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Bulletin of Science and Practice

Number 2, 2019

  • 14-18
    The morphological structure and vitality of pollen Pyrus L. Genus ex situ in North-Eastern part of the Greater Caucasus
    Authors: Abbasova S.
    Number of views: 219
  • 19-25
    Indicative properties study of Medicago sativa L. culture under the oil-poluted condition
    Authors: Gafarova, B., Mammadova, A.
    Number of views: 254
  • 26-32
    Adaptation as a status for students of the Initial course of training in university
    Authors: Niyazaliyeva A., Karaeva R., Suyunbek kyzy A.
    Number of views: 238
  • 33-52
    Brain-microbiota neural network: regulation of the visceral brain and accumulation of cognitive memory
    Authors: Volobuev A., Romanchuk P., Bulgakova S.
    Number of views: 369
  • 53-58
    Indicators of the physical status of the patients with congenital hydrocephalus
    Authors: Abdykerimov S., Kochkunov D.
    Number of views: 205
  • 59-66
    Clinical characteristic of biliary tract dysfunction in children in the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Alymbaev E., Malevannaya V., Kozhonazarova G.
    Number of views: 195
  • 67-72
    Clinical features of the comorbid state in children with hemophilia in the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Motusheva R., Kudayarov D.
    Number of views: 204
  • 79-86
    Features of the metabolic syndrome in children according to laboratory research in the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Ongoeva B.
    Number of views: 201
  • 87-91
    Assessment of the children physical development with metabolic syndrome
    Authors: Ongoeva B., Alymbaev E., Kozhonazarova G.
    Number of views: 206
  • 92-97
    Efficiency in the treatment of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
    Authors: Saatova G., Ganieva A.
    Number of views: 247
  • 98-102
    Biomedical and social risk factors in children with haemophilia A in the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Motusheva R.
    Number of views: 230
  • 103-108
    Shunting of congenital hydrocephalus in children
    Authors: Abdykerimov S., Kochkunov D.
    Number of views: 267
  • 117-126
    Ecological problems of interaction of the transport and technological systems with the environment
    Authors: Fohakov A., Kobuliev Z., Rajabov R., Khujaev P.
    Number of views: 212
  • 127-134
    Perfection of the integral evaluation of the mechanism of recreational and tourist objects
    Authors: Mirzaev A.
    Number of views: 295
  • 135-141
    Study of agrochemical and physical-chemical properties gray-brown soils of the Karabakh Plain
    Authors: Osmanova S.
    Number of views: 258
  • 142-151
    Influence of nanoparticles on ferments activity and physiological characters of the ground plants in saline soils
    Authors: Gasanova F.
    Number of views: 303
  • 152-158
    Quality of soybean seeds depending on herbicides applied to various plant grounding
    Authors: Omarov F., Aytemirov A., Magomedova M., Gamidova N., Magomedov U.
    Number of views: 205
  • 159-163
    Experience vegetative propagation Russian olive (Elaeagnus angustifolia L.) in Uzbekistan
    Authors: Turdiev S.
    Number of views: 247
  • 162-168
    The results of a study on Echinothrips americanus Morgan
    Authors: Makhamedov M.
    Number of views: 216
  • 169-175
    Soil fertilizer as an antropogenic factor of the increase potential in biological fixation of nitrogen
    Authors: Mustafayev Z.
    Number of views: 230
  • 176-180
    Hemiplegia laryngis in sport horses: recent advances and status today
    Authors: Ulybina E., Tsvetkova A., Lukina D.
    Number of views: 258
  • 197-202
    The review of the water mist fire extinguishing technology
    Authors: Chen L., Wang L., Yankin V., Neyasov A.
    Number of views: 244
  • 203-214
    On improving the performance of contract and design companies in Uzbekistan
    Authors: Nurimbetov R., Davletov I., Khasanov T.
    Number of views: 248
  • 215-221
    Current state of the development of small business and private entrepreneurship and its organizational-economic mechanisms in the field of service in Uzbekistan
    Authors: Masharipova M.
    Number of views: 216
  • 222-227
    Basic principles of the mechanism of ensuring social and economic security
    Authors: Shvaiba D.
    Number of views: 215
  • 228-234
    Application of the principle of efficiency in ensuring social and economic security
    Authors: Shvaiba D.
    Number of views: 208
  • 235-244
    Retrospective analysis of reproduction processes of fixed capital of railway transport
    Authors: Gulamov A.
