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Indonesian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Number 3, 1997

  • 145 - 151
    The production performance of Holstein Friesian dairy cattle in West Java
    Authors: P Mahyudin, S.B Siregar, N Hidayati, T Sugiarti
    Number of views: 543
  • 152 - 156
    Reciprocal crossing between Tegal and Mojosari ducks : I . Early gowth and early egg production
    Authors: L. Hardi Prasetyo, Triana Susanti
    Number of views: 531
  • 157 - 163
    Comparative study on preferences and quality of poultry meat
    Authors: Triyantini ., Abubakar ., I.A.K Bintang, T Antawidjaja
    Number of views: 884
  • 164 - 169
    Additional calcium carbonate into concentrate diet for sheep fed ensiled king grass as a based-diet
    Authors: I-W Mathius, D Lubis, E Wina, D.P Nurhayati, I.G.M Budiarsana
    Number of views: 573
  • 170 - 174
    The application of feeding standard on weaned exotic pigs productivity
    Authors: Djamuara Aritonang, M Silalahi, T Pasaribu, L.P Batubara, K Manihuruk, M Doloksaribu
    Number of views: 750
  • 175 - 180
    The use of sago waste (Metroxylon sago) and its fermentation product as a feedstuff for growing duck
    Authors: Tata Antawidjaja, I.A.K Bintang, A.P Sinurat, I.P Kompiang
    Number of views: 419
  • 181 - 183
    Cassapro in broiler ration : effect of halquinol Supplementation
    Authors: I.P Kompiang, A.P Sinurat, T Purwadaria, J Darma, Supriyati
    Number of views: 530
  • 184 - 187
    The detection antibody of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) in pig sera in Eastern part of Indonesia
    Authors: Indrawati Sendow, Sjamsul Bahri, Antonious Sarosa
    Number of views: 539
  • 188 - 193
    Development of ELISA technique for detecting Clostridium novyi alpha toxin
    Authors: Lily Natalia
    Number of views: 618
  • 194 - 197
    Salmonella Enteritidis infection in young broiler chickens from breeding farm: A case report
    Authors: Sri Poernomo, Indrawati Rumawasz, A Sarosa
    Number of views: 638
  • 198 - 203
    Isolation, identification and serotyping of Pasteurella multocida isolates from pneumonic lungs of pigs and sensitivity to several their antibiotics
    Authors: Siti Chotiah
    Number of views: 738
  • 204 - 207
    The use of sodium pyruvate and sodium hydroxide to increase the number of colonies and coloured antigen yield of Mycoplasma gallisepticum
    Authors: Soeripto
    Number of views: 486
  • 208 - 211
    Bacteriologica acteriological examinations of ducklings, duck's eggs, feed, and rice bran collected from Alibio market, South Kalimantan
    Authors: Istiana ., Suryana
    Number of views: 467

Number 2, 1996

  • 77 - 83
    Growth performance of FH male calves fed milk replacer made of local ingredients for veal production
    Authors: Elizabeth Wina, I-Wayan Mathius, Budi Tangendjaja
    Number of views: 430
  • 84 - 91
    Strategic study on energy-protein requirements for local sheep : 1 . Growing phase
    Authors: I-Wayan Mathius, M Martawidjaja, A Wilson, T Manurung
    Number of views: 539
  • 92 - 95
    The performance of male duck fed different levels of crude palm oil
    Authors: I.A.K Bintang, Budi Tangendjaja
    Number of views: 407
  • 96 - 101
    Comparative evaluation of different soybean meal and the replacement using peanut, rapeseed and fish meal for broilers
    Authors: Budi Tangendjaja, I.A.K Bintang
    Number of views: 425
  • 102 - 109
    The utilization of rock phosphate (natural defluorinated calcium phosphate or NDCP) in laying hens diet to replace dicalcium phosphate
    Authors: A.P Sinurat, R Dharsana, T Pasaribu, T Panggabean, A Habiebie
    Number of views: 458
  • 110 - 113
    Effects of grazing systems on pasture production and quality of Brachiaria brizantha and liveweight gain of lambs
    Authors: Simon P Ginting, K.R Pond
    Number of views: 404
  • 114 - 119
    Effects of grazing management and levels of concentrate supplementation on parasite establishment in two genotypes of lambs infected with Haemonchus contortus
    Authors: Simon P Ginting, K.R Pond, Subandriyo
    Number of views: 432
  • 120 - 126
    Phenotypic detection ofT lymphocyte subsets in Bali cattle lymph nodes with malignant catarrhal fever by immunohistochemical techniques
    Authors: Rini Damayanti
    Number of views: 400
  • 127 - 131
    Anthrax retrospective analysis in endemic areas using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
    Authors: S Hardjoutomo, M.B Poerwadikarta
    Number of views: 453
  • 132 - 136
    Isolation of Pasteurella multocida from broiler chickens
    Authors: Sri Poernomo, A Sarosa
    Number of views: 499
  • 137 - 144
    Pathogenesis of Trypanosoma evansi in buffaloes with high and low grade ration
    Authors: S Partoutomo
    Number of views: 556

