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International Journal of Oral Health Dentistry

Number 4, 2017

  • 22-26
    Cyclic flexural resistance of newly introduced NiTi rotary file system: An in-vitro study
    Authors: Akanksha Bhatt, B. Rajkumar, Vishesh Gupta.
    Number of views: 311
  • 206-209
    Smile design and porcelain laminate veneers: Clinical aspects and considerations
    Authors: Emad A. AlHazzani, Majed D. Al-Dakheel, Mohammed S. Aldossary.
    Number of views: 583
  • 210-213
    Management of periodontal furcation defects by guided tissue regeneration using collagen – chitosan as a barrier membrane
    Authors: K. HariKumar, K. Nandakumar.
    Number of views: 333
  • 214-216
    Management of Dental Pain by Primary health care providers
    Authors: Rukmani Rajesvari E, Sam Prasad.
    Number of views: 280
  • 217-219
    Desquamative gingivitis – A nonspecific clinicopathological entity
    Authors: Nilotpol Kashyap, Brij Kumar, Kangkan Roy, Mukesh Kashyap.
    Number of views: 368
  • 220-222
    Smaller teeth correction with lasers for aesthetic reason: A case report
    Authors: Shabina Aysha Begum, Sunanda Paul, Smitha Sharon, Jeevitha Murugesh, Faiz Imran.
    Number of views: 265
  • 223-224
    Localized Osteomyelitis of the mandible: A case report
    Authors: Soundarya Singh, Puneet Kalra.
    Number of views: 473
  • 225-228
    Rehabilitation of ocular defect with custom made ocular prosthesis – A case report
    Authors: Geeta Arya, Narendra Kumar, Himanshu Aeran, Jyotsna Seth.
    Number of views: 307
  • 229-223
    Clinical strategies for complete denture rehabilitation in a patient with Parkinson’s disease
    Authors: Himanshu Aeran, Suyashvi Gupta, Varun Kumar.
    Number of views: 615
  • 234-237
    Surgical management of failed root canal treatment
    Authors: Anil Dhingra, Mayuri Kumari, Bharatendu Kawatra.
    Number of views: 312
  • 238-239
    Noonan syndrome: A case report
    Authors: Haifaa Al Qabbani.
    Number of views: 492
  • 240-243
    Non-surgical management of a periapical abscess in a adolescent patient: A case report
    Authors: Himanshu Aeran, Shivangi Chandra, Megha Rautela.
    Number of views: 567

