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International Journal of Academic Research in Accounting, Finance and Management Sciences

Number 4, 2016

  • 1–19
    The Precursor for Enhanced Rate of Individual Socio-Empowerment in a Funded Youth Group. Is it Access to Credit or Group Support System?
    Authors: Franklin Njue MBAE, Elegwa MUKULU, John M.KIHORO
    Number of views: 715
  • 20–27
    Audit Quality and Earnings Management to Avoid Losses and Earnings Decreases: The French Case
    Authors: Anis BEN AMAR, Mohamed CHABCHOUB
    Number of views: 717
  • 28–43
    The Portfolio Examination and Selection of Raw Material Suppliers, Based on Lean or Agile
    Authors: Iman MOHAMMADI, Fatemeh ZIGLARI, Masoud BARATI
    Number of views: 750
  • 44–51
    Potential Multiplier Effect of Tourism Sector in Northern Cyprus
    Authors: Okan Veli ŞAFAKLI, Kaan KUTLAY
    Number of views: 702
  • 52–62
    Ranking Iranian Private Banks Based on the CAMELS Model Using the AHP Hybrid Approach and TOPSIS
    Authors: Shiva GHASEMPOUR, Mohamadjavad SALAMI
    Number of views: 782
  • 63–72
    Valuation Tools for Determining the Value of Assets: A Literature Review
    Authors: Ali Naef MOHAMMAD
    Number of views: 3838
  • 73–81
    The Impact of Intellectual Capital of Indonesian's High-Tech Company on Firm’s Financial and Market Performance
    Authors: Bima Cinintya PRATAMA
    Number of views: 842
  • 159–165
    Determinants of Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance among Consumer Product Industry in Malaysia: A Theoretical Model
    Authors: Kogilavani APADORE, Siti Subaryani Binti ZAINOL
    Number of views: 697