    Number of views: 206
  • 249-256
    The legal policy of the Kyrgyz Republic: main priorities, implementation practice, resulting outcomes
    Authors: Djumagulov A.
    Number of views: 260
  • 257-262
    Evolution of political and legal values traditional society in the conditions of nomadic statehood (by the Epic of Manas materials)
    Authors: Aydarbekova G., Abdyraliev B.
    Number of views: 239
  • 263-267
    Conflict regulation of the conclusion and dissolution of marriage
    Authors: Chibirikova S.
    Number of views: 359
  • 268-273
    Differences in the legal regulation of the activities of sexual minorities in Europe and Russia
    Authors: Makhmutova M., Cherenkov A.
    Number of views: 219
  • 274-277
    Conflict settlement of labor relations complicated by a foreign element: problems and prospects
    Authors: Tanasienko I., Negoda N.
    Number of views: 207
  • 278-282
    Influence of psychodynamic propeties to progress in studies of students
    Authors: Sotnikov B. Sologubova T., Kondrateva E.
    Number of views: 232
  • 283-289
    Distance learning and external studies in the system of continuous learning
    Authors: Makuseva Т., Yakovleva Е.
    Number of views: 203
  • 290-296
    Actualization of mental hygiene in teaching schoolchildren
    Authors: Goldman S., Kakadiy I.
    Number of views: 214
  • 297-303
    Ways of development of internal tourism under the program Travel to Uzbekistan!
    Authors: Gapparov A.
    Number of views: 207
  • 304-310
    Stylistic functions of possessive and demonstrative pronominal adjectives combined with animate substantives
    Authors: Sokolova O.
    Number of views: 235
  • 311-318
    Religious-mythological text from the position of precedence
    Authors: Galieva M.
    Number of views: 247

Number 12, 2019

  • 12-19
    Diethyl Ether to Hydrocarbons Catalytic Transformation Over Iron Modified H-ZSM-5 Zeolite
    Authors: Doluda V., Lakina N., Brovko R.
    Number of views: 154
  • 20-25
    Catalytic Hydrogenolysis of Alkaline Lignin With a Production of Biofuel
    Authors: Shimanskaya E., Grebennikova O., Sulman A.
    Number of views: 125
  • 26-36
    Thermal Processing of Wood Waste
    Authors: Lugovoy Yu., Antonov N., Chalov K., Stepacheva A., Kosivtsov Yu., Sulman E., Sulman M.
    Number of views: 143
  • 37-46
    Study of the Kinetics of Thermal Destruction of Crossed Polyethylene
    Authors: Chalov K., Lugovoy Yu., Kosivtsov Yu., Sulman E.
    Number of views: 135
  • 47-53
    Hyper-crosslinked Polystyrene as a Support for Development of Hydrogenation Catalysts: Influence of Porosity
    Authors: Nikoshvili L., Bertova A., Sulman E., Kiwi-Minsker L.
    Number of views: 142
  • 54-60
    To study the Activity of the Polymer-enzyme Complexes on the Basis of Peroxidase
    Authors: Lakina N., Doluda V., Rabinovich G., Lisa V., Pazderina D.
    Number of views: 124
  • 61-68
    Product Identification Sparks Erosion of Aluminum in Aqueous Medium
    Authors: Usarova S., Sativaldiev A.
    Number of views: 157
  • 69-78
    Utilization Options for Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics
    Authors: Ilinykh G.
    Number of views: 137
  • 79-88
    Analysis of Factors Affecting the Properties of Recycled Carbon Fiber and Materials on its Basis
    Authors: Ilinykh G., Sliusar N.
    Number of views: 158
  • 89-97
    Genetic Structure and Interpopulation Differentiation of Eight Pinus sylvestris L. Populations in the Eastern European Plain
    Authors: Sboeva Ya., Boronnikova S.
    Number of views: 193
  • 98-110
    Estimation of the Gene Pool State of the Western Race of Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica Ledeb.) in Urals on the Basis of Microsatelite Markers Polymorphism
    Authors: Vasileva Yu., Sboeva Ya., Chertov N., Zhulanov A.
    Number of views: 169
  • 118-128
    Analysis Radiation Monitoring in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug - Yugra (2009-2018)
    Authors: Tilles V., Poberezhnyi A., Samoilov V.
