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The Greek e-journal of Perioperative Medicine

Number 12a, 2014

  • 1
    Letter from the Editors [Greek]
    Authors: Mouloudi E, Papagiannopoulou P
    Number of views: 417
  • 2-27
    Postoperative Analgesia in Geriatric Patient s
    Authors: Koraki E, Giannaki Ch, Andreopoulos K, Trikoupi A
    Number of views: 376
  • 28-38
    The role of intra abdominal hypertension and maternal venous compartment in the pathophysiology of preeclampsia
    Authors: Aslanidis Th, Boultoukas E, Mamopoulos A , Mouloudi E
    Number of views: 416
  • 39-51
    Acute and long term cardiovascular effects of basilic vein transposition in chronic renal failure patients
    Authors: Theodosiadis P, Grosomanidis V, Hatzibaloglou A, Fyntanidou B, Kotso E, Oloktsidou E, Skourtis Ch
    Number of views: 412
  • 52-63
    Central line colonization, central line infection, Central line - associated and Catheter - related bloodstream infections in Greek pediatric intensive care patients: a prospective one year study
    Authors: Volakli Ε, Sdougka M, Violaki A, Vogiatzi L, Skoumis K, Dimitriadou M
    Number of views: 379
  • 64-71
    Laparoscopic cholecystectomy under continuous spinal anesthesia in an elderly patient with respiratory disease: A Case Report
    Authors: Theodorou E , Georgopoulou S, Sarakatsianou Ch , Tzovaras G
    Number of views: 423
  • 72-76
    An unusual presentation of a giant pleural tumor
    Authors: Rallis Th, Asteriou Ch, Lazopoulos A, Gogakos A S, Paliouras D, Chatzinikolaou F, Barbetakis N
    Number of views: 386

Number 11, 2013

  • 1
    Letter from the Editors [Greek]
    Authors: Mouloudi E, Papagiannopoulou P
    Number of views: 399
  • 2-21
    Epidemiology, diagnosis and management of delirium in the intensive care unit: a narrative review of the literature
    Authors: Korfiotis D, Arvaniti A, Pneumatikos I
    Number of views: 410
  • 22-30
    Review of statistical methods reported in oral presentations during seve n Greek national anesthesiology conferences
    Authors: Aslanidis Τh, Charitidou S, Μ atiaki Ε, Μ ilona s A, Georgopoulou Ε, Anagnostara Ε , Aslanidis K
    Number of views: 375
  • 31-43
    Pediatric Risk of Mortality (PRISM III - 24) performance in a Greek pediatric intensive care unit
    Authors: Volakli Ε, Mantzafleri PE, Sdougka M
    Number of views: 365
  • 44-59
    C ombination of Ketamine with Morphine, Nalbuphine or Tramadol for postoperative pain control following radical prostatectomy [Greek]
    Authors: Ntritsou V, Papagiannopoulou P,Kostoglou Ch, Metaxioti E, Ioannidis A, Zachariadou Ch
    Number of views: 453
  • 60-73
    Improvement of the visualization of larynx and successful intubation with Airtraq ® optical laryngoscope in nine neonates, infants and children with difficult airway .
    Authors: Iordanidou D, Ntavlis M , Kachri manidou P, Tholioti T , Vranas D , Damianidis E.
    Number of views: 408
  • 74-83
    Dose titration of sublingual fentanyl, in relation to transdermal fentanyl dosing in cancer patients
    Authors: Amaniti E, Zaralidou A, Maidatsi P , Mitos G,Thoma G , Vasilakos D.
    Number of views: 409
  • 84-91
    Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome (PRES) in male patient thirty years of age. Case report and review of the literature [Greek]
    Authors: Ch asou E, Antipa E, Arvaniti M, Bekridelis A, Vasiliagou S, Antoniadou E.
    Number of views: 396

Number 10, 2012

  • 2-6
    Analgesia and Sedation in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit: Evidence based or Extrapolation?
    Authors: Katsanoulas C
    Number of views: 370
  • 7-36
    Analgesia and Sedation in pediatric intensive care unit
    Authors: Volakli E , Sdouga M
    Number of views: 406
  • 66-82
    Medical Emergency Teams based on anesthesiologists II [Greek]
    Authors: Aslanidis Th, Charitidou S, Matiaki E, Bogiatzopoulos M, Dolzenko E, Georgopoulou E, Milonas A, Anagnostara E
    Number of views: 359
  • 83-101
    From general ICU to dedicated Neuroscience Intensive Care Units [Greek]
    Authors: Katsanoulas C
    Number of views: 381

Number 9, 2011

  • 2-22
    Epilepsy and Anaesthesia [Greek]
    Authors: Papagiannopoulou P, Gousia Ch
    Number of views: 458
  • 23-32
    Comparison of systemic hemodynamics after subarachnoid administration of either levobupivacaine or ropivacaine to elderly hypertensive patients [Greek]
    Authors: Chatziioakimidis Ch, Veroniki F, Pourzitaki Ch, Iordanidou S, Konstandinidis D, Papalexi H, Papadopoulos V, Donas G, Gorgias N
    Number of views: 391
  • 33-36
    Emerging issues on opioid treatment of chronic pain [Greek]
    Authors: Zaralidou A, Maidatsi P
    Number of views: 396
  • 37-50
    Known and unknown problems after prolonged use of opioids [Greek]
    Authors: Amaniti E
    Number of views: 371
  • 51-62
    How to balance efficacy versus side effects of chronic opioid use
    Authors: Tsirogianni E
    Number of views: 414
  • 63-68
    When to start and when to terminate an opioid treatment
    Authors: Zouka M
    Number of views: 405

Number 8, 2010

  • 1-10
    The feasibility of laparoscopic general surgery under regional anaesthesia
    Authors: Pratsas K, Georgopoulou S, Bareka M, Ieropoulos Ch, Flossos A, Vretzakis G
    Number of views: 376
  • 11-27
    Pharmacology of the critically ill (Part ΙI). Pharmacodynamic principles and their significance in critical illness [Greek]
    Authors: Papaioannou V.E.
    Number of views: 430
  • 28-39
    Anaesthesia management during cardiologic interventions [Greek]
    Authors: Papagiannopoulou P, Kostoglou Ch
    Number of views: 428
  • 40-53
    Non invasive methods of postoperative analgesia [Greek]
    Authors: Aslanidis Th, Papadopoulou E
    Number of views: 389
  • 54-69
    Damage control surgery and intensive care [Greek]
    Authors: Vakalos A
    Number of views: 389
  • 70-83
    Apneic oxygenation; pulmonary and cardiovascular effects
    Authors: Kolettas A, Grosomanidis V, Fyntanidou B, Kotzampassi K, Kolettas V , Theod o- siadis P, Karakoulas K, Mitos G, Aidoni Z, Vasilakos D
    Number of views: 394
  • 84-98
    Postconditioning or manipulating the re-perfusion injury
    Authors: Petrou A
    Number of views: 386
  • 99-107
    Extubation in the operating room immediately after orthotopic liver trans-plantation. Case report and review of the literature [Greek]
    Authors: Katsika E, Aslanidis Th, Papanikolaou V, Karsanoulas K
    Number of views: 477

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