Number 3, 2016

  • 1–9
    Determinants of Employee Engagement in Hotel Industry in Malaysia. A Theoretical Model
    Authors: Siti Subaryani Binti ZAINOL, Suhaili binti Mohd HUSSIN, Maisarah Syazwani binti OTHMAN
    Number of views: 729
  • 10–18
    Socially Responsible Activities - An Efficient Tool for the Companies for Marketing Communication with the Consumers
    Authors: Daliborka BLAZHESKA, Ljupka NAUMOVSKA
    Number of views: 712
  • 19–30
    Ranking the Banks through Performance Evaluation by Integrating Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS Methods: A Study of Iranian Private Banks
    Authors: Mohammad REZAEI, Saeedeh KETABI
    Number of views: 718
  • 31–36
    JIT in the Jordanian Industrial Companies
    Authors: Abdullah al Maani
    Number of views: 823
  • 37–46
    Accounting Process for Government Grants in Hazelnut Production within the Framework of International Accounting Standards: Turkey Sample
    Authors: Hakan YAZARKAN
    Number of views: 870
  • 47–57
    Assessing Financial Openness and Access to Credit Facilities: The Case of Banks in Ho, Ghana
    Authors: Reindolf Yao Nani ADZİDO, Emmanuel Kwame AHIAVE, Victor Yao KAMASAH, Vivian AKOTO, Onesimus Kwashie DORKPAH
    Number of views: 684
  • 58–68
    Accrual Basis and Political Interest in Public Sector Accounting. The Case of a Municipal Council in Sri Lanka
    Authors: Chandrasiri ABEYSINGHE, Dinushika SAMANTHI
    Number of views: 707
  • 69–77
    To Assess the Impact of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Perception
    Authors: Zulqurnain ALI, Muhammad Aqib SHABBIR, Mashal RAUF, Abid HUSSAIN
    Number of views: 709
  • 78–88
    Perception of Undergraduate Accounting Students towards Professional Accounting Career
    Authors: Azni Suhaily Binti SAMSURI, Tengku Rahimah Binti Tengku ARIFIN, Suhaili Binti HUSSIN
    Number of views: 775
  • 89–95
    Short-Run and Long-Run Effects of Monetary Policy on GDP in Iran
    Authors: Reza Gholami JAMKARANI, Mosa MOHAMMADI, Ali LAALBAR, Abbas Rezazadeh KARSALARI
    Number of views: 713
  • 96–109
    Romanian Commercial Banks’ Systemic Risk and Its Determinants: A CoVAR Approach
    Authors: Gabriela-Victoria ANGHELACHE, Dumitru-Cristian OANEA
    Number of views: 710
  • 110–118
    Comparison of Accounting Earnings Informativeness in Family and NonFamily Firms Listed In Tehran Stock Exchange
    Authors: Mahdieh Nor Ali AHARI, Mohammad JALILI
    Number of views: 684
  • 119–130
    Critical Literature Review on How Individual Socio-Economic Empowerment Occurs in Youth Groups
    Authors: Franklin Njue MBAE, Elegwa MUKULU, John M. KIHORO
    Number of views: 714
  • 131–138
    Effect of Liquidity and Profitability to Bank Stock Return in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
    Authors: HERYANTO
    Number of views: 1379
  • 139–153
    Activity Analysis of Control for Micro Lending on Bank Nagari Pasar Raya Branch Padang
    Authors: HERYANTO
    Number of views: 822
  • 154–169
    Assessment of Family Income on Academic Performance of Tertiary Students: The Case of Ho Polytechnic, Ghana
    Authors: Reindolf Yao Nani ADZIDO, Oliver Edward DZOGBEDE, Emmanuel AHIAVE, Onesimus Kwashie DORKPAH
    Number of views: 1903
  • 170–176
    Portfolio Dynamics. A Macroeconomic Model
    Authors: Cristina SACALĂ
    Number of views: 783
  • 177–189
    A Requirement-Dependent Inventory Allocation Model for Dynamic Allocation Process in LED Chip Manufacturing Plants
    Authors: Horng-Huei WU, Chih-Hung TSAI, Liang-Ying WEI, Min-Jer LU, Tzu-Fang HSU
    Number of views: 653
  • 190–201
    Role of Public Procurement Oversight Authority on Procurement Regulations in Kenyan State Corporations. A Case of Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen)
    Authors: Peter Kiburu MUKURA, Noor SHALLE, Mark Kemboi KANDA, Peter Maku NGATIA
    Number of views: 694
  • 202–211
    Impact of Information Technology on Competitive Advantage in Jordanian Commercial Banks. Accounting Information System Effectiveness as a Mediating Variable
    Authors: Seif Obeid AL-SHBIEl, Nofan Hamed AL-OLIMAT
    Number of views: 712
  • 212–220
    Evaluating the Relationship between Work-Family Conflict and Organisational Commitment among Rural Women Health Workers in Ebonyi State, Nigeria
    Authors: Emmanuel Agwu ARISI-NWUGBALLA
    Number of views: 793
  • 221–230
    Evaluating the relevance of Entrepreneurial Orientation to the Performance of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Ebonyi State, Nigeria
    Authors: Emmanuel Agwu ARISI-NWUGBALLA, Matthias Egede ELOM, Chinedu U. ONYEIZUGBE
    Number of views: 722
  • 231–242
    Is Work-Family Conflict a Predictor of Organisational Commitment Among Rural Working Women in Ebonyi State, Nigeria?
    Authors: Emmanuel Agwu ARISI-NWUGBALLA
    Number of views: 762
  • 243–254
    Investigate the Capital Structure on the Transparency of the Financial Reporting in the Listed Companies in the Stock Exchange
    Authors: Hamid Ravanpak NOODEZH, Ali AMIRI, Niloufar GHANY
    Number of views: 716
  • 255–261
    Relationship between Flexible Work-Arrangement and Commitment of Nurses in Public Hospitals in Kenya
    Authors: Denis Okerosi OKEMWA
    Number of views: 1431
  • 262–271
    The Use of Strategic Management Accounting Techniques (SMATs) in Sustainability Performance Measurement for Corporate Governance in Nigeria
    Authors: Charles Ikechukwu AGU, Augustine Uchechukwu NWEZE, Chinedu Innocent ENEKWE
    Number of views: 740
  • 272–284
    A Theoretical Discussion of Electronic Banking in Jordan by Integrating Technology Acceptance Model and Theory of Planned Behavior
    Authors: Seif Obeid AL-SHBIEL, Muhannad Akram AHMAD
    Number of views: 735
  • 285–296
    An Examination the Factors Influence on Unethical Behaviour among Jordanian external auditors: Job Satisfaction as a mediator
    Authors: Seif Obeid AL-SHBIEL
    Number of views: 694

