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Bulletin of Science and Practice

Number 8, 2023

  • 10-15
    A Singularly Perturbed Dirichlet Problem for a Ring With Singular Boundaries
    Authors: Erkebaev U.
    Number of views: 11
  • 16-26
    complex salts, Petri dishes, monoethanolamine, diethanolamine, triethanolamine, synthetic petroleum acids, natural petroleum acids, growth substances
    Authors: Ganbarova F.
    Number of views: 9
  • 27-38
    Factors Forming Soil Combinations and Comparative Geographical Approaches to the Study of Soil Cover Structure
    Authors: Babayeva A., Adygozelova S., Mikailova S., Abdullayeva K., Mamedova A.
    Number of views: 9
  • 39-47
    Diagnostic Features of the Soils of the Besitchay State Natural Reserve (Azerbaijan)
    Authors: Ahmedova S., Ismayilzade N., Musayev V.
    Number of views: 9
  • 48-57
    Review of the Biological Activity of Rutin: Antidiabetic, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory and Antitumor
    Authors: Bidzhieva A., Chiriapkin A.
    Number of views: 10
  • 58-68
    Modeling and Study of Anti-coronavirus Activity of 6,7-Dimethoxyquinazoline-4(3H)-one Derivatives in Relation to SARS-COV-2 by in silico and in vitro Methods
    Authors: Chiriapkin A., Tyurenkov I., Kodonidi I., Shabanova N., Vdovenko-Martynova N.
    Number of views: 10
  • 69-77
    Analysis of the Qualitative Indicators of the Neonatal Service of the Maternity Hospital of the Osh Interregional Clinical Hospital of the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Shermatova U., Mukhtarali kyzy B., Mamarasul kyzy M., Zhunusbaeva P., Alybekova U.
    Number of views: 9
  • 78-88
    Radiodiagnosis Clinical Examples of COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection
    Authors: Shermatova U., Avazbekov B., Zhunusbaeva P.
    Number of views: 10
  • 89-99
    Women Body Mass Composition (21-35 Years) With Different Body Types in High-altitude Conditions
    Authors: Kozuev K.
    Number of views: 12
  • 100-110
    Men Somatic Types and Body Mass Composition Living in the Alpine Environment (22-35 Years)
    Authors: Tulekeev T., Kozuev K., Sattarov A., Dzholdubaev S.
    Number of views: 9
  • 111-117
    Efficiency of Vaccination of the Adults of the City of Jalal-Abad Against Viral Hepatitis
    Authors: Temirov N., Temirova V., Abzhaparova A., Abdimomunova B., Zholdoshev S.
    Number of views: 11
  • 118-125
    Epidemiological Features of the Incidence of Brucellosis in the Rural Population in Jalal-Abad Region of the Kyrgyz Republic for 2022
    Authors: Temirova V., Temirov N., Salieva S., Abdimomunova B., Uraimov R., Zholdoshev S.
    Number of views: 9
  • 126-133
    Substantiation of the Optimal Hydraulic Fracturing Design in Complex Reservoir Conditions
    Authors: Korolev M., Nanishvili O., Yusupov, I.
    Number of views: 14
  • 134-146
    How to Minimize Social, Economic and Environmental Losses in Case of Sudden Destruction of a Concrete Dam
    Authors: Khubaev G., Poluyanov E., Rodina O., Streltsova E.
    Number of views: 9
  • 147-153
    State Mechanisms to Stimulate Household Development in the Kyrgyz Republic.
    Authors: Dautov Ya.
    Number of views: 9
  • 154-161
    Some Issues of Countering Criminal Offenses in the Field of Informatization and Communications in the Republic of Kazakhstan
    Authors: Kalguzhinova A., Mashabaev A., Ozbekov D.
    Number of views: 14
  • 162-168
    Formation and Development of the Constitutional and Legal Status of Local Self-government in the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Kydyraliev Zh.
    Number of views: 10
  • 169-175
    Some Problems of Realization of a Pre-emptive Right to Purchase a Share in General Share Property
    Authors: Ablyatipova N., Slyusarchuk K.
    Number of views: 8
  • 210-219
    Migration Situation in the Kyrgyz Republic After COVID-19
    Authors: Karimova K., Alymbaev A., Tukhtamatov A.
    Number of views: 9
  • 220-228
    Hard of Hearing Children Mental Development Brought Up in Families of Hearing Parents
    Authors: Tyurina A., Ivanov D.
