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Indian Journal of Pathology and Oncology

Number 1, 2019

  • 0
    From the editor’s desk
    Authors: Ranjan Agrawal*
    Number of views: 487
  • 1-8
    Laboratory accreditation in India including latest ISO/IEC 17025:2017: An overview
    Authors: Nimai Chand Patra, S.K. Mukhopadhayay
    Number of views: 768
  • 9-15
    Histopathological and morphometric analysis of surgically resected thoracic aortic aneurysm due to bicuspid aortic valve disease (BAVD)
    Authors: A. Sathish Selvakumar, Sudheer Arava, Ruma Ray, S.K. Choudhary
    Number of views: 683
  • 16-24
    Histopathological study of tumours of bones and joints
    Authors: Gururajaprasad C, Damodaran A. M
    Number of views: 485
  • 25-27
    Analysis of macrocytosis in a tertiary care hospital of North India
    Authors: Noora Saeed, Sayeedul Hasan Arif, A.R. Piyush, Aeman Khalid, Saima Khan
    Number of views: 540
  • 28-34
    A study of morphological spectrum of upper gastrointestinal tract lesions by endoscopy and correlation between endoscopic and histopathological findings
    Authors: Deepa Rani, Stuti Bhuvan, Atul Gupta
    Number of views: 543
  • 35-38
    Fungal rhinosinusitis: A clinicomorphological study in a tertiary institute
    Authors: G. Anushuya, Aja Chandramohan, Ponnusamy Karkuzhali, Manickam Saraswathi
    Number of views: 484
  • 39-46
    Cytokeratin expression is unrelated to hormone receptor expression in breast carcinoma
    Authors: Divya Sharma, Nita Khurana
    Number of views: 580
  • 47-51
    The eukaryotic initiation factor 4E (eIF4E) as a predictive biomarker in the negative margins of resected head and neck and oral cancers: Is there a role for tailoring adjuvant radiotherapy
    Authors: Bindhu Joseph, Rekha V Kumar, Champaka G, Ashok Shenoy, Sabitha K. S
    Number of views: 440
  • 52-56
    Histopathological spectrum of renal tumors in nephrectomy specimens
    Authors: Madhu Kumar R, Meghana P, Vidya Vasudev, Bharathi M
    Number of views: 486
  • 57-62
    Study of expression of vascular endothelial growth factor and histomorphological correlation in colorectal malignancies
    Authors: Adil S. A. K, Sharath Kumar H. K, Chaithra M. S, Bharathi M
    Number of views: 448
  • 63-66
    Cytological diagnosis and management of Bacille-Calmette-Guerin (BCG) induced lymphadenitis in infants
    Authors: Devyani Pendharkar, Mohammad Jaseem Hassan, Sabina Khan, Shaan Khetrapal, Nehal Ahmad, Sujata Jetley
    Number of views: 530
  • 67-74
    A cross sectional study of clinical and aetiological profile of pancytopenia at a tertiary care hospital in Bhopal
    Authors: Nitin Rohira, Farah Jalaly Meenai
    Number of views: 477
  • 75-79
    Clinicopathological and immunohistochemical profile of poorly differentiated neoplasms of stomach and intestine
    Authors: T. Rajeswari, V. Rajalakshmi
    Number of views: 475
  • 80-83
    A profile of endometrioid adenocarcinoma of uterus in a tertiary centre
    Authors: Sumangala. G, Premalatha T.S, Kiran Abhijit Kulkarni, Geeta Acharya, Vishakha C Bidkar
    Number of views: 474
  • 84-89
    Study of cytomorphological spectrum of tuberculous lymphadenitis and correlation with AFB positivity
    Authors: Nitika Vashisht, Urmi S. Chakravarty Vartak, Shailesh Vartak
    Number of views: 487
  • 90-97
    Evaluation of e-cadherin expression in gastric cancer as a prognostic marker
    Authors: Sridevi C, Pavitra K, Jijiyabai
    Number of views: 531
  • 98-101
    Assessment of clinicopathologic features of patients with cutaneous leishmaniasis: A tertiary care centre study
    Authors: Anand Nagalikar, Rashmi Chandragouda Meti
    Number of views: 460
  • 102-106
    A study of hematological parameters and their correlation with thyroid hormone status in non-pregnant women of childbearing age
    Authors: Archana Shetty, Vijaya C
    Number of views: 619
  • 107-111
    A study of coagulation profile in diseases of liver: At tertiary care center hospital
    Authors: Tarun Kotadiya, Varsha Khant, Bhavesh Prajapati
    Number of views: 586
  • 112-117
    Prevalence of various cancers in a rural setting in India –Karaikal