    Number of views: 153
  • 129-155
    Brain, Eyes, Light: Biological Electrical Magnetism of Light and Neurorehabilitation of Cognitive Impairment
    Authors: Pyatin V., Romanchuk N., Romanchuk P., Volobuev A.
    Number of views: 213
  • 156-162
    Treatment of Injuries of the Lumbar Spine
    Authors: Sabyraliev M.
    Number of views: 141
  • 163-170
    Trends in the Prevalence of Breast Cancer in the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Ibraimova A., Nasirova N., Bolbachan K.
    Number of views: 127
  • 171-176
    The Experience of Examination of Public Health in the Areas of Altai Krai Bordering the Drop Zones for Separating Parts of Launch Vehicles
    Authors: Kolyado I., Plugin S., Shoikhet Ya.
    Number of views: 152
  • 177-181
    Influence of the Nutrient Medium and Photoperiod on Tuberization of Potato Micro-plants of Promising Potato Varieties in vitro Culture
    Authors: Vlasevskaya E., Mukhametshin I.
    Number of views: 172
  • 182-190
    Necessity and Possibility of Introduction of New Minimum Technologies of Soybean Cultivation in the Amur Region
    Authors: Epifantsev V., Osipov Ya., Vaitekhovich Yu.
    Number of views: 137
  • 191-196
    The Role of Post-grain Residues in Increasing Soil Fertility
    Authors: Allahverdiev E.
    Number of views: 128
  • 197-206
    Remote Observations of the State of Agricultural Crops
    Authors: Babaeva A., Guseinov A.
    Number of views: 145
  • 207-213
    The Reaction of Spring Wheat to the Introduction of Winter Rye Straw in a Crop Rotation With Different Types of Fallow
    Authors: Pegova N.
    Number of views: 136
  • 214-218
    Assessment of the Nursery of the Ecological the Experiment of the Udmurt Research Institute of Agriculture
    Authors: Vlasevskaya E., Mukhametshin I.
    Number of views: 130
  • 219-222
    Influence of Fertilizer Norms on Root Mass, Nutrient Quantity and Chemical Composition of Lucerne
    Authors: Khalilov S.
    Number of views: 141
  • 230-235
    Minimum Technologies of Soybean Cultivation and Compliance With the Rules of Organic Cultivation in the Amur Region
    Authors: Epifantsev V., Osipov Ya., Vaitekhovich Yu.
    Number of views: 144
  • 242-245
    The Study of the Content of Carboxylic Acids in the Resin of Uzgen Coal
    Authors: Osekova G., Tashpolotov Y., Ysmanov E.
    Number of views: 146
  • 246-256
    Recognition Handwriting and Printed Text for Software Requirements Engineering
    Authors: Kaznin A.
    Number of views: 131
  • 257-264
    Research of Principles of Harmony in Design of Suit From Lace
    Authors: Zelenova Yu., Belgorodskii V., Korobtseva N.
    Number of views: 137
  • 281-291
    Reengineering Business Processes as a Tool for Successful Business
    Authors: Korolev G., Barinov V.
    Number of views: 177
  • 292-297
    Bank Loan as a Source of Financing an Investment Project
    Authors: Belyaev S.
    Number of views: 164
  • 298-304
    Relationship Banking and Tax Secret
    Authors: Ignatochkina D., Repukhova D.
    Number of views: 145
  • 305-311
    Tendencies of Forming a Multistructure Economy in Uzbekistan
    Authors: Ashurov M., Shakirova Yu., Turdibekov O.
    Number of views: 138
  • 312-315
    Ways of Logistics Improvement of the Freight Market
    Authors: Gaffarov M.
    Number of views: 128
  • 316-323
    International Relations and Audit Process of Import Operations
    Authors: Karimov N.
    Number of views: 208
  • 324-328
    Improvement of Accounting of Costs at Enterprises
    Authors: Abdurakhmonov R.
    Number of views: 138
  • 341-347
    Specific Signs of Surrogate Motherhood in the System of Unstanted Agreements
    Authors: Ablyatipova N., Kirova D.
    Number of views: 135
  • 348-355
    On the Measures Against Corruption
    Authors: Savvateeva V., Tanskaya V.
    Number of views: 131
  • 356-360
    Advertising in the Communication Process
    Authors: Abrarova Z., Mayatskaya O., Kovrov V.
    Number of views: 112
  • 361-371
    Unconscious Fear and Shadow Archetype of Personality in Adolescents and Youths
    Authors: Adykulov A.