Number 1, 1996

  • 1 - 10
    Utilization of FecJ F gene in developing commercial sheep farming : Economic analysis
    Authors: Atien Priyanti, I Inonou, B Tiesnamurti
    Number of views: 386
  • 11 - 16
    Effect of pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin injection on litter size in young Etawah-cross does
    Authors: N.M Artiningsihi, B Purwantara, R.K Achjadi, I-K Sutama
    Number of views: 435
  • 17 - 21
    The effects of saponin from Sapindus rarak fruit on rumen microbes and performance of sheep
    Authors: Amlius Thalib, Y Widiawati, H Hamid, D Suherman, M Sabrani
    Number of views: 411
  • 22 - 32
    Etabolism in compensatory growth . III. The urea, glucose and C02 entry rates in animal undergoing compensatory growth
    Authors: Pram Mahyudin, E Teleni
    Number of views: 378
  • 33 - 37
    The improvement of rice straw quality by urea-molasses treatment
    Authors: Tambak Manurung, Muhammad Zulbardi
    Number of views: 484
  • 38 - 41
    The isolation of Gurnbiro virus from larvae and darkling Ivelles (Carcinops pumilin)
    Authors: Lies Parede, Risa Indriani, Sukarsih
    Number of views: 473
  • 42 - 49
    Inactive vaccine derived from velogenic strain of local Newcastle disease virus
    Authors: Darminto ., P Ronohardjo
    Number of views: 672
  • 50 - 53
    Dileclion of pathogenic bacteria and mycoplasmas from pneumonic lungs of pigs and histopalhological finding
    Authors: Siti Chotiah, Sobironingsih
    Number of views: 454
  • 54 - 59
    Prevention of enterotoxacmiu in transported cattle
    Authors: Lily Natalia, Sudarisman ., M Darodjat
    Number of views: 494
  • 60 - 65
    The detection of K88, K99 fimbrial antigen and enterotoxin genes of Escherichia coli isolated from piglets and calves with diarrhoea in Indonesia
    Authors: Supar
    Number of views: 406
  • 66 - 72
    Seasonal differences to the effect of nematode parasitism on weight gain of sheep and goats in Cigudeg, West Java
    Authors: Beriajaya I, D.B Copeman
    Number of views: 364
  • 73 - 75
    Serological survey of Toxoplactna gondii antibodies using latex agglutination test in chickens in Lampung province
    Authors: Kayoko Matsumoto
    Number of views: 423

