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Enfoque UTE

Number Vol.9-N.3, 2018

  • pp. 1 - 11
    Production of a fermented drink based on quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa)
    Authors: Roberto Maldonado Jibaja, Paola Carrillo Herrera, Lucía Ramírez Cárdenas, Francisco Carvajal Larenas
    Number of views: 701
  • pp. 93 - 105
    Reduction of the variability of a water demineralization process by ion exchange; for the production of soft drinks.
    Authors: Edgar Walter Vasquez Reino
    Number of views: 685
  • pp. 12 - 28
    Diversity and floristic composition of the Los Búhos Forest located in the province of Chimborazo, Ecuador
    Authors: Patricio Xavier Lozano Rodríguez, Aracely Armas, Martha Gualán, Miguel Guallpa
    Number of views: 620
  • pp. 29 - 41
    Forecasting of daily precipitation occurrence in an altitudinal gradient in southern Ecuador using a weather generator
    Authors: Diego Hernán Urdiales Flores, Rolando Célleri
    Number of views: 462
  • pp. 42 - 49
    Determination of the optimum speed for MIG welding of alloy 5086-H116, by hardness test, tensile test and metallographic examination for the manufacture of aluminum tankers
    Authors: José Omar Cabrera Escobar, Raúl Vinicio Cabrera Escobar
    Number of views: 522
  • pp. 67 - 79
    Use of an orthogonal arrangement for the analysis of the process of die sink electrical discharge machining with shape electrodes of graphite and copper on aluminum micro-casting)
    Authors: Cristian Fabian Pérez, Edwin Moya, Diana Coello
    Number of views: 514
  • pp. 106 - 115
    Aerodynamic design of 100 KW blades for horizontal axis wind turbines located on the “Cerro Villonaco” zone
    Authors: Alexy Fabián Vinueza Lozada, Jorge Andrés Narváez Hidalgo
    Number of views: 810
  • pp. 50 - 66
    A context ontology for a mobile recommender system of advertisements)
    Authors: Lenin Xavier Erazo Garzón, Andrés Patiño
    Number of views: 516
  • pp. 80 - 92
    Numerical analysis of the speed profiles of a water flow through a gradual reduction pipe
    Authors: LUIS FERNANDO TOAPANTA RAMOS, Gabriel Alejandro Bohórquez Peñafiel, Luis Eduardo Caiza Vivas, William Quitiaquez Sarzosa
    Number of views: 1598

