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Buletin Penelitian Sistem Kesehatan

Number 4, 2014

  • 327–336
    A Case Study on the Implementation of Local Health Insurance Benefit Packages
    Authors: Supriyantoro, Harimat Hendarwan, Youth Savithri
    Number of views: 475
  • 337–344
    Regulation of Legislation in Utilization of Foreign Health Workers (FHW) in Indonesia
    Authors: Tri Juni Angkasawati and Turniani Laksmiarti
    Number of views: 428
  • 345–352
    The Frequency of Sexual Intercourse without Condom with Female Sex Workers [FSW] is not Related to the Level of Sexual Satisfaction of the Husband, But Related to the Risk of Sexually Transmitted Infections [STIS]
    Authors: Ainun Sajidah, Wimpie I. Pangkahila, J. Alex Pangkahila
    Number of views: 454
  • 353–362
    People’s Health Service Preference at the State Borders [A Policy Analysis]
    Authors: Turniani Laksmiarti, Made Asri Budisuari, Irfan Ardani
    Number of views: 385
  • 363–370
    Community Knowledge and Attitude on Malaria in Outbreak Area Rowokele Subdistrict, Kebumen Regency: an Ethnoscience Perspective
    Authors: Anggi Septia Irawan , Aryani Pujiyanti , Wiwik Trapsilowati
    Number of views: 430
  • 371–378
    Risk Factor and Comorbidity of Migraine
    Authors: Woro Riyadina and Yuda Turana
    Number of views: 460
  • 379–384
    The Molontalo Ceremony in Delivering Health Messages for Pregnant Women in Sub - District Anggrek North Gorontalo District
    Authors: Roy G.A. Massie , Indra Domili, Joy Rattu
    Number of views: 388
  • 385–393
    Coronary Heart Disease [CHD] with Obesity in Kebon Kalapa Village, Bogor [Baseline Cohort Study of Non-communicable Diseases Risk Factors]
    Authors: Rustika and Ratih Oemiati
    Number of views: 497
  • 395–405
    A Policy Review on The Distribution of Health Operational Aid Funds in Achieving Maternal and Child Health Program (MDGs 4, 5) in Three Districts/Cities of East Java Province
    Authors: Niniek Lely Pratiwi, Agus Suprapto, Agung D Laksono, Betty R , Rukmini, Gurendro , Ristrini , Wahyu D Astuti, Oktarina, Mugeni S
    Number of views: 388
  • 407–414
    Nutritional and Immunization Status as Determinant of Pneumonia Incident in Children Under Five in East Nusa Tenggara Province
    Authors: Majematang Mading and Ni Wayan Dewi Adyana
    Number of views: 408
  • 415–424
    Social Insurance for Delivery (Jampersal) Policy in Indonesia: Culture-Based Approach for Improving Delivery by Health Workers in Rural Areas
    Authors: Riswati , Ni Ketut Aryastami, Meda Permana , Ratna Widyasari , Qomariah Alwi
    Number of views: 417
  • 425–432
    Tobacco Consumption by Health Insurance Participants: BPJS Risk? [Riskesdas 2013 Data Sources]
    Authors: Yuslely Usman and Wahyu Pudji Nugrahaeni
    Number of views: 352

Number 3, 2014

  • 215-225
    Effort to Enhance Early Detection for Vulnerable Pregnancy by Midwives Through Complete Fulfillment of Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Book in Bangkalan East Java Year 2013
    Authors: Ristrini and Oktarina
    Number of views: 426
  • 227-231
    The Effect of Health Counseling on HIV/AIDS on The Knowledge Level of Students at SMA Negeri 1 Selupu Rejang in 2013
    Authors: Derison Marsinova Bakara, Farida Esmianti and Chyntamie Wulandari
    Number of views: 428
  • 233-239
    Follow-up of Impaired Glucose Tolerance Basic Health Survey 2007 in Jakarta in 2009
    Authors: Laurentia Mihardja, Delima, Qomariah Alwi, Lannywati Ghani, Olwin Nainggolan and Raflizar
    Number of views: 552
  • 241-248
    Giving Iron Tablets by Health Worker and Pregnant Compliance in Consuming More Than 90 Tablets, in The Slum Urban, in The West Java Province and Yogyakarta
    Authors: Tumaji
    Number of views: 406
  • 249-256
    Maternal and Child Health Determinants in West Manggarai District East Nusa Tenggara Province
    Authors: Ruben Wadu Willa and Majematang Mading
    Number of views: 505
  • 257-266
    Accelaration of Jamkesda (Regional Health Security) Participation and Jamkesda Member Visit based on Age Group Phenomenon in Nganjuk Regency PHC, Year 2012
    Authors: Mugeni Sugiharto and Oktarina
    Number of views: 373
  • 267-274
    Eligibility Comparison of Beach Tourism and Non-Beach Tourism Health Centers in Bali Province (Secundery Analysis of Rifaskes 2011)
    Authors: Suharmiati, Lestari Handayani and Herti Maryani
    Number of views: 390
  • 275-284
    Study on Policy Implementation of Alternative Complementary Medicine and the Impact of Licensing of Health Workers Practice Acupuncture
    Authors: Erry, Andi Leny Susyanty, Raharni and Rini Sasanti H
    Number of views: 495
  • 285-296
    Human Resources and Vaccine Management at Provincial Health Office, District/City Health Office and Primary Health Centre
    Authors: Andi Leny Susyanty, Sudibyo Supardi, Max Joseph Herman and Heny Lestary
    Number of views: 426
  • 297-307
    Trends of Maternal Health Services Implementation in Indonesia (Data Analysis Susenas 2001, 2004 and 2007)
    Authors: Ika Dharmayanti, Yudi Kristanto, Dwi Hapsari and N.A. Ma’ruf
    Number of views: 443
  • 309-318
    The Availability and Eligibility of Drug Warehouse at Health Centre Based on Geography and Topography in Indonesia (Rifaskes Data 2011)
    Authors: Rukmini and Zainul Nantabah
    Number of views: 467
  • 319-325
    Pulmonary Tuberculosis among Primary Health Center Workers in 6 Districts in Indonesia
    Authors: Lusianawaty Tana and Lannywati Ghani
    Number of views: 422