    Number of views: 117
  • 372-382
    Individuality and ‘Self’ Archetype of Personality in Adolescents and Youths
    Authors: Adykulov A.
    Number of views: 124
  • 383-386
    Influence of Parents and Family Structure on the Child’s Self-esteem
    Authors: Pavlova T.
    Number of views: 113
  • 387-392
    Peculiarities of Self-esteem of Students in the Post-crisis Period for Kyrgyzstan
    Authors: Shakeeva Ch., Cholponkulova N.
    Number of views: 127
  • 393-396
    Communicative Language Teaching
    Authors: Mammadova S.
    Number of views: 141
  • 401-410
    Formation of General Professional Competences of Future Teachers as a Pedagogical Problem
    Authors: Muratalieva M.
    Number of views: 117
  • 411-419
    Methodological Approaches as Priority Directions in the Formation of General Professional Competences of Future History Teachers
    Authors: Muratalieva M.
    Number of views: 101
  • 420-430
    Google Applications in Student’s Self-learning
    Authors: Zulpukarova D.
    Number of views: 139
  • 431-436
    On the Method of Teaching Technology of Sewing Goods in Organizations of Secondary-vocational Education
    Authors: Turganbaev B., Sagymbaeva G., Zhoroev A.
    Number of views: 91
  • 437-441
    Communicative Ability of a Teacher as a Professionally Significant Phenomenon
    Authors: Bekturov T., Nazarmatova G., Imankulova S.
    Number of views: 118
  • 442-449
    Integration Teaching the Kyrgyz Language in the Kyrgyz Literature
    Authors: Khalilova T.
    Number of views: 144
  • 450-457
    Ways of Development of Integrational Teaching of the Kyrgyz Language and Kyrgyz Literature
    Authors: Khalilova T.
    Number of views: 187
  • 458-461
    Essence of Love in Orthodoxy
    Authors: Mayatskaya O., Germanova V.
    Number of views: 80
  • 462-472
    Founder of the Azerbaijani historiography school: A. Bakikhanov (on the 225th anniversary of birth)
    Authors: Ahmedova N., Abbasova O.
    Number of views: 113
  • 473-482
    Labor People’ as an Object of Ideological Influence of Neo-popular Parties of the Beginning of the XX Century
    Authors: Protasova O., Pirozhkova I.
    Number of views: 92
  • 483-487
    Analysis of Soviet Management Model of the Public Ownership of the Means of Production
    Authors: Eremin G.
    Number of views: 98
  • 488-499
    Ancient Egyptian Religion in The Mystery of the Three: Egypt and Babylon by D. S. Merezhkovsky
    Authors: Kuzina N.
    Number of views: 70
  • 500-515
    Frequent Dictionary of Terms in Study and Reconstruction of Social Relations in Ancient Egypt: on the Materials of Scientific Reports of the Center of Egyptological Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2015-2018)
    Authors: Kuzina N.
    Number of views: 102
  • 516-522
    Speech Etiquette Acts in Persian and Uzbek Languages: Polite Phrases
    Authors: Turdieva Kh.
    Number of views: 93
  • 523-530
    Lexical Contamination in French: Morphological Aspect
    Authors: Safarova U.
    Number of views: 115
  • 531-535
    Specifics of the Translation of Euphemisms in Ideological Discourse (for Example, the Vocabulary of the German Language During the Period of the Dictatorship of National Socialism)
    Authors: Moresko A.
    Number of views: 153
  • 542-546
    Lexical Generalizations in Kyrgyz and Chagatai Languages
    Authors: Akynbekova A.
    Number of views: 113

Number 11, 2019

  • 10-17
    Polymer Magnetically Separable Catalyst for Supercritical Deoxygenation of Fatty Acids
    Authors: Stepacheva A., Semenova A., Yablokova N., Kupriyanova E., Rud D.
    Number of views: 145
  • 18-25
    Supercritical Solvent Composition Influence on Bio-oil Model Compound Deoxygenation
    Authors: Stepacheva A., Guseva P., Dozhdelev A.
    Number of views: 150
  • 26-36
    Ruthenium-containing Polymer-stabilized Catalyst System for the Hydrogenation of Benzene-Toluene Mixtures
    Authors: Bykov A., Demidenko G.
