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Voprosy khimii i khimicheskoi tekhnologii (Issues of Chemistry and Chemical Technology)

Number 2, 2014

  • 4-8
    Diffusion of Li+ in Thin Film Vanadium Oxides for Lithium Batteries
    Authors: R.D. Apostolova, V.P. Tysyachny, A.S. Markevich, O.S. Ksenzhek, E.M. Shembel, B. Markovsky, D. Aurbach
    Number of views: 348
  • 8-14
    Determination of the activation parameters of electrode processes on the basis of temperature dependences in linear voltammetry
    Authors: F.I. Danilov, V.S. Protsenko, A.A. Kityk
    Number of views: 607
  • 14-17
    Corrosion resistance of nano carbides and borides of metals in nickel electrolytes
    Authors: D.-M.Ya. Bruskova
    Number of views: 369
  • 17-22
    Production of plant growth stimulants which contain chelate with a metal ion Cu and Zn
    Authors: H.V. Gruzdeva, A.S. Matrosov
    Number of views: 312
  • 22-28
    Functionalization of activated carbon surface layer by Br-, N- and S-containing functional groups
    Authors: A. Zaderko, L. Grishchenko, T. Bezugla, А. Mischanchuk, V. Diyuk
    Number of views: 376
  • 28-34
    Synthesis and properties [butoxy][2-(Dimethylamino)etoxy]titanium and [butoxy][2-(Dimethylamino)etoxy]titanoxanes
    Authors: N.Ya. Kuzmenko, S.N. Kuzmenko, O.V. Skrynnik
    Number of views: 307
  • 34-40
    Electrochemical conversion of salicylic acid and its derivatives on the lead dioxide anodes modified by Ві3+ and Се3+ ions
    Authors: T.V. Luk’yanenko, V.A. Knysh, O.B. Shmychkova, L.V. Dmitrikova, К.Yu. Кalinina, A.B. Velichenko
    Number of views: 357
  • 41-44
    Solubilities of manganese (II) and nickel (II) oxides in molten equimolar mixture KBr-NaBr at 973 K
    Authors: V.L. Cherginets, V.A. Naumenko, T.P. Rebrova
    Number of views: 346
  • 45-49
    Extraction-chromatographic determination of the content of synthetic dyes in food
    Authors: F.A. Chmilenko, Y.А. Minayeva, L.P. Sidorova, K.V. Shkurovskaya
    Number of views: 349
  • 49-52
    Theoretical and experimental research of the possibility of ВаАlFе11О19 triple compound existence in ВаО – Аl2О3 – Fе2О3 system
    Authors: G.N. Shabanova, M.Y. Ivashchenko, M.I. Vorozhbiіan, O.V. Kostyrkin, N.S. Tsapko
    Number of views: 346
  • 53-55
    The resistance of rubbers which contain shoddy and are based on fluorine-elastomers in organochlorine liquids
    Authors: V.V. Baturin, Yu.N. Vashchenko, G.D. Semenov
    Number of views: 519
  • 55-60
    Glass coatings with special properties for protection of ovens
    Authors: L.L. Bragina, N.A. Kuriakin, Yu.O. Sobol, M.N. Kapinos, A.A. Redina
    Number of views: 377
  • 60-66
    Mathematical model of the nanodispersed piezomaterial synthesis from oxalate precursors
    Authors: V.M. Pogibko, I.L. Sidak
    Number of views: 326
  • 67-71
    Application of alkiloxyranes as active diluents for epoxy resins
    Authors: S.N. Savin, T.V. Lozhychevska, I.M. Rakipov
    Number of views: 396
  • 72-75
    Technological properties of emulsions on the basis of graft copolymers of polyvinylpyrrolidone with vinyl acetate as a glue material for the binding paper
    Authors: U.V. Khromyak
    Number of views: 315

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