Number 2, 2014

  • 107-114
    The Influence of Drinking Water Access on the Occurrence of Water-borne Diseases (Diarrhea and Typhoid)
    Authors: khadijah azhar , ika dharmayanti and athena anwar
    Number of views: 406
  • 115-123
    Qualitative Study of correspondence between Patient Perception of Service Advertisement and Service Provided from Traditional Health Facilities
    Authors: Lusi Kristiana, Rozana Ika Agustiya, Sri Handayani, Yunita Fitrianti, Tri Juni Angkasawati
    Number of views: 409
  • 125-134
    Logistic Management of Antiretrovirals in Indonesia
    Authors: Yuyun Yuniar, M. Syaripuddin and Bryan Mario Isakh
    Number of views: 382
  • 135-142
    related Factors of complete basic Immunization on children and Vaccine Management at Primary Health care and Health Post in X Subdistrict Depok city
    Authors: Tri Afriani, Retnosari Andrajati and Sudibyo Supardi
    Number of views: 418
  • 143-150
    A Media Promotion through “Ayo Nyang Posyandu” Memengan Dance in banyuwangi, East Java
    Authors: Oktarina, Lulut Sasmito and Sri Rahayu
    Number of views: 474
  • 151-156
    community Participation for culturing Local Strain of bacillus Thuringiensis H-14 in coconut Medium to controlanopheles Sundaicus Larvae at kampung Laut, cilacap regency
    Authors: Wiwik Trapsilowati, Blondine Ch P and Aryani Pujiyanti
    Number of views: 524
  • 157-166
    Stigma and Management on People with Severe Mental Disorders with “Pasung” (Physical restraint)
    Authors: Weny Lestari and Yurika Fauzia Wardhani
    Number of views: 475
  • 167-176
    Effect of Health Promotion to community knowledge, Attitude and behavior of Filariasis
    Authors: Santoso, Yulian Taviv, Yahya and Rika Mayasari
    Number of views: 438
  • 177-184
    Urban Poor community Access to reproductive Health care in Surabaya. An Equity Analysis Using Spider Web
    Authors: Ernawaty and Nuzulul Kusuma Putri
    Number of views: 408
  • 185-192
    The Policy of Helminthiasis control and Public knowledge Againts Helminthiasis in banjar regency South kalimantan Province
    Authors: Juhairiyah and Annida
    Number of views: 471
  • 193-202
    related Factors of chronic Energy Deficiency at Pregnant Woman in kamoning and Tambelangan Sub District, Sampang District, West Java
    Authors: Vita Kartika Mahirawati
    Number of views: 513
  • 203-213
    Analysis of referal Delivery System of Jamkesmas and Jampersal Members coordinated by Surabaya Municipality Health Office
    Authors: Rukmini, Wahyu Dwi Astuti and Ristrini
    Number of views: 431