Number Vol.9-N.2, 2018

  • pp. 1 - 14
    Study of the antioxidant capacity and content of polyphenols in the clarification process of Jamaica flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) wine
    Authors: Victoria Zamora Cujilema, Gabriel Alejandro Mariño Brito, Carlos Ernesto González Gallardo, María Belén Jácome Villacres, Elena Rosario Beltrán Sinchiguano
    Number of views: 642
  • pp. 15 - 26
    Effect of the addition of malted and unmalted quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa wild) in Ale type beer with barley (Hordeum vulgare) malt
    Authors: Ricardo Castañeda, Maria Jose Andrade-Cuvi, Yolanda Argüello, Maria Gabriela Vernaza
    Number of views: 601
  • pp. 27 - 35
    Repercution of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Kluyveromyces fragilis (L-4UCLV) on the bioproductive parameters of pigs
    Authors: José Efraín Miranda Yuquilema, A Marin-Cárdenas, M González-Pérez, A Valla-Cepeda, D Baño-Ayala
    Number of views: 439
  • pp. 36 - 47
    Elaboration of a pasteurized beverage from a quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) protein extract
    Authors: Andrea Estefanía Guallasamín Dávila, Jenny Marcela Ávila Vélez, María Cristina Sotomayor Grijalva
    Number of views: 1060
  • pp. 48 - 58
    Bromatological characterization and evaluation of the antimi- crobial activity of Ecuadorian banana peel (Musa paradisiaca)
    Authors: Gabriela Pilco, Dayana Borja, Lorena Goetschel, Paulette Andrade, Jorge Irazabal, Paúl Vargas-Jentzsch, José Luis Guil-Guerrero, Víctor Rueda-Ayala, Luis Alejandro Ramos
    Number of views: 626
  • pp. 59 - 69
    Processing a beverage using by-products of the dairy industry
    Authors: Maricruz Mieles Cedeño, Lucía D Yépez Tamayo, Lucia Ramírez
    Number of views: 940
  • pp. 70 - 76
    Merging Manual and Automated Egg Candling: A Safety and Social Solution
    Authors: Ramiro Sebastián Vargas Cruz, Lourdes Cecilia Ruiz Salvador, María Cristina Navas Lema
    Number of views: 431
  • pp. 77 - 88
    Clarification of used cooking oil and discoloration of red palm oil with the use of ozone, activated carbon and hydrogen peroxide
    Authors: Tania Parra, Freddy Alexander Marin Sinche, Gonzalo Jácome, Marco Sinche
    Number of views: 1520
  • pp. 198 - 207
    Effect of the application of nutritive solution for the initial growth of Polylepis racemosa at hatchery level
    Authors: Sonia Carmita Rosero Haro, José Arcos, Miguel Guallpa, Holguer Guaraca
    Number of views: 511
  • pp. 89 - 105
    Determination of cadmium and lead in water, sediment and bioindicator organisms in Estero Salado, Ecuador
    Authors: Beatriz Margarita Pernía Santos, Mariuxi Mero, Xavier Cornejo, Nelson Ramírez-Prado, Lissette Ramírez, Kenya Bravo, David López, Jorge Muñoz, Josué Zambrano
    Number of views: 752
  • pp. 106 - 116
    Evaluation of Micro-Algae Biomass in the Limoncocha Lagoon as a Raw Material for the Production of Bio-fuels
    Authors: Soledad Subía, Rodolfo Jefferson Rubio Aguiar
    Number of views: 914
  • pp. 117 - 124
    Characterization and spatio-temporal dynamics of Cylindrospermopsis raciborski in an Amazonian Lagoon, Ecuador.
    Authors: Judith Venegas, Pablo Castillejo Pons, Susana Chamorro, Ivonne Carrillo, Eduardo Lobo
    Number of views: 496
  • pp. 125 - 137
    Multitemporal Analysis of vegetation change at Chimborazo Reserve as a result of climate change
    Authors: Pamela Andrea Paula, Luis Zambrano, Paulina Paula
    Number of views: 515
  • pp. 138 - 148
    Software evaluation of the effectiveness of the seatbelt anchorages of a commercial bus seat according to regulation ECE R14
    Authors: César Hernán Arroba Arroba, Diego Fernando Núñez Núñez
    Number of views: 597
  • pp. 149 - 158
    Evaluation of gas emissions in light gasoline vehicles in height conditions. Case study Quito, Ecuador
    Authors: Edilberto Antonio Llanes Cedeño, Juan Carlos Rocha-Hoyos, Diana Belén Peralta Zurita, Julio César Leguísamo Milla
    Number of views: 790
  • pp. 159 - 174
    Design and construction of an automatic dryer for cacao a rotating type of hot air base for a capacity of 500 kg
    Authors: Javier Enrique Orna Chávez, Nelson Chuquín, Luis Saquinga, Oswaldo Cueva
    Number of views: 2882
  • pp. 208 - 222
    Modeling and Simulation of the Robot Mitsubishi RV-2JA controlled by electromyographic signals
    Authors: Félix Vladimir Bonilla Venegas, Marcelo Javier Moya, Anatoly Vitalyevich Evgeny, Anatolevich Lukyanov, Leonardo Emanuel Marín Pillajo
    Number of views: 512
  • pp. 175 - 187
    Generation of a Quality Model for Learning Objects Using the iStar Notation and the ISO/IEC 25010 Standard
    Authors: Vanessa Alexandra Solis Cabrera, Juan Pablo Carvallo, Jorge Javier Maldonado Mahuad
    Number of views: 602
  • pp. 188 - 197
    Petroleum coke as a filter controller in oil-base drilling fluid
    Authors: Rubén Dario Vega Mejía, Martín León, Patricia Lara
    Number of views: 541

