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The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Journal

Number 1, 2018

  • 1-9
    Effect of Prosopis africana Seed Extract on Histology and Biochemical Indices of Prostate Functions in Testosterone and Estradiol induced Enlarged Prostate in Adult Rats
    Authors: Ugwu, Melvin N, Eteng, Mbeh U, Ogueche, Peter N, Amaku, Etetim E
    Number of views: 8
  • 10-16
    Effect of Prosopis africana Seed Extract on Lipid Profile of Experimentally Induced Prostatic Hyperplasia Animal Model
    Authors: Ugwu, Melvin N, Asuk, Atamgba A, Eteng, Mbeh U, Amaku, Etetim E
    Number of views: 5
  • 17-23
    Chemical Composition and Antinociceptive Effect of Pistacia atlantica desf. Essential Oil from Morocco
    Authors: Ghizlane Hajjaj, Aziz Bahlouli, Mouna Tajani, Yahia Cherrah, Amina Zellou
    Number of views: 8
  • 24-30
    Analysis of Antibiotics (Amoxicillin) and Anti-Hypertensive (Nifedipine) Drugs
    Authors: E.I. Okoye, A.E. Usiakpebru
    Number of views: 6
  • 31-37
    Chemical-Nutritional Profile and Antioxidant Activity of a Peruvian Chocolate
    Authors: Geraldine Bobadilla, Candy Ruiz, Rosario Rojas
    Number of views: 6
  • 38-48
    Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activity of the Methanol and Petroleum Ether Extracts of the Stem of Microdesmis puberula
    Authors: Akwasi Acheampong, Lydia T. Amankwaa, Isaac O. Afriyie, Kennedy A. Baah
    Number of views: 9
  • 49-56
    Antibiotic Resistance Patterns of Enterococcus faecalis and E. faecium Isolated from Infected Wounds. Incidence of High –level Resistance to Vancomycin and Aminoglycosides
    Authors: Hadeel T. Al-Hadithi, Kithar Rasheed
    Number of views: 6
  • 57-61
    Growth of apical and lateral buds of Conadria fig cultivar as affected by growth regulators
    Authors: Nagwa S. Zayed, Mustafa N.S., I.M. El-Berry, Samson Daudet Medza Mve, Haba A.E. Soliman
    Number of views: 5
  • 62-76
    Antidirrheal and Antihepatic Effect of Andrographis paniculata Leaf Extract on Castor Oil Induced Diarrhea in Wistar Rats
    Authors: Ukpanukpong R.U., Bassey S.O., Akindahunsi D.O., Omang W.A., Ugor J.A.
    Number of views: 5
  • 77-83
    Haematological Effect of Ethanolic Leaves Extract of Jatropha curcas on Plasmodium Berghei Infected Mice
    Authors: Ukpanukpong R.U., Bassey S.O., Edoamodu C.E., Ugor J.A., Omang W.A., Odutuga, A.A.
    Number of views: 6
  • 84-95
    The Inhibitory Effect of Cisplatin (CDDP) and Paclitaxel (PAX) on the activity of CYP450 2E1 and 3A1/2 in Hepatic microsome Isolated from normal and Portulica Oleraceae seeds Pretreated Rats
    Authors: Nermien Z. Ahmed
    Number of views: 8
  • 96-116
    Cardio-protective Effect of Selenium and Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus) Ethanolic Extract against Doxorubicin-induced Cardio Toxicity and DNA Fragmentation in Rats
    Authors: Nermien Z. Ahmed, Shaimaa R. Ibrahim
    Number of views: 6
  • 117-122
    Preliminary Report on the Isolation and Phytochemical Evaluation of Antimicrobial Constituents from the Leaves of Nturukpa- A Common Nigerian Herb (Pterocarpus santalinoides DC)
