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Herald of Almaty State Institute of Advanced Medical Education

Number 1 , 2017

  • 6-13
    Efficiency of non-drug treatment at a paroxysmalform of fibrillation of auricles
    Authors: Trusheva K.S., Toktarbayeva A.A., Baybolova M.K., Aytkulov M.S.
    Number of views: 393
  • 14-21
    Comparative studying of incidence of dermatophytosisof atypical (inguinal) localization on neighboring countries and the former Union (review)
    Authors: Nussipov E.E.
    Number of views: 373
  • 22-28
    Features of a course ofessentialar terial hypertension at persons of advanced and senile age (review)
    Authors: Satubaldyeva A.D., Bazagazukuzu G., Nasurbekova D.K.
    Number of views: 381
  • 29-32
    Authors: Tursunov К. Т., Orazakieva Т. Т.
    Number of views: 418
  • 33-37
    Characteristics of ultrasound diagnostics of chronic prostatitis
    Authors: Shakirov S.S., Mambetov Zh. S., Kolesnishenko I. V.
    Number of views: 396
  • 38-46
    Persistent potential of the clinical isolates as result of microbial evolution.
    Authors: Baymuratova M.A., Tyessova-Berdalina R.A., Chuakova M.M.
    Number of views: 419
  • 47-52
    Studying of a specific variety and role of mushrooms Candida spp. in structure of the microbial landscape mucous vaginas of women
    Authors: Baymuratova M.A., Tyessova-Berdalina R.A., Abdusalamova Z.S., Zhakanova G.A., Ibraimova A.A.
    Number of views: 360
  • 53-57
    Monitoring of pathological changes in the prostate gland in chronic prostate in combination with anorectal pathology
    Authors: Shakirov S.S., Mambetov J.S., Kolesnichenko I.V.
    Number of views: 388
  • 58-65
    Endometrial of the histological diagnosis at fluid hysteroscopy suggest the existence of endometrial hyperplasia
    Authors: Kusainova F.A., Zhusupova N.S., Nurumbetova Zh.Zh., Alyeva Zh.S., Davletbayeva A.P.
    Number of views: 569
  • 66-71
    Providing dental care for children with persistent infection
    Authors: Atezhanov D.O., Supiyev Т.К., Nabiev H.E.
    Number of views: 371
  • 72-76
    Authors: Tulebaeva A, Mullen A., Sharipova M.
    Number of views: 433
  • 77-82
    Morphofunctional status of hepatik veins in the conditions of pulmonary hypertensia
    Authors: Tashkenbayeva K.B.
    Number of views: 360
  • 86-95
    Socio-psychological aspects of physician
    Authors: Kalel Zh.S., Arungazina A.M., Meshanov G.T
    Number of views: 369
  • 96-99
    The innovational methods of internship training,as a tool of forming competences
    Authors: Smailova F.K., Berdygul M., Tashaev AA., Bekbatyrov S., Egemberdy A., Kaltai N., Sultan A., Tanashkyzy A.
    Number of views: 368
  • 100-104
    Increase in efficiency of training of specialists of health care of the Republic of Kazakhstan in residency
    Authors: Ormanbetova N.B.
    Number of views: 374

Number 4, 2016

  • 6-20
    Prevalence and etiology dermatophytosis atypical localizations (review)
    Authors: Nussipov E.E., Askarova G.K.
    Number of views: 395
  • 21-27
    Artroplastika of coxofemoral and knee joints in the international databases (review)
    Authors: Eshnazarov K.E., Park Jin Oh, Yulda A.G.
    Number of views: 467
  • 28-31
    Asymmetry of a body of the person, external manifestations and interrelation with diseases of musculoskeletal system
    Authors: Abdurazakov U.A., Abdurazakov A.U., Yuldashev A.Zh.
    Number of views: 488
  • 32-38
    Complications of the next period of reconstructive plastic surgeries on the mitralny valve with use of the ring of Karpantye (saint jude medical seguin)
    Authors: Abzaliev K.B., Tuleutaev R.M., Omgarbaev K., Saydalin D.
    Number of views: 531
  • 39-42
    Hemodynamic parameters in children after endovascular and surgical correction of interatrial septal defects
    Authors: Abzaliev K.B., Baimbetov A.K., Abzalieva S.A., Amit Soni
    Number of views: 495
  • 43-49
    Microbiocoenosis of the respiratory path at chronic diseases of respiratory system
    Authors: Baymuratova G.A., Tyessova-Berdalina R.A.
    Number of views: 463
  • 50-54
    Results and causes postoperative complications Bentall-de Bono
    Authors: Bozshagulov T.T., Tuleutaev R.M., Urazbekov D.O., Sydykov E.N.
    Number of views: 477
  • 55-58
    Results of treatment of intussusceptions in children
    Authors: Umeshov A.U., Kusainov A.Z., Kuatbekov D.Zh.
    Number of views: 420
  • 59-65
    Incidence of urogenital candidiasis at women of the city of Almaty
    Authors: Baymuratova M.A., Tyessova-Berdalina R.A., Abdusalamova Z.S., Zhakanova G.A., Ibraimova A.A.
    Number of views: 416
  • 66-70
    Dental health level of children with somatic pathology
    Authors: Atezhanov D.O.
    Number of views: 373
  • 71-74
    The efficiency of the methods and modifications of ultrafiltration in cardiopulmonary bypass
    Authors: Baizhigitov N.B., Nurzhanova G.A., Edenbayeva S.S.
    Number of views: 392
  • 75-79
    Laboratory diagnosis confirmed the results of missed abortion
    Authors: Kusainova F.A., Nurumbetova Zh.Zh., Baymuhanbetova Zh.N., Aliyeva Zh.S.
    Number of views: 483
  • 80-83
    А false form anteroclusion dentition
    Authors: Isabayev D.K., Temirbayev M.A., Samenov Zh.K., Isabayev A.D., Bukenbayev N.Zh.
    Number of views: 531
  • 84-86
    Hi-tech techniques of radiotherapy in treatment of esophageal cancer
    Authors: Mukasheva G.M., Azizov Y.Zh., Tleugabulova G.A., Kim V.B.
    Number of views: 410
  • 87-91
    Working methods with texts on classes in the professional oriented foreign language for health workers
    Authors: Mirmanova G.K.
    Number of views: 411