    Authors: R. Thiripurasundari
    Number of views: 454
  • 118-122
    Clinico-pathological evaluation of non-neoplastic and neoplastic skin lesions: A study of 100 cases
    Authors: Gireesh V. Achalkar
    Number of views: 560
  • 123-127
    Utility of evaluation of P53 and BRCA1 in invasive breast cancers: An immunohistochemical study
    Authors: Priyadarshini Dehuri, Srikant Kanungo
    Number of views: 450
  • 128-136
    Diagnostic efficacy of imprint cytology and frozen section of breast lesions
    Authors: Chaithra H, Subhashish Das
    Number of views: 610
  • 137-140
    Histopathological spectrum of pediatric supratentorial brain tumors in a tertiary care hospital
    Authors: Swathi Chilukuri, Ramesh Teegala, Sai Bandarupalli, Asha Thota, Anjana Priyanka Aluri
    Number of views: 470
  • 141-145
    Age and gender wise distribution of cases presenting with cervical lymphadenopathy: A retrospective study
    Authors: Pragati Awasthi, Tina Rai, G.S Rai, Upasana Uniya, Reetesh Gurjar
    Number of views: 476
  • 146-147
    CML presenting synchronously with squamous cell carcinoma of cervix: A case report
    Authors: Amit Pandey, Arun Kumar Yadav, Mansi Barthwal, Disha Tiwari, Rajeev Gupta
    Number of views: 465
  • 148-150
    Orbital aspergillosis masquerading as lymphoma diagnosed by cytology – A case report
    Authors: Amita K, Amita Kumari, Vijay Shankar S, Sanjay M
    Number of views: 452
  • 151-154
    A rare case of oropharyngeal angiomyolipoma
    Authors: Kanica Chaudhary, Veena Ramaswamy, Kinjal Majumdar, Rachana Prasad, Vishal Rao
    Number of views: 510
  • 155-157
    Calcinosis cutis in a background of chronic viral infection: Report of 2 cases: Diagnosed by fine needle aspiration cytology
    Authors: Kaneeka Bhatnagar, Pavneet Kaur, Vikram Narang, Harpreet Kaur
    Number of views: 488
  • 158-160
    A rare case of intrauterine lipoma: A masterful masquerade
    Authors: Varun Bajaj, KC Singh, Rony Chakravarty
    Number of views: 511
  • 161-163
    A rare case of nodular hidradenoma in inguinal region with cytohistological correlation: A case report
    Authors: Varun Kumar, Sujata Raychaudhuri, Kanika Singh, Sheetal G. Gole
    Number of views: 533
  • 164-166
    Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumour of bladder: A case report
    Authors: H.R. Chandrasekhar, Sunita Nyamagoudar, Seema Bijjaragi
    Number of views: 464

Number 4, 2018

  • 518-523
    Role of thoracoscopic pleural biopsy in evaluation of pleural effusion
    Authors: Tameem Afroz*,Sistla Radha
    Number of views: 453
  • 524-530
    Clinicopathological spectrum of Keratinocytic tumors of skin in a tertiary care centre
    Authors: Sujatha R,Tricha Kulhalli*,Manjunatha Y.A
    Number of views: 594
  • 531-535
    Clinico–epidemiological profile of confirmed cases of dengue infection: A tertiary care teaching hospital based study of central India
    Authors: Deepti Gupta,Veena Maheshwari*,Deepankar Parmar
    Number of views: 513
  • 536-541
    Evaluation of nucleic acid testing [NAT] of blood donors
    Authors: Chaithanya K*,Shivakumar S
    Number of views: 582
  • 542-547
    Cytomorphological study of mesenchymal spindle cell lesions of soft tissues by fine needle aspiration cytology
    Authors: Kanika Rastogi,Deepa Rani*,Atul Gupta
    Number of views: 769
  • 548-553
    Evaluation of pancytopenia in adults through haematological parameters and bone marrow studies
    Authors: Pooja Agarwal,Asbah Shams,Prashant Prakash*,Harendra Kumar,Ashwini Nigam
    Number of views: 540
  • 554-557
    Comparative study of coagulation profile in liver disease in tertiary care hospital
    Authors: Prashant Patel,Urvashi Mangar*,R D Patel
    Number of views: 522
  • 558-562
    Paramountcy of platelet parameters in thrombocytopenia- Our hospital experience
    Authors: K Geetha Mala*,Bhumika J Bhandari,Shreekant K Kittur
    Number of views: 484
  • 558-562
    Paramountcy of platelet parameters in thrombocytopenia- Our hospital experience
    Authors: K Geetha Mala*,Bhumika J Bhandari,Shreekant K Kittur
    Number of views: 436
  • 563-570
    A two year retrospective study of ovarian tumours in a rural tertiary care hospital
