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The Greek e-journal of Perioperative Medicine

Number 22c, 2023

  • 3-11
    Unilateral Erector Spinae Plane Block as Adjuvant for Open Repair of Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysm: Case Report and Literature Review
    Authors: Walker C, Carneiro FJ, Bersot CAD, Barros DdMV, Aslanidis Th
    Number of views: 7
  • 12-17
    Arterial Thrombosis after Nitrous Oxide Recreative Abuse: A Case Report
    Authors: Vlahov A, Minovski H, Kirov B, Stefanov Ch
    Number of views: 7
  • 18-27
    Anaesthetic Management of a Parturient with Severe Preeclampsia and a History of Liver Transplantation: A Case Report and Short Literature Review
    Authors: Antonogiannakis A, Stamatakis E, Skandalou V, Valsamidis D.
    Number of views: 8
  • 40-45
    Exercise-Related Heatstroke in the Intensive Care Unit: A Case Report
    Authors: Pertsas E, Flioni EN, Aslanidis Th.
    Number of views: 7

Number 22b, 2023

  • 3-15
    Assessment of metabolic demands in critically ill patients: What's new?[Greek]
    Authors: Soulountsi V, Schizodimos Th
    Number of views: 12
  • 16-29
    Prehospital Management Of Near Fatal Anaphylaxis
    Authors: Fyntanidou B, Amaniti A, Fortounis Κ, Papadopoulos A, Chatsiou E, Ourailoglou V, Kotzampassi K, Grosomanidis V
    Number of views: 11
  • 30-35
    Anesthesia in paraplegic patients. A brief Case Report-Based Literature Review
    Authors: Aslanidis Th, Papachatzopoulou E, Matsi K
    Number of views: 13
  • 36-44
    Challenges in anaesthetic management of ankylosing spondylitis for elective gynaecological oncologic procedures: A Case Report
    Authors: Varvarousi G, Stamatakis E, Pavlidis M, Valsamidis D
    Number of views: 12
  • 45-49
    Anesthetic Management of Prader Willi Syndrome pediatric patient undergoing Tonsillectomy Surgery: A Case Report
    Authors: Gökdemir BN, Çekmen N
    Number of views: 13

Number 22a, 2023

  • 3-32
    Ketofol (ketamine/propofol) as a superior sedative agent to mitigate cardiorespiratory effects and alleviate pain when used for procedural sedation and analgesia: a review
    Authors: Papageorgiou L, Staikou Ch
    Number of views: 28
  • 33-43
    Postdural puncture headache: an update on treatment in obstetric patients.
    Authors: Varvarousi G, Stamatakis E , Klimi P , Saiti A , Lappas T , Tzaneti A , Valsamidis D
    Number of views: 26
  • 44-64
    Effect of systemic factors in patients with acute brain injury [Greek]
    Authors: Schizodimos Th, Soulountsi V, Iasonidou Ch.
    Number of views: 29
  • 65-83
    The work of breathing during mechanical ventilation in a porcine model of abdominal hypertension: The impact of sepsis
    Authors: Grosomanidis V, Fyntanidou B, Amaniti A, Kyparissa M, Deligianni M, Palaska E, Gkarmiri S, Kotzampassi K
    Number of views: 27
  • 84-88
    Anesthetic management of renal transplantation in a patient with Alport syndrome: A Case Report
    Authors: Bihorac E, Çekmen N
    Number of views: 34

Number 21d, 2022

  • 3-11
    Anaesthetic Management In A Pediatric Patient With Malignant Transformation Of Hepatic Adenoma In Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1 (Von-Gierke) For Liver Transplantation: A Case Report
    Authors: Sivrioğlu D, Tuç Ö, Ersoy Z, Çekmen N, Torgay A
    Number of views: 45
  • 12-18
    Non-Operating Room Anesthesia (NORA) Management And VACTERL Syndrome: A Case Report
    Authors: Uslu A, Çekmen N
    Number of views: 41
  • 19-23
    Anesthetic Μanagement Of A Glycogen Storage Disease Type 1a With Air Embolism During Liver Transplantation
    Authors: Kandemir E, Çekmen N, Torgay A, Haberal M
    Number of views: 40
  • 31-36
    Anesthesia management of a patient with hereditary angioedema under Dexmedetomidine: A Case Report.
    Authors: Tuç Ö, Bihorac E, Ersoy Z, Çekmen N
    Number of views: 39
  • 37-41
    Anesthetic Management In A Patient With Crigler-Najjar Syndrome Undergoing A Dental Procedure: A Case Report
    Authors: Haka D, Kaya D, Çekmen N
    Number of views: 40

Number 21b, 2022

  • 3-15
    Οbstetric haemorrhage and coagulopathic abnormalities: Perioperative management of haemotherapy.[GR]
    Authors: Varvarousi G, Klimi P, Stamatakis E, Saiti A, Iliopoulou Ch, Papa M, Scandalou V, Valsamidis D.
    Number of views: 66
  • 16-36
    Intraoperative Nociception Management: Medical and bioethical aspects [GR]
    Authors: Zafeiriadis D, Katsanoulas K
    Number of views: 65
  • 55-61
    Cholecystectomy management under dexmedetomidine sedation with thoracic epidural anesthesia in two high-risk geriatric patients:Case reports and literature review.
    Authors: Çağla Yazar, Nedim Çekmen
    Number of views: 52

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