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Nature Conservation Research

Number 2(Suppl.2), 2017

  • 1–8
    Additions and corrections to the cadastre of Orthoptera insects of Samarskaya Luka, on the basis of analysis of acoustic signals of males
    Authors: Benediktov A.А.
    Number of views: 32
  • 9–18
    Benthos microalgae of the Lebyazhy'i Ostrova Reserve in the Black Sea
    Authors: Balycheva D.S., Ryabushko L.I.
    Number of views: 27
  • 19–27
    The impact of industrial emissions of copper-nickel smelter complex on the status of populations and communities of small mammals in the Kola Peninsula
    Authors: Kataev G.D.
    Number of views: 23
  • 43–55
    New data on agaricoid fungi of the Katunsky State Nature Reserve and rare fungi of the Republic of Altai (Russia)
    Authors: Gorbunova I.A.
    Number of views: 28
  • 56–65
    Environmental awareness of students living near selected national parks in countries of Visegrád group
    Authors: Repka P., Barabasz-Krasny B., Możdżeń K., Urban P., Švajda J.
    Number of views: 19
  • 66–76
    Reconstruction of arboreal vegetation dynamics of the area of Museum-Reserve Kulikovo Pole in the middle and late Holocene
    Authors: Novenko E.Yu.
    Number of views: 29
  • 83–88
    A newly described group of thermal springs and solfatar fields on the western slope of Dokuchaev's ridge, Kunashir Island
    Authors: Sundukov Yu.N., Kozlovski E.E.
    Number of views: 27
  • 89–91
    The 70th anniversary of Gennadiy D. Kataev, the oldest employee of the Lapland State Nature Reserve
    Authors: Kataeva R.I.
    Number of views: 26
  • 92–104
    In memory of Georgiy A. Anufriev (19.11.1943–13.05.2017)
    Authors: Zryanin V.A., Mokrousov M.V., Mukhanov A.V.
    Number of views: 27
  • 105–108
    Eighth Planta Europa Conference «Save Plants for Earth's Future» (Kiev, Ukraine)
    Authors: Tashev A.N., Khapugin A.A.
    Number of views: 28

Number 2(Suppl.1), 2017

  • 2–9
    Overview of insect species included in the Red Data Book of Russian Federation in the Mordovia State Nature Reserve
    Authors: Ruchin A.B., Egorov L.V.
    Number of views: 59
  • 10–42
    Conservation of rare species of marine flora and fauna of the Russian Arctic National Park, included in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation and in the IUCN Red List
    Authors: Gavrilo M.V., Martynova D.M.
    Number of views: 58
  • 43–60
    Rare species of the Central Forest State Nature Biosphere Reserve included in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation
    Authors: Zheltukhin A.S., Shuyskaya E.A.
    Number of views: 57
  • 61–69
    Rare insects of the Oka Reserve recommended for inclusion in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation
    Authors: Nikolaeva A.M., Nikolaev N.N.
    Number of views: 64
  • 81–99
    Current status of Procapra gutturosa (Bovidae) in Russia
    Authors: Kirilyuk V.E., Lushchekina A.A.
    Number of views: 58
  • 100–112
    Russian desman (Desmana moschata: Talpidae) at the edge of disappearance
    Authors: Rutovskaya M.V., Onufrenya M.V., Onufrenya A.S.
    Number of views: 79
  • 113–124
    Significance of Protected Areas for the Pallas's cat (Otocolobus manul: Felidae) conservation in Russia
    Authors: Barashkova A.N., Kirilyuk V.E., Smelansky I.E.
    Number of views: 61
  • 125–150
    Status of Calypso bulbosa and Cypripedium calceolus (Orchidaceae) populations in the Pinega State Nature Reserve
    Authors: Puchnina L.V.
    Number of views: 60
  • 151–163
    Assessment of the Long-tailed Goral (Naemorhedus caudatus: Bovidae) population status in the Sikhote-Alin Reserve using camera-traps
    Authors: Zaumyslova O.Yu., Bondarchuk S.N.
    Number of views: 57
  • 164–189
    Estimation of taxa included in the first volume of the Red Data Book of the Republic of Mordovia (Russia) using the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria
    Authors: Khapugin A.A., Silaeva T.B., Vargot E.V., Chugunov G.G., Grishutkina G.A., Grishutkin O.G., Pismarkina E.V., Orlova Ju.S.
    Number of views: 75