    Number of views: 11
  • 229-234
    Socio-Psychological Aspects of Digitalization of Modern Education
    Authors: Kartashova E., Arkhipova L.
    Number of views: 11
  • 235-239
    Research Activity of Schoolchildren as a Means of Increasing the Efficiency of Teaching Biology
    Authors: Leonteva I.
    Number of views: 12
  • 240-246
    Educational Technologies of the Course of Botany at the Faculty of Pharmaceutics
    Authors: Chaldanbaeva A., Baiseitova A.
    Number of views: 12
  • 247-252
    Mechanisms for Measuring the Competencies of Students Studying in Distance Learning
    Authors: Madieva A.
    Number of views: 10
  • 253-259
    Content and Originality of Professional and Pedagogical Skills of a Teacher in Primary General Education
    Authors: Sulaimanova G., Uzakbaev I.
    Number of views: 12
  • 260-268
    Professional and Pedagogical Support of a Teacher of Primary General Education for the Implementation of the State Educational Standard for School General Education of the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Sulaimanova G., Uzakbaev I.
    Number of views: 10
  • 269-273
    Pedagogical Technologies of Teaching Based on Competence
    Authors: Duvanaeva K., Toktosunova Z.
    Number of views: 8
  • 274-280
    Staff Satisfaction Assessment Systems Universities of Kyrgyzstan
    Authors: Albanbaeva D.
    Number of views: 12
  • 281-287
    Spiritual and Moral Aspects of Socializing Children and Youth
    Authors: Trefilyeva V.
    Number of views: 10
  • 288-294
    Formation of a Value Attitude to a Healthy Lifestyle Among Secondary School Students
    Authors: Kalykeeva A.
    Number of views: 9
  • 295-302
    Shaping Costumes From Laces on the Fibonacci Numbers Basis
    Authors: Zelenova Yu., Zelenova N.
    Number of views: 10
  • 303-311
    A New Approach to the ‘Aryan’ and ‘Indo-Iranian’ Terms Use (Historical and Philosophical Aspect)
    Authors: Mukasov Y., Alymbaev A.
    Number of views: 9
  • 312-320
    The Role of Translation in Advertising Discourse (With Examples From English and Russian)
    Authors: Beishenalieva A., Naimanova Ch.
    Number of views: 10
  • 321-329
    Proper Name in the Structure of a Literary Text
    Authors: Kabatay kyzy A.
    Number of views: 9
  • 330-338
    Pseudonyms and Nicknames as a Variety of Anthroponyms in Modern Prose
    Authors: Kabatay kyzy A.
    Number of views: 9
  • 339-346
    Speech Manipulation: Spanglish as a Tool of Speech Impac
    Authors: Yartseva S.
    Number of views: 9
  • 347-355
    The Concept of kut / well-being in the Kyrgyz and English Language Pictures of the World (Based on the Works of Zhusup Balasagyn Kut Alchu Bilim and Ernest Hemingway The Old Man and the Sea)
    Authors: Saipova, G., & Alimbekova, E.
    Number of views: 10

Number 3, 2021

  • 10-16
    Liana Plants of the Natural Flora of Azerbaijan, Their Botanical-Geographical Spread and Use
    Authors: Mehraliyev A., Kafarova O.
    Number of views: 11
  • 17-32
    The Impact of Rendezvous Proximity Operation Mission on Space Debris Toward Sustainable Space Activities
    Authors: Susanti D.
    Number of views: 13
  • 33-41
    Long-term Monitoring of the Vegetation Cover of Mountain Territories in the GIS for Soil and Landscape Study of Territories
    Authors: Djalilova G., Mamatkulova F., Mamatkulova Z.
    Number of views: 13
  • 49-57
    Assessment of Producing Abilities of Farmland in a Limited Water Supply Environment of Uzbekistan
    Authors: Babajanov A., Inamov B., Abdivaitov Kh.
    Number of views: 12
  • 58-63
    Effect of the Crops Density and Inorganic Fertilizers on the Cotton Crop Yield in Summer Planting
    Authors: Aslanov Q., Quliyeva N.
    Number of views: 12
  • 64-69
    Biology of Flowering, Fruit and Viability of Pollen of Varieties and Forms of Quince Cultivated on the Territory of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic
    Authors: Bayramov L.
