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Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction

Number 6(06), 2017

  • 241-246
    Melatonin as an antioxidant preserving sperm from domestic animals
    Authors: Alfredo Medrano, Carlos F BSc Contreras, Fernando MSc Herrera, Alicia MSc Alcantar-Rodriguez
    Number of views: 146
  • 247-251
    Cryopreservation enhances vacuolization in human spermatozoa
    Authors: Nahid Yari, Sahabeh Etebary, Mohammad Ali Khalili, Ali Reza Talebi
    Number of views: 272
  • 252-256
    Effect of low level, short wavelength ultraviolet radiation on sperm chromatin
    Authors: Rishika Sharma, Nidhi Rajput, Kanthi Bansal, Hyacinth Highland
    Number of views: 121
  • 257-263
    Anti-VDAC3 recombinant antibody decreased human sperm motility and membrane integrity: A potential spermicide for contraception
    Authors: Asmarinah, Tri Panjiasih Susmiarsih, Amalia Shari, Putri Ratri, Dwi Ari Pujianto, Endang Winiati Bachtiar
    Number of views: 120
  • 264-267
    Factors affecting in-vivo fertility of crossbred Egyptian - Italian buffalo semen
    Authors: GA El-Sisy, KGhM Mahmoud, AAE El-sokary, MF Nawito, YF Ahmed
    Number of views: 136
  • 268-278
    Seasonal effect on physiological, reproductive and fertility profiles in breeding mithun bulls
    Authors: Perumal P, Savino N, Sangma CTR, Khan MH, Ezung E, Chang S, Sangtam TZT
    Number of views: 141
  • 279-282
    Cryopreservation of cattle semen using coconut water extender with different glycerol concentrations
    Authors: Reda Ibrahim El-Sheshtawy, Walid Said El-Nattat, Gamal Abdel Daiem Ali
    Number of views: 274
  • 283-288
    Effects of penicillamine, hypotaurine, and epinephrine on motility, hyperactivity, acrosome reaction of fresh ram sperm
    Authors: K.H. El-Shahat, M. I. Taysser, M.R. Badr, K.A. Zaki
    Number of views: 116

Number 6(05), 2017

  • 193-196
    Genetic characterization of FSH beta-subunit gene and its association with buffalo fertility
    Authors: Ahmed S.A. Sosa, Karima Gh M. Mahmoud, Mohamed M.M. Kandiel, Hazem A.A. Eldebaky, Mahmoud F. Nawito, Mahmoud E.A. Abou El-Roos
    Number of views: 149
  • 197-201
    Effects of anestrus dog serum on superovulation in rats and mice
    Authors: Hanieh Vaseghi, Asghar Mogheiseh, Mojtaba Kafi, Masood Sepehrimanesh, Mohammad Hossein Nooranizadeh
    Number of views: 128
  • 202-211
    The methanolic extract of Guibourtia tessmannii (Caesalpiniaceae) improves sexual parameters in high fat diet-induced obese sexually sluggish rats
    Authors: Patrick Brice Deeh Defo, Modeste Wankeu-Nya, Esther Ngadjui, Georges Romeo Bonsou Fozin, François Xavier Kemka, Albert amanyi, Pierre Kamtchouing, Pierre Watcho
    Number of views: 120
  • 212-216
    Antifertility properties of Centella asiatica ethanolic extract as a contraceptive agent: Preliminary study of sperm proteomic
    Authors: Irfan Yunianto, Nurul Ain Kamar Bashah, Mahanem Mat Noor
    Number of views: 131
  • 217-220
    Activity of transaminase enzyme and testosterone hormone in blood of Awassi rams during different season
    Authors: Souhayla Oneeis Hussain, KreemIwaid AL Badry, Sadeq Jaafer Zalzala, Ahmed M M Zakri
    Number of views: 139
  • 221-225
    An online infertility clinical decision support system
    Authors: Fabio Diniz de Souza
    Number of views: 183
  • 226-230
    Seasonal variations in serum pregnancy associated glycoproteins during early pregnancy in Aardi goats in central Saudi Arabia
    Authors: Mohamed J Al-Hassan, Kamal A Al-Samawi
    Number of views: 158
  • 231-237
    Anion gap as bio-diagnostic index in prediction of dystocia, retained placenta and delayed uterine involution of Baladi goat (Field study)
    Authors: Mohamed El-Raey, Heba M El-Khaiat
    Number of views: 121
  • 238-240
    A case report of prenatally detected achondrogenesis type Ⅱ with an occipital cephalocele
    Authors: Behnaz Moradi, Khadijeh Adabi, Mohamad Ali Kazemi, Farzaneh Fattahi Masrour
    Number of views: 124

