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Enfoque UTE

Number Vol.7-N.3, 2016

  • pp. 1 - 13
    Corn (Zea mays) growth in petroleum contaminated soil, remediated with orange (Citrus sinensis) peel extract
    Authors: Tomás Darío Marín Veláquez
    Number of views: 715
  • pp. 14 - 25
    Litterfall production under pine plantations in the southern Andes region of Ecuador
    Authors: Pablo Quichimbo, Darío Veintimilla, Yelitza Carrión, Leticia Jiménez
    Number of views: 614
  • pp. 26 - 40
    Soil and dasometric characterization of a Eucalyptus globulus Labill plantation and management proposal in the lower montane thorny steppe zone, Riobamba, Ecuador
    Authors: Miguel Guallpa, Sonia Rosero, María Samaniego, Eduardo Cevallos
    Number of views: 657
  • pp. 41 - 56
    Determination of the efficiency of sawdust and coco fiber used as Biofilter for pollutant removal for the treatment of wastewater
    Authors: Jimmy Vicente Reyes
    Number of views: 722
  • pp. 57 - 69
    Quality analysis of effluents from biodigesters in lodges located in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve
    Authors: Isidro Gutiérrez Cruz, Edgar Rivera Carrión, Gloria Roldán Reascos
    Number of views: 627
  • pp. 70 - 81
    The Simplex-Centroid Design and Desirability Function in optimizing the sensory acceptability of sweet bread enriched with Chenopodium quinoa
    Authors: Raúl Siche, Víctor Aredo, Lía Velásquez, Israel Castillo
    Number of views: 580
  • pp. 82 - 94
    Quality baseline of the castilla blackberry (Rubus glaucus) in its food chain
    Authors: Fernanda Iza, Ximena Rojas-Lema, Yolanda Argüello
    Number of views: 784
  • pp. 95 - 109
    Data model management, with the use of artificial intelligence, for a geographic information system in the energetic sector
    Authors: Nayi Sánchez Fleitas, Raúl Comas Rdoríguez, María Matilde García Lorenzo, Amanda Riverol Quesada
    Number of views: 549
  • pp. 110 - 119
    Comparative study of emission of pollutant gases in vehicle M1, using fuel of the Andean Community
    Authors: Jaime Fernando Antamba Guasgua, Guillermo Gorky Reyes Campaña, Miguel Estuardo Granja Paredes
    Number of views: 570

Number Vol.7-N.1, 2016

  • pp. 22 - 32
    Biodegradation of organic contaminants from the dairy industry
    Authors: Diego Prócel, Paola Posligua, Carlos Banchón
    Number of views: 588
  • pp. 33 - 45
    Composición y diversidad florística de los páramos en la Reserva de Producción de Fauna Chimborazo, Ecuador
    Authors: Jorge Caranqui, Patricio Lozano, Julio Reyes
    Number of views: 571
  • pp. 46 - 58
    Modeling and numerical simulation of the Richards equation for infiltration problems
    Authors: Iván Cristian Naula Reina, Guillermo Alexis Albuja Proaño, René Alfonso Carrillo Flores, Carlos Fabián Izurieta Cabrera
    Number of views: 930
  • pp. 59 - 74
    Management of productive reserves in a SME of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas
    Authors: Rodobaldo Martínez Vivar, Alexander Sánchez Rodríguez, Gelmar García Vidal, Reyner Pérez Campdesuñer
    Number of views: 494
  • pp. 75 - 90
    Design and Implementation of an Automated Management Platform for P2P Transactions with Electronic Money
    Authors: Andrés Alcocer, Gonzalo Olmedo
    Number of views: 577
  • pp. 91 - 110
    Medicinal palms of the New World
    Authors: Anita Argüello Mejía
    Number of views: 1694
  • 1 - 12
    Implementation of lean manufacturing in a food enterprise
    Authors: Jorge Viteri Moya, Edison Matute Déleg, Cristina Viteri Sánchez, Nadya Rivera Vásquez
    Number of views: 674
  • 13 - 21
    Dairy industry wastewater electrocoagulation
    Authors: Pamela López, Antonio Harnisth
    Number of views: 554