    Number of views: 11
  • 80-84
    Characteristic Properties of the Spread of Associative Diseases in Domestic Chickens
    Authors: Mammadov R.
    Number of views: 10
  • 85-88
    Turkey Helminths in Azerbaijan
    Authors: Bilalov R.
    Number of views: 12
  • 89-92
    Agricultural Terms Used in Surkhan Oasis
    Authors: Kabulov E.
    Number of views: 10
  • 93-135
    Brain Neurogenetics: Human Sleep and Longevity
    Authors: Volobuev A., Romanchuk N., Bulgakova S.
    Number of views: 11
  • 136-160
    Severe Respiratory Viral Infections: Epigenetic Mechanisms of Predisposition and the Possibilities of Epigenetically Targeted Therapy
    Authors: Aitbaev K., Murkamilov I., Fomin V., Murkamilova Zh., Yusupov F.
    Number of views: 10
  • 161-167
    Anxiety Disorders: Comparative Characteristics of the Frequency and Level Among Patients Hospitalized and Treated in the Intensive Care Unit
    Authors: Seytkulova A., Mason А.
    Number of views: 10
  • 168-176
    Medical and Biological Risk Factors for the Birth of Extremely Low and Very Low Birth Weight Infants
    Authors: Tabysheva A., Maimerova G., Kondratyeva E.
    Number of views: 11
  • 177-182
    Social Risk Factors for the Birth of Deeply Preterm Infants
    Authors: Tabysheva A., Maimerova G., Shaiderova I.
    Number of views: 11
  • 189-193
    Investigation of the Duration of Operation of Solar Installations Surrounded by Objects
    Authors: Matisakov T., Zhogashtiev N., Ergeshov M.
    Number of views: 10
  • 194-199
    Technique for Calculating the Efficiency of Operation for Solar Collector Systems
    Authors: Matisakov T., Isakov T.
    Number of views: 10
  • 200-205
    Getting Variable-gap Solid Solution Si1−xGex From a Liquid Phase
    Authors: Razzakov A., Latipova M., Qodirov A.
    Number of views: 11
  • 206-211
    The Use of Technogenous Waste From the Kadamjai Antimony Plant as a Raw Material for the Production of Portland Cement
    Authors: Erkinbaeva N., Ysmanov E., Tashpolotov Y.
    Number of views: 10
  • 212-217.
    Study of Cleaning and Storage of Fine-fiber Cotton From Trash Impurities
    Authors: Usmanov D., Umarova M., Abdullaeva D., Rustamova M.
    Number of views: 10

Number 2, 2021

  • 10-28
    Pollen Pollution Strategy of Artemisia and Chenopodiaceae
    Authors: Kobzar V.
    Number of views: 10
  • 29-44
    Influence of Environmental Pollutants at the Pollen of Poaceae
    Authors: Kobzar V.
    Number of views: 10
  • 45-51
    Assessment of Ontogeny in the Coenopopulations of Vicia alpestris Steven in the Territory of Azerbaijan
    Authors: Mammadova Z.
    Number of views: 11
  • 52-60
    Salinity Resistant of Introduced Woody-Shrub Species in Saline Soil of Absheron Peninsula
    Authors: Asadov H., Bagirova S., Mirjalally I., Efendiyeva R., Atayeva H.
    Number of views: 10
  • 61-66
    Digitalization as a Tool for Innovative Development of the National Agroindustrial Complex
    Authors: Lovkova E., Filimonova V.
    Number of views: 10
  • 67-74
    Change of Melon Agrobiological Indicators Depending on Feeding Area of Plants
    Authors: Pahlevanyan A., Martirosyan G., Tadevosyan L., Vardanian I.
    Number of views: 11
  • 75-82
    Spreading of Helminths Detected in Private Poultry Farms by Regions of Azerbaijan
    Authors: Bairamov S.
    Number of views: 12
  • 83-88
    Evaluation of the Freshness of Mammalian Meat by Microstructural Changes in Muscle Tissue
    Authors: Soldatova S., Filatova G.
    Number of views: 10
  • 89-111
    Genetics and Epigenetics of Alzheimer’s Disease: new Cognitive Technologies and Neurocommunication
    Authors: Sirotko I. Volobuev A., Romanchuk P.