Number 3, 2016

  • 6-13
    Surgical treatment of medicinal and steady tuberculosis (review)
    Authors: Zetov A.Sh., Erimbetov K.D.
    Number of views: 427
  • 14-18
    Sonographic criteria tuberculous pleurisy by ultrasound in modern epidemiologicalconditions of the Kyrgyz republic
    Authors: Moidimova N.K., Turdumambetova G.K.
    Number of views: 399
  • 19-24
    Compliance analysis at patients with multivascular damage of coronary arteries in the Central clinical hospital city Almaty
    Authors: Benberin V.V., Tnabayeva G.Z., Aimahanova G.T., Smailova F.K., Nurgaiieva G.K., Ahmentayeva D.A.
    Number of views: 430
  • 25-28
    The method of surgical treatment of shoulder anterior
    Authors: Abdurazakov U.A., Abdurazakov A.U.
    Number of views: 415
  • 29-32
    Neutrophil extracellular* traps in the blood of patients with chronic kidney disease of various stages
    Authors: Beinikova I.V., Nurgaliyeva A.S., Demidchik L.A., Hendrikson V.
    Number of views: 442
  • 33-36
    Correlation between hysteros-copic picture of chronic endometritis and morphological findings
    Authors: Zholdasov P.A., Baymukhanbetova Zh.N., Nurumbetova Zh.Zh.
    Number of views: 455
  • 37-41
    Influence of enterosorbentson metabolismofl-arginineand processes oflipid peroxidation in rats'' blood under chronic combined intoxication by sodium nitrateandfluoride
    Authors: Akimov O.Ye., Kovalyova I.A., Kostenko V.A.
    Number of views: 421
  • 46-50
    The comparative characteristic of wound process during in the period of deadaptation to highlands
    Authors: Nijuzov B.S., Dinlosan O.P., Nijazova S.B., Eraaliev B.A., Aitimov G.I., Sabitov A.
    Number of views: 439
  • 51-57
    The clinical history of women with HELLP syndrome
    Authors: Sarmuldayeva Sh.K., Rozahimova G., Djexembekov A., Yerbulatova S.T., Umarova A.D., Lisenkov
    Number of views: 435
  • 58-66
    Regularities of dynamics of incidence of adult population in the territories adjacent to the area of emergency falling of the intercontinental rs-20 ballistic missile in 2006
    Authors: Pozdnyakova A.P., Ashirbekov G.K., Adilgireyula Z., Kabdulin S.S.
    Number of views: 412
  • 67-71
    Theoretical and experimental composition was developed and ointments technology conforming to the Pharmacopeia Republicof Kazakhstan.
    Authors: Turgumbayeva A.A., Ustenova G.O., Rakhimov K.D., Beltenova A.G., Esetova K.U., Samara A.
    Number of views: 600
  • 72-78
    Diagnostics of renal allograft dysfunction: our experience in application of banff-07 classification
    Authors: Yenin Ye.A., Khilko A.V.
    Number of views: 452
  • 79-83
    Modern definitions of sepsis
    Authors: Myzdoubaeva B.T.
    Number of views: 487