    Number of views: 174
  • 37-44
    Ru-containing Catalysts for Liquid-phase Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
    Authors: Markova M., Stepacheva A., Gavrilenko A., Petukhova I.
    Number of views: 179
  • 45-49
    The Process of Catalytic Hydrocondensation of Sugars and Amines
    Authors: Mikhailov S., Sulman A., Matveeva V., Doluda V.
    Number of views: 156
  • 50-53
    Production of Zol-Gel Pasta in the Complex System ВаСl2-SrCl2-Sb2О3 Based on Lemonic Acid and Н2О at Temperature Interval 40-42 °С.
    Authors: Atambekova, A., Tashpolotov, Y., & Ysmanov, E.
    Number of views: 142
  • 54-63
    Transition of Nanoparticles Fе3O4 and Al in a Simplified Aquatic Food Chain
    Authors: Agayeva N.
    Number of views: 164
  • 64-70
    Classification of Vegetation Cover of the Absheron Peninsula Ecosystem
    Authors: Guseynova S.
    Number of views: 197
  • 71-78
    Problems of Diagnostics of Measles and Rubella in Kyrgyzstan at the Present Stage
    Authors: Chechetova S., Dzholbunova Z., Kadyrova R., Uzakbaeva A.
    Number of views: 166
  • 85-91
    Dynamics of Glaucoma Prevalence in the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Оmоrоvа G.
    Number of views: 149
  • 92-96
    The Use of Porous Nickel Titanium Implants in Anterior Spinal Fusion of the Lumbar Spine
    Authors: Sabyraliev M., Sulaimanov Zh.
    Number of views: 155
  • 97-103
    Prevalence of Degenerative Diseases of the Spine in the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Sabyraliev M., Sulaimanov Zh., Koichubekov A.
    Number of views: 178
  • 104-114
    Clinical and Epidemiological Features of the Course of Acute Bacterial Meningitis in Various Age Groups
    Authors: Beregovoi A., Dzholbunova Z., Kadyrova R.
    Number of views: 162
  • 115-119
    The Effectiveness of Treatment With β-Blockers of Hemangiomas in Children
    Authors: Alymbayev E., Uzakbayev K., Amatov D., Kozhonazarova G., Akhmedova Kh.
    Number of views: 183
  • 120-130
    Malignant Neoplasms as the Most Priority Medical and Social Issue of the Healthcare System
    Authors: Vaninov A.
    Number of views: 262
  • 131-135
    Immunogenetic Indicators as Markers of Aggressive Flow and Efficiency of Basic Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis in Children
    Authors: Saatova G., Maimerova G., Ganieva A.
    Number of views: 162
  • 136-175
    Alzheimer’s Disease and Artificial Intelligence: Long-term Personalized Rehabilitation and Medical and Social Support
    Authors: Bulgakova S., Romanchuk P., Romanchuk N., Pyatin V., Romanov D., Volobuev A.
    Number of views: 154
  • 176-196
    Neurophysiology and Neurorehabilitation of Cognitive Impairment and Disorders
    Authors: Romanchuk N., Romanchuk P.
    Number of views: 181
  • 197-204
    Creating the Main Bonitet Scale of the Gilgilchay Basin Soils
    Authors: Aliyeva G.
    Number of views: 192
  • 205-211
    Transition to Organic Agriculture is a Way to Preserve Soils Fertility
    Authors: Babayev V.
    Number of views: 231
  • 212-217
    Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers Effects on the Cabbage Nutrient Balance and Growing Efficiency
    Authors: Gajieva G.
    Number of views: 142
  • 218-223
    Reduced Transition of 137Cs in Milk of Cows With the Use of Modified Fodder Additives With Ferrocin
    Authors: Gubareva O., Isamov N.
    Number of views: 145
  • 224-229
    Determination of Selenium Content and Antagonist Elements in Milk and Milk Processed Products
    Authors: Kozlova G., Onina S., Bakhtygareeva I.
    Number of views: 157
  • 230-235
    Issues of Harmonization of Organic Agriculture and Plant Protection From Harmful Insects
    Authors: Abdullayeva S.
    Number of views: 146
  • 236-241
    Effect of Varying Intensity of Ionizing γ- and Electronic Radiation on the Microbiological Contamination and Antioxidant Activity of Cocoa Powder
    Authors: Sarukhanov A., Morozova A., Vasilyeva N., Krylenkin D.
