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Journal of Advances in Education Research

Number 3, 2018

  • 5
    Analysis of Interpreting Process in Translation from the Perspective of Schema Theory
    Authors: Hu Qiyun
    Number of views: 813
  • 8
    Comparing Two Views of Motivation
    Authors: David Palmer
    Number of views: 421
  • 10
    Introduction of Teaching Associates in Maxillofacial Surgery – the Renaissance of a Teaching Method
    Authors: Sebastian Herbert Hoefer, Jan Mrosek, Jonas Lorenz, Jonas Lorenz, Bernd Bender, Marius Theis, Jasmina Sterz, Christina Stefanescu, Miriam Ruesseler, Robert Sader
    Number of views: 385
  • 10
    Personal Contact through Personal Narratives: Attitudes of Fifth-Grade Children toward Children Who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication
    Authors: Laura M.D. Smucker, John W. McCarthy, Joann P. Benigno, Jamie B. Boster
    Number of views: 380
  • 10
    What is Etiquette Today? Interviewing Etiquette for Today’s College Student
    Authors: Michael J. Tews, Kelly Frager, Ashley I. Citarella, Robert M. Orndorff
    Number of views: 638
  • 11
    Students' Perception of Extracurricular Activities: a Case Study
    Authors: Anna Han, Kyungbin Kwon
    Number of views: 821
  • 15
    Fast Change: Immersive Self-Development Strategies for Everyday Life
    Authors: Eric Pappas, Rosealie Lynch, Jesse Pappas, Mariah Chamberlin
    Number of views: 331

Number 2, 2018

  • 5
    Female Faculty at Texas 4-Year Public Universities: Changes over Time
    Authors: Chelsea K. Smith, John R. Slate
    Number of views: 384
  • 7
    Differences in Orientation Program Enrollment as a Function of Gender and Ethnicity for Community College Students
    Authors: Ericka Landry, John R. Slate
    Number of views: 390
  • 11
    Differences in Academic Achievement by Grade Span Configuration: A Multiyear Texas Investigation
    Authors: M.Chad Jones, John R. Slate, Cynthia Martinez-Garcia, George W. Moore
    Number of views: 423
  • 11
    Fulfilling a Failed Dream: School Dropout and Second Chance Schools
    Authors: Elena Papachristopoulou, Pandelis Kiprianos, Michael Christodoulou
    Number of views: 379
  • 12
    Students’ Approaches to Learning: Validating Study Processes Questionnaire for Use in Congolese Setting
    Authors: Madeleine Kapinga-Mutatayi, Pierre Mukendi, Jan Elen
    Number of views: 622

Number 1, 2018

  • 8
    Using Learning Communities to Successfully Navigate through the Stages of Graduate Education at a Small Medical School
    Authors: Karen Russell Randall, Danita Eatman, Ashley Kennedy Mitchell, MSPH, Meryl McNeal
    Number of views: 404
  • 8
    Learning Science through the Arts: The Theory and the Educational Possibilities
    Authors: Stathis Stivaktakis, Eva Krevetzakis
    Number of views: 548
  • 9
    A Comparison of Facilitated and Unfacilitated Administration of the Beliefs about Learning Environments (BALE) Instrument
    Authors: Eric A. Worch, Emilio Duran, Lena Ballone Duran, Jacob N. Burgoon
    Number of views: 399
  • 10
    A Discussion on Student Use of Theoretical Frameworks for the Analysis of Discourse and Policy within ECE
    Authors: Nicola Dunham
    Number of views: 740
  • 12
    Sex Education – Why Bother? The Contribution of a Sex Education Course in a Multicultural College for StudentTeachers
    Authors: Judith Lapidot Berman, Esther Firstater
    Number of views: 501
  • 13
    Development and Validation of the Energy-Issue Attitude Questionnaire: Relations with Energy Knowledge, Affect, and Behavior
    Authors: Mei-Shiu Chiu, Jan DeWaters
    Number of views: 462
  • 14
    Mobility and Academic Achievement for Texas Grade 7 Students: A Multiyear Investigation
    Authors: Benjamin Mark Bostick, John R. Slate
    Number of views: 358

Number 4, 2017

  • 7
    Posting Feedback – a New Strategy in a Developmental Behavioural Pediatric (DBP) Posting in Post Graduate Medical Training in Singapore
    Authors: Mulay Kalyani, Kang Ying-Qi, Aoyama Rie, Chong Shang-Chee, Tung Serena, Chan Yiong-Huak, Rajgor Dimple D, Kiing Jennifer Sie-Hee
    Number of views: 346
  • 7
    Ethnic/Racial Differences in 1-Year Persistence Rates by Institutional Status at Texas 4-Year Universities over Time
    Authors: Rich Ballinger, John R. Slate
    Number of views: 470
  • 10
    Reading Development during Early Elementary School Years in Young English Language Learners
    Authors: Hsin-Hui Lin, Liping Wei, Mei-Chih Wang
    Number of views: 494
  • 12
    The Hidden Curriculum Undone: Teaching Institutional Knowledge to Transnational Families
    Authors: Hadyn B. Call, J. Spencer Clark
    Number of views: 508
  • 12
    Repeated Field Teaching: Preservice Teachers' Changes in Teaching Efficacy and Theories of Mathematics Teaching
    Authors: Mei-Shiu Chiu
    Number of views: 362
  • 12
    A Journey from within: The Virtual Mentoring CASE Model
    Authors: Hazel Owen, Rick Whalley
    Number of views: 402
  • 13
    Action Research to Integrate Science with Mathematics through Garden-Based Learning at the Elementary School Level
    Authors: Sarah Rummel, James Rye, Sarah Selmer, Melissa Luna
    Number of views: 408
  • 14
    Teachers’ Professional Development, Emotional Experiences and Burnout
    Authors: Leehu Zysberg, Ditza Maskit
    Number of views: 424
  • 15
    Effects of Opportunities to Learn in Teacher Education on the Development of Teachers’ Professional Knowledge of French as a Foreign Language
    Authors: Marie Evens, Jan Elen, Fien Depaepe
    Number of views: 415

Number 3, 2017

  • 6
    Student Achievement Differences as a Function of Principal Longevity
    Authors: Hafedh Azaiez, John R. Slate
    Number of views: 391
  • 8
    Differences in Academic Performance between Elementary Charter Schools and Traditional Public Schools
    Authors: Martha L. Escalante, John R. Slate
    Number of views: 353
  • 8
    Impartation of Argumentation Skills: Impact of Scaffolds on the Quality of Arguments
    Authors: Aviva Klieger, Amira Rochsar
    Number of views: 455
  • 8
    The Impact of Video Feedback on Acquiring Competency in Basic Surgical Skills (Sterile Working) in an Undergraduate Medical Training Program: A Comparative Effectiveness Analysis
    Authors: Moritz Muessig, Jasmina Sterz, Maria-Christina Stefanescu, Bernd Bender, Sebastian H. Hoefer, Miriam Ruesseler
    Number of views: 425
  • 10
    The Use of Digital Communication to Build Care and Relationships into the Post-Secondary Classroom: A SelfAnalysis of Discourse
    Authors: Jennifer Rider
    Number of views: 383
  • 12
    Access, Parentalism and Justice: Epistemological Reflections on Integration and Inclusion in Education
    Authors: Kai Horsthemke
    Number of views: 399
  • 12
    High School Student Rationales for Studying Advanced Science: Analysis of Their Psychological and Cultural Capitals
    Authors: Mei-Shiu Chiu
    Number of views: 382

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