    Number of views: 11
  • 112-121
    Psychosomatic Behavior Styles of Patients With Disorders with Schizophrenic Specter
    Authors: Bolotina N., Ku Bok Sun
    Number of views: 11
  • 122-129
    Analysis of Problems in Making Rehabilitation Diagnosis in Persons With Disabilities With the Consequences of Brain Stroke in the Kyrgyz
    Authors: Kachybekova L., Mamazhusupova S.
    Number of views: 10
  • 130-151
    New Biomarkers of Cardiovascular Diseases (Literature Review). Part 1.
    Authors: Chaulin A.
    Number of views: 10
  • 152-162
    Comparative Analysis of Complications in Different Combinations of Immunosuppressive Therapy After Kidney Transplantation
    Authors: Ashimov Zh., Gaibyldaev Zh., Abibillaev D., Kocyigit F.
    Number of views: 11
  • 163-178
    Osteoporosis: 5G Technologies and 5P Medicine, Economic and Medico-Social Paradigms
    Authors: Bulgakova S., Sirotko I., Romanchuk P.
    Number of views: 10
  • 179-186
    Clinical Symptoms in Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    Authors: Matkeeva A., Asheraliev M.
    Number of views: 10
  • 187-192
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children
    Authors: Matkeeva A.
    Number of views: 11
  • 193-196
    Ranking of Risk Factors for the Formation of Torticollis in Children
    Authors: Emilbekov M.
    Number of views: 12
  • 197-207
    The Transition Metal and Non-metal co-Doping Graphene for Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysis: a Density Functional Theory Study
    Authors: Chen Fengxiang, Yang Lei
    Number of views: 10
  • 208-212
    Development of Technology for Producing Stable Composite Fuels from Carbon
    Authors: Bekmuratova B.
    Number of views: 10
  • 213-219
    On Interaction of Participants of the Process of Forming an Accessible Environment for Passengers With Limited Mobility in Railway Transport
    Authors: Rykova L.
    Number of views: 10
  • 220-226
    Multimedia Sensor Networks Based on Ultra-wideband Chaotic Radio
    Authors: Olberg P.
    Number of views: 10
  • 227-236
    Northern Ethnic Groups Unusual Dishes
    Authors: Berketova L., Korotkovа D.
    Number of views: 10
  • 237-244
    Efficiency of the Quality of Work of the Head in the Conditions of Market Relations
    Authors: Zainutdinov Sh., Nurimbetov R., Ismailov A.
    Number of views: 11
  • 245-253
    Some Applications of Matrix Theory in Economics
    Authors: Yakubova U., Parpieva N., Mirhojaeva N.
    Number of views: 10
  • 258-261
    Analysis of the State of Trains Delayed From Traffic at the Far Eastern Railway Range
    Authors: Buyalo A., Kakunina A.
    Number of views: 10
  • 262-265
    Features of Customs Control of the Import and Export of Licensed Goods in the EAEU
    Authors: Ivashkova A., Sobolev K.
    Number of views: 10
  • 266-270
    Threats and Challenges to the Information Security of Kyrgyzstan
    Authors: Alymbaeva Z., Alimakhunov A.
    Number of views: 10
  • 271-275
    Features and Trends of the Modern Information Space of Kyrgyzstan
    Authors: Alymbaeva Z., Alimakhunov A.
    Number of views: 10
  • 276-281
    Legal Aspects of the Possibility of Termination of the Plea Agreement in Criminal Proceedings of the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Alakhunov N.
    Number of views: 10
  • 287-290
    Separate Aspects of Legal Regulation Educational Activities in the Russian Federation
    Authors: Vidyasova I., Khudoikina T.
    Number of views: 11
  • 291-296
    On the Powers of an Investigating Judge in the Application of a Preventive Measure in the Form of Detention in Criminal Proceedings of the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Kalygulova A.
    Number of views: 11
  • 303-308
    Features of the Experience of Grief in the Ukrainian Ethnic Group
    Authors: Yatsenko A.
    Number of views: 10
  • 309-313
    Interaction of Children With Adults as a Basis of Mental Development in Early Age
    Authors: Kachikeev T., Kozhogeldieva M.
    Number of views: 11
  • 314-323
    Automation of Tutor’s Activities in Higher Education Institutions
    Authors: Donova M., Kiselev V., Veretennikova E., Lozina E., Shcherbakov S.
    Number of views: 10
  • 324-329
    The Role and Place of Pedagogical Techniques in Improving the Professional Skills of Teachers
    Authors: Bekturov T., Chelpakova S.