Number 2, 2016

  • 1–13
    Determinants of Number of Bankers by Listed Nigerian Firms
    Authors: Etumudon Ndidi ASIEN
    Number of views: 772
  • 14–20
    Regression Model Used in Analyzing the Effect of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth
    Authors: Zoica DINCA (NICOLA)
    Number of views: 678
  • 21–33
    Relationship between HRM and TQM and its Influence on Organizational Sustainability
    Authors: Hamed J.H. USROF, Rania Mohamed ELMORSEY
    Number of views: 696
  • 34–43
    Fiscal Policy and Capital Market Performance: Evidence from EU Countries from Central and Eastern Europe
    Authors: Gabriela-Victoria ANGHELACHE, Stela JAKOVA, Dumitru-Cristian OANEA
    Number of views: 635
  • 44–52
    Determinants of Employee’s Commitment among Healthcare Professionals
    Authors: Essono E. FABIENE, Sandeep Lloyd KACHCHHAP
    Number of views: 701
  • 53–60
    The Impact of Financial Leverage on Accrual-Based and Real Earnings Management
    Authors: Hamidreza VAKILIFARD, Mahboobe Sadat MORTAZAVI
    Number of views: 794
  • 61–75
    Exploring the link between Distributive Justice and Innovative Behavior: Organizational Learning Capacity as a Mediator
    Authors: Izlem GOZUKARA, Osman YILDIRIM
    Number of views: 720
  • 76–86
    Determinants of Entrepreneurial Skills set in Pakistan: A Pilot Study
    Authors: Mohammad Salman SHABBIR, Mohd Noor Mohd SHARIFF, Arfan SHAHZAD
    Number of views: 721
  • 87–97
    Analysis of Factors that Impact Dividend Payout Ratio on Listed Companies at Jakarta Islamic Index
    Authors: Rembulan Rahmadia FITRI, Muhamad Nadratuzzaman HOSEN, Syafaat MUHARI
    Number of views: 673
  • 98–103
    The Causality between Healthcare Resources and Health Expenditures in Turkey. A Granger Causality Method
    Authors: Serap TAŞKAYA, Mustafa DEMIRKIRAN
    Number of views: 677
  • 104–113
    Ranking Insurance Companies in Turkey Based on Their Financial Performance Indicators Using VIKOR Method
    Authors: Melis ERCAN, Emrah ONDER
    Number of views: 648
  • 114–120
    Comprehensive Income and Net Income, Which is more powerful in predicting Future Performance
    Authors: Ashraf BATAINEH, Abedalqader RABABAH
    Number of views: 638
  • 121–133
    Influence of Interest Rates Determinants on the Performance of Commercial Banks in Kenya
    Authors: Cecilia MAIGUA, Gekara MOUNI
    Number of views: 666
  • 134–139
    The Imperative of Risk Management Plan in Curbing Corruption in Public Procurement System in Nigeria
    Authors: Olukayode Abayomi SORUNKE, O. Sunday OMOJOLA, E. Olukayode ADELEKE
    Number of views: 631
  • 140–145
    Corruption and Economic Transformation in Nigeria: An Agency Theoretic Perspective
    Authors: Olukayode Abayomi SORUNKE, Aderemi Daniel ADEKANMI
    Number of views: 620
  • 146–158
    Agricultural Credit and Economic Growth Nexus. Evidence from Nigeria
    Authors: I. Omosebi AYEOMONI, Saheed A. ALADEJANA
    Number of views: 651
  • 159–168
    Effect of Capital Structure on Corporate Profit. Evidence from Cement Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria
    Authors: Paul Aondona ANGAHAR, John Inyongun IVARAVE
    Number of views: 683
  • 169–174
    Determinants of Audit Fees among Public Listed Companies in Malaysia. A Theoretical Model
    Authors: Kogilavani APADORE, Thanaletchumi R. LETCHUMANAN
    Number of views: 723
  • 175–183
    Corporate Governance Culture Transmission in Mutual Funds: Directors as Vector of Transmission
    Authors: Muhammad Ali Jibran QAMAR, Faisal KHALIL, Waheed AKHTAR
    Number of views: 634
  • 184–195
    Challenges of News Policy in the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB): A Qualitative Study
    Authors: Taher Roshandel ARBATANI, Somayeh LABAFI, Afshin OMIDI
    Number of views: 753
  • 196–203
    Does Outsourcing Improve Quality of Service in Public Healthcare Institutions in South-East Nigeria?
    Authors: Emmanuel Agwu ARISI-NWUGBALLA
    Number of views: 678