Number 3, 2017

  • 127-132
    Nutritional and prosthodontic care for geriatric patients
    Authors: Yogeshwari Krishnan, Lara Jain, Jyotsna Seth, Varun Kumar.
    Number of views: 1650
  • 133-141
    Syndromes and General concepts of their orthodontic management: A review
    Authors: Prerna Raje Batham, Ashish Batham, Ulrika D.P. Kalia.
    Number of views: 623
  • 142-148
    Oral Biofilm- A Review
    Authors: Basawaraj Biradar, Sudharani Biradar, Babita Malhan, Arvind MS, Monika Arora.
    Number of views: 1050
  • 149-153
    Methods of collection of saliva - A Review
    Authors: Yamuna Priya K, Muthu Prathibha K.
    Number of views: 4751
  • 154-157
    Management of oral submucous fibrosis: A Review
    Authors: Navdeep Johar, Sandeep Chaurasia, Tushar Phulambrikar.
    Number of views: 699
  • 158-162
    A scanning electron microscopic study of the presence of pores and vacuoles in set endodontic sealers – in vitro
    Authors: Thangjam Somorendro Singh, Thangsailova Colney, Khaidem Deba Singh, Nadeem Yunus.
    Number of views: 351
  • 163-168
    Changes in caries risk profile following the use of xylitol chewing gums – An interventional study
    Authors: Krishnan Padminee, Saravanan Poorni, Rashmi, Davidson Diana, Manali Ramakrishnan Srinivasan.
    Number of views: 370
  • 169-174
    Evaluation of OSMF with Ultrasonography
    Authors: Mansi Tiwari, Abhijeet Deoghare, Anshul Sharma, Shruti Saha, Rajesh Poptani.
    Number of views: 616
  • 175-180
    Association between periodontal health and respiratory diseases – A case control study
    Authors: Deepak Thomas, Rajesh K S, Shashikanth Hegde, Arun Kumar M S.
    Number of views: 386
  • 181-187
    Knowledge, Awareness and Practices regarding Sharp Injuries amongst the Dental students
    Authors: Rana Pratap Maurya, Malti Kumari Maurya, Rashmi Kushwaha, Sneh Lata Verma, Reema Kumari.
    Number of views: 652
  • 188-191
    An investigation into the potential use of Dennkur™ as an intra-canal irrigant and medicament in Endodontics
    Authors: Sumita Bhagwat, Amrut Bambawale, Anchal Mehta, Leena Padhye.
    Number of views: 426
  • 192-194
    Bilateral fusion of permanent mandibular central and lateral incisors: A case-report of a rare developmental anomaly
    Authors: Amina Sultan, Akanksha Juneja, Sudhanshu Bhatnagar.
    Number of views: 498
  • 195-198
    Prosthetic management of hemimandibulectomy patient
    Authors: Lara Jain, Himanshu Aeran, Neeraj Sharma.
    Number of views: 730
  • 199-202
    MacLennan splint as a treatment modality in pediatric mandibular fractures - A case report
    Authors: Indu M. Varkey, Pooja Kurup, Kiran Ghule, Uma Dixit.
    Number of views: 724
  • 203-205
    An inverted impacted maxillary central incisor: the rare developmental anamoly: A case report
    Authors: Megha Rautela, Himanshu Aeran, Pradeep Rastogi, Preeti Dhawan.
    Number of views: 505

Number 2, 2017

  • Adrija Deka, Tambe Abhijit Anil, Pranamee Barua, Rajdeep Paul.
    An ex vivo comparative study determining the bactericidal activity of 3 different irrigants against Enterococcus faecalis
    Authors: Adrija Deka, Tambe Abhijit Anil, Pranamee Barua, Rajdeep Paul.
    Number of views: 316
  • 74-76
    Nutrigenomics in periodontics- An overview
    Authors: Soundanya Singh, Puneet Kalra.
    Number of views: 791
  • 77-80
    A comparative evaluation of the fracture resistance and mode of failure of GC ever Stick post and Easy post – an in vitro study
    Authors: Sweta Sinha, Jayakumar T, Lekha Santhosh, Srinivas Panchajanya, Srirekha Aswathnarayana.
    Number of views: 489
  • 81-84
    Orotol Plus: A DUWL Disinfectant
    Authors: Shishir Shah, Shilpi S. Shah, Tejal Sheth, Prachi Thakkar.
    Number of views: 621
  • 89-93
    Free gingival graft for increasing the width of attached gingiva– a pilot study
    Authors: Jose Paul, Johnson Prakash D’Lima, Senny Thomas Parackal, Deepak Thomas, Linta Thomas.
    Number of views: 706
  • 94-96
    Position of Mental Foramen among two south Indian Population
    Authors: Naveen Srinivas, Ketki Sali, Praveenkumar Ramdurg, Surekha Puranik, Pramod Ingaleshwar.
    Number of views: 365
  • 97-104
    Evaluation of risk factors predisposing to complications after mandibular third molar surgery
    Authors: Arjun Bharat, Rubina Gupta, Akanksha Singh, Richa Aggarwal.
    Number of views: 392
  • 105-109
    Role of dental students towards tobacco-use cessation: KAB Survey
    Authors: Shishir Singh, Shilpi S. Shah, Tejal Sheth, Sandip Ladani.
    Number of views: 409
  • 110-113
    Management of accidental ingestion of an endodontic file by a 3 year old child patient -A case report
    Authors: Amina Sultan, Akanksha Juneja.
    Number of views: 745
  • 114-119
    Management on Acute Symptoms of Myofascial Pain Syndrome by using Michigan Splint: A case report
    Authors: Chihargo, Ricca Chairunnisa.
    Number of views: 594
  • 120-124
    Diagnostic Sphinx: Sturge Weber Syndrome
    Authors: Ashwini Nerkar, Rajeev Gadgil, Ajay Bhoosreddy, Karan Shah, Gaytri Mehroka.
    Number of views: 393
  • 125-126
    Tuberculous Osteomyelitis in 9 year female patient: a rare case report
    Authors: Amit A. Sangle, Aruna A. Tambuwala, Kavina Mansukhani, Ashvini K. Vadane, Ashvini S. Anikhindi.
    Number of views: 359