    Number of views: 185
  • 242-248
    Research of the Tribological Properties of Composite Polymer Materials During the Breaking-in Period
    Authors: Almataev T., Almataev N., Moidinov D.
    Number of views: 169
  • 249-254
    Amendments to the Design of Cars Based on Test Results
    Authors: Kayumov B., Vokhobov R.
    Number of views: 169
  • 255-261
    Features of the Support of the Innovative Activity: Foreign Experience and Practice for Uzbekistan
    Authors: Kurpayanidi K., Mamurov D.
    Number of views: 179
  • 262-275
    Developing of Management: Choice and Implementation of New Tools
    Authors: Solieva D., Teshabaev A.
    Number of views: 178
  • 276-279
    Organizational Culture as a Factor of Organizational Innovativeness
    Authors: Erlygina E., Abramova Yu.
    Number of views: 154
  • 280-283
    Ambient Media in a Market System
    Authors: Erlygina E., Vasilyeva A.
    Number of views: 154
  • 284-289
    Development of Corporate Production in Uzbekistan
    Authors: Khidirova M.
    Number of views: 165
  • 290-298
    Features of Participation of Guardianship and Trusteeship in Problematic Aspects of the Implementation of Personal Non-property Rights of Minors
    Authors: Ablyatipova N., Podveznaya T.
    Number of views: 173
  • 299-304
    Subjects and other Participants of Tax Law Relations
    Authors: Kuramaeva N.
    Number of views: 158
  • 305-308
    Legal Regulation of the Independent Guarantee
    Authors: Komarova N.
    Number of views: 266
  • 309-316
    Personalities of the Personality of Recidivists
    Authors: Kornakov V.
    Number of views: 187
  • 321-324
    Some Aspects of the Issue of Independence of Judges
    Authors: Matveev I., Shumova K.
    Number of views: 164
  • 325-328
    On the Relationship of the Cultural Needs of the Individual With the Culture of Society
    Authors: Petrov I.
    Number of views: 170
  • 329-332
    Cultural Activities and Cultural Needs
    Authors: Petrova S.
    Number of views: 153
  • 333-342
    Rudenkin D., Obolenskaya A.
    Authors: Determinants of Opinion About Graffiti of Russian Youth: Results of Secondary Analysis of VCIOM Data
    Number of views: 137
  • 343-451
    Developing Practices of Inclusive Culture Social Services: Interdisciplinary Analysis Challenges and Perspectives
    Authors: Skliarova T., Zaitsev D.
    Number of views: 156
  • 352-359
    Psychological Readiness of Counselors to Work in a Children’s Health Camp
    Authors: Nazarova A., Ivanov D.
    Number of views: 165
  • 360-370
    The Psychological Support of the Children With the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    Authors: Akhmetova Z.
    Number of views: 172
  • 371-377
    Formation of a Model of Cooperation Between Professional Educational Structures and Business in the Preparation of Highly Qualified Personnel
    Authors: Morgunova N., Zaitseva I.
    Number of views: 129
  • 378-381
    New Technologies of Physical Education of Student Youth as an Aspect of Humanitarian Education
    Authors: Mayatskaya, O., Abrarova, Z., & Germanova, V.
    Number of views: 128
  • 382-394
    Sacrifice of God in Ancient Egypt: Myth and Ritual
    Authors: Sherkova T.
    Number of views: 163
  • 395-403
    Reception of the Manifestations of the Culture of Egypt in Russian Literature
    Authors: Kuzina N.
    Number of views: 160
  • 404-409
    Horse-breeding of the Oasis of Surkhan
    Authors: Kabulov E., Rajapova S.
    Number of views: 174
  • 410-414
    Corpus-based Study of Engineering Terms: Linguistic and Pedagogical Implications
    Authors: Nurmatova G.
    Number of views: 116
  • 415-419
    Word Formation of Educational Field Terminologies in Arabic Language: Word Compounding
    Authors: Rashidova N.
    Number of views: 192

Number 10, 2019

  • 10-19
    Evaluation of Morphological Traits and Genotypes by Multivariate Statistical Methods in Some Oak Species
    Authors: Aliyeva G., Mammadova Z., Ojagi J.
    Number of views: 79

Number 1, 2019

  • 11-17
    Application of diffraction method for determining the dimensions of structural elements in polycrystalline gadoline
    Authors: Stepanenko A.
    Number of views: 240
  • 22-32
    Structural analysis of the rhythms of development of annual shoots of almond willow
    Authors: Afonin А.