    Authors: Ukwueze SE, Anozia RC, Ezealisiji KM
    Number of views: 6
  • 123-135
    Theoretical and Experimental Contributions about the Usual Application of the Pseudo-First-Order Model in Kinetic Analysis of Oxyhemoglobin Deoxygenation
    Authors: Adriana Teixeira, Márcio P. de Souza, Thais A. P. Bartiê, Ariovaldo Bolzan, Leonel T. Pinto
    Number of views: 7
  • 136-144
    Elemental impurities control by limit test and ICP-OES in Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride and Fluconazole of generic products marketed in Algeria
    Authors: Derouicha Matmour, Houari Toumi, Abir Bouaffad, Nassima Hamdi Ziani
    Number of views: 8
  • 145-152
    In Search of the Truth about the Quality of Mueller Hinton Agar and Tested Antimicrobial Discs
    Authors: Daniela V. Pencheva, Katia S. Ivancheva, Mina V.Rumenkina, Aleksandrina M. Al-Dzhasem, Ivan N. Ivanov
    Number of views: 6
  • 153-162
    Ethno and Modern Pharmacological Profile of Baheda (Terminalia bellerica): A Review
    Authors: Manish Pal Singh, Avneet Gupta, Siddhraj S. Sisodia
    Number of views: 10
  • 163-173
    Design, Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Disintegrating Tablets of Febuxostat
    Authors: Akanksha Sharma, Vishal Garg, Manish Kumar Gupta, Vijay Sharma
    Number of views: 9
  • 174-181
    Preliminary Phytochemical and Antibacterial Screening of Crude Methanolic Extracts of Some Plants against Tested Bacterial Isolates
    Authors: A. Abdulhamid, Y.U. Dabai, Amar Mohamed Ismail
    Number of views: 6
  • 182-190
    Nanoformulations of Poorly-Water Soluble Molecules
    Authors: Srihari Murthy
    Number of views: 6
  • 191-195
    Physicochemical properties of starches from Scleroderma citrinum and Pleurotus ostreatus
    Authors: Aniekemabasi U Israel, Basil N Ita, Uwemobong B Akpan
    Number of views: 6
  • 196-203
    Bioactive Compounds from Marine Streptomyces Sp. by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
    Authors: Tran Vu Phuong, Phan Van Ha Lam, Cao Ngoc Diep
    Number of views: 10
  • 204-210
    Evaluation of Local Processing of Tapioca and its Effect on the Starch and Cyanide Contents
    Authors: Marcus AC, Kpee F
    Number of views: 7
  • 211-224
    Bioactive Compounds from Marine Fungus Penicillium citrinum Strain ND7c by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
    Authors: Nguyen Tan Binh, Phan Van Ha Lam, Cao Ngoc Diep
    Number of views: 7
  • 225-231
    Review Study on the Physiological Properties and Chemical Composition of the Laurus nobilis
    Authors: Oussama Mansour, Manal Darwish, Ghenwa Ismail, Zein al-abideen Douba, Ali Ismaeel, Kamel Sabee Eldair
    Number of views: 8
  • 232-239
    Synthesis and Characterization of Cdo Nanoparticles Prepared via Chemical Precipitation and Sol-Gel Techniques
    Authors: Xinming Yu, Meng Zhao, Pingfang Han, Xiaoping Lv
    Number of views: 7
  • 240-260
    A Consensus Review on Fast Disintegrating Tablets
    Authors: Akanksha Sharma, Vishal Garg, Manish Kumar Gupta, Vijay Sharma
    Number of views: 8