Number 1, 2016

  • 1–6
    Human Capital and Economic Growth in Asian Countries
    Authors: Alireza BEHROOZNIA, Reza SHAFIZADEH, Ali LAALBAR, Abbas Rezazadeh KARSALARI
    Number of views: 628
  • 7–14
    Financial Deepening of Insurance and Economic Growth in Kenya
    Authors: Charles NDALU
    Number of views: 648
  • 15–22
    Impact of HRM Practices on Employee’s Performance
    Authors: Saira HASSAN
    Number of views: 933
  • 23–28
    Relationship between HRM Practices and Organizational Commitment of Employees: An Empirical Study of Textile Sector in Pakistan
    Authors: Saira HASSAN, Babak MAHMOOD
    Number of views: 704
  • 29–34
    Essence of Integrated Reporting: A Holistic Framework for Sustainability and Value Creation
    Authors: Can Tansel KAYA, A. Engin ERGÜDEN, A.R Zafer SAYAR
    Number of views: 597
  • 35–40
    Does Liquidity and Solvency Affect Banks Profitability? Evidence from Listed Banks in Jordan
    Authors: Ahmad DAHIYAT
    Number of views: 759
  • 41–48
    Liquidity Management and the Performance of Banks in Nigeria (2000-2010)
    Authors: Francis A. BASSEY, Edu G. TOBI, I. Frank BASSEY, Raymond Enang EKWERE
    Number of views: 662
  • 49–53
    Constructive Relationship between Accountancy and the Corporate Governance, Under the Context of Normalization
    Authors: Mirela NICULAE
    Number of views: 685
  • 54–60
    Unemployment Evolution and Analysis of Structural Unemployment in Romania in the Period 2014-2015
    Authors: Cristina Alina NAFTANAILA, Viorica BRAGA, Odi Mihaela ZARNESCU
    Number of views: 651
  • 61–72
    The Relationship between the Profile of Manager and Management Accounting Practices in Tunisian SMIs
    Authors: Jihene GHORBEL
    Number of views: 646
  • 73–82
    Leadership and Managerial Effectiveness in Higher Education
    Authors: Izlem GOZUKARA
    Number of views: 669
  • 83–93
    The Informational Content for the Accounting Profit Measurements and its Relations to the Earning per Share in the Jordanian Public Shareholding Industrial Companies: An Empirical Study (2006-2013)
    Authors: Shaher Falah ALROUD, Haitham ALMUBAIDEEN, Saleh Al SAYYED
    Number of views: 679
  • 94–99
    A Comparison between Neural Networks and GARCH Models in Exchange Rate Forecasting
    Authors: Fahima CHAREF, Fethi AYACHI
    Number of views: 679
  • 100–114
    Financing of Innovative Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. A Research in Turkey
    Authors: Ayşegül Ertuğrul AYRANCI, Evren AYRANCI
    Number of views: 595
  • 115–122
    Cash Flows from Financing Activities. Evidence from the Automotive Industry
    Authors: Aclan OMAG
    Number of views: 1544
  • 123–126
    The Determinants of Earnings in Turkey Evidence from Panel Analysis
    Authors: Azize ESMERAY, Murat ESMERAY
    Number of views: 614
  • 127–133
    Measuring Impact of Service Quality Dimensions on Customers Satisfaction: Case of GSM Users in Poland
    Authors: Cumhur AYDINLI, Edip SENYUREK
    Number of views: 657
  • 134–141
    Organizational Change: Where Have We Come From and Where Are We Going?
    Authors: Adnan ÇELİK, Nadir OZSOY
    Number of views: 726
  • 142–149
    Audit Quality and Earning Management in Tehran Stock Exchange Listed Companies
    Authors: Mohammad Reza ASHTIANI, Vahid OSKOU, Reza TAKOR
    Number of views: 660
  • 150–163
    Technology Based Entrepreneurship Financing. Lessons for Nigeria
    Authors: Musibau Akintunde AJAGBE1 Joshua Olusola OLUJOBI, Anthony Akwawa UDUIMOH, Lawrence Uchenna OKOYE, Adunola Oluremi OKE
    Number of views: 622