Number 3, 1995

  • 143 - 148
    Utilization of tree legume forages as protein sources of beef cattle ration
    Authors: Tambak Manurung
    Number of views: 515
  • 149 - 154
    Effect of maturation periods and leukaemia inhibitory factor on in vitro bovine embryo development
    Authors: Endang Tri Margawati
    Number of views: 477
  • 155 - 160
    Gender relations on goat-farm household in Central Java, Indonesia
    Authors: Sri W. Handayani
    Number of views: 411
  • 161 - 168
    Nutritive value of fermented coconut meal and its inclusion in ration of male ducklings
    Authors: A.P. Sinurat, P. Setiadi, T. Purwadaria, A.R. Setioko, Jinadasa Dharma
    Number of views: 380
  • 169 - 173
    The effect of concentrate supplement feed during prepartum and pre-weaning on the performances of piglets kept by small holders
    Authors: Tiurma Pasaribu, M. Silalahi, D. Aritonang, K. Manihuruk
    Number of views: 473
  • 174 - 177
    Antibody tits: detection of swollen head syndrome using indirect ELISA test
    Authors: Lies Pardede, Ngekep Ginting
    Number of views: 570
  • 178 - 184
    Lateral vaccination against Newcastle disease in broilers : Effect of ratio and density
    Authors: Darminto
    Number of views: 541
  • 185 - 189
    The comparative study of antigenic protein characters of field isolates Brucella abortus cells with electrophoresis and immunoblotting Techniques
    Authors: Agus Sudibyo, Facriyan H Pasaribu, I.W.T. Wibawan, Endhie Setiawan
    Number of views: 407
  • 190 - 193
    Evaluation of antibody responses of cattle and buffaloes to Clostridium perfringens type A vaccine using ELISA
    Authors: Lily Natalia
    Number of views: 401
  • 194 - 199
    Distribution of Escerichia coli serotype OIKi, 02Kt, and O7sK8o in poultry in Indonesia
    Authors: Sri Poernomo, E. Juarini
    Number of views: 513
  • 200 - 205
    Trematode larvae in Lymnaea rubiginosa and their definitive host in irrigated rice fields in West Java
    Authors: S.E. Estuningsih, D.B. Copeman
    Number of views: 370
  • 206 - 211
    The histopathological prevalence of malignant catarrhal fever in swamp buffaloes slaughtered in the private slaughterhouses in Bogor district
    Authors: Rini Damayanti
    Number of views: 366

Number 2, 1995

  • 73 - 80
    Reproductive performance of small ruminants in an outreach pilot project in West Java
    Authors: B. Setiadi, Subandriyo ., L. C. Iniguez
    Number of views: 437
  • 81 - 85
    Productive and reproductive performances of young Ettawah-cross does
    Authors: I. Ketut Sutama, I.G.M Budiarsana, H. Setiyanto, A. Priyanti
    Number of views: 426
  • 86 - 88
    Cassapro in broiler ration : Interaction with rice bran
    Authors: Cassapro in broiler ration : Interaction with rice bran
    Number of views: 399
  • 89 - 93
    Growth response of buffaloes treated with oestradiol 17 B
    Authors: Prapti Mahyuddin
    Number of views: 401
  • 94 - 98
    Reproductive wastage analysis of Daldale ewes using a twice yearly lambing program
    Authors: I. Gede Putu
    Number of views: 533
  • 99 - 104
    Prevalence of antibody against infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus in sentinel cattle in West and East Nusa Tenggara
    Authors: Agus Wiyono, Antonius Sarosa, Maria Goeng
    Number of views: 429
  • 105 - 113
    In-contact vaccination against Newcastle disease in village chickens : a comparative analysis between laboratory and field trials
    Authors: Darminto .
    Number of views: 601
  • 114 - 116
    Parasitic protozoa and the haematological aspect of Malaysian jungle fowl (Gallus gallus spadiceus)
    Authors: B.A.H. Zainal Abidin
    Number of views: 889
  • 117 - 122
    The difference of serological responses between naturally infected, experimentally infected, and vaccinated cattle with Brucella abortus strain 19 vaccine
    Authors: Agus Sudibyo
    Number of views: 446
  • 123 - 128
    Cases of aspergillosis in Javan Hawk-eagle (Spizaetus bartelst): Isolation of the causative agents and the pathological changes of the diseas
    Authors: Sukardi Hastiono, Rini Damayanti, Djaenudin Gholib
    Number of views: 604
  • 129 - 135
    Subclinical malignant catarrhal fever cases in Bali cattle detected in some abattoirs by means of histopathological examination
    Authors: Rini Damayanti
    Number of views: 402
  • 136 - 142
    Pathological and biochemical changes in intoxication of mindi (Melia azedarach) leaf
    Authors: Yulvian Sani, Sjamsul Bahri
    Number of views: 462

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