Number Vol.9-N.1, 2018

  • pp. 1 - 11
    Implementation of a prototype for capture and digital processing of thermal images acquired from a UAV
    Authors: Ricardo Llugsi Cañar, Renato Escandón
    Number of views: 724
  • pp. 12 - 24
    Design of a linear microwave amplifier for X-Band carriers
    Authors: Cristhian Castro-Peñaherrera, Carlos Alberto Serra Jiménez
    Number of views: 912
  • pp. 25 - 33
    MOOCEP, a Method for Building Massive Online Courses for Elderly People: Using a MOOCEP Creation
    Authors: Priscila Cedillo, Paola Beltrán, Paúl Rodriguez-Ch, Freddy Serrano, Alexandra Bermeo
    Number of views: 491
  • pp. 34 - 42
    Application of standard web services for the automatic hydrometeorology monitoring, integrating information from diverse sensors using ontologies
    Authors: Jaime Veintimilla-Reyes, Pablo Vanegas, René Estrella
    Number of views: 433
  • pp. 43 - 52
    Mini-Spin and Mini-Spin-VR: equivalence between virtual and traditional anxiety test
    Authors: Verónica Egas-Reyes, Raúl Hinojosa-Alcocer, Diego Ordóñez-Camacho
    Number of views: 544
  • pp. 53 - 66
    Inclusive Education: Mobile Serious Games for People with Cognitive Disabilities
    Authors: Angel Jaramillo Alcázar, Sergio Luján-Mora, Luis Salvador-Ullauri
    Number of views: 768
  • pp. 67 - 78
    Influence of social networks on the analysis of sentiment applied to the political situation in Ecuador
    Authors: Estevan Gómez-Torres, Roger Jaimes, Orlando Hidalgo, Sergio Luján-Mora
    Number of views: 765
  • pp. 79 - 89
    Moving the IT Infrastructure to the Cloud
    Authors: Oswaldo Moscoso-Zea, Joel Paredes-Gualtor, Pablo Saa, Fanny Sandoval
    Number of views: 427
  • pp. 90 - 101
    Strategy for responding to computer incidents of insecurity set in Ecuadorian law
    Authors: Rodrigo Arturo Proaño Escalante, Andrés Fernando Gavilanes Molina
    Number of views: 1285
  • pp. 102 - 117
    An expert system based on data mining and linear integer programming to support the timetabling design and courses assignment in higher education
    Authors: Daniel Calle-López, Javier Cornejo-Reyes, Fernando Pesántez-Avilés, Mónica Rodas-Tobar, César Vásquez-Vásquez, Vladimir Robles-Bykbaev
    Number of views: 489
  • pp. 118 - 126
    Indoors positioning with Android, Bluetooth and RSSI)
    Authors: Edwin Cabrera-Goyes, Diego Ordóñez-Camacho
    Number of views: 645
  • pp. 127 - 137
    A Practical Model to Perform Comprehensive Cybersecurity Audits
    Authors: Regner Sabillon
    Number of views: 683
  • pp. 138 - 148
    Attacking an ERP with Open Source Software
    Authors: Catalina Astudillo, Fabián Carvajal, Juan Pablo Carvallo, Esteban Crespo-Martínez, Marcos Orellana, Rosalva Vintimilla
    Number of views: 533
  • pp. 149 - 165
    Agile Architecture Based on ISA-88 for the Design of Execution Control Chart in Distributed Applications using IEC-61499
    Authors: Fabricio Chicaiza, Carlos A. García, Esteban X. Castellanos, Carlos Sánchez, Cesar Rosero, Marcelo García
    Number of views: 2035
  • pp. 166 - 176
    Review of the state of the art of batteries in automotive applications
    Authors: Eduardo Cueva, Juan Lucero, Alex Guzmán, Juan Rocha, Luis Espinoza
    Number of views: 1015
  • pp. 177 - 187
    Reconstruction of the Electric Consumption Pattern from Big Data using MapReduce Technique
    Authors: Esteban Inga, Juan Inga, Estuardo Correa, Roberto Hincapié
    Number of views: 568
  • pp. 188 - 203
    Analysis by the finite element method of the behavior of the ABS brake pads with materials based on steel and zinc discretizing the continuous element using CAE software
    Authors: Alexy Fabian Vinueza Lozada, Nelson Ramiro Gutiérrez Suquillo
    Number of views: 813
  • pp. 204 - 216
    Linear Quadratic Regulator and Model Predictive Control Applied to a Four-Tank System: A Performance Comparison
    Authors: William Chamorro, Pablo Velarde Rueda
    Number of views: 787
  • pp. 217 - 225
    Embedded System Oriented to Babies in Crawl Phases for Accident Prevention in Applied a Smart Textile
    Authors: I. J. Chico-Morales, S. K. Narváez-Pupiales, A. C. Umaquinga-Criollo, P. D. Rosero-Montalvo
    Number of views: 512
  • pp. 226 - 235
    Design of a Smart and Compact Illumination System
    Authors: Daniel López, Daniel Mideros
    Number of views: 593