Number 2, 2016

  • 6-12
    Management of otitis media with effusion in different countries
    Authors: Zhumabayev R.Zh.
    Number of views: 465
  • 13-15
    Studying the implant influence for intraosseusosteosyntesis of the clavicle diaphyseal fractures to the surrounding tissue (experimental study)
    Authors: Abdurazakov U.A.1, Abdurazakov A.U.1, Tazhiev Zh. A.1
    Number of views: 386
  • 16-19
    The impact of local hypotensive drugs on the progress (development) refractory
    Authors: Nurlanbaeva A.E., Otman H.M., Toktabekova G.E., Smailov G.A.
    Number of views: 416
  • 20-24
    Clinical case of the subacute sclerosingpanencephalitis of Van-Bogart
    Authors: Karzhaubaeva M.A.1, Isabekova A.A.1
    Number of views: 626
  • 25-28
    Rare clinical case of Edwards syndrome
    Authors: Lepessova M.M., Otegenova D.T., Kurmantay A.M.
    Number of views: 489
  • 29-32
    The usage of intravenous immunoglobulins (pentaglobin) in infections dieases
    Authors: Kuttykuzhanova G.G., Tanyrbergenova A.G.
    Number of views: 408
  • 33-37
    Application of Tonzillor-MM for treatment of the adenoid disease at children''s age
    Authors: Shaimerdinov O.B.
    Number of views: 392
  • 38-43
    Efficiency and safety use of tranexamic acid in prevention of bleeding on cesarean section
    Authors: Sarmuldaeva Sh.K., Nugmanova J.M., Imangalieva N.M., Abdikarimova R.B., Lejebokova E.A.
    Number of views: 374
  • 44-47
    The role of imbalance of vegetative nervous system in developing and progressing of chronic kidneys disease in cardiological patients with metabolic syndrome signs
    Authors: Dussekeyeva G.M., Kozhakanova N.T., Isakhanova A.B., Bimagambetova G.S.
    Number of views: 414
  • 48-54
    Optimization of medical examination of the children''s population on vaccination with use of informational echnologies
    Authors: Tesova-Berdalina R.A., Myrzagulova Zh. U., Baymuratova M.A.
    Number of views: 390
  • 55-59
    Analysis of a pre-hospital stage convulsive syndrome at children (on the example of substation No. 2 of ambulance of Almaty)
    Authors: Lepessova M.M., Tankayeva Sh.A.
    Number of views: 411
  • 60-64
    Quality of life of the residents of the karmakshinsky area adjacent to the area of failure of the proton-m launch vehicle of 2013
    Authors: Pozdnyakova A.P., Ashirbekov G.K., Adilgireyuly Z., Kabdulina S.S.
    Number of views: 419
  • 65-70
    Generic findings and perspectives of research activity in a medical university of Kazakhstan
    Authors: Iskakova S.A., Beltenova A.G., Tokbalanova L.T., Andirzhanova G.B.
    Number of views: 413
  • 71-76
    Diagnostics and expeditious endoscopic treatment gastrointestinal tract bleedings
    Authors: Erkinylu A.
    Number of views: 413
  • 77-81
    Adaptation capacity of cardiac and vascular system at persons of advanced and senile age of the city of Almaty
    Authors: Iskakova S.A., Tanbayeva G.Z., Benberin V.V., Dudnik V.Y.
    Number of views: 467

Number 1, 2016

  • 6-16
    Aspects of clinical course of patients with chronic kidney disease and arterial hypertension (review)
    Authors: Kim Y.A.
    Number of views: 394
  • 17-21
    The course of asthma in children in Almaty (review)
    Authors: Ahmetova L.M.
    Number of views: 460
  • 28-31
    Hemorragic stroke at children of early age: diagnostics and treatment
    Authors: Ahan R.A., Umeshow A.
    Number of views: 402
  • 32-37
    Psychogenic movement disorders. Clinical case
    Authors: Baidauletova A.I., Shavlovskaya O.A.
    Number of views: 380
  • 38-46
    Differential diagnosis of the spinal muscular amyotrophy type one
    Authors: Lepessova M.M., Ushakova T.S., Myrzaliyeva B.D.
    Number of views: 554
  • 47-52
    Clinical case of acute meningoencephalomyelitis viral etiology
    Authors: Issbekova A.A., Mergenbayeva M.T., Toktarbayeva A.M.
    Number of views: 354
  • 53-56
    Single example of a tuberozny sclerosis and diagnostic criteria
    Authors: Lepessova M.M., Fedyanina Y.A., Akhmetova D.A.
    Number of views: 416
  • 57-59
    Application of cryodestruction for treatment of Verruca plantaris
    Authors: Amankulova G.S.
    Number of views: 464
  • 64-68
    The problems of trained deficiency in the gerontological servise
    Authors: Nuftieva A.I., Yeshmanova A.K., Madibraimov K.M., Abikulova A.K., Makeeva Z.I.
    Number of views: 368
  • 69-72
    Problem of suicide behavior of teenagers
    Authors: Aknazarov A.S., Amidova M.B., Dusekova T.P., Kononbayeva S.N., Rashitova N.A., Sultanova A.K., Hamzina A.N., Amankulova Z.S.
    Number of views: 378
  • 73-77
    Hygienic characteristic of pollution of industrial soils and household wastes
    Authors: Khussainova K.N.
    Number of views: 388
  • 78-83
    The hygienic assessment and factors influencing quality of atmospheric air
    Authors: Khussainova K.N.
    Number of views: 398
  • 84-91
    Modern aspects of a listeriya infection (review)
    Authors: Ibragimova M.A.
    Number of views: 477
  • 92-95
    Teaching professional english within the framework of postgraduate medical education
    Authors: Mahambetova G.T., Shaimardanova R.R.
    Number of views: 365

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