Number 4, 2015

  • 1–10
    The Impact of the Fiscal and Quantitative Monetary Policies on the Domestic and Foreign Direct Investment in Jordan. An Empirical Study
    Authors: Ateyah M. ALAWNEH, Torki M. AL-FAWWAZ, George N. SHAWAQFEH
    Number of views: 1229
  • 11–21
    Efficiency Evaluation of European Financial Cooperative Sector. A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach
    Authors: Clements Adeyinka AKINSOYINU
    Number of views: 1098
  • 22-30
    Examining the Impact of Institutional Ownership on Monitoring Cost: The Case of Iranian Firms Listed on Tehran Stock Exchange
    Authors: Mohammad KIAMEHR, Asghar Asa'di MOGHADDAM, Safdar ALIPOUR, Hamid Reza HAJEB
    Number of views: 1107
  • 31-37
    The Role of Economic Chamber in Response to the Educational Needs of Its Members
    Authors: Vasiliki BRINIA, Eleni CHALIOULIA
    Number of views: 1049
  • 38–45
    Fraud Triangle Theory and Fraud Diamond Theory. Understanding the Convergent and Divergent For Future Research
    Authors: Rabi’u ABDULLAHI, Noorhayati MANSOR
    Number of views: 8851
  • 46–53
    Factors Affecting Efficient Stores Operations In Kenya Tea Development Agency Managed Factories (KTDA): A Survey of Factories in Zones 4 and 5, Kenya
    Authors: Grace Muthoni GITHU, Mark KANDA
    Number of views: 1773
  • 54–68
    Does Ethic Rating Decrease Firms’ Cost of Capital? Empirical Insights from the Italian Setting
    Authors: Enrica SEPE, Margherita SMARRA, Marco SORRENTINO
    Number of views: 1271
  • 69–73
    Multiple Regressions Used in Analysis of Private Consumption and Public Final Consumption Evolution
    Authors: Constantin ANGHELACHE, Mădălina Gabriela ANGHEL, Marius POPOVICI
    Number of views: 1972
  • 74–83
    Impact of Work Family Conflict on Female Intent to Quit. Descriptive Study of Commercial Banks of Faisalabad, Pakistan
    Authors: Saira AJAZ, Babak MEHMOOD, Muhammad KASHIF
    Number of views: 1421
  • 89–95
    Score Function Model Applied For Assessing the Adequacy of Internal Controls and Risk Management Function within Romanian Investment Firms
    Authors: Ioan-Ovidiu SPATACEAN
    Number of views: 1055
  • 96–104
    Threats and Challenges to Accounting Profession: A Draw Back to the Development of Accounting Practices in Nigeria
    Authors: Ibrahim Adagye DAUDA, Bala Azagaku OMBUGADU, Sylvester Umbugadu AKU
    Number of views: 2904
  • 105-110
    An Assessment Study on the Efficiency of Banks through Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). Case Study: A Bank Based in Tehran
    Authors: Mohammad ATAEI, Soamayeh NASERIAN
    Number of views: 1359
  • 116–122
    Correlation between BET Index Evolution and the Evolution of Transactions’ Number – Analysis Model
    Authors: Madalina Gabriela ANGHEL
    Number of views: 1086
  • 123–128
    Quality Assurance System in Higher Education
    Authors: Vasiliki BRINIA, Nikolaos SOUNDOULOUNAKIS
    Number of views: 1125
  • 129-134
    The Regional Evolution of the Economic Welfare in Romania
    Authors: Alexandru URSACHE
    Number of views: 1031
  • 135-139
    The Evolution of the Performances at Regional Level
    Authors: Georgeta LIXANDRU (BARDASU)
    Number of views: 1038
  • 140-145
    Indicators calculated for Competitiveness Operational Programme
    Authors: Diana SOARE (DUMITRESCU)
    Number of views: 992
  • 146-154
    The Relations among Dimensions of Service Quality, Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Willingness to pay more: Case of GSM Operators Service at Northern-Iraq
    Authors: Ahmet DEMIR, Karwan TALAAT, Cumhur AYDINLI
    Number of views: 1378

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