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European Journal of Psychological Studies

Number 8 (1), 2020

  • 3-9
    The Prevailing Family Attitudes of Spouses with a Different Type of Personality Scenario
    Authors: Ekaterina S. Medvedeva
    Number of views: 57
  • 10-16
    Victimological Features of Xenophobia Among Students
    Authors: Natalia N. Teslyk, Darina V. Hromyko, Andrii E. Lebid
    Number of views: 57
  • 17-24
    Gender Characteristics of the Perceptual-Analytical Component of the Culture of Professional Communication of Civil Servants
    Authors: Hanna E. Ulunova, Andrii E. Lebid, Daiana Tarasiuk
    Number of views: 63

Number 7 (1), 2019

  • 3-8
    Psychological Peculiarities of Individual Parental Coping-Strategies in Teenagers Upbringing
    Authors: Hanna A. Chernyakova
    Number of views: 127
  • 9-16
    Changing of the Psychoemotional State of Socio-Psychological Training Participants as an Indicator of Its Efficiency
    Authors: Lyudmyla O. Kolisnyk, Anna V. Luzan, Oksana A. Kuzko
    Number of views: 121

Number 6 (1), 2018

  • 3-10
    Personal Characteristics of Military Doctors with Different Types of Behavior in Conflict
    Authors: Irina V. Kobryanova
    Number of views: 160
  • 11-18
    Factor Structure of Psychophysiological and Personal Qualities, Adaptation Indicators of Cadets
    Authors: Yuri S. Terekhov
    Number of views: 155
  • 19-24
    Mechanisms of Psychological Protection of Personality during Stigmatization of Sexual Criminals
    Authors: Natalia N. Teslyk, Dariia V. Berezhna
    Number of views: 165

Number 1 (5), 2017

  • 12-20
    Qualitative Spatial Reasoning and Spatial Relations
    Authors: V.Ya. Tsvetkov
    Number of views: 303
  • 21-26
    Investigation of the Influence of Socio-Cultural Specificity of Functioning of Russian Science into Individual Aspects of a Scientist
    Authors: Elena A. Volodarskaya
    Number of views: 289

Number 2 (8), 2016

  • 64-67
    Foreword: History and Ontogeny
    Authors: Georg W. Oesterdiekhoff
    Number of views: 365
  • 68-107
    Developmental Psychology as Answer to the Question: Can the Human Disciplines Achieve Scientific Foundations Comparable to Biology in Consequence of Darwin, or to Physics in Consequence of Newton and Einstein?
    Authors: Georg W. Oesterdiekhoff
    Number of views: 386
  • 108-119
    Primitive Concepts of the Natural World
    Authors: Christopher R. Hallpike
    Number of views: 433
  • 120-132
    Cognitive and Social Aspects of Moral Development
    Authors: Christopher R. Hallpike
    Number of views: 349
  • 133-144
    Human Sacrifice Among the Aztecs: an Explanation from the Structures of Thought
    Authors: Laura Ibarra García
    Number of views: 449

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