Number 2(3), 2017

  • 2–22
    Climate change impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems in Sri Lanka: a review
    Authors: Kottawa-Arachchi J.D., Wijeratne M.A.
    Number of views: 44
  • 23–39
    The extending of ranges of some bird species at the north-eastern border of their distribution due to intra-century climate changes
    Authors: Glushenkov O.V.
    Number of views: 22
  • 40–47
    Degradation of water protection function of the Western Caucasus mountain oakeries as a result of fellings
    Authors: Bitukov N.A., Shagarov L.M.
    Number of views: 19
  • 48–60
    Climate change in Eastern Taimyr over the last 80 years and the warming impact on biodiversity and ecosystem processes in its territory
    Authors: Pospelova E.B., Pospelov I.N., Orlov M.V.
    Number of views: 24
  • 61–67
    Regional effects of the global climate change; a case study: the Sochi National Park area (Russia)
    Authors: Rybak E.A., Rybak O.O.
    Number of views: 27
  • 68–79
    Methodological approaches to climate change vulnerability assessment of Protected Areas
    Authors: Lipka O.N.
    Number of views: 31
  • 80–87
    The use of automatic weather stations to measure the soil temperature in the Mordovia State Nature Reserve (Russia) in 2016
    Authors: Grishutkin O.G.
    Number of views: 28

Number 2(2), 2017

  • 1–23
    Amphibians and reptiles of South Ossetia
    Authors: Tuniyev B.S., Lotiev K.Yu., Tuniyev S.B., Gabaev V.N., Kidov A.A.
    Number of views: 57
  • 24–37
    Overview of helminths in small mammals in the Zhiguli State Reserve
    Authors: Kirillova N.Yu., Kirillov A.A.
    Number of views: 55
  • 38–46
    Neuroptera and Raphidioptera in the Mordovia State Nature Reserve
    Authors: Ruchin A.B., Makarkin N.V.
    Number of views: 58
  • 47–54
    Dragonflies (Insecta, Odonata) of the «Khomutovskaya Steppe» Nature Reserve
    Authors: Martynov V.V., Nikulina T.V.
    Number of views: 60
  • 55–65
    Recent pollen assemblages from Protected Areas of European Russia as a key to interpreting the results of paleoecological studies
    Authors: Novenko E.Yu., Mazei N.G., Zernitskaya V.P.
    Number of views: 56
  • 66–83
    Vegetation of birch and aspen forests in the Pinega State Reserve
    Authors: Popov S.Yu.
    Number of views: 57
  • 84–89
    To the knowledge of rare species of Acrididae from Protected Areas in North-Western Russia: Chorthippus brunneus brevis (Orthoptera, Acrididae)
    Authors: Benediktov A.A.
    Number of views: 53
  • 90–91
    Ex situ conservation of Rafflesia patma (Rafflesiaceae) in Bogor Botanical Gardens (Indonesia)
    Authors: Mursidawati S.
    Number of views: 50
  • 94–111
    Mikhail N. Tsurikov (8.02.1963 – 4.02.2017)
    Authors: Negrobov O.P., Sarychev V.S.
    Number of views: 56

Number 2 (1), 2017

  • 2–32
    Zoogeographical results of the bicentennial study of the northern part of the asian population of Phoenicopterus roseus
    Authors: Kassal B.Yu.
    Number of views: 68
  • 33–39
    Distribution and conservation status of the banded newt, Ommatotriton ophryticus (Amphibia: Caudata)
    Authors: Litvinchuk S.N.
    Number of views: 76
  • 40–56
    Structure and features of spatial distribution of pine forests in the Pinega State Nature Reserve
    Authors: Popov S.Yu.
    Number of views: 63
  • 57–72
    The butterfly fauna of the Nizhny Novgorod Region inventarisation experience (Insecta: Lepidoptera) and its use for the regional Red Data Book building
    Authors: Korb S.K., Pogozhin D.A., Zatakovoy A.A., Talyak R.E.
    Number of views: 68
  • 73–98
    Review of some actual methods of storage, processing and analysis of data from camera traps in zoological research
    Authors: Ogurtsov S.S., Volkov V.P., Zheltukhin A.S.
    Number of views: 70
  • 99–104
    Nutrient status and plankton of nearshore water area of Kronotsky Gulf in August 2015
    Authors: Lepskaya E.V., Kazanskiy F.V., Polyakova A.A.
    Number of views: 63
  • 105–110
    The experience of atlas mapping of especially valuable natural objects and systems (a case study of Geyzernaya river valley in the Kronotsky Reserve)
    Authors: Zavadskaya A.V., Panicheva D.M., Yablokov V.M.
    Number of views: 70

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