    Number of views: 232
  • 33-43
    Aeropalinological monitoring in the mountain-sea resort
    Authors: Кobzar V.
    Number of views: 293
  • 44-50
    To the methodology of the assessment stocks of medicinal plants of Tuva
    Authors: Sambuu A., Ondar M.
    Number of views: 241
  • 51-58
    Medicinal plants of Tuva and their meaning
    Authors: Sambuu A.
    Number of views: 250
  • 59-66
    Bioindication parameters Quercus pubescens Willd in natural forest phytocenosis and in areas affected by road traffic
    Authors: Mammadova R.
    Number of views: 229
  • 67-74
    To the ecology and distribution of certain species of the agamid lizards family (Sauria, Agamidae) of the Leilek district (Kyrgyz Republic, Western Tien Shan)
    Authors: Tagaeva B., Kadyrova B., Kalykberdiyeva A., Zhorobek kyzy B.
    Number of views: 244
  • 75-81
    Difficulties of diagnostics of Cerebellar Ischemic Stroke in the acute period, analysis of clinical and instrumental data
    Authors: Musabekova T., Batyrov M.
    Number of views: 234
  • 82-88
    Analysis of clinical symptoms and their correlation with functional data in patients with а Cerebellar Hemorrhagic Stroke
    Authors: Batyrov M., Musabekova T.
    Number of views: 235
  • 89-96
    Predictors of forming and clinical features of Neural Tube Defects in children of the Kyrgyz population
    Authors: Bokonbaeva S., Mambetsadykova E.
    Number of views: 222
  • 97-102
    Comparative analysis of the functional indicators the body of foreign students during muscular load in the conditions of Kyrgyzstan
    Authors: Niyazalieva A., Dzhantaeva G., Vishnevskii A.
    Number of views: 217
  • 103-110
    Pregnancy anemia as a medical and social problem
    Authors: Moiseeva K., Shevtsova K., Berezkina E., Kharbedia Sh.
    Number of views: 223
  • 111-123
    Indicators of the quality of life in children of different age after penetrating wounds of the cornea with crystalline lens damage in Kyrgyzstan
    Authors: Sulaimanova G., Bazarbaeva A.
    Number of views: 212
  • 124-131
    Analysis of the quality of life in children after penetrating wounds of the cornea with crystalline lens damage in Kyrgyzstan
    Authors: Sulaimanova G., Bazarbaeva A.
    Number of views: 236
  • 132-137
    Modern diagnostic opportunities for detecting non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
    Authors: Mosina L., Suponkina D., Kuzmin S., Akhmedova N., Kazankina E.
    Number of views: 231
  • 138-144
    Noceceptive system: features of physiological bases of functioning
    Authors: Korobkov D., Vechkanova N., Selkin V., Iseev D., Usov A.
    Number of views: 216
  • 145-150
    About risk factors of Neural Tube Defects in hereditally extended marriage
    Authors: Mambetsadykova E.
    Number of views: 266
  • 151-156
    Investigation of pollution of the soil cover of objects of Sumgait area of the Absheron peninsula with heavy metals
    Authors: Akhmedova R., Ashurova N., Babayeva T.
    Number of views: 196
  • 157-161
    Oval depressions of loess plains of Western Ciscaucasia
    Authors: Konstantinov E.
    Number of views: 229
  • 162-171
    The chemical composition of replantozem in the recovery process in the recultivated area
    Authors: Ivanova N., Malgina S., Aleksandrova A., Shayakhmetova R.
    Number of views: 233
  • 172-176
    Degradation processes in the Lankaran Lowland soils of Azerbaijan Republic
    Authors: Gasimov L.
    Number of views: 228
  • 177-181
    Diagnostic indices of the ecological condition in the chestnut (grey-brown) soils from the Great Caucasus Lyangyabiz Range
    Authors: Imanova G.
    Number of views: 233
  • 193-202
    Transport-technological system and its impact on the environment
    Authors: Fohakov A., Kobuliev Z., Khujaev P., Saidaliev A.
    Number of views: 279
  • 203-211
    Influence of significant factors on the fertility of cows, justification of measures for its optimization
    Authors: Mikhalev V., Shishkin V., Shishkina G.
    Number of views: 245
  • 212-216
    Chemical means of combating certain diseases in winter wheat
    Authors: Makarov M.