Number 6, 2017

  • 1-4
    Development of a Functional Snack Food Product with Cyprinious carpio (Linnaeus, 1758)
    Authors: Nermin KARATON KUZGUN
    Number of views: 7
  • 5-14
    Phytochemical and In Vitro Antibacterial Properties of Leaves of Some Selected Plant Species in Maiduguri, Nigeria
    Authors: Bitrus Apagu, Binta A Kyari, Mohammed S Waziri, Musa A Ibrahim, Bitrus Y Duhu, Mustapha Bulama‒Modu, Tayib Yagana Alkali, Mari H
    Number of views: 7
  • 15-27
    DNA Binding Studies of Platinum(II) and Palladium(II) Complexes with Planar Tridentate 2,6-bis(N-R-benzimidazol-2-yl)pyridine Ligands
    Authors: Abdurrahman Şengul, Burak Coban, Pelin Türkoğlu, Burcu Tutkun
    Number of views: 8
  • 28-33
    Synthesis and antiviral activity of 3-substituted phenyl-6-substituted phenyl (1,2,4) triazolo (4,3-b) pyridazin
    Authors: Mojahidul Islam, Vandana Arora Sethi
    Number of views: 8
  • 34-40
    Synthesis and Properties of UV Curable Waterborne Polyurethane Acrylate Based on Modified Castor Oil
    Authors: Li-hong Bao, Yangfei-Huang
    Number of views: 9
  • 41-45
    Investigation of Reverse Phase HPLC Method for Determination of Nimodipinein Pharmaceutical Dosage Form using Nanoparticles Modified with Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide
    Authors: Atefeh Mehrabifar, Fahimeh Hashemiarani, Masoumeh Piryaei, Ahmad Riahi
    Number of views: 7
  • 46-52
    Fabrication of Colon Drug Delivery by Nanoparticle Drug Intended of Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sodium
    Authors: Atefeh Mehrabifar, Fahimeh Hashemiarani, Masoumeh Piryaei, Ahmad Riahi
    Number of views: 8
  • 53-60
    Determination of Natural Radioactivity Concentration Levels in Soil Samples in Odigbo Local Government Area
    Authors: Akintoye A.O.
    Number of views: 7
  • 61-67
    Synthesis of novel 2-(4-clorophenyl)-4,5-diphenyl-1H-imidazoleand its cobalt(II), nickel(II), copper(II) and Cu(II) complexes
    Authors: Fahimah Martak, Agus Wahyudi, Iin Candrawati, Mohammad Nur, Fitrie Dwi Lestari
    Number of views: 9
  • 68-86
    Assessment of In-vitro and In-vivo Bioactivities Potential of Some Egyptian Wild Plants as Anti-Ulcerogenic Effect on male albino rats
    Authors: Nermien Z. Ahmed, Omar A. Ahmed- Farid
    Number of views: 8
  • 87-98
    African Traditional Antimalarials: A Review
    Authors: Modupe I. Builders
    Number of views: 7
  • 99-106
    The Effect of Salt Concentration and Incubation Time on Protein Content and Bacteria Number of Cakalang Fish (Katsuwonus pelamis) Ina sua
    Authors: Synodalia C. Wattimena, Felsdian I. Belegur, Monica Kailola, Edwin T. Apituley
    Number of views: 7
  • 107-113
    Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Phenol-derived Mannich Bases
    Authors: Abdel Karim M, Hala I, Khalid M
    Number of views: 7
  • 114-120
    GC-MS analysis and Antimicrobial Activity of Sudanese Jatropha curcas L. (Eupharbiaceae) Fixed Oil
    Authors: Abdel Karim M, Maha A, Khalid MS
    Number of views: 8
  • 121-130
    Solubilization Enhancement Techniques: An Overview
    Authors: Adarsh Kesharwani, Anuradha Kesharwani, Md. Amman Maqbool, Supriya Pathak, Manoj Kumar Mishra
    Number of views: 10
  • 131-140
    Anti-nutrients Composition of Fluted Pumpkin Leaf Grown in Different Geoponic Media
    Authors: Kalu Okonwu, Love A Akonye, Stephen I Mensah
    Number of views: 8
  • 141-147
    Selection of the Most Appropriate Plant Oil for Human Health with Priority Estimation
    Authors: Berrak Aksakal, Lutfu S. Sua, Figen Balo
    Number of views: 8