    Authors: S Kalyani,S R. Muraliprasath*
    Number of views: 516
  • 571-573
    Spectrum of lesion on testicular FNAC excluding infertility cases: A retrospective analysis of cases
    Authors: Farah Jalaly Meenai,Rashmi Nichlani*
    Number of views: 623
  • 574-579
    Study of FNAC in diagnosis of thyroid lesions: A prospective study
    Authors: Sushant Mohite,Rupali Yelave*,Vaibhav Mane
    Number of views: 508
  • 580-586
    Comparative study of platelet indices in coronary artery diseases
    Authors: Gururajaprasad C*,Ishita Maheshkumar Kaneria,Akkamahadevi P,Manjappa Mahadevappa
    Number of views: 543
  • 587-591
    Spectrum of Endometrial lesions in patients presenting with abnormal uterine bleeding
    Authors: M Banyameen Iqbal,Tushar Kambale*,Anushree Khandelwal,Ashily Koshy,Bedarshi Banerjee
    Number of views: 511
  • 592-597
    Significance of nuclear morphometry as a diagnostic tool in fine-needle aspirates of breast masses
    Authors: Indrani Krishnappa,Raja Parthiban*,Akanksha Sharma,Pooja Rani
    Number of views: 587
  • 598-608
    Recent trends in histopathological spectrum of malignancies among females in western Maharashtra
    Authors: Charusheela R. Gore,Indranil Dey*,Harsh Kumar,Kushal Shah,Ishita Gulati
    Number of views: 487
  • 609-612
    Study of Leukopenia as haematological parameter, to find it’s diagnostic rationale in dengue patients
    Authors: Manoj Kumar Gupta,Jagjeevan Ram,*,Poonam Rani,Kamlesh Kumar,Amrita
    Number of views: 511
  • 613-618
    Correlation of serum PSA level with histomorphologic study in prostatic diseases
    Authors: Kavita Kumari,Neelam Sharma*,Sudershan Kumar Sharma,Saroj Jaswal,Kailash Barwal
    Number of views: 516
  • 619-624
    Clinicopathological and immunohistological profile of infiltrating ductal carcinoma breast in a tertiary care centre of western UP- A study of 100 cases
    Authors: Mithila Bisht,Shweta Agarwal*,Ranjan Agrawal
    Number of views: 418
  • 625-630
    Cytological evaluation of thyroid lesions and its correlation with histopathology in a teaching hospital
    Authors: M Kanyakumari*,K Pushpalatha
    Number of views: 560
  • 631-635
    Prevalence of primary CNS tumors in a diagnostic setup in Nairobi, Kenya
    Authors: Jyothi B. Lingegowda,Ramkumar Kurpad R,Prakash H. Muddegowda*,Shuba Srinivasan,Manjunatha HK
    Number of views: 515
  • 636-641
    Non-Hodgkin lymphomas – T cell type: Histomorphology and immunohistochemistry
    Authors: Priavadhana Rajan Prasaad*,Bhawana Ashok Badhe
    Number of views: 480
  • 642-645
    Study of anemia pattern and its correlation with hematological parameters in a tertiary care centre
    Authors: Revathi Shree R,Dost Mohamed Khan*,Naseem N,Thamarai Selvi,Chandana A
    Number of views: 453
  • 646-649
    A retrospective cross sectional analysis of histopathological distribution of breast cancer according to age at a tertiary care teaching hospital
    Authors: Anand Nagalikar,Rashmi Chandragouda Meti*
    Number of views: 433
  • 650-655
    The Bethesda system for reporting thyroid FNAC: A cytohistological correlation in a newly established institute
    Authors: Sampa Choudhury*,Archana H Deshpande,Chitrawati B Gargade
    Number of views: 523
  • 656-662
    Spectrum of gastrointestinal polyps: A tertiary care hospital experience of five years
    Authors: Milind V. Patil,Ujjwal Rathod,Mahesh Deshmukh,Sangeeta Margam*,A. D. Kalgutkar
    Number of views: 540
  • 663-666
    Natural versus synthetic fixative in oral cytological smears – A double blind study
    Authors: Savitri M Nerune*,Mahmood Nawaz Khan,R M Potekar,Vijayalaxmi Patil
    Number of views: 677
  • 667-670
    Role of mast cells in surgically resected specimens of appendices
    Authors: Ravishankar Katkar,Shaista Choudhary*,Neha Singh
    Number of views: 513
  • 671-674
    Pure squamous cell carcinomas of gall bladder: A series of 4 cases
    Authors: Suhail Farooq*,Ambreen Beigh,Sheikh Junaid,Baba Iqbal Khaliq,Jibran Amin
    Number of views: 498
  • 675-679
    Clinicopathological study of ABO blood types in prostate cancer
    Authors: Sushma Shankar*,CSBR Prasad