Number 1, 2017

  • 1-5
    Tumor Markers- A Review
    Authors: Nagalaxmi Velpula, Chandra Neela Yathavakilla, Aditi Ramesh
    Number of views: 667
  • 6-9
    Dermal Fillers
    Authors: Karthik R, Mohan N.
    Number of views: 1002
  • 10-14
    Minimally invasive techniques for periodontal therapy
    Authors: Agraja Patil, Swapna Mahale, Chaitanya Joshi.
    Number of views: 589
  • 15-18
    Oral complications of gastroesophageal reflux disease
    Authors: Amit Kumar Singh, Wagisha Barbi, Rashi Chauhan, Karishma.
    Number of views: 329
  • 19-25
    Emerging role of Stem cells of dental origin in dentistry -A Review
    Authors: Ajay Kumar Kapoor, Seema Thakur, Parul Singhal, Cheranjeevi Jayam.
    Number of views: 313
  • 26-28
    Correlation of dental caries in chronic generalized periodontitis patients
    Authors: Ketki Sali, Naveen S, Praveen S. Ramdurg, Vijaylaxmi Mendegeri.
    Number of views: 270
  • 29-33
    Incidence and patterns of fractures of Mandible, Midface or both using CT scan in trauma patients
    Authors: Altaf Hussain Chalkoo, Nusrat Nazir, Gowhar Yaqub, Zahoor Bhat, Saima Tariq.
    Number of views: 293
  • 34-37
    Evaluation of Oral Mucosal Cells in Patients with type 2 Diabetes by Exfoliative Cytology Method
    Authors: Saritha Maloth, Archana Mukunda, Padmashree S.
    Number of views: 388
  • 38-42
    Knowledge, attitudes and practices about hepatitis B in dentists, dental students, interns and auxiliaries in Jammu and Kashmir- an epidemiological study
    Authors: Ajay Kumar, Shafait Ullah Khateeb, Ahmad Bedeiwi Alghamdi, Sumaya Yousuf Jeri, Vibhuti Kaul.
    Number of views: 249
  • 43-49
    Mean values of Beta Angle and YEN Angle in Maratha ethnic population and their reliability on select local population: A cephalometric observational study
    Authors: Kedar M. Wani, Ravindra Manerikar, Sandeep Jethe, Sonali Deshmukh, Jayesh Rahalkar.
    Number of views: 455
  • 50-53
    Clinical evaluation of dentin hypersensitivity before and after application of desensitizing agents- An in vivo study
    Authors: Kaja Nanditha Priyadarshini, Jigeesha Mopidevi, Anirudh Kadiyala, Ajay Nathani.
    Number of views: 286
  • 54-58
    Topographical effects of Gutta Percha immersed in different concentration of Sodium Hypochlorite disinfection at different time interval: An atomic force microscopy study
    Authors: Bindu Meera John, Aamir Purra, Arindam Dutta, Abdul Wahid Zargar.
    Number of views: 370
  • 59-62
    A case report of an unusual concurrence of Radicular and Dentigerous Cyst in a 9 year old child
    Authors: Amina Sultan, Akanksha Juneja, Imran Khan.
    Number of views: 267
  • 63-66
    Juvenile ossifying fibroma WHO Type: A diagnostic quandary
    Authors: Ashwini Nerkar, Rajeev Gadgil, Ajay Bhoosreddy, Chetan Bhadge, Gaurav Verma.
    Number of views: 341
  • 67-69
    Non-syndromic non-familial agenesis of incisors: A series of two cases
    Authors: Shiva Gupta, Ritika Arora, Sachin Gupta.
    Number of views: 265
  • 70-73
    Amelogenesis Imperfecta: A case report
    Authors: Sandeep Kaur, Kirandeep Kaur, Neha Mahajan, Abhiroop Singh, Romesh Singh.
    Number of views: 336