Number 6(04), 2017

  • 145-150
    Effects of dietary vitamin E on male reproductive system
    Authors: Muhammad Zubair
    Number of views: 182
  • 151-157
    Morphological and functional alterations of female reproduction after regular exposure of bamboo shoots of North East India
    Authors: Deotima Sarkar, Arijit Chakraborty, Dakshayani Mahapatra, Amar K Chandra
    Number of views: 289
  • 158-163
    Effect of hematopoietic stem cell on tumor necrosis factor-α expression, spiral artery remodeling and placental apoptosis in lead-exposed pregnant mice
    Authors: Widjiati, Suryo Kuncorojakti, Hendy Hendarto, Viski Fitri Hendrawan, Aulanni’am Aulanni’am
    Number of views: 125
  • 164-171
    Effects of long-term exposure to radiofrequency radiations emitted by mobile Jammers on reproduction parameters in rats
    Authors: Maryam Owjfard, Manzarbanoo Shojaei Fard
    Number of views: 127
  • 172-175
    Relationship between pre-pubertal nutrition plane with reproduction performance and milk quality in Kurdish female kids
    Authors: Sedigheh Menatian, Mostafa Nemati, Mehdi Rashnavadi, Ali Salimi, Mohammad Rashid Taheri, Farshad Yasemi
    Number of views: 129
  • 176-180
    Effect of melatonin and/or cysteamine on development and vitrification of buffalo embryos
    Authors: Mohamed MM El-Sokary, Mohamed El-Raey, Karima GhM Mahmoud, Mahmoud EA Abou El-Roos, Gamal MS Sosa
    Number of views: 130
  • 181-185
    Comparison of serum reproductive hormones, antioxidants, PGE2 and PGF2-α between primary and secondary infertile women in Calabar
    Authors: Idongesit K Isong, Chinyere AO Usoro, Zibril A Okhormhe, Dorathy C Okpokam, Christopher EJ Udiong
    Number of views: 113
  • 186-190
    Establishment of fetal age equations based on ultrasound measurements in cross-bred Holstein cows
    Authors: Kanoknan Somnuk, Pim Wannapakorn, Waraporn Raksapol, Bunlue Kornmatitsuk, Sudsaijai Kornmatitsuk
    Number of views: 142
  • 191-192
    Male masturbation device for the treatment of delayed ejaculation: A case report
    Authors: Rodríguez JE, Picazo JA, López E
    Number of views: 154