    Number of views: 416
  • 680-685
    Rhinosporidiosis- A retrospection
    Authors: Shubha P Bhat*,Sajitha K,Jayaprakash Shetty K
    Number of views: 517
  • 686-691
    Role of intensive method of bone marrow iron assessment and serum Ferritin in prediction of iron deficiency: a study of 143 patients
    Authors: Mayank Singh*,Swati Raj,Dwijendra Nath,Pallavi Agrawal,Sufiya Ahmed
    Number of views: 542
  • 692-694
    Bilateral mature cystic teratoma of ovary: A rare case presentation
    Authors: Akansha Baja,Mohammad Jaseem Hassan*,Sabina Khan,Nehal Ahmad,Sujata Jetley
    Number of views: 496

Number 3, 2018

  • 360-365
    Clinicpathological study of ovarian tumors: A 5 year study
    Authors: Shivaji D. Birare, Apurva R. Dale
    Number of views: 511
  • 366-369
    Non-invasive pre-natal testing vs amniocentesis and karyotyping: A David vs Goliath story
    Authors: Varun Bajaj, Rony Chakravarty, Yaduvir Singh, Shankar Ganesh, Avnish Kumar
    Number of views: 608
  • 370-374
    Early renal biopsy in acute renal failure - Expect the unexpected
    Authors: Prashant G Mankar, Sunil Deshpande
    Number of views: 447
  • 375-381
    Study of fine needle aspiration cytology of palpable head and neck lesions in tertiary care centre
    Authors: Jadhav D. S, Barge A. K, Valand A. G
    Number of views: 535
  • 382-384
    Tuberculosis as a co-morbidity finding in medicolegal autopsies
    Authors: Dina Mary .M, Arasi Rajesh, Suresh Durai J
    Number of views: 414
  • 385-390
    A study on histopathological changes in placenta in pre-eclampsia/eclampsia: A case-control study in tertiary care centre, western India
    Authors: CR Gore, Aditi Pandey, Abhinav Shetty, Ruby Rao, Sourabh Paranjape
    Number of views: 839
  • 391-397
    Clinico-hematological evaluation of pancytopenic adults in a tertiary care institution
    Authors: Charusheela R. Gore, P. R. Bardapurkar, Sourabh Paranjape, Shreya Patel, Kunjal Karia
    Number of views: 482
  • 398-404
    Histomorphological study of mucosal changes in gall bladder in a tertiary care centre
    Authors: Ranjan Agrawal, Ankita Srivastava, Nitesh Mohan, Anjana Arya, Jagdamba Sharan, Arun Singh
    Number of views: 432
  • 398-404
    Histomorphological study of mucosal changes in gall bladder in a tertiary care centre
    Authors: Ranjan Agrawal, Ankita Srivastava, Nitesh Mohan, Anjana Arya, Jagdamba Sharan, Arun Singh
    Number of views: 436
  • 405-410
    Renal pathology in maternal deaths: An autopsy study
    Authors: Shruti Chandrakar, Anitha Padmanabhan
    Number of views: 462
  • 411-414
    A retrospective study of coagulation parametres in patients of pregnancy induced hypertension
    Authors: Akash C. Chhabra, Navinkumar R. Patel
    Number of views: 514
  • 415-417
    Immunohistochemistry in breast carcinoma
    Authors: Gireesh V. Achalkar
    Number of views: 404
  • 418-420
    Comparison of immunofluorescence assay (IF) with ELISA in detection of antinuclear antibodies
    Authors: Ashish Tayde, Chetna Agrawal, A. T. Deshmukh
    Number of views: 695
  • 421-428
    Intraoperative frozen section consultation- an audit in a tertiary care hospital
    Authors: A. Sathish Selvakumar, V. Rajalakshmi, K. Meenakshi Sundaram
    Number of views: 547
  • 429-434
    Spectrum of histopathological changes in fibroadenoma of breast
    Authors: Jehan Nizam Ansari, Archana Chirag Buch, Aditi Pandey, Ruby Rao, Ayesha Siddique
    Number of views: 950
  • 435-440
    Pathological variations of lung masses
    Authors: Neha Kakria, Yadvir Garg
    Number of views: 438
  • 441-445
    Study of p53 gene over expression as a prognostic marker in squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity
    Authors: Ruchee Khandelwal, Rohit Sharma, Deepti Agarwal, Aakriti Baijal
    Number of views: 463
  • 446-449
    Seroprevalence of hepatitis E virus among blood donors in tertiary care center of north Gujarat
    Authors: Nimisha Shethwala, Amar Shah, Venu Shah
    Number of views: 399
  • 450-453
    Malignant pleural effusions with unknown primary sites: A 6 years cytological study
    Authors: Akashdeep Singh, Shikha Aggarwal, Neena Sood, Pavneet Kaur Selhi, Aminder Singh