    Number of views: 10
  • 330-338
    Artificial Intelligence in 21st Century Education a Space for New Teaching Opportunities
    Authors: Akhtyamova I.
    Number of views: 10
  • 339-344
    Yoga on the Physical Culture in Universities as a Means of Improving the Quality of Learning of Technical Students
    Authors: Agliulova L., Panyagin D.
    Number of views: 11
  • 380-386
    The Role of the Head of an Educational Organization for Conflict Prevention During the Introduction of New Distance Learning Forms.
    Authors: Mikhailova E., Khlebnikov A.
    Number of views: 11
  • 387-393
    Historical Evolution of the Division of Children by Age
    Authors: Ergeshova K.
    Number of views: 11
  • 394-397
    Look to the History of the Fuel-Energy Complex of Surkhan Oasis
    Authors: Babaeva S.
    Number of views: 10
  • 398-404
    Main Factors of the Features of the Formation of Housing Construction of South Kyrgyz
    Authors: Marazykov N., Sadykova M.
    Number of views: 10
  • 405-410
    Healthcare System in Uzbekistan: Problems and Reforms.
    Authors: Khujanazarov A., Allamuratov Sh.
    Number of views: 10
  • 411-416
    Devices Commonly Used in English Riddles
    Authors: Aliyeva E.
    Number of views: 11
  • 417-426
    Phonetic Mastering of Arabic Words With Long Vowels in the Turkic Languages
    Authors: Karataeva S.
    Number of views: 10
  • 427-429
    The Characteristics of the Genre and Style in the Works of Yassawi
    Authors: Nosirov Sh.
    Number of views: 11

Number 1, 2021

  • 10-18
    Unusual Order of Chromosome Arrangement Location in Late Prophase - Early Prometaphase of Mitosis in Haploid Maize Plant Obtained With the Use of Mutation ig
    Authors: Yudina R., Levites E.
    Number of views: 143
  • 19-32
    Polyvariance of Shoot Morphogenesis in Clones of Salix triandra (Salicaceae) Against the Background of the Periodicity of Rainstorms
    Authors: Afonin A.
    Number of views: 124
  • 33-48
    Geoactive Zones and the Structure of Plant Communities in Connection With New Discoveries in Space Geology
    Authors: Rogozin M., Mikhalev V., Rybalchenko A.
    Number of views: 140
  • 49-54
    Research and Protection of the Coastal Psammophyte-Desert Vegetation of Absheron National Park
    Authors: Gurbanov E., Guseinova H.
    Number of views: 12
  • 55-58
    Seed propagation of Juniperus foetidissima Willd. in Absheron
    Authors: Rzaeva A.
    Number of views: 12
  • 59-76
    Nature and Human Brain: Information-sharing Paradigms
    Authors: Volobuev A., Romanov D., Romanchuk P.
    Number of views: 14
  • 77-82
    Eco-innovative Mechanisms of Tourism Development in the Aral Sea Region
    Authors: Halimova M.
    Number of views: 12
  • 83-92
    Mathematical Model of the Agricultural Community
    Authors: Romanova A., Kolpak E., Andreeva U., Polina S., & Shmeleva A.
    Number of views: 13
  • 93-97
    Economic Evaluation and Oil Productivity of the Seeds for Different Pumpkin Species
    Authors: Balayan R., Tadevosyan L., Pahlevanyan A.
    Number of views: 13
  • 98-106
    Energy and Economic Efficiency of Cultivation of Legumes
    Authors: Mammadova Sh.
    Number of views: 13
  • 107-112
    Issues, Solutions, Prospects of Pond Fish Culture in Uzbekistan
    Authors: Karimov N.
    Number of views: 11
  • 113-117
    Optimization of Rehabilitation of Frequently Ill Children
    Authors: Suvorov S., Tolstokorov S.
    Number of views: 12
  • 132-157
    Clinical Effectiveness of Rivaroxaban in Patients With Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Thrombosis of the Right Ventricle
    Authors: Murkamilov I., Aitbaev K., Fomin V., Murkamilova Zh., Yusupov F., Aidarov Z., Bayzhigitova A.
    Number of views: 11
  • 158-165
    Assessment of Changes in the Level of Somatotropic Hormone, Cortisol and Blood Glucose in Adolescents With Meningitis of Different Etiology
    Authors: Beregovoi A., Dzholbunova Z.
