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ABC Journal of Advanced Research

Number 1, 2015

  • 9-15
    A Study on the Plastic Waste and Environmental Degradation
    Authors: Ponnusamy Rajkumar
    Number of views: 751
  • 16-26
    Job Satisfaction among Female Fculties of Different Public and Private Universities in Bangladesh: A Comparative Analysis
    Authors: Ms. Nasima, Naznin Alam
    Number of views: 764

Number 2, 2014

  • 9-19
    Determinants of Timely Completion of Projects in Kenya: A Case of Kenya Power and Lighting Company, Thika
    Authors: Stephen Muriithi Kariungi
    Number of views: 964
  • 20-25
    Dual Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Correlates Well with Computed Tomography to Estimate Visceral Fat in Grade I-II Obese Mexican Patients
    Authors: Ernesto G. Cardona Muñoz, Fernando Grover Páez, Carlos Gerardo Ramos Becerra, Sylvia E. Totsuka Sutto, Guillermo Adrián Alanis Sánchez, Jesús Ricardo García Corral, Catherine A. García Aguilar, Assen Ognianov Iantchoulev, José Rafael Villafán Bernal, Ana Leticia Milanés Barajas
    Number of views: 809
  • 26-37
    Impacts of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Satisfaction in Telecom Industry of Bangladesh
    Authors: Naznin Alam, Ahsan Kabir Rubel
    Number of views: 801
  • 38-46
    Factors Influencing Women’s Reproductive Health
    Authors: Nasrin Zahan
    Number of views: 933
  • 47-56
    Congruence Properties of Andrews’SPT- Function
    Authors: Sabuj Das
    Number of views: 862
  • 57-67
    Financial Reporting Practices in the Textile Manufacturing Sectors of Bangladesh
    Authors: Md. Abdur Rouf, Md. Salim Hasan, Alim Al Ayub Ahmed
    Number of views: 928
  • 68-72
    Bootstrapped Durbin– Watson Test of Autocorrelation for Small Samples
    Authors: Jesmin Akter
    Number of views: 811

Number 1, 2014

  • 9-13
    Son Preference, Childbearing Behaviour and Respondent Socio-Demographic Characteristics in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania
    Authors: Jaha Mulema
    Number of views: 844
  • 14-23
    Comparative Assessment of Urban Flood Risks due to Urbanization and Climate Change in the Turnhout Valley of Belgium
    Authors: Md. Shahabul Alam, Patrick Willems, Md. Masud Alam
    Number of views: 808
  • 24-28
    A Comparative Study on the Preference for Delivery Process in Bangladesh
    Authors: Tahsin Farzana Jisun, Md. Rasel Kabir
    Number of views: 900
  • 29-33
    Problems and Strategies of Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions for Chinese Enterprises
    Authors: Z.M. Li, J.J. Jiang
    Number of views: 790
  • 34-43
    Anthropized Agrarian Landscape in the Central-west of Tunisia: Attempts to Evaluate the Production’s Systems of Apples-trees Orchards in the Delegation of Sbiba
    Authors: Hayet Ilahi, Islem Saadaoui, Christopher R. Bryant, Hichem Rejeb
    Number of views: 794
  • 44-50
    Ethics in Teaching Profession
    Authors: Mahbuba Sultana
    Number of views: 1421
  • 51-71
    Studies on Biosorption of Mercury (II) from Aqueous Solution on Nitric Acid Modified Activated Carbon Prepared from Water Hyacinth
    Authors: A.M. El-Wakil, W.M. Abou El-Maaty, F.S. Awad
    Number of views: 824

Number 2, 2013

  • 8-17
    Socio-Business Consideration of Garment Workers in Bangladesh: A Statistical Review
    Authors: Naiem Jalal Uddin Ahmed; Ms. Nasima; Naznin Alam
    Number of views: 764
  • 18-29
    Investors’ Perception for Transforming Traditional Stock Market into Islamic Stock Market: An Empirical Study on Dhaka Stock Exchange
    Authors: Md. Saheb Ali Mondal; Nazma Akter; Mohammad Afsar kamal
    Number of views: 975
  • 30-43
    HIV/AIDS Risk among the Children of Bangladesh: An Overview
    Authors: Nasrin Zahan
    Number of views: 772
  • 44-54
    Lessons from Mahatma Gandhi for Today’s School Principals: An Instructional Model
    Authors: Samuel O. Obaki; Anthony Sang; Paul Ogenga
    Number of views: 782
  • 55-68
    Economic Globalization, Income Inequality and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Static Data Analysis
    Authors: Ogunyomi, Oluwatosin Olatunji; Daisi, Olusegun Richard; Rasaq Adebola
    Number of views: 1118

Number 1, 2013

  • 8-19
    Improving Lime’s Reactivity Towards Flue Gas Desulfurization by using Fly Ash, Bottom Ash and Waste Activated Sludge
    Authors: Paul Maina
    Number of views: 767
  • 20-29
    Performance of a Solar Humidification Dehumidification Desalination System on December 27th and 28th in North Cyprus
    Authors: Uğur Atikol, Reza Enayatollahi; Seyed Saeed Madani
    Number of views: 917
  • 30-35
    Introducing a Phenomenon of Single Junction Multiple Band-gap Solar Cell Compared to Single Junction or Multi Junction Solar Cell to Achieve High Efficiency
    Authors: Nahid Akter; M. Moshiur Rahman; Shirin Akter
    Number of views: 825
  • 36-43
    Effect of nanoSiO2 Additive of Some Mechanical and Water Absorption of Polyvinyl Alchol/Chitosan Blends
    Authors: Nadia Abbas Ali; Ekram Atta AL-Ajaj; F.T. Mohammed Noori
    Number of views: 977
  • 44-48
    The Mathematical Model and the Simulation Modelling Algoritm of the Multitiered Mechanical System
    Authors: Demin Anatoliy; Kovalev Iva
    Number of views: 802
  • 49-65
    Enhancing Food Security through Acclimatized Species Domestication in the Haor Region
    Authors: Md. Rahimullah Miah
    Number of views: 947
  • 66-82
    Leasing: An Alternative Financing Mechanism for SMEs
    Authors: Md. Mosharref Hossain
    Number of views: 892

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