungi of Waldhuni River Ulhasnagar (Thane): A case study
    Authors: Pardeshi DS and Sharda Vaidya
    Number of views: 61
  • 343-350
    Effect of Salt stress on plant growth and osmolyte accumulation in Black gram (Vigna mungo L.) seedlings
    Authors: Sunanda CH and Ranganayakulu GS
    Number of views: 64
  • 351-355
    Study on biodiversity of Lonar crater lake
    Authors: Deshpande RP
    Number of views: 64
  • 359-361
    Influence of Hydro priming of seeds on growth parameters of Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
    Authors: Kumarimanimuthu Veeral D and P. Kalaimathi
    Number of views: 62
  • 362-364
    Variations of protein contents in the muscle of fish Cirrhinus reba (Hamilton,1822) from Godavari river at Nanded region, Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Shillewar KS and Totawar DV
    Number of views: 40
  • 365-367
    Gills rot disease of freshwater fish Labeo rohita from gharni reservoir, Latur district (M.S.) India
    Authors: Pathan AV
    Number of views: 52
  • 368-374
    A review on medicinal properties and nutraceutical importance of Cissus quadrangularis
    Authors: Tharshanodayan NJQ*1 and Rohini P2
    Number of views: 130
  • 375-386
    A review on Halophiles as the crude oil hydrocarbon degrading bacterial species
    Authors: Himani Chandel and Shweta kumari
    Number of views: 56

Number 7(1), 2019

  • 1-9
    Antibacterial potential of liquid hand soap with Piper aduncum leaf extract
    Authors: Alea Ester T. Ordoyo and Melbert C. Sepe
    Number of views: 63
  • 11-20
    Variety x nitrogen fertilizer interaction on striga control, yield and yield related attributes of sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] under striga infestation Conditions of Abergelle District, Northern Ethiopia
    Authors: Fantaye Belay* and Kasa Meles
    Number of views: 58
  • 43-50
    Species diversity and basic biology of Squids from Maharashtra waters, northwest coast of India
    Authors: Sujit Sundaram and Sushant Mane
    Number of views: 60
  • 51-60
    Isolation, characterization of Endophytic Bacteria from Psidium guajava Plant and Screening of their Antibiotic Activities
    Authors: Ajay Kumar Sahu, Barsha Rani Kar, Santosh Sahu, Pragnya Paramita Acharya and Priyadarsini SS Harichandan
    Number of views: 54
  • 61-69
    Genomic diversity in Madhya Pradesh, India: Genetic relationship among three ethnic populations from Madhya Pradesh based on STR polymorphism
    Authors: Chaudhary Ruchira and Batav Nitin
    Number of views: 53
  • 71-76
    Screening of different plant products for their efficacy against dermestid beetles on bivoltine cocoons (CSR2)
    Authors: Saranya M, Umapathy G and Murugesh KA
    Number of views: 57
  • 77-82.
    Butterfly diversity of Botanical garden of Sangameshwar College and Urban habitats, Solapur district, Maharashtra, India
    Authors: Bagale Mahananda, Deshmane Shweta, Patil Satish and Rokade Asha
    Number of views: 55
  • 83-91
    Conservation activities carried out on olive ridley turtles, Lepidochelys olivacea (Eschscholtz, 1829) and observations on its hatching from Chavakkad beach, Kerala, India
    Authors: Sujit Sundaram, James NJ and Abdul Saleem
    Number of views: 52
  • 92-98
    Floral Diversity on Campus of Sri Parasakthi College, Courtallam, Tamil Nadu, India
    Authors: Parani K, Alagushanthi A, Gayathri S and Anusiya K
    Number of views: 57
  • 99-101
    Bread Wheat Preliminary Variety Trial Set-I, (BWPVT-I-15)
    Authors: Azeb Hailu and Teka Solomon
    Number of views: 76
  • 102-106
    Assessment of increase in probiotic potential of Lactobacillus strains fortified with Aloe vera
    Authors: Pavitra Sharma, Anuradha Singh and Nupur Mathur
    Number of views: 61
  • 107-110
    Variation of oocytes diameter and histological changes in gonads of freshwater bivalve corbicula striatella duringpre and post monsoon season in Marathwada (M.S. India)
    Authors: Bhosale PA
    Number of views: 76
  • 111-114
    Effect of VA Mycorrhizae inoculation on vegetative growth in Anethum graveolens L (Dill, Shepu)
    Authors: Kanade AM, Bhosale RS and Inamdar VG
    Number of views: 76
  • 115-119
    Phytochemicals and antimicrobial activity of Bryophytes
    Authors: D. Sangeetha
    Number of views: 55
  • 120-122
    Changes in the glycogen content of the foot and hepatopancreas : Thermal relation of the slug Semperula maculata
    Authors: Bidwai PA
    Number of views: 56
  • 123-132
    Effectiveness of herbs used in traditional pediatric practice –A review
    Authors: NJQ Tharshanodayan and P Rohini2
    Number of views: 53
  • 133-139
    Microbially induced calcite precipitation through urolytic organisms – A Review
    Authors: Gondaleeya Shraddha and Marjadi Darshan
    Number of views: 53
  • 140-142
    A review on Anisomeles malabarica and their usage
    Authors: Annapoorani S
    Number of views: 83

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