Number Vol.8-Sp.1, 2017

  • pp. 1 - 15
    MOOCs: factors that decrease desertion in students
    Authors: Marco Yamba-Yugsi, Sergio Luján-Mora
    Number of views: 700
  • pp. 16 - 30
    Canny Edge Detection in Cross-Spectral Fused Images
    Authors: Patricia Suárez, Mónica Villavicencio
    Number of views: 907
  • pp. 31 - 45
    An Approach to the Optimization of Mobile Payments for the Transport System using (NFC) through Cloud Computing
    Authors: Estevan Gómez Torres, Nelson Herrera Herrera, Magí Paúl Díaz
    Number of views: 729
  • pp. 46 - 61
    Analysis of the accessibility in websites of Ecuadorian universities of excellence
    Authors: Tania Acosta, Sergio Luján-Mora
    Number of views: 621
  • pp. 62 - 76
    Assessment of the Quality of Leadership in the Government of Technologies and Information Systems
    Authors: Vicente Merchán, Rocío Rodríguez
    Number of views: 546
  • pp. 77 - 91
    Implementation of a fuzzy relational database. Case study: academic tutoring
    Authors: Ciro Saguay, Rodrigo Proaño, Bolívar Jácome, Denisse Aguirre
    Number of views: 798
  • pp. 92 - 106
    Biomedical equipment for the control of nutrition and for the physical exercise of people with diabetes
    Authors: Aníbal Rubén Mantilla Guerra
    Number of views: 672
  • pp. 107 - 121
    ECU@Risk, a methodology for risk management applied to MSMEs
    Authors: Esteban Crespo Martínez
    Number of views: 868
  • pp. 122 - 134
    Smart public transportation at your fingertips
    Authors: Juan Pablo Rojas, Julio César Bustos, Diego Ordóñez Camacho
    Number of views: 656
  • pp. 135-147
    Development of Enterprise Architecture using a Framework with Agile Approach
    Authors: Fanny Sandoval, Víctor Galvez, Oswaldo Moscoso
    Number of views: 1874
  • pp. 148-159
    Knowledge based systems as an aid in information systems audit
    Authors: Rodrigo Arturo Proaño Escalante, Ciro Napoleón Saguay Chafla, Segundo Bolívar Jácome Canchig, Fanny Sandoval Zambrano
    Number of views: 934
  • pp. 160-171
    Information security in data exchange between mobile devices with Android system using RSA encryption
    Authors: Fernando Solís, Diego Pinto, Santiago Solís
    Number of views: 760
  • pp. 172-185
    Estimating Sample Size for Usability Testing
    Authors: Alex Cazañas, Andre de San Miguel, Esther Parra
    Number of views: 506
  • pp. 186-200
    Low-Cost Solutions Using the Infrastructure as a Service with High Availability and Virtualization Model
    Authors: Cesar Armando Moreira Zambrano, Walter Daniel Zambrano-Romero, Rene Guamán-Quinché, Wilner Geoberti Cuenca Álava
    Number of views: 692
  • pp. 201-216
    Evaluating the Graph-based Visualization Technique: A Controlled Experiment
    Authors: Germán Oswaldo Cárdenas, Jairo Aponte
    Number of views: 519
  • pp. 217-231
    Tool for the quantitative evaluation of a Facebook app-based informal training process
    Authors: Adolfo Calle-Gómez, Félix Fernández-Peña, Pilar Urrutia-Urrutia
    Number of views: 522
  • pp. 232-243
    Case based reasoning applied to medical diagnosis using multi-class classifier: A preliminary study
    Authors: D. Viveros-Melo, M. Ortega-Adarme, X. Blanco Valencia, A. E. Castro-Ospina, S. Murillo Rendón, D. H. Peluffo-Ordóñez
    Number of views: 543
  • pp. 244 - 256
    Internet of Things and Artificial Vision, Performance and Applications: Literature Review
    Authors: Vanessa Alvear-Puertas, Paul Rosero-Montalvo, Diego Peluffo-Ordóñez, José Pijal-Rojas
    Number of views: 878
  • pp. 257 - 272
    Unsupervised analysis applied to the detection cardiac arrhythmias
    Authors: Mónica Moreno-Revelo, Sandra Patascoy-Botina, Andrés Pantoja-Buchelli, Javier Revelo Fuelagán, José Rodríguez-Sotelo, Santiago Murillo-Rendón, Diego Peluffo-Ordoñez
    Number of views: 613
  • pp. 273 - 286
    Analysis of free SSL/TLS Certificates and their implementation as Security Mechanism in Application Servers.
    Authors: Mario E. Cueva Hurtado, Diego Javier Alvarado Sarango
    Number of views: 930
  • pp. 287 - 299
    Vertical Integration in factories using OPC-UA and IEC-61499
    Authors: Marcelo V. García, Edurne Irisarri, Federico Pérez
    Number of views: 663
  • pp. 300 - 314
    Design and implementation of a Smart Measurement System for AMI in the microgrid of the University of Nariño
    Authors: Andrés F. Arciniegas M., David E. Imbajoa R., Javier Revelo F.
    Number of views: 1267
  • pp. 315 - 328
    Suggested Methodologies for Evaluation and Selection of Enterprise Architecture Software for Knowledge Digitization
    Authors: Oswaldo Moscoso-Zea, Sergio Lujan-Mora
    Number of views: 1023
  • pp. 329 - 343
    Monitoring System of Environmental Variables Using a Wireless Sensor Network and Platforms of Internet of Things
    Authors: Manuel Quiñones-Cuenca, Víctor González-Jaramillo, Rommel Torres, Miguel Jumbo
    Number of views: 1061
  • pp. 344 - 357
    Strategies for Mobile Web Design
    Authors: Alex Cazañas, Esther Parra
    Number of views: 539
  • pp. 358 - 373
    VALE-Emotions: Teaching mobile application for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Authors: Diana Olmedo-Vizueta, Jorge Hernandez-Ambato, Diego Ávila-Pesantez, Eleonora Bilotta, Pietro Pantano
    Number of views: 504
  • pp. 374 - 383
    Websockets Shared Virtual Whiteboard; an alternative for remote collaborative work
    Authors: Xavier Sotomayor, Diego Ordóñez Camacho
    Number of views: 667