    Number of views: 446
  • 454-457
    Histopathological study of neoplastic lesions of large intestine –A five year experience
    Authors: Aneeta Singh Malhotra, Archana Gupta, Sheikh Mahvesh, Anam Khurshied, Urvashi Andotra
    Number of views: 429
  • 458-462
    A retrospective study of microalbuminuria in patients of diabetes and hypertension
    Authors: Harshid L. Patel, Vandana N. Patel
    Number of views: 389
  • 463-469
    Histopathologic spectrum of adrenal lesions
    Authors: Saritha Karre, Amrutha Gorva, Chandrakumar Shanmugam, V. D. Praveen Kumar Gorrela, Satyanarayana Vee
    Number of views: 389
  • 463-469
    Histopathologic spectrum of adrenal lesions
    Authors: Saritha Karre, Amrutha Gorva, Chandrakumar Shanmugam, V. D. Praveen Kumar Gorrela, Satyanarayana Vee
    Number of views: 455
  • 470-476
    Evaluation and comparative analysis of minimal formalin containing compound fixatives
    Authors: S. Muthuselvi, J. Suresh Durai, Johnsy Merla, K. Shantaraman
    Number of views: 519
  • 477-483
    Clinico-histomorphological spectrum of abnormal uterine bleeding
    Authors: Ramesh B.H, Rajeshwari .K
    Number of views: 427
  • 484-486
    Frozen section as a guide in intra operative decision making in management of adnexal mass lesions
    Authors: Subbiah S, G. Gopu, Sujay Susikar, Prinith Siga Fells
    Number of views: 384
  • 487-493
    Diagnostic significance of various cytomorphological features and their quantification for the diagnosis of papillary carcinoma thyroid on fine needle aspiration cytology
    Authors: Chetna Sharma, Babu Jacinth, Vijayakumar Harivanzan
    Number of views: 499
  • 494-497
    Study of effect of exchange transfusion in pre-term and term infants: A prospective study
    Authors: Alaka Sahu, Deepak Kumar Dasmohapatra, Kailash Chandra Agrawal
    Number of views: 394
  • 498-504
    Value of bronchial wash and brush cytology in addition to histology in the diagnosis of lung cancer
    Authors: Ruchee Khandelwal, Deepti Agarwal, Surbhi Bansal
    Number of views: 454
  • 505-508
    Analysis of metastatic bone disease in a tertiary care centre
    Authors: Subalakshmi .B, B. Nellaiyappan, J. Thanka
    Number of views: 408
  • 509-511
    Proliferative fasciitis, a rare pseudosarcoma
    Authors: Ajitha Porkodi KV, Thanka Johnson, Rajendiran Swaminathan, Susruthan Muralitharan, Lawrence D Cruze
    Number of views: 583
  • 512-515
    Mucinous tubular and spindle cell carcinoma kidney with sarcomatoid and rhabdoid differentiation- A rare entity
    Authors: Fadiya Zainudeen, Umasankar .P, Lakshmi Priya .U, Jayalakshmy P S, Asiq Sideeque
    Number of views: 416
  • 516-517
    Oncocytic lipoadenoma of parotid gland with sebaceous differentiation
    Authors: Vadlamudi Swathi, HR. Chandrasekhar
    Number of views: 461

Number 2, 2018

  • 173-177
    Immunohistochemical expression of Ki-67 in gall bladder carcinoma
    Authors: Ankit Ojha1, Tanu Agrawal, Shubhanshu Gupta, Pragati Singh, Arushi Agarwal
    Number of views: 675
  • 178-183
    Placental pathology in low birth weight babies a prospective observational study
    Authors: Chaithra R Jadhav, Banushree C Srinivasamurthy, Ramchandra V Bhat, Vinita Agrawal, Harendra Kumar
    Number of views: 742
  • 184-188
    Fine needle aspiration cytology: A diagostic tool in evaluation of lymphadenopathy in paediatric age
    Authors: Komal Sawaimul, M. Banyameen Iqbal, Vijayalaxmi Sawaimul, Tusar Kambale
    Number of views: 602
  • 189-194
    Fine needle aspiration cytology of thyroid lesions and classification as per the bethesda system
    Authors: Radhika Puri, Roopak Aggawal, Priyanka Chadda, Satish Sharma, Jyoti Mishra
    Number of views: 613
  • 195-201
    Prospective study of apoptotic index and mitotic index as a predictor of response to radiation in subjects of squamous cell carcinoma of uterine cervix treated by radical radiotherapy
    Authors: Gorijavolu Durgaprasad
    Number of views: 570
  • 202-207
    Space occupying lesions of central nervous system: A radiological-histopathological correlation study
    Authors: Sunila, Kumarguru. B.N., T S Vasan, Manjunath. G.V.