Number 5, 2017

  • 1-7
    Preparation and Evaluation of Proliposomes Containing Glibenclamide
    Authors: Shaveta Sharma, Anup Sharma, Ankita Sharma, Peeyush Kaushik, Upendra K Jain
    Number of views: 7
  • 8-12
    Glycogen Storage Disease Type IV: A Case Report
    Authors: Tahia H. Saleem, Hamdy N. Eltalawy, Ahmed El-Abd Ahmed, Nagla H. Abu-faddan, Yasser Gamal, Mohammed H. Hassan
    Number of views: 7
  • 13-26
    Genus Deguelia: Chemistry, Chemotaxonomy, Ethnopharmacology and Pharmacological Characteristics – A Review
    Authors: Nerilson M. Lima, Vanessa N. C. Santos, Alessandra de Paula Carli, Christiane P. Soares
    Number of views: 12
  • 27-34
    Adsorption of Lead in Aqueous Solution using Montmorillonite-silica Nanocomposite
    Authors: Zaccheus Shehu, Lamai Wilson Danbature, Ahmed Muhammed
    Number of views: 8
  • 42-46
    Comparative Studies on the Effects of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on Growth factors, Dry matter yield and Phosphorus (P)-Uptake of Cashew Nut Seedlings
    Authors: L.A. Adebowale, B.O. Odesanya, M.A. Daniel, R.R. Ipinmoroti, O.S.O. Akanbi, O. Ugioro
    Number of views: 8
  • 47-56
    Safety in High Risk Tasks: A Literature Review
    Authors: Elías Bedoya Marrugo, Carlos Severiche Sierra, José Jaimes Morales, Yesid Marrugo Ligardo
    Number of views: 6
  • 57-65
    Comparable effects of the different extracts of the same plants on blood pressure and vascular tone
    Authors: Ayça Toprak, Selçuk Takır
    Number of views: 8
  • 66-72
    Evaluation of the Effects of Morphine on Sex Hormones in Wistar Rats
    Authors: Fariba Nabatchian, M. Tashauoei, A. Bahrami, N. Davoudy
    Number of views: 7
  • 73-82
    In vitro Antioxidant Activity and Phytochemical Evaluation of Five Medicinal Plants Extract
    Authors: Thagriki Dluya, Dahiru Daniel, Umar, Yusuf
    Number of views: 13
  • 83-88
    Immunomodulatory Potentials of Ethanolic Leaf Extract of Phyllantus amarus in Wistar Rats
    Authors: Johnson JT, Ekpo GI, Ugwuoke JE
    Number of views: 7
  • 98-106
    Analysis of Phytochemical Constituents, Anthelmintic and Insecticidal Properties of Leaf Extracts of Andrographis paniculata
    Authors: Pratap Chandran R, Reshmi Sudhakaran, Abhiram Krishna, Arya B, Krishna Priya S, Surya Gayathry, Vandana R, Nino Joseph
    Number of views: 9
  • 107-120
    Natural Occurring Thiirane Containing Compounds: Origin, Chemistry, and their Pharmacological Activities
    Authors: Vladimir V. Poroikov, Tatyana A. Gloriozova, Valery M. Dembitsky
    Number of views: 7
  • 121-128
    Carpian tunnel syndrome: the labor disease of the 21st century
    Authors: Elías Alberto Bedoya Marrugo, José del Carmen Jaimes Morales, Carlos Alberto Severiche Sierra, Irma Osorio Giraldo
    Number of views: 8
  • 129-136
    Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Mediated by Stem Extract of Anredera cordifolia and Study of their Antimicrobial Properties
    Authors: Synodalia C. Wattimena, Philipus J. Patty
    Number of views: 7
  • 137-142
    Formulation and Characterization of an Antibacterial Cream from Lantana camara Leaf Extract
    Authors: Pandit Deepika, Rathore Kamal Singh
    Number of views: 8
  • 143-146
    Computational Prediction of Pharmacokinetic, Bioactivity and Toxicity Parameters of Some Selected Anti arrhythmic Agents
    Authors: Shashank Shekhar Mishra, Neeraj Kumar, Gajaram Sirvi, Chandra Shekhar Sharma, Hamendra Pratap Singh, Harshda Pandiya
    Number of views: 8
  • 147-153
    Anti-Hepatitis B Viral Potentials of Ethanolic Stem Bark Extract of Vitex doniana and Lophira alata in Wistar Rats
    Authors: Negbenebor C, Johnson JT, Gbodo EA, Ekpo G
    Number of views: 6
  • 154-163
    Preparation of Microparticles of Polycaprolactone Containing Piroxicam to use in Chronic Inflammatory Diseases
    Authors: Tatielle do Nascimento, Eduardo Ricci-Júnior
    Number of views: 8
  • 164-173
    Lead Poisoning causes Histoarchitectural Disruptions in Blood Marrow, Brain Regions and Muscles Histological Observations of Lead Poisoning Effects on Vital Body Tissues of Murine Models: Part I
    Authors: Joshua O Owolabi, Philip O Ogunnaike, Joshua A. Adeyeye
    Number of views: 7
  • 174-181
    Effect of Caffeine on Body Weight and Hippocampal Cells in a Murine Model
    Authors: Moses B. Ekong, Kingsley A. Okon, Ngozi J. Muonagolu
    Number of views: 7