Number Vol.8-N.5, 2017

  • pp. 1 - 13
    Use of distributed ledger technology by central banks: A review
    Authors: César del Río
    Number of views: 644
  • pp. 14 - 25
    An Hybrid Genetic Algorithm to Optimization of Flow Shop Scheduling Problems under Real Environments Constraints
    Authors: Rodolfo Najarro, Ringo López, Ruth Elizabeth Racines, Amilkar Puris
    Number of views: 405
  • pp. 26 - 36
    Risk assessment and modeling of technical solutions for filtrations earth dams
    Authors: Michael Álvarez González, Lamberto Álvarez Gil, Romel Vázquez Rodríguez
    Number of views: 660
  • pp. 37 - 45
    Influence of the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum as a growth promoter in the stage of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
    Authors: Diego López, Iván Naranjo, Olga Pérez, Vinicio Uday
    Number of views: 532
  • pp. 46 - 52
    The visual effect and the necessity of determinating the superficial whitening method of the macadamia’s nut
    Authors: María José Jijón, Teresa Guerrero Villegas, Adriana Barahona, Pablo Aguilar Barriga
    Number of views: 526
  • pp. 53 - 66
    Use of sodium bentonite as a pretreatment to the tangential microfiltration of Castilla’s blackberry wine Rubus glaucus Benth
    Authors: Gabriel Mariño, Manuel Coronel, Carlos González, Elena Beltrán
    Number of views: 586
  • pp. 67 - 75
    Physical, chemical and microbiological evaluation of cassava silage with cowpea and microbial culture
    Authors: JE Miranda-Yuquilema, A Marín-Cárdenas, M González-Pérez, D Sánchez-Macías
    Number of views: 499
  • pp. 76 - 88
    Study of the compliance of the INEN 2205 standard in the seats of urban public transport bus
    Authors: Vinicio Reyes, Carlos Rosales, Alex Guzmán, Sebastián Reyes
    Number of views: 858
  • pp. 89 - 102
    Design and implementation of an automatically controlled plastic bottles cutting recycling machine
    Authors: Luis Hidalgo Aguilera, Jimmy Imbaquingo, Daniel Mideros
    Number of views: 3146
  • pp. 103 - 109
    Potential native trees and shrubs for reforestation in the Central Sierra of Ecuador
    Authors: Jorge Caranqui Aldaz
    Number of views: 419

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