    Number of views: 739
  • 208-211
    Clinicopathological study of basal cell carcinoma over a period of nine years- from Uttar Pradesh
    Authors: Shweta Grover, Rani Bansal
    Number of views: 672
  • 212-215
    Study of serological prevalence of transfusion transmissible infections among blood donors in a tertiary care hospital in North India
    Authors: Anita Omhare, Neetu Purwar, Sanjeev K Singh, Ujma Rana
    Number of views: 553
  • 216-220
    Efficacy of cell block immunocytochemistry in the diagnostic workup of non hodgkin lymphoma-experience from a tertiary care hospital in North India
    Authors: Pradyumn Singh, Anurag Gupta, Namrata P Awasthi, Ashish Singhal, Gaurav Gupta
    Number of views: 629
  • 221-229
    Diagnostic discrepancies in fine needle aspiration diagnosis of parotid gland lesions in a resource limited hilly region
    Authors: Binay Kumar, Usha Joshi, Bhawana Pant, Deepa Arya
    Number of views: 734
  • 230-236
    Vitamin B12 deficiency, its prevalence and haematological manifestations - A study in a tertiary care hospital
    Authors: Jenita Christiana Samson, Umamaheswari Karuppanan, Hemalatha Ganesan, Sudha Velusamy, Priya Thangara
    Number of views: 690
  • 237-241
    A cross sectional study of the reasons for deferral of voluntary blood donors at a district blood bank attached to a medical college hospital in southern Karnataka
    Authors: K L Shoba, P Subhas Babu
    Number of views: 565
  • 242-248
    Histomorphological spectrum of colonic biopsies: A two year study
    Authors: Ch. Geetha, M. Pavani, Shailaja Prabhala, A.K. Deshpande
    Number of views: 647
  • 249-253
    Phyllodes tumor of the breast- Cytohistological study
    Authors: Sweety Goyal, Kamna Gupta, Alok Mohan, Anupam Varshney, Veena K. Sharma
    Number of views: 623
  • 254-261
    Spectrum of breast lesions and cyto- histopathological correlation - A retrospective study in a teaching institution in North Malabar
    Authors: Amritha Malini. G, Mary Nandini Singh, K.A. Aisabi
    Number of views: 628
  • 262-268
    Abnormal uterine bleeding: role of sonography and histopathology in endometrial study with emphasis on the organic causes
    Authors: M. Supriya, Atiya Begum
    Number of views: 603
  • 269-272
    Morphological patterns of FNAC of lymph nodes
    Authors: Sidhaling Reddy, Vinay Kumar .R, Anirudha V .Kushtagi, Hemavathi Reddey, Kazi Wajid Husain
    Number of views: 718
  • 273-276
    Spectrum of gallbladder diseases- a comparative study in North Vs South Indian population
    Authors: Harendra Kumar, Garima Dundy, Hema Kini, Avani Tiwari, Minakshi Bhardwaj
    Number of views: 725
  • 277-282
    Utility of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in the diagnosis of soft tissue tumors and tumor like lesions
    Authors: Anitha Padmanabhan, Sonali Rajesh Saraf, Vandita Singh, Nikita Anil Patel
    Number of views: 652
  • 283-285
    Histopathological spectrum of cystic ovarian mass- A one year study
    Authors: Bharti Devi Thaker, Deepa Hans
    Number of views: 560
  • 286-289
    Assessment of the quality of fresh frozen plasma and refrozen thawed fresh frozen plasma – A prospective study at a tertiary care teaching hospital in Chennai
    Authors: D. Umesh, Arumugam P
    Number of views: 726
  • 290-293
    Study of semen quality by SQA (QwikCheck Gold)
    Authors: Ranjana Hawaldar, Sadhna Sodani
    Number of views: 674
  • 294-297
    Estimation of impedance platelet count and mean platelet volume in cases of severe microcytosis – A prospective study
    Authors: Archana Gupta, Swati Gupta, Aneeta Singh, Arvind Khajuria
    Number of views: 672
  • 298-301
    Histopathological spectrum of thyroid lesions
    Authors: Ayesha Fatima, Rashmi A. Tolnur, B. V Patil, V. D. Dombale
    Number of views: 680
  • 302-307
    Evaluation of histomorphological findings and malignancies in postmenopausal bleeding
    Authors: M. Pavani, Ch. Geetha, L. Peter Ericson, Ashok Kumar Deshpande
    Number of views: 630
  • 308-313
    Ewing sarcoma of proximal tibial epiphysis: An unusual presentation with review of literature
    Authors: Ruchi Sinha, Iffat Jamal, Amar Kumar, Anup Kumar
    Number of views: 600
  • 314-317
    Morphometrical analysis of the spectrum of small round cell tumors in a tertiary care centre
