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Vojnotehnicki glasnik / Military Technical Courier

Number 3(64), 2016

No articles found.

Number 2(64), 2016

No articles found.

Number 1(64), 2016

No articles found.

Number 4(63), 2015

  • 11-24
    Improvement of signal synchronization in GPS software receiver
    Authors: Sokolović Vlada S., Marković Goran B., Dikić Goran D.
    Number of views: 461
  • 25-45
    Improving a technology model for intermediate maintenance of radio-relay devices
    Authors: Radonjić Vojkan M., Đukić Slobodan R., Jovanović Danko M., Ćirić Milenko P.
    Number of views: 444
  • 46-67
    Morphology of powder particles produced by spray atomization and other processes
    Authors: Mrdak Mihailo R.
    Number of views: 468
  • 68-98
    Contribution to better understanding of logistics
    Authors: Milenkov Marjan A., Dronjak Milan Ž., Parezanović Vladan D.
    Number of views: 455
  • 99-115
    Contribution to the modeling of a pneumatic semi-active control of vehicle suspension
    Authors: Ketu Nabil S., Demić Miroslav M., Muždeka Slavko R., Krsmanović Milan M.
    Number of views: 444
  • 116-134
    Planning and designing large energy systems with a special emphasis on their impact on the environment
    Authors: Luburić Veselin D., Bakrač Saša T., Milanović Miško M.
    Number of views: 470
  • 135-165
    Assessment of the security risk to people and property from ordnance explosion effects in the Serbian Armed Forces
    Authors: Stojanović Dejan S.
    Number of views: 512
  • 166-191
    Serbian Army and the risk management of accidents involving dangerous substances
    Authors: Rutić Srđan Z., Inđić Dejan R.
    Number of views: 422
  • 192-214
    Preventive measures for safe and healthy working with mines in multinational operations
    Authors: Kovačević Nenad V.
    Number of views: 430
  • 215-223
    Srećko Stopić: Synthesis of metallic nanosized particles by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis
    Authors: Stopić Milena D.
    Number of views: 644

Number 3(63), 2015

  • 11-28
    Feedforward neural network: the Levenberg-Marquardt opitmization and the Optimal Brain Surgeon Pruning
    Authors: Danijela D. Protić
    Number of views: 655
  • 29-41
    Induced potential between interacting particles at nanolevels
    Authors: Leonid I. Gretchihin, Svetlana D. Latushkina, Vikentiya M. Komarovskaya
    Number of views: 569
  • 42-62
    Survey of routing metrics for multi channel multi interface wireless mesh networks
    Authors: Marija Z. Malnar, Nataša J. Nešković
    Number of views: 520
  • 63-86
    Implementation of cryptology algorithms in high bit rate systems
    Authors: Nikola M. Jaćimović, Bratislav Ž. Planić
    Number of views: 602
  • 87-113
    Improvements of the maintenance of special purpose devices by analog filter modernization
    Authors: Vojkan M. Radonjić, Slobodan R. Đukić, Danko M. Jovanović, Saša M. Petrović
    Number of views: 528
  • 114-136
    Professional capabilities needed in the process of equipping the army with armament and military equipment
    Authors: Nenko S. Brkljač, Marko D. Andrejić, Slobodan S. Ilić
    Number of views: 520
  • 137-159
    Characteristics of APS and VPS plasma spray processes
    Authors: Mihailo R. Mrdak
    Number of views: 644
  • 160-175
    Application of the HART protocol for communication with smart field devices
    Authors: Adnan M. Mulaosmanović
    Number of views: 927
  • 176-199
    Human factor impact in military aircraft maintenance
    Authors: Srboljub J. Marinković, Aleksandar Ž. Drenovac
    Number of views: 675
  • 200-214
    Distance learning and heuristics in the education of civil defence emergency personnel
    Authors: Paun J. Bereš, Kristian P. Bereš, Sreten S. Cvetković
    Number of views: 524
  • 215-239
    Engagement of the Serbian Army in helping civilians in the event of nuclear and chemical accidents
    Authors: Dejan R. Inđić, Miroslav R. Terzić, Stevan V. Žigić, Srđan Z. Rutić
    Number of views: 522
  • 240-261
    Modern Weapons and Military Equipment for Issue 3/2015 (1)
    Authors: Dragan M. Vučković
    Number of views: 669
  • 262-277
    Modern Weapons and Military Equipment for Issue 3/2015 (2)
    Authors: Mladen R. Tišma
    Number of views: 507
  • 304-319
    Call for papers and instructions for authors for issue 3-2015
    Authors: Nebojša N. Gaćeša
    Number of views: 525

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