    Number of views: 220
  • 217-223
    Harmful entomofauna of pasture of Uzbekistan and control of it
    Authors: Khaytmuratov A.
    Number of views: 268
  • 224-229
    Increasing of magnetic devices lifting capacity and its efficience in shut down wells
    Authors: Kazimov M., Ramazanov F., Rahimova A.
    Number of views: 213
  • 230-236
    Analysis of methods limiting gas breakthroughs into production wells at the Fedorovskoye field
    Authors: Dagirmanova D., Ziyatdinova N.
    Number of views: 204
  • 244-248
    Effective methods improving the load-bearing ability of clay bricks and walls
    Authors: Ismailov E., Hadjiev A.
    Number of views: 261
  • 249-257
    Dynamic regression models of forecasting indicators of social and economic security
    Authors: Shvaiba D.
    Number of views: 212
  • 258-263
    Trend models for the analysis of socio-economic security
    Authors: Shvaiba D.
    Number of views: 203
  • 264-281
    Paradigm of formation of personnel motivation policy of high-tech organization
    Authors: Glushchenko V., Musatova O., Mishustin S., Pshukova K., Sychev V.
    Number of views: 222
  • 282-287
    The prosecutor’s protection of the rights of citizens by going to court
    Authors: Raskina T.
    Number of views: 238
  • 287-192
    Primary studies of light gray-brown soils of Terter district under grain crops
    Authors: Osmanova S.
    Number of views: 234
  • 288-296
    To the issue of the marriage contract in the legislation of Russia and the CIS
    Authors: Rudchik A.
    Number of views: 293
  • 297-301
    Codes of legal ethics: to the issue of perfection
    Authors: Kuptsova O., Druzhinina A.
    Number of views: 214
  • 302-307
    Identification of land legislation violations in the implementation of land supervision in the Novosibirsk region
    Authors: Sinenko V., Golik I.
    Number of views: 209
  • 308-315
    Actual problems of formation of legal policy of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of international water use
    Authors: Djumagulov А.
    Number of views: 217
  • 316-319
    Problems of the organization of international adoption in Russia at the present stage
    Authors: Schnaider V., Lopushanskaya D.
    Number of views: 218
  • 320-326
    Problems of legal regulation of activities of transnational corporations
    Authors: Yashchenko D., Moskovenko I.
    Number of views: 328
  • 327-331
    Problems and prospects of development of the BRICS country cooperation
    Authors: Kudryavtseva L., Popova P.
    Number of views: 238
  • 332-335
    Legal regulation of marriage relations with participation of a foreign element
    Authors: Kudryavtseva A., Meklenburtsev A.
    Number of views: 238
  • 336-340
    Some questions of the development of normative bases ecological security of the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Toktobaev B., Karabalaeva S.
    Number of views: 234
  • 341-346
    Universal mechanism of protection of the rights of children in private international law
    Authors: Ulybina Yu.
    Number of views: 416
  • 347-351
    Mediation in bankruptie
    Authors: Negoda, N., & Tanasienko, I.,
    Number of views: 203
  • 352-358
    The problems of crimes in the field of auto insurance in Russia
    Authors: Storozheva A., Zhzhonykh M.
    Number of views: 232
  • 359-363
    The subjects of maintenance obligations in private international law
    Authors: Kostina E., Semipyadnyi V.
    Number of views: 226
  • 364-377
    Political activity as a reason for political and social preferences of youth
    Authors: Basimov M.
    Number of views: 188
  • 378-383
    Graffiti phenomenon as a part of city culture (on the example of Smolensk city)
    Authors: Safarova K.
    Number of views: 183
  • 383-387
    Using psychosocial technologies for efficiency increase of rehabilitation
    Authors: Kopteva E., Kosenkova I.
    Number of views: 177
  • 388-392
    Essence of the educational process as a unity of material and ideal in composition of subjectivity
    Authors: Polyarush A.
    Number of views: 220
  • 393-404
    The education system and production adaptation: digitalization and management
    Authors: Gorin E., Imzalieva M.
    Number of views: 167
  • 405-412
    Features and prospects of employment of graduates of the Russian higher education institutions
    Authors: Starkova N., Voyueva Ya.
    Number of views: 216
  • 413-418
    Mass culture as a source of danger to spiritual security of the Kyrgyz people
    Authors: Kedeibaeva, J., Temirbaeva S.
    Number of views: 182

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