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Modeling of Artificial Intelligence

Number 2 (6), 2015

  • 52-58
    Algorithm of Fordiasimpt's Method on an Independent Symptom
    Authors: V.V. Goltyapin
    Number of views: 397
  • 59-66
    Statement of the Problem of Mathematical Modeling of Electric Rolling Motion Along the Lines of the DC Metro
    Authors: Veronika O. Ilyanenko, Dmitriy V. Kolbasinskiy
    Number of views: 442
  • 67-74
    On a Model of Elastic Clamped Support of Plate-Strip
    Authors: Razmik M. Kirakosyan, Seyran P. Stepanyan
    Number of views: 399
  • 82-89
    Constructing Domain model for Scientific Activity Management System
    Authors: Aleksei A. Korobko, Anna V. Korobko
    Number of views: 419
  • 90-97
    Unification of Private Indicators of Public Health
    Authors: Irina L. Makarova
    Number of views: 410
  • 98-136
    Three Views on Current Data of Neuroscience for the Purposes of Intelligent Robotics
    Authors: Dmitry A. Rogatkin, Dmitry A. Kulikov, Aleksandra L. Ivlieva
    Number of views: 420
  • 137-149
    Effects of Technical Market Indicators on Stock Market Index Direction Forecasting
    Authors: Günter Şenyurt, Abdülhamit Subaşı
    Number of views: 425
  • 150-170
    About Observer, his World, Phenomena at Him and Modeling (Nonconventional Look)
    Authors: G.N. Vershinina, E.L. Solovkin
    Number of views: 410
  • 171-182
    Data-Mining Techniques to Classify Microarray Gene Expression Data Using Gene Selection by SVD and Information Gain
    Authors: Halit Vural, Abdülhamit Subaşı
    Number of views: 436

Number 1 (5), 2015

  • 24-32
    Volume and Circumboundary Phase Distortion of Coherent Radiation on the Second Harmonic Frequency
    Authors: Victor I. Samarin
    Number of views: 456
  • 42-48
    Visual Representation of Energy Flux Density for Mobile System Aerial in MATHCAD
    Authors: Marina Yu. Zvezdina, Yuliya A. Shokova, Andrei V. Shokov, Sergei N. Gorbunov
    Number of views: 447

Number 4 (4), 2014

  • 152-158
    Mathematical Modeling of Nonlinear Dynamics of Single-Phase Power Factor Correction
    Authors: Aleksey I. Andriyanov, Igor Yu. Butarev
    Number of views: 430
  • 159-164
    The Optimization Problem of the Time and Level of the Security Upgrades
    Authors: Nikolay A. Baranov
    Number of views: 441
  • 165-175
    Fuzzy Sets Model of Demographic Health of the Population
    Authors: Irina L. Makarova
    Number of views: 439
  • 176-183
    Criterion of Informational Content of an Integrated Indicator of Public Health
    Authors: Irina L. Makarova, Elena I. Ulitina
    Number of views: 459
  • 184-188
    Modern Trends in the Study of Single-Channel Parametric Models of Queuing
    Authors: Arsen R. Simonyan, Rafik A. Simonyan
    Number of views: 424

Number 3 (3), 2014

  • 88-91
    Economical Habits in the Use of Energy Resources
    Authors: Farida N. Khusnutdinova, Mikhail V. Tsapenko
    Number of views: 434
  • 92-97
    Three-Dimensional Modeling of Printed Board Assembly on the Basis CAD DipTrace
    Authors: Victor V. Kovalenko, Vladimir V. Kovalenko, Leonid M. Kanaev, Natalja Y. Kulavina, Galina A. Shashkina
    Number of views: 428
  • 98-120
    Visualization of Cellular Automata in Nanotechnology
    Authors: Gennady Ya. Krasnikov, Igor V. Matyushkin, Sergey V. Korobov
    Number of views: 472
  • 121-125
    Virtual Reality: Peculiarities and Opportunities
    Authors: Tamara L. Salova
    Number of views: 447
  • 126-132
    Composite Principal-Dual Simplex Method for Linear Programming Solving
    Authors: Victor I. Samarin
    Number of views: 447
  • 133-137
    System and Conceptual Approach in Public Relations
    Authors: Alisa S. Simavoryan, Simon Zh. Simavoryan
    Number of views: 445
  • 138-146
    Conclusions of Intellectual Systems
    Authors: Victor Ya. Tsvetkov
    Number of views: 401

Number 2 (2), 2014

  • 48-58
    Arbitration Management with Using Artificial Intelligence Technology (the sample: Goal-line Technology in Football)
    Authors: Zahra Ahmadi. Niloufar Sobhani
    Number of views: 568
  • 59-65
    Application of Copula Concept to the Analysis of Dependence Between the Components of Random Error in the Stochastic Frontier Model
    Authors: Sergei A. Aivasian, Mikhail Y. Afanasiev, Victoria A. Rudenko
    Number of views: 443
  • 72-76
    Distribution of Cross-Sections of Convex Bodies
    Authors: Victor K. Ohanyan
    Number of views: 473

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