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About Open Academic Journals Index

Warning: The journals that do not load the articles will be deleted.

Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI) is a full-text database of open-access scientific journals. Founder — International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research, Russian Federation

Our mission lies in putting together an international platform for indexing open-access scientific journals. In a short-term perspective, we are considering calculating the journal Impact Factor. When it comes to calculating the impact factor, of great significance is how full the archive has gotten over the previous two years. For instance, the Impact Factor for 2013 is calculated based on the indicators for 2013—2014.

The maximum value of the impact-factor is 1.000
Impact-factor OAJI 2013 is calculated, including the following factors:
— 15 % is the fullness of the upload of the issues archive of 2013—2014 onto OAJI platform
— 10 % is the journal website design (availability of Peer-reviewing, Publishing Ethics)
— 10 % is the geography of journal's authors (2 % of authors from every continent)
— 10 % for the indexing in ISI
— 10 % for the indexing in Scopus
— 40 % is the manuscripts originality
— 5 % is the periodical stability
The amount of the articles, published in 2013-2014 is estimated by the additional value

What is open access to us? We are convinced that open access means that content is in free access for any user. Open access implies that users will be able to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or reference full article texts in the journal without having to ask for prior permission from the publisher or the author.

Which publications do we construe as academic? In our view, academic publications are scientific journals published by universities, scientific centers, and scientific publishing houses all across the world.

Here are the conditions for entering Open Academic Journals Index:

1. The journal has to have a website that contains full article texts;

2. The journal’s website has to say that the journal is open access.


Once the journal is entered into Open Academic Journals Index (OAJI), the journal publisher can start using the OAJI logo.



This work is licensed under CC BY-SA

Лицензия Creative Commons

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