Number 1, 2014

  • 1 - 7
    Evaluation of Pregnant Women, Infant, Underfive Children Surveillance System at PHC Unit I, PHC Moyo Hulu and Health District Office of Sumbawa
    Authors: Muhammad Kazwaini and Wahyu Pudji Nugraheni
    Number of views: 362
  • 9-15
    Correlation between Family Social Economy Status and Exclusive Breastfeeding in Tanah Kali Kedinding Public Health Centre, Surabaya
    Authors: Suci Wulansari and Moch. Setyo Pramono
    Number of views: 356
  • 17-26
    Environmental Health Program Implementation at Public Health Center (PHC) in Tuban District) – East Java Proviace (Analysis Data of National Health Facilities Research 2011)
    Authors: Mugeni Sugiharto and Oktarina
    Number of views: 579
  • 27-33
    Potential Drug Cost Saving at Five Government Hospitals in DKI Jakarta
    Authors: Muhamad Syaripuddin ,Andi Leny Susyanty and Ida Diana Sari
    Number of views: 367
  • 35-44
    Analysis of Filariasis Through Zero Inflatedpoisson (ZIP) Regression Approach
    Authors: Mochamad Setyo Pramono , Herti Maryani and Sri Pingit Wulandari
    Number of views: 438
  • 45-53
    Health Seeking Behavior and Family Planning Services Accessibility in Indonesia
    Authors: Niniek Lely Pratiwi and Hari Basuki
    Number of views: 431
  • 55-62
    iscontinuation of Contraceptives in Indonesia, Secondary Analysis Data of Basic Health Resesarch 2010
    Authors: Lely Indrawati
    Number of views: 427
  • 63-69
    Gender Disparity Phenomena in Riskesdas 2007
    Authors: Siti Isfandari, Lamria Pangaribuan and Dina Bisara Lolong
    Number of views: 402
  • 71-79
    Recommendations to Improve the Implementation Compliance of Surgical Safety Checklist in Surgery Rooms
    Authors: Juliana Sandrawati, Stefanus Supriyanto and Thinni Nurul R
    Number of views: 424
  • 81-87
    The Experience Of Icd Utilization On Verbal Autopsy Data To Obtain Trend Of Cause Of Death In Indonesian Population (1992–2007)
    Authors: Sarimawar Djaja
    Number of views: 343
  • 89-95
    Correlation between Education Level, Knowledge of Environmental Health, Healthy Behavior with Health Status (Correlation Study on People Aged 10–24 in Jakarta Pusat)
    Authors: Julianty Pradono and Ning Sulistyowati
    Number of views: 497
  • 97-106
    Potential Analysis of Promoting the Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Prevention Through Youtube
    Authors: Mara Ipa and Agung Dwi Laksono
    Number of views: 363

Number 3, 2013

  • 227–235
    The Meaning of Antiretroviral for People Living with HIV–AIDS in Bandung, Cimahi, Denpasar, and Badung Districts
    Authors: Rini Sasanti Handayani, Yuyun Yuniar and Ully Adhie Mulyani
    Number of views: 427
  • 237–247
    Health Services at Remote Islands Area in Sumenep District
    Authors: Herti Maryani and Suharmiati
    Number of views: 383
  • 249–258
    Review of Law No. 36 year 2009 concerning the Regulation of Health and other Legislation Related to Reproductive Health Rights and Family Planning
    Authors: Suharmiati, Lestari Handayani and Tilly AA Hutapea Rampen
    Number of views: 508
  • 259–267
    Behavior Tobacco Consumption of Junior High School Student Aged 13–15 Years in Sumatra and Java (Analysis of Indonesia - Gyts 2009)
    Authors: Tati Suryati and Ingan Ukur Tarigan
    Number of views: 349
  • 269–274
    Analysis of Adulterated Jamu Pegal Linu Obtained from the Market in Jakarta
    Authors: Retno Gitawati
    Number of views: 353
  • 275–281
    Empowering of Perarem to Decreace Pre Marital and Early Married at The Pengotan Village, Bangli District, Bali Province
    Authors: I Ginting Suka , A.A.G. Muninjaya , Ni Made Wiasti , A.A.S. Kartika Dewi and K. Aryastami
    Number of views: 309
  • 283-295
    Authors: Dewi Lestari, Rachmat Hargono, and Rika Subarniati
    Number of views: 274
  • 297-304
    Health Care Emergency Response System in Ciamis Regency
    Authors: Lusi Kristiana and Ristrini
    Number of views: 308
  • 305-312
    Evaluation Study of Policy Implementation on Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever Prevention in Pati Regency
    Authors: Wiwik Trapsilowati and Widiarti
    Number of views: 296
  • 313-320
    Pesantren and Adolescent Reproductive Health Education Effort
    Authors: Setia Pranata, Made Asri Budisuari, Zainul Hamdi, and Khoirul Faizin
    Number of views: 250
  • 321-329
    Policy Analysis: Health Financing in Aru Island
    Authors: Turniani Laksmiarti and Wahyu Pudji Nugraheni
    Number of views: 247
  • 331-339
    The Determinan of Diabetes Melitus (Baseline Data Analysis of Kohort Studies of Non-Communicable Diseases Bogor 2011)
    Authors: Olwin Nainggolan, A Yudi Kristanto, and Hendrik Edison
    Number of views: 305

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