Number 4, 2016

  • Page No. 209-212
    Natural products used in dentistry - A Review
    Authors: Jaikaria A, Thakur S, Jayam C
    Number of views: 1296
  • Page No. 213-216
    Nanotubes: A step further in implants
    Authors: Shreshta Sathish
    Number of views: 653
  • Page No. 217-219
    Study on prevalence of pathologic tongue lesions in patients of Tehran capital city of Iran, during a twenty years period
    Authors: Shamloo N, Motazedian HR, Lotfi A
    Number of views: 373
  • Page No. 220-223
    Quantatitative assessment of apical debris extrusion in apical third using two different NiTi rotary systems- An in vitro study
    Authors: Abhilasha Dass, Ajay Saxena, Manoj Chandak, Chandani Bhatia, Shilpa Shrivastava
    Number of views: 393
  • Page No. 224-227
    ervical vertebral maturation method-effect of clinical experience on the reproducibility
    Authors: Almas Khanum, Ajit Kalia, Gaurav Gupta, Sonali Khandekar, Wasu Patil
    Number of views: 352
  • Page No. 228-231
    Role of hydrogen peroxide mouth rinse in reducing discoloration of various esthetic ligation methods used in orthodontics - an in vivo study
    Authors: Richa Aggarwal, Rubina Gupta
    Number of views: 482
  • Page No. 232-235
    Prevalence of herbal supplement use among adult dental patients in Makkah city, Saudi Arabia
    Authors: Ohud S. Al-Zughaibi, Lujain A. Filimban, Salwa A. Aldahlawi
    Number of views: 309
  • Page No. 236-242
    Comparative evaluation of shear bond strength of three different bonding agents under dry & moist conditions- an in vitro study
    Authors: Mahak Kapoor, Maninder S. Sidhu, Mona Prabhakar, Ashish Dabas, Puneet Yadav
    Number of views: 342
  • Page No. 253-256
    Knowledge and attitude of people attending a Medical College & Research Foundation towards Organ donation
    Authors: Sulphi Abdul Basheer, Jay Govind R, G. Midhun Mohan, Subhash R. Kurup, Snath Vijayan
    Number of views: 317
  • Page No. 260-264
    Atypical Therapeutic Extraction in Orthodontics (Mandibular Incisor Extraction): A case report
    Authors: Luv Agarwal, Ankit Gupta
    Number of views: 1208
  • Page No. 265-267
    Endo-Perio restorative continuum-a case report
    Authors: Krupali Shah, N.Vimala, Trupti Naykodi, Suyog Dharmadikari, Leena Padhye
    Number of views: 627
  • Page No. 268-270
    Submandibular sialolith in a geriatric patient: A case report
    Authors: Sumana Devadiga, Joel D’Silva, Mahabaleshwara Chalatadka, Rakesh Nair
    Number of views: 437
  • Page No. 271-272
    Management of upper lip complex laceration due to industrial trauma in a 30 year old male
    Authors: Karthik Shunmugavelu, Kumaravel Subramaniam
    Number of views: 623

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