Number Vol.7-N.2, 2016

  • pp. 1 - 9
    Viability study of a system for filtercake remotion in pay zone of oil wells
    Authors: Wang ZhaoZheng, Fang Xi, Henry Paúl Romero Cortez, Fausto René Ramos Aguirre
    Number of views: 594
  • pp. 10 - 24
    An evolutionary computational approach for the dynamic Stackelberg competition problems
    Authors: Lorena Arboleda-Castro, Olga Cedeño-Fuentes, Iván Jacho-Sánchez, Pavel Novoa-Hernández
    Number of views: 603
  • pp. 25 - 40
    Security of IP Telephony in Ecuador: Online Analysis
    Authors: José Estrada, Mayra Calva, Ana Rodríguez, Christian Tipantuña
    Number of views: 706
  • pp. 41 - 54
    Actuator prototype system by voice commands using free software
    Authors: Jaime Andrango, Estevan Gómez
    Number of views: 676
  • pp. 55 - 68
    Design and implementation of a control system to improve the quality of the combustion gases in the fire-tube boiler of 5 BHP
    Authors: Carlos Alfredo Pérez Albán, Alexis Cordovés García, Jorge Román Terán Benalcázar
    Number of views: 1115
  • pp. 69 - 81
    Device for measuring thermal conductivity of composites based on biomass waste
    Authors: Luis Velasco Roldán, Leonardo Goyos Pérez, Reinaldo Delgado García, Luis Freire Amore
    Number of views: 3552
  • pp. 82 - 96
    Diversity of vascular flora at Andino's Choco area in Selva Virgen
    Authors: Ximena Aguirre Ulloa, Alexandra Endara
    Number of views: 765
  • pp. 97 - 108
    Anaerobic horizontal flow reactor with polyethylene terephthalate as support material
    Authors: Marcelo Muñoz, Valeria Fuentes, María Belén Aldás
    Number of views: 638
  • pp. 109 - 119
    Referential calculation of particulate matter in the air as a factor of environmental pollution in the urban area of the city of Pujilí
    Authors: Paola Vallejo Choez, Carmen González Moya, Fredy Mena Mora
    Number of views: 973
  • pp. 120 - 134
    Details of large-panel buildings seismic analysis
    Authors: Sergei Emelyanov, Yurij Nemchinov, Vladimir Kolchunov, Igor Yakovenko
    Number of views: 729

Number Vol.6-N.4, 2015

  • 1 - 22
    Revision of the state of the art for the administration and improvement of the managerial processes
    Authors: Henrry Ricardo Cabrera, Alberto Medina León, Dianelys Nogueira Medina, Quirenia Núñez Chaviano
    Number of views: 722
  • 23 - 41
    Potential use of vegetal Biomass as insulation in extreme climates of Ecuador
    Authors: Luis Velasco Roldan, Leonardo Goyos Pérez, Luis Freire Amores, Alexander Ibarra
    Number of views: 676
  • 42 - 54
    Characterization of residual biomass from the Arequipa region for the production of biofuels
    Authors: María Laura Stronguiló Leturia, Lynet Milagros Chacón Febres
    Number of views: 566
  • 55 - 66
    Formulation and characterization of a nutritional pumpkin-based whey beverages, enriched with oatmeal and passion fruit
    Authors: Alex Valencia, Liliana Acurio, Lander Pérez, Diego Salazar, Verónica Tamayo
    Number of views: 631
  • 67 - 80
    Aspects and environmental impacts associated with the production of concrete
    Authors: Aura Navas de García, Rosa E. Reyes Gil, Luis E. Galván Rico
    Number of views: 2138
  • 81 - 97
    Automatic delimitation of microwatershed using SRTM data of the NASA
    Authors: Freddy Aníbal Jumbo Castillo
    Number of views: 751
  • 98 - 112
    Design of a power amplifier for wireless communications using microstrip technology and Microwave Office
    Authors: Christian Tipantuña, José Antonio Estrada, Juan Carlos Estrada, Carla Parra
    Number of views: 756
  • 113 - 123
    Assessment and control of chemical risk from organic vapors for attendants in a gas station
    Authors: Stephanie Ehmig Santillán
    Number of views: 665

Number Vol.6-N.3, 2015

  • 1 - 19
    Integration of management control tools. Analysis of a case study
    Authors: Raúl Comas Rodríguez, Dianelys Nogueira Rivera, Félix Romero Bartutis, Marisdany Lumpuy Rodríguez
    Number of views: 681
  • 20 - 35
    Automated system for load flow prediction in power substations using artificial neural networks
    Authors: Arlys Michel Lastre Aleaga, Erik Fernando Méndez Garcés, Alexis Cordovés García
    Number of views: 719
  • 36 - 51
    Windows Server 2012 vulnerabilities and security
    Authors: Gabriel R. López, Danny S. Guamán, Julio C. Caiza
    Number of views: 1157
  • 52 - 64
    Chitosan application as a biocoagulant in wastewater contaminated with hydrocarbons
    Authors: Juan M. Álava
    Number of views: 704
  • 65 - 80
    Fenton's reagent minimum dosage for remediation of water contaminated with dyes
    Authors: Gina Terán, Paola Posligua, Carlos Banchón
    Number of views: 850
  • 81 - 95
    Design of a fluidized bed incinerator to process organic solid waste
    Authors: Salvatore La Verde Spano, Leonardo Taylhardat
    Number of views: 791
  • 96 - 105
    Composition and diversity of tree species in transects of location lowland evergreen forest of Ecuador
    Authors: Jorge Caranqui A.
    Number of views: 935
  • 106 - 114
    Real-Time Embedded Control System for a Portable Meteorological Station
    Authors: Marcelo Moya, Gonzalo Guerrón, Andrés Montero
    Number of views: 625
  • 115 - 132
    Visual pollution Indicators and its Effects on Population
    Authors: Valeria Fuentes Correa, Anita Argüello Mejía
    Number of views: 1169

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