    Authors: Lawrence D’Cruze, Susruthan M, G Barathi, Leena D Joseph, Suresh Varadarajan, Sandhya Sundaram
    Number of views: 611
  • 318-325
    Correlation of microvessel density with tumor type, tumor size, histological grade and lymph node status of breast carcinoma
    Authors: V. Vijayasree, S. V Ramana, R.S. Ashok Kumar, Ranveer Singh, Dr. Sandhya Anil
    Number of views: 591
  • 326-331
    Histopathological spectrum of lesions in women with postmenopausal bleeding
    Authors: Vidya Vasudev, Geetha S, Rejani K., Bharthi. M
    Number of views: 643
  • 332-337
    Clinicopathological correlation of ovarian tumors in a tertiary care hospital
    Authors: Sudha V., Volga Harikrishnan, Sridevi. M, Padma Priya
    Number of views: 772
  • 338-340
    Histopathological spectrum of cervical lesions- Our institute experience
    Authors: Mandakini Patel, Mala Jain, Ravi Lotlikar
    Number of views: 773
  • 341-344
    Post-donation variations in various hematological parameters, serum ferritin and Hba1c level in diabetic and non-diabetic donors: A study report
    Authors: Chhita Ranjan Prasad, Deepak Kumar Dasmohapatra, Anuradha Panda, Kailash Agrawal
    Number of views: 705
  • 345-348
    Intracystic papillary carcinoma of breast- A rare disease entity in males
    Authors: Afnan Gul, Sandhyalakshmi B.N, Srinivasa Murthy V
    Number of views: 536
  • 349-351
    Extranodal primary non hodgkin lymphoma of breast: Multimodal approach to diagnosis
    Authors: Nandkumar V. Dravid, Nikhil U. Ningurkar, Dhiraj B. Nikumbh, Arundhati S. Gadre
    Number of views: 528
  • 352-353
    Apocrine hidrocystoma arising from a nevus sebaceous: A case report
    Authors: Smita Masamatti, Vijaya. C.
    Number of views: 729
  • 354-356
    A rare clinical presentation of urinary bladder carcinoma: A case report
    Authors: Rekha N Patil, Sandhya Poflee, Waman Raut
    Number of views: 596
  • 357-359
    Lipoma digits: Commonest tumour – Uncommonest sites: Report of 2 cases
    Authors: Ranjan Agrawal, Miti Gupta, Jagdamba Sharan, Parbodh Kumar
    Number of views: 577

Number 1, 2018

  • 1-5
    Colonoscopy and Microscopy: Two sides of the coin- Our experience at Tertiary Care Centre in Central India
    Authors: Archana Randale, Sanjay Parate, Kirti Jaiswal, Saroj Meshram, Shilpa Tathe.
    Number of views: 601
  • 6-11
    Study to identify the role of high performance liquid chromatography in detecting haemoglobinopathies in antenatal patients
    Authors: Komal D. Sawaimul, M. Banyameen Iqbal, Vijayalaxmi D. Sawaimul, Tushar Kambale, Rajharsh Hanmante.
    Number of views: 751
  • 12-17
    Diagnostic accuracy of squash cytology and role of GFAP immunoexpression in glial tumors
    Authors: Sanjeev Kishore, Brijesh Thakur, Aparna Bhardwaj, Anuradha Kusum.
    Number of views: 602
  • 18-24
    Syphilis in blood donors: Pre-transfusion serological screening by Rapid Plasma Reagin (RPR) Test at the blood bank of a Teaching Medical Institute in North Gujarat, India
    Authors: Dipakkumar R. Prajapati, B. H. Parmar.
    Number of views: 1062
  • 25-28
    Histopathological study of ovarian tumours
    Authors: Neethu GV, Divya P, Preethi CR, Rajashekar KS, Soumya BM.
    Number of views: 590
  • 29-34
    Fine-needle aspiration cytology of granulocytic sarcoma: A cytomorphologic analysis
    Authors: Chetan M. Dharaiya, Trupti S. Patel, Majal G. Shah, Jahnavi S. Gandhi.
    Number of views: 635
  • 35-41
    Thyroid cytology reporting by the Bethesda System: A two-year experience at an academic institute
    Authors: Lalji G. Valiya, Seema N Baxi.
    Number of views: 613
  • 42-45
    Histopathologic correlates of clinically verrucous lesions
    Authors: Leena Dennis Joseph, C. N. Sai Shalini, Subalakshmi B., Divya D., V. Pavithra.
    Number of views: 1228
  • 46-50
    A cytological comparison of efficacy of bronchioalveolar lavage, transbronchial needle aspiration and image guided fine needle aspiration for diagnosis of pulmonary lesions in a rural tertiary care centre
    Authors: Ivreet Kaur, Eshita Dadwal, Sanjay Bedi, Sameer Singhal, Amit Mittal.
    Number of views: 605
  • 51-54
    Anemia in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2dm) and its association with vitamin B12 deficiency
    Authors: Smriti Rathore, Prashant Kumar Singh, Anjana Kumar.