Number 6(03), 2017

  • 97-103
    Laser irradiation effects and its possible mechanisms of action on spermatozoa functions in domestic animals
    Authors: Lone SA, Mohanty TK, Kumaresan A, Bhakat M
    Number of views: 185
  • 104-111
    Impact of electromagnetic radiation exposure during pregnancy on embryonic skeletal development in rats
    Authors: Ali SAEED. H. Alchalabi, Erkihun Aklilu, Abd Rahman Aziz, Hasliza Rahim, Suzanna H. Ronald, Mohd F. Malek, Mohd Azam Khan
    Number of views: 183
  • 112-115
    Dose and duration dependent cytotoxicity of aroclor 1254 in the testis of mice
    Authors: Shweta Pathak, Jalpa Raja, Rahul Kundu
    Number of views: 188
  • 116-120
    Molecular interaction of zp3 to zp3r reveals a cross-species fertilization mechanism
    Authors: Reni Kurniati, Didik Huswo Utomo, Sri Rahayu, Widodo, Sutiman Bambang Sumitro
    Number of views: 170
  • 121-127
    Efficacy of anti-microbial agents on vaginal microorganisms and reproductive performance of synchronized estrus ewes
    Authors: K.M. Mohammed, A.M. Nabih, G.M. Darwish
    Number of views: 165
  • 128-132
    Effect of Diospyros kaki enriched extender on cattle bull sperm parameters and conception rate
    Authors: El-Sheshtawy RI, El-Nattat WS
    Number of views: 142
  • 133-135
    Effects of L-Arginine supplementation on semen quality, testosterone concentration and testes histological parameters of Ross 308 breeder roosters
    Authors: Ahangar M, Asadzadeh S, Rezaeipour V, Zareh Shahneh A
    Number of views: 251
  • 136-139
    Detection of bacterial biofilm in uterine of repeat breeder dairy cows
    Authors: Mohammad Rahim Ahmadi, Abdollah Derakhshandeh, Sadegh Shirian, Yahya Daneshbod, Maryam Ansari- Lari, Saeid Nazifi
    Number of views: 148
  • 140-143
    Endoscopic monitoring the estrous phase of Arabian mares with assaying its biopsy
    Authors: Mohamed Fathi, Haithem AM Farghali, Nagla A. Abdelkader, Khattab MA, El Karmoty AF
    Number of views: 155

Number 6(02), 2017

  • 49-53
    Plants altering hormonal milieu: A review
    Authors: Prashant Tiwari, Pratap Kumar Sahu
    Number of views: 162
  • 54-57
    The effect of oral lead acetate exposure on bax expression and apoptosis index granulose cells antral follicle in female wistar rat (Rattus norvegicus)
    Authors: Dian Aby Restanty, Setyawati Soeharto, I Wayan Agung Indrawan
    Number of views: 146
  • 58-67
    Prevalence of various pathological conditions in female buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)
    Authors: Perumal Ponraj1, Sukkum Chang, Nakulan V Rajesh, Muthusamy Veeraselvam, Kalpana Devi Rajesh
    Number of views: 154
  • 68-76
    Preservability of rabbit semen after chilled storage in tris based extender enriched with different concentrations of Propolis ethanolic extract (PEE)
    Authors: Islam El-Sayed El-Seadawy, Walid Said El-Nattat, Magda Mohamed El-Tohamy, Samy Ali Hussein Aziza, Yakot Abdelfattah El-Senosy, Ahmed Said Hussein
    Number of views: 158
  • 77-80
    Preservability of bull spermatozoa in Tris-egg yolk extender enriched with different concentrations of butylated hydroxytoluene
    Authors: El-Sheshtawy RI, El-Nattat WS, Gamal A. El-Sisy
    Number of views: 143
  • 81-84
    Impact of silymarin enriched semen extender on bull sperm preservability
    Authors: El-Sheshtawy RI, El-Nattat WS
    Number of views: 142
  • 85-88
    Effect of using ascorbic acid and cysteamine supplementation on in-vitro development of buffalo embryos
    Authors: Al-shimaa Al-H. H. El-Naby, Karima Gh.M. Mahmoud, Gamal A.M. Sosa, Mahmoud E.A. Abouel-Roos, Youssef F. Ahmed
    Number of views: 149
  • 89-92
    Pregnancy outcome of day 3 versus day 5 embryo transfer: A retrospective analysis
    Authors: Samaher Alfaraj, Fatima Alzaher, Sahar Alshwaiaer, Anwar Ahmed
    Number of views: 145
  • 93-96
    Cervical dilation and improvement of reproductive performance in fat-tailed ewes via cervical dilator treatments
    Authors: Reza Masoudi, Ahmad Zare Shahneh, Armin Towhidi, Hamid Kohram, Abbas Akbarisharif, Mohsen Sharafi, Mahdi Zhandi, MAMM Shahab-El-Deen
    Number of views: 174

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