Number 4, 2017

  • 1-8
    Rapid and Accurate Determination of 5-Fluorouracil in Human Plasma by LC-UV Method
    Authors: Luigi Russo, BrunaGrilli, Monica Gelzo, Antonio Avallone, Antonio Dello Russo, Gaetano Corso, Ernesta Cavalcanti
    Number of views: 11
  • 9-19
    Pharmaceutical Process Validation Approach for Extended Release Tablets: An Overview
    Authors: Shaziya Y Sayeed, Anju Goyal
    Number of views: 11
  • 20-27
    Foliar Blight Disease Occurrence on Zea maize L. Cropin Tehsil Samahni Area of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan
    Authors: Shehzad Azam, Muhammad Ishtiaq, Muhammad Shahzaman, Fozia Aslam, Mehwish Maqbool
    Number of views: 12
  • 28-32
    Effect of Acute Haemorrhage on Lead-II Electrocardiogram of Nigerian Dogs
    Authors: Omobowale T.O., Afolabi J.M., Adejumobi O.A.
    Number of views: 10
  • 33-38
    Application of artificial neural networks to authenticate Virgin Groundnut Oil adulterants using FTIR spectral data
    Authors: Pandurangan M. K., Murugesan S., Gajivaradhan P., Shettu N.
    Number of views: 11
  • 39-46
    Sudanese Petroselinum crispum Fixed Oil: GC-MS Analysis and Antimicrobial Activity
    Authors: Abdel Karim M., Sima A. Khalid M.
    Number of views: 12
  • 47-56
    Bioadhesive Ocular Inserts of Norfloxacin for the treatment of ocular E. coli infection: Development and in vitro evaluation
    Authors: Renu Kalyanwat, Birendra Shrivastava, Kamla Pathak
    Number of views: 14
  • 57-65
    Design and In-vitro Evaluation of Enteric Coated Pulsatile Drug Delivery System of Zileuton Tablets
    Authors: Ramesh Pastham, Sunil Reddy, Venkatesam Allenki
    Number of views: 12
  • 79-84
    Chemical Composition and Antioxidant Properties of Kenari (Canarium indicum) Nut
    Authors: G.S. Suhartati Djarkasi, Lana Lalujan, Erny J. N. Nurali, Thelma J. D. Tuju, Dekie Rawung, Maria F. Sumual
    Number of views: 11
  • 85-90
    Biodiesel Production from Methanolysis of Refined Vegetable Oil through KOH/zeolite Catalyst
    Authors: Leila Fereidooni
    Number of views: 11
  • 91-101
    Investigation of Antioxidant, Biological and Acidic Properties of New 3-Alkyl(Aryl)-4-(3-acetoxy-4-methoxybenzylidenamino)-4,5-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5-ones
    Authors: Şule Bahçeci, Nuri Yıldırım, Muzaffer Alkan, Özlem Gürsoy-Kol, Sevda Manap, Murat Beytur, Haydar Yüksek
    Number of views: 12
  • 102-108
    Antioxidant Status in Aluminum Intoxified Male Wistar Albino Rats
    Authors: Ogueche Peter N, MADUKA Ignatius C, UGWU Melvin N, OBIDOA O
    Number of views: 11
  • 115-122
    Determination of Secondary Metabolites and Biological Potential of Gnetun africanum (Okazi) Leaves
    Authors: Ayuk Eugene L, Oforji Chizoba F, Aronimo Samuel B, Ugwu Francis C, Njokunwaogbu Ambrose N
    Number of views: 10
  • 123-128
    Assessment of the Phytochemical constituents and in-vitro antibacterial activity of Vernonia amygdalina extracts on someclinical isolates
    Authors: Adeiza S. Shuaibu, Abdulmalik B. Shuaibu
    Number of views: 11

Number 3, 2017

  • 1-9
    Effect of Various Starches on the Physicochemical and Sensory Characteristics of Tomato Paste
    Authors: G Suri, S Wahab, M Shahid, M A Wahab, S K Khalil, H Bilal, M N Din
    Number of views: 10
  • 10-28
    Drug Abuse and Substance Dependence among Youths in Contemporary Society
    Authors: PE Omale, SO Okeniyi, AO Aliyu, UV Agbogo
    Number of views: 10
  • 29-30
    Formation and phase transition enthalpies for captopril
    Authors: Robson Fernandes de Farias
    Number of views: 12
  • 31-36
    Effect of Chronic Smoking on Mouse Corpus Cavernosum and Protector Role of Alpha-linolenic Acid
    Authors: Arash AlizadehYegani*, HalilMahir Kaplan, Ergin Şingirik
    Number of views: 11
  • 37-42
    Antibacterial Potentiality of Water Extract of selected Honey Samples on Some Clinical Isolates
    Authors: Mahmoud El-Hindi*, Farida Mosleh, Shahd aldinee, Ruba Gharbiya, Abboud El Kichaoui
    Number of views: 13
  • 43-45
    Formation and phase transition enthalpies for N-dymethylglycolurils
    Authors: Robson Fernandes de Farias
    Number of views: 10
  • 46-54
    Synthesis and Comparison Spherical and Bars Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: Providing Reaction Mechanisms
    Authors: Rana Khalilnezhad, Azam Pirkarami, Leila Fereidooni
    Number of views: 10
  • 55-74
    Comprehensive Dossier on Ayurvedic Medicinal plant Aegle marmelos (L.) Corrêa. : A Review
    Authors: Kalyan Hazra, Sreya Dutta, Achintya Kumar Mandal, Dhirendra Nath Mondal, Jayram Hazra
    Number of views: 10

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