    Number of views: 612
  • 55-60
    Expression of Cytokeratin 8 in oral squamous cell cancer
    Authors: Pooja Jaiswal, Yogesh Kumar Yadav, Siddhartha Shanker Sinha, Mayank Kumar Singh.
    Number of views: 766
  • 61-66
    Study of dimorphic anemia in adults with reference to basic etiology
    Authors: Deepthi. A, CSBR Prasad, Raghavendra Prasad B. N..
    Number of views: 1108
  • 67-74
    Epidemiology of neoplastic eyelid lesions in tertiary care hospital
    Authors: Sushma TA, Geethamani V, Thejaswini MU, Suguna BV, Dharani VC.
    Number of views: 684
  • 75-80
    Spectrum of tumour and tumour-like lesions of bone in a Tertiary Care Hospital in North Karnataka, India
    Authors: Gayathri T., Shashikala V., Sody Rekha.
    Number of views: 613
  • 81-86
    A dynamic approach to gynaecomastia
    Authors: K. Anji Reddy, G. Vahini.
    Number of views: 739
  • 87-91
    Histopathological evaluation of cerebral lesions
    Authors: Minesh B. Gandhi, Harshid L. Patel, Aakash Shah.
    Number of views: 574
  • 92-96
    Study of histomorphological patterns of salivary gland tumors
    Authors: Kishan Bookya, Raghuram Mohan.
    Number of views: 570
  • 97-105
    Study of paediatric renal biopsies with clinicopathologic correlation and comparison with literature on adult renal biopsies
    Authors: Kirti Khetan, Gunjan Gupta, Swarnalata G..
    Number of views: 544
  • 106-111
    Cytologic analysis of body fluids with an emphasis on malignant effusions
    Authors: Ayyagari Sudha, Padmaja Korti, Shailaja Prabhala, Ashok Kumar Deshpande.
    Number of views: 776
  • 112-117
    Diagnostic utility of haematological parameters and C-reactive protein in early detection of neonatal septicaemia in developing countries
    Authors: Rakshatha Nayak, Subhan Ali R, Nisha T.G.
    Number of views: 680
  • 118-122
    Lymphnode cytopathology and CD4 count in HIV positive patients
    Authors: Amrutha Gorva, Saritha Karre, Chandrakumar Shanmugam, Satyanarayana Veeragandham, V D Praveenkumar G.
    Number of views: 632
  • 123-129
    Distribution of head and neck lesions diagnosed on histopathology in Western U.P.: A retrospective study
    Authors: Shweta Agarwal, Ranjan Agrawal, Prachi Gupta, Prabodh Kumar.
    Number of views: 733
  • 130-135
    Clinicopathological spectrum of fungal infections in a Tertiary Care Centre
    Authors: M. Sridevi, C. Vimala, S. Chitra.
    Number of views: 831
  • 136-144
    Correlation of p63 protein expression and Ki-67 labelling index with histological grades of meningiomas: A five years study
    Authors: Sujani C. Madabhushi, Shrinivas B. Somalwar, S. Chandrasekar, V. Vijay Sreedhar.
    Number of views: 674
  • 145-149
    Histopathological spectrum of cholecystectomy specimens in a tertiary care hospital in Bangalore
    Authors: Anushree C. N., Sunita B. Patil, Sampath Kumar C., Shwetha Pallavi M. S., H. T. Jayaprakash.
    Number of views: 611
  • 150-153
    Histomorphological study of corneal dystrophies
    Authors: Thejaswini MU, Geethamani V, Sushma TA, Suguna BV, Bhargavi Mohan.
    Number of views: 651
  • 154-156
    Secondary renal amyloidosis complicating psoriatic arthropathy
    Authors: Shruti Chandrakar, Anitha Padmanabhar, Nitin M. Gadgil.
    Number of views: 596
  • 157-160
    Invasive carcinoma no special type, pleomorphic carcinoma: Case report of a rare variant of invasive breast carcinoma
    Authors: Deepu Mathew Cherian, C. N. Sai Shalini, Leena Dennis Joseph, Bhawna Dev, Vishwanath M. Pai.
    Number of views: 693
  • 164-165
    Soft tissue metastasis of renal cell carcinoma: A case report
    Authors: Sujitha J., Leena D Joseph, J. C.Bose, P. Prithviraj, Sathish Srinivasan.
    Number of views: 610
  • 166-169
    Diagnosis of Cysticercosis in post auricular swelling on FNAC- A case report
    Authors: Prashant V. Kumavat, Anjali Mahajan, Chetan S Chaudhari, Ganesh Kshirsagar, Poorva Rane.
    Number of views: 610
  • 170-172
    Myeloid sarcoma of maxillary sinus
    Authors: Simi C. M., K. R. Leenadevi, Boben Thomas.
    Number of views: 547

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