    Number of views: 13
  • 166-177
    Role of Cytokines of the IL-1 Family in Implantation and Development of Induced Pregnancy
    Authors: Lapshtaeva A., Danilova Ya.
    Number of views: 13
  • 178-187
    Aspects of Organization of Dental Caries Prevention in Children of School Age
    Authors: Kasiev N. Li N.
    Number of views: 13
  • 188-199
    Psychosomatic Behavior Style of Patients With Syphilis in Connection With Their Psychological Defenses
    Authors: Gavrichkova A., Kravtsova N., Gerets A., Terekhova G., Mikhailova Yu., Milovidova E.
    Number of views: 12
  • 200-222
    Gut Microbiota: A New Regulator of Cardiovascular Function
    Authors: Bulgakova S., Zakharova N., Romanchuk P.
    Number of views: 12
  • 230-237
    Development of the Energy Circuits of Development of Contour Regulation of the Supply of Hot Water for Buildings With Variable Flow
    Authors: Shan J., Li J., Guo Z., Levtsev A.
    Number of views: 11
  • 238-247
    Testing of the Model of the Heat Exchanger Supercharger With a Flat Active Part
    Authors: Zhang Q., Liu Ch., Peng Y., Levtsev A.
    Number of views: 12
  • 248-253
    Numerical Simulation of The Effect of Baffle on Heat Transfer Performance of Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger
    Authors: Guo Z., Shan J., Li J., Levtsev A.
    Number of views: 13
  • 254-261
    Numerical Simulation Research on Cavitation Flow of Different Fuels in Diesel Engine Injectors
    Authors: Shan J., Li J., Guo Z., Yang W.
    Number of views: 12
  • 262-269
    Organization of Pulsating Air Flow Through a Heat Exchanger
    Authors: Li J., Shan J., Guo Z., Levtsev A.
    Number of views: 11
  • 270-278
    Research of Acoustically Improved Helmholtz Resonator
    Authors: Li J., Shan J., Guo Z., Levtsev A.
    Number of views: 12
  • 279-287
    Test of the Layout of the Correction Circuit With a Plate Heat Exchanger
    Authors: Guo Z., Shan J., Li J., Levtsev A.
    Number of views: 13
  • 288-295
    Simulation Experiment Research on Six Degrees of Freedom Test Bench Based on Fuzzy PID Control Strategy
    Authors: Zhao G., Chen N., Levtsev A.
    Number of views: 12
  • 296-299
    Study of the Separation of Wood Resin Into Organic Fractions Based on Individual Boiling off of Substances
    Authors: Toktorbaeva G., Tashpolotov Y., Ysmanov E.
    Number of views: 14
  • 300-304
    Processes for Reducing Water-based Fuel and Control of Fuel Emulsion Combustion
    Authors: Bekmuratova B.
    Number of views: 12
  • 305-310
    Research and Obtaining Compounds of Carbonic Acids From Resins of Uzgen Coals
    Authors: Osekova G., Tashpolotov Y.
    Number of views: 15
  • 311-315
    Technology for the Extraction of Rare Earth Elements From Slag Kadamzhai Antimony Combine
    Authors: Erkinbaeva N.
    Number of views: 14
  • 335-339
    Ways of Developing Priorities for the Development of Small Business and Private Enterprise the Construction Sphere
    Authors: Abdullaev A.
    Number of views: 14
  • 350-356
    The Role of Social Commerce in the Development of Small Business in Russia
    Authors: Simakina M.
    Number of views: 12
  • 357-361
    Legal Regulation of the Status of a Sportsman in a Subject of the Russian Federation (On the Example of the Republic of Mordovia)
    Authors: Davydova N., Khudoikina T.
    Number of views: 12
  • 375-381
    Cultural and Ethnic Features of Experiencing Extreme Situations of the Ukrainian Ethnic Group
    Authors: Topcheeva O.
    Number of views: 11
  • 382-386
    Communicative Competence of Doctors in a Conflict Situation of Professional Activity With Patients
    Authors: Zhdanova A.
    Number of views: 13
  • 387-406
    Professional Development and Self-fulfilment of the Teacher in the Current Environment
    Authors: Sviderskaya S., Shabasheva E., Ignatovich Yu.
    Number of views: 14
  • 407-411
    Analysis of the Formation of Conflictological Competence of a Modern Teacher.
    Authors: Smirnova E.
