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Amfiteatru Economic

Number 40, 2015

  • 851-853
    Sustainable Business Marketing
    Authors: Dan-Cristian Dabija
    Number of views: 428
  • 855-871
    Towards Sustainable Marketing: Strategy in Slovak Companies
    Authors: Juraj Chebeň, Drahoslav Lančarič, Radovan Savov, Marián Tóth and Jan Tlučhoř
    Number of views: 557
  • 872-890
    An Application of Qualitative Risk Analysis as a Tool Adopted by Public Organizations for Evaluating “Green Projects”
    Authors: Maurizio Lanfranchi, Carlo Giannetto, Angelina De Pascale and Remus Ion Hornoiu
    Number of views: 455
  • 891-908
    Sustainable Lifestyle Marketing of Individuals: the Base of Sustainability
    Authors: Mira Rakic, Beba Rakic
    Number of views: 506
  • 909-926
    Matrix Model for Choosing Green Marketing Sustainable Strategic Alternatives
    Authors: Cătălina Sitnikov, Laura Vasilescu, Radu Ogarcă, Sorin Tudor
    Number of views: 435
  • 927-937
    Sustenability and Organic Growth Marketing: an Exploratory Approach on Valorisation of Durable Development Principles in Tourism
    Authors: Gheorghe Epuran, Lavinia Dovleac, Ioana Simona Ivasciuc, Bianca Tescasiu
    Number of views: 538
  • 938-954
    Converging Sustainable Entrepreneurship and the Contemporary Marketing Practices. An Insight into Romanian Start-Ups
    Authors: Cristian Valentin Hapenciuc, Florina Pînzaru, Elena-Mădălina Vătămănescu, Pavel Stanciu
    Number of views: 519
  • 977-993
    Reporting of Non-Financial Performance Indicators – a Useful Tool for a Sustainable Marketing Strategy
    Authors: Adriana Calu, Costel Negrei, Daniela Artemisa Calu, Viorel Avram
    Number of views: 479
  • 994-1010
    The Impact of Corporate Sustainability Strategies on the Financial Performance of Romanian Companies in the Context of Green Marketing
    Authors: Marian Siminică, Liviu Crăciun, Adina Dinu
    Number of views: 486
  • 1011-1022
    The Role of Marketing Audit in Evaluation Sustainable Marketing Performance in Romanian Organizations
    Authors: Daniel Serbănică, Violeta Rădulescu, Anca Francisca Cruceru
    Number of views: 549
  • 1023-1035
    The Main Drivers of Environmentally Responsible Behaviour in Lithuanian Households
    Authors: Dalia Streimikiene
    Number of views: 456
  • 1036 - 1053
    Population and Economic Growth: A Review Essay
    Authors: Marinko Škare and Sanja Blažević
    Number of views: 537
  • 1054 - 1068
    Sales Forecasting in the Context of Seasonal Activities and Company Sustainable Growth
    Authors: Ion Stancu, Dumitra Stancu, Dalina Dumitrescu and Andrei Tinca
    Number of views: 452
  • 1068 - 1078
    The Macroeconomic Framework of Support Analysis for Sustainable Businesses Development
    Authors: Constantin Mitrut, Cristina Bălăceanu, Mihaela Gruiescu and Daniela Serban
    Number of views: 462
  • 1080 - 1094
    Energy Cooperation – The Strength of the Eu’s Economic Development
    Authors: Francesco Ruggiero, Liviu Bogdan Vlad, Gheorghe Vlăsceanu, Alexandru Gavris and Dragos Vasile
    Number of views: 443
  • 1095 - 1107
    Best Practices in Customs Procedures
    Authors: Ioan Popa, Mihaela Gabriela Belu, Dorel Mihai Paraschiv and Ana Maria Marinoiu
    Number of views: 450
  • 1108 - 1121
    Approach Regarding a Framework for Risk Reporting in Order to Enhance the Related Good Practices
    Authors: Mirela Nichita si Carmen Turlea
    Number of views: 630

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