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International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems

Number 1, 2018

  • 1
    New Approach for 3D Mesh Retrieval Using Data Envelopment Analysis
    Authors: Mohcine Bouksim, Fatima Rafii Zakani, Khadija Arhid, Mohamed Aboulfatah, Taoufiq Gadi
    Number of views: 296
  • 11
    Optimization the Trajectories of Robot Manipulators Along Specified Task
    Authors: Bendali Nadir, Ouali Mohammed
    Number of views: 317
  • 20
    Double QoS Implementation in the Network Bandwidth Adjustment Task
    Authors: Guchenko Mykola, Sokhin Natalia, Lugovyj Oleksandr, Dobiáš Václav, Čejka Jiří, Ludvík Miroslav
    Number of views: 1485
  • 30
    The Measurement of Consumer Interest and Prediction of Product Selection in E-commerce Using Eye Tracking Method
    Authors: Juni Nurma Sari, Lukito Edi Nugroho, Paulus Insap Santosa, Ridi Ferdiana
    Number of views: 609
  • 41
    Impact of Gradient Ascent and Boosting Algorithm in Classification
    Authors: Syed Muzamil Basha, Dharmendra Singh Rajput, Vishnu Vandhan
    Number of views: 318
  • 50
    Secure Decision-Making Approach to Improve Knowledge Management Based on Online Samples
    Authors: Kannan Kaliyan, Raja Kothandaraman
    Number of views: 354
  • 62
    Hybridization of SLIC and Extra Tree for Object Based Image Analysis in Extracting Shoreline from Medium Resolution Satellite Images
    Authors: Syaifulnizam Abd Manaf, Norwati Mustapha, Md Nasir Sulaiman, Nor Azura Husin, Helmi Zulhaidi Mohd Shafri, Mohd Norhisham Razali
    Number of views: 304
  • 73
    A Novel Imperialistic Competitive Algorithm for Unit Commitment with Wind Generation
    Authors: Saranya Sudhakar, Saravanan Balasubramanian, Sanjeevikumar Padmanaban
    Number of views: 368
  • 83
    Cloud Based RDF Security: A Secured Data Model for Cloud Computing
    Authors: Clara Kanmani Arulanandu, SumaVasu Deva Murthy, Guruprasad Nagraj
    Number of views: 305
  • 94
    TLBO-Based Routing Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Authors: Asmae El Ghazi, Belaîd Ahiod, Mohammed Abbad
    Number of views: 420
  • 104
    Unified Particle Swarm Optimization Based Distributed Generation Placement in Radial Power Systems
    Authors: Dhanavijayan Ramakrishnan, Sudhakar Pushparajan
    Number of views: 348
  • 113
    The Fuzzy Tracking Control of Output vector of Double Fed Induction Generator DFIG via T–S Fuzzy Model
    Authors: Fouad Abdelmalki, Najat Ouaaline
    Number of views: 331
  • 121
    On the Deep Hybrid Computational Model for Face Recognition
    Authors: Swati Srivastava, Bipin Kumar Tripathi
    Number of views: 286
  • 131
    Suppression of Non-Stationary Noises Through the Generalized Signal Detector
    Authors: Nageswara Rao Saggurti, Jaya Sankar Koti Reddy, Dhanunjaya Naidu Challa
    Number of views: 371
  • 142
    A Novel Denoising Algorithm Based on Superpixel Clustering and Dictionary Learning Approach
    Authors: Jayapal Joseph, Ravi Subban
    Number of views: 383
  • 153
    Arrhythmia Detection Based on Hybrid Features of T-wave in Electrocardiogram
    Authors: Raghu Nanjundegowda, Vaibhav Aniruddha Meshram
    Number of views: 339
  • 163
    Reduction of Reporting Time for Throughput Enhancement in Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Based Cognitive Radio
    Authors: Metta Venkata Satya Sairam, Mupparaju Sivaparvathi
    Number of views: 338
  • 171
    Robust Video Watermarking Using Secret Sharing, SVD, DWT and Chaotic Firefly Algorithm
    Authors: Bhargavi Latha S, Venkata Reddy Dasari, Damodaram Avula
    Number of views: 561
  • 181
    Enhancing the Performance of an Intrusion Detection System Through Multi-Linear Dimensionality Reduction and Multi-Class SVM
    Authors: Bukka Narendra Kumar, Mantena S. V. Sivarama Bhadri Raju, Bulusu Vishnu Vardhan
    Number of views: 400
  • 191
    High Fuzzy Utility Strategy Based Webpage Sets Mining from Weblog Database
    Authors: Vinod Kumar, Ramjeevan Singh Thakur
    Number of views: 289
  • 201
    A Combined Clustering and Geometric Data Perturbation Approach for Enriching Privacy Preservation of Healthcare Data in Hybrid Clouds
    Authors: Vulapula Sridhar Reddy, Barige Thirumala Rao
    Number of views: 341
  • 211
    Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Community and Fraud Detection in Complex Networks for High Immunity Towards Link and Node Failures
    Authors: Ahuja Mini Singh, Singh Jatinder
    Number of views: 313
  • 221
    Cost Cognizant History Based Prioritization of Test Case for Regression Testing Using Immune Algorithm
    Authors: Megala Tulasiraman, Vivekanandan Kalimuthu
    Number of views: 360
  • 229
    Arabic Named Entity Recognition Using Topic Modeling
    Authors: Ismail El Bazi, Nabil Laachfoubi
    Number of views: 349
  • 239
    Hierarchical Multi Path Routing Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
    Authors: Biswa Mohan Acharya, Ajit Kumar Nayak
    Number of views: 297
  • 248
    An Adaptive Sub Band Filtering Based Medical Image Fusion Through Non-subsampled Contourlet Transform
    Authors: Devanna Harijana, Arthur Edwin Satish Kumar Gandluru, Giri Prasad Mahendra Nanjappa
    Number of views: 357
  • 259
    PSA-HD: Path Selection Algorithm based on Hamming Distance to Enhance the Link Stability in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
    Authors: Calduwel Newton Pitchai, Nismon Rio Robert
    Number of views: 425
  • 267
    Application of Several Artificial Intelligence Models for Forecasting Meteorological Drought Using the Standardized Precipitation Index in the Saïss Plain (Northern Morocco)
    Authors: Abdelhamid El Ibrahimi, Abdennasser Baali
    Number of views: 448
  • 276
    EPBDRA: Efficient Priority Based Dynamic Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous MIMO Cognitive Radio Networks
    Authors: Tamilarasan Santhamurthy, Kumar Parasuraman
    Number of views: 300
  • 286
    A Crossbred Approach for Effective Brain Stroke Lesion Segmentation
    Authors: Sunil Babu Melingi, Vijayalakshmi Vivekanand
    Number of views: 362

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