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Revista Criação e Crítica

  • Year publication
  • 2008
  • Frequency
  • 3
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  • 0
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  • Abbreviation
  • Country
  • Brazil
  • ISSN (print)
  • -
  • ISSN (online)
  • 1984-1124
  • Editor in Chief
  • Claudia Amigo Pino
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  • 0
  • Date added to OAJI
  • 23 May 2021
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  • Portuguese
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  • Journals
  • Journal description
  • Focus and Scope To begin with a provocation: we believe that it is possible to think of a literary criticism that does not focus on interpretation. Thus, without losing track of the pleasure of reading, the journal Criação & Crítica publishes texts that approach literaturealso in its contexts of production, reception and circulation. We draw particularly from some of the poststructuralist French theories which reflect on practices of writing and on the edition and circulation of literary texts, but do not limit ourselves to the French scene; we also incorporate theories of other nationalities which analyze the reception of the literary text such as the School of Constance or the area of gender studies. Our interest in the production and reception of the literary text does not, however, limit itself to a theoretical viewpoint. We also would like to invite the academic community to reflect on how texts (their production, their reception) “read” us, changeus. In one word, we encourage the academy to reflect on our own personal writing. Writing (écriture): there isn't a precise way to define it. By making it a cornerstone of our journal's focus and scope we affiliate ourselves to the proposals of Roland Barthes, Jacques Derrrida e Henri Meschonnic, amongst others. In order to do that, we present you with a non-definition of writing thought up by Meschonnic: to think about writing is to “think against”. Against whom? Against the reader: to think about writing is to think about how a poem writes itself on the reader, that is, how it changes the reader’s mind. This transformation is the reader’s, the writer’s (who writes and reads themselves) and the critic’s, who is someone that thinks about their own reading and, sometimes, about the writer’s readings. Our research, our debates, our problems are there: in the fine, unstable line between reading and writing. Our journal is comprised of the following sections: “Articles”, “Translations”, “Book reviews” and “Exercises in style”. The first threeaim at spreading ideas “against”: mostly regarding the Brazilian literary scene, but ocasionally with an international outlook. The section “Exercises in style” welcomes texts that aim at expanding the genre of literary criticism, introducing elements of fiction, poetry and other forms of artistic expression interwoven with critical approach. Peer Review Process Peer-reviewing evaluation double blind by specialists for sections “Articles”, “Book reviews”, “Translation” and “Exercises in style”. Publication Frequency The journal is published quarterly, with editions in May, September and December. Indexation The journal Criação & Crítica is in process of indexation in several databases. At the present time it’s indexed in: Latindex Qualis (B1)
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