    Number of views: 12
  • 412-418
    Interactional Competence or Communicative Competence: Overview of Related Theories
    Authors: Kertaeva Z.
    Number of views: 12
  • 419-425
    Using Web Technologies in Effective Teaching of Mathematics at Universities
    Authors: Yakubova U., Parpieva N., Mirhojaeva N.
    Number of views: 13
  • 426-433
    Test Designing Principles and Related Problems
    Authors: Kertaeva Z.
    Number of views: 11
  • 434-437
    Human Way of Life as a Form of Organization of Being
    Authors: Petrov I.
    Number of views: 11
  • 438-441
    Values as Defining Elements of Culture
    Authors: Petrova S.
    Number of views: 10
  • 448-453
    Reflection of Historical Personalities in Lullabies in English and Uzbek Languages.
    Authors: Karimova F.
    Number of views: 11
  • 454-460
    The Notion of Phraseological Unit
    Authors: Tairova F.
    Number of views: 12

Number 9, 2020

  • 18-36
    Seasonal Dynamics of Internodes Length of the Shoots of Salix dasyclados Wimm. (Salicaceae Mirb.) Against the Background of Early Summer Drought Stress
    Authors: Afonin A.
    Number of views: 233
  • 37-44
    Molecular-Genetic Analysis of Four Populations of Pinus sylvestris L., With Resin Acids With Anti-microbial Activity
    Authors: Sboeva Ya., Pystogova N., Boronnikova S.
    Number of views: 237
  • 45-52
    Population Characteristics Erodium tataricum Willd
    Authors: Krylova E.
    Number of views: 236
  • 53-61
    Semi-desert Vegetation of Shirvan
    Authors: Gasimzade Т.
    Number of views: 246
  • 62-68
    Distribution of Species of the Orchidaceae Juss. in the Shrubbery and Forest Vegetation of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic
    Authors: Salmanova R.
    Number of views: 230
  • 69-73
    Diseases and Pests Species of Berberis L. in Absheron Condition
    Authors: Salakhova E.
    Number of views: 248
  • 74-87
    Production and Some Energy Indicators in Semi-desert Biogeocenosis of the Ganikh-Airichai valley of Azerbaijan
    Authors: Sariyeva G.
    Number of views: 216
  • 88-95
    Characteristics of Reservoir Properties and Formation Heterogeneity of the Yu2-3 of the Zapadno-Tugrovskoye Oil Field.
    Authors: Bulatov V., Igenbaeva N., Biryukova O., Nanishvili O.
    Number of views: 233
  • 96-102
    Optimum Seeding Density of Spring Wheat Varieties in Karakalpakstan Conditions
    Authors: Bekbanov B., Nagymetov O.
    Number of views: 244
  • 103-113
    Effect of Lupine Straw on Potato Yield and Biological State of Soddy-Podzolic Soil.
    Authors: Rusakova I.
    Number of views: 247
  • 114-119
    Main Measures to Increase the Use of Water-saving Technologies in Agriculture
    Authors: Farmanov T., Yusupova F.
    Number of views: 265
  • 120-126
    Anxiety Disorder, Depressive Symptoms and Sleep Quality During COVID-19
    Authors: Uzakov O., Akhunbaev S., Komissarova S., Alymkulov A.
    Number of views: 233
  • 127-166
    Healthy Microbiota and Natural Functional Nutrition: Humoral and Cellular Immunity
    Authors: Romanchuk N.
    Number of views: 293
  • 167-173
    Analysis of Prognostic Significance of Risk Factors for Development of Chronic Kidney Disease
    Authors: Babayev F.
    Number of views: 248
  • 174-181
    Dispersion Analysis of Risk Factors for Chronic Kidney Disease
    Authors: Babayev F.
    Number of views: 258
  • 182-191
    History and Background of the Implementation of Good Manufacturing Practice Standards in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Review)
    Authors: Toktonalieva N., Toktonaliev I.
    Number of views: 297
  • 192-197
    Sweeteners in Diabetes Mellitus Diet
    Authors: Evseev A.
    Number of views: 231
  • 204-210
    Thermal Oxidating Stabilization and Cleaning From Conductive Impurities of Dielectric Liquid - Esters
    Authors: Abdullayeva M.
    Number of views: 278
  • 211-221
    Thermoelectronic Conversion of Solar Energy Using a Heterostructural Cathode
    Authors: Ismanov Yu., Niyazov N., Dzhamankyzov N., Zhumaliev K.
    Number of views: 220
  • 222-228
    Organoleptic Evaluation of Butter. Features of Conducting and Interpreting Results
    Authors: Guseva T., Soldatova S., Karanyan O.
    Number of views: 265
  • 229-234
    Conceptual Basics of Financial Reporting of Insurance Organizations
    Authors: Arzumanyan S.
    Number of views: 242
  • 248-255
    Comprehensive Approach to Improving System Management, Maintenance and Modernization Homes
    Authors: Davletov I.
    Number of views: 253
  • 256-266
    Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic Investment in Developing Countries
    Authors: Mamatkulov A.
    Number of views: 257
  • 267-275
    Mechanism of Interaction of Industrial Enterprises of Small and Large Business
    Authors: Salimov A.
    Number of views: 238
  • 276-280
    Role of Development of Insurance Organizations in the Republic of Uzbekistan
    Authors: Li Sh.
    Number of views: 268
  • 281-287
    Improvement of the Audit of the Financial Reporting of Insurance Organizations
    Authors: Temirkhanova M., Ochilov I., Li Sh.
    Number of views: 233
  • 288-292
    Digital Legal Consciousness of the Company in the Context of the Legal Policy of the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Aidarbekova G., Umetov K.
    Number of views: 265
  • 293-299
    The Judicial System of the Republic of Karakalpakstan in the Context of Judicial Reform
    Authors: Berdimuratova G.
    Number of views: 292
  • 300-307
    Objectives of the Penitentiary System: Correction, Resocialization, Retraining
    Authors: Boltayev M., Palvanov I.
    Number of views: 256
  • 308-315
    Reform and Digitalization of Pre-trial Proceedings in Criminal Proceedings of the Kyrgyz Republic
    Authors: Smanaliev K.
    Number of views: 294
  • 316-323
    On the Informatization of Criminal Proceedings in the Kyrgyz Republic in the Context of the Introduction of Digital Technologies
    Authors: Sydykova Z.
    Number of views: 272
  • 324-329
    On the Legal Support for the Activities of Khakims in the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Improvement of Their Functions
    Authors: Ermashev Zh.
    Number of views: 292
  • 330-355
    Current State of the Information Security: Formation Mechanisms and Ways to Prevent the Induction of Destructive Ideology Among Adolescents and Youth Under the Influence of Modern Music and Film Culture, Internet Video Content
    Authors: Kuzina N.
    Number of views: 282
  • 356-394
    Information Security in the Context of Pandemic: Methods for Stabilizing Society in Terms of Electronic Media and Internet
    Authors: Kuzina N.
    Number of views: 332
  • 395-400
    Age Features of the Attitude of Students of Special Medical Groups to a Healthy Lifestyle
    Authors: Shirshova E., Kovalenko T., Markelova E., Grudko L.
    Number of views: 239
  • 401-407
    Interconnection of FSES HE on 21.03.01 “Oil and Gas Business” and Professional Standard “Specialist in Production of Oil, Gas and Gas Condensate” on the Example of Implementation Disciplines
    Authors: Kvach I., Kvach S.
    Number of views: 235
  • 408-413
    Features of the Problem of Socio-Demographic Processes of the Population in the Kashkadarya and Surkhandarya Oases (late 19th century)
    Authors: Xolmuminov X.
    Number of views: 230
  • 414-419
    Vocabulary Retention in Cognitive Theory
    Authors: Allanazarova M.
    Number of views: 263
  • 420-423
    Discursive Personality of Personage
    Authors: Abdullaeva Ch.
    Number of views: 241
  • 424-428
    Interference in German Speech of Kyrgyzstan Germans
    Authors: Musabaeva R.
    Number of views: 271
  • 429-434
    Similarity of Meanings of Words Related to Syngarmonism in the Kyrgyz Language and Diwan Lughat at-Turk a Work by Mahmud al-Kashgari
    Authors: Tokosheva J.
    Number of views: 333
  • 435-439
    Modeling of Morphological Analysis and Synthesis of Word Forms of the Natural Language.
    Authors: Kochkonbaeva B., Egemberdieva Zh.
    Number of views: 247
  • 440-444
    Phonetic Features of the Low German (Plattdeutsch) Dialect of Kyrgyzstan Germans
    Authors: Musabaeva R.
    Number of views: 221

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