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International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science

Number VOl.2 No.4, 2014

  • 6-11
    Active Cardiac Model and its Application on Structure Revealing from Fetal Ultrasound Sequence
    Authors: Manikandan. M1, Prof.S.Prabakar2
    Number of views: 770
  • 12-20
    Non Conventional Energy’s Overview Sources of India
    Authors: Sachi Sharma
    Number of views: 781
  • 21-25
    Microstrip Patch Yagi-Uda Array for Millimeter Wave Applications
    Authors: Mahesh Kumar Aghwariya
    Number of views: 863
  • 26-35
    Study of Different Risk Management Model and Risk Knowledge acquisition with WEKA
    Authors: Kiranpreet Kaur1, Amandeep Kaur1, Rupinder Kaur1
    Number of views: 838
  • 36-43
    Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Using Hard Decision Fusion Scheme
    Authors: Nikhil Arora1, Rita Mahajan1
    Number of views: 756
  • 44-50
    New Unicast Routing Protocol Using Comparative Study of Proactive, Reactive and Hybrid protocols for MANET
    Authors: Karan Sood1, Nagendra sah1
    Number of views: 696
  • 51-57
    Performance Analysis of medical Image Using Fractal Image Compression
    Authors: Akhil Singal1, Rajni2
    Number of views: 695
  • 58-63
    Future Forecast Sale of Electronic Devices AsE-waste
    Authors: 1Aditya Kumar Gautam, 2Amanjot Singh
    Number of views: 739
  • 64-70
    Comprehensive bandwidth by Dielectric Resonator Antenna
    Authors: Pragya Soni
    Number of views: 747
  • 71-79
    Development of Canned Cycle for CNC Milling Machine
    Authors: S.N Sheth1, Prof. A.N.Rathour2
    Number of views: 821
  • 80-86
    A Study on Automobile Air-Conditioning Based on Absorption Refrigeration System Using Exhaust Heat of a Vehicle
    Authors: S.S.Mathapati1, Mudit Gupta2, Sagar Dalimkar2
    Number of views: 843
  • 87-92
    The Transition of Phrase based to Factored based Translation for Tamil language in SMT Systems
    Authors: Dr. Ananthi Sheshasaayee1, Angela Deepa. V.R2
    Number of views: 693
  • 93-100
    Analysis and Control of Three Phase Multi level Inverters with Sinusoidal PWM Feeding Balanced Loads Using MATLAB
    Authors: Rajesh Kumar Ahuja 1, Amit Kumar 2
    Number of views: 701
  • 101-109
    Record Values from Size-Biased Pareto Distribution and a Characterization
    Authors: Shakila Bashir1, Munir Ahmad2
    Number of views: 748
  • 110-127
    Ultra Wide Band Filter from Defected Ground Structures as Complementary Split Ring Resonator by with Simultaneously Double Negative Permittivity ε and permeability µ
    Authors: Cherinet Seboka Ambaye1,2, Guoping Zhang 1, Yunhu Wu1,3
    Number of views: 692
  • 128-146
    An Investigation on Behavior of Centrally Loaded Shallow Foundation on Sand Bed Reinforced with Geogrid
    Authors: S.Panda1, N.H.S Ray2
    Number of views: 623
  • 147-153
    Design of MEMS Based Elecrostatically Controlled Micromirror Using COMSOL Multiphysics
    Authors: Pooja Bansal# , Anurag Singh*
    Number of views: 891
  • 154-161
    Design of Cache Memory Cell for Leakage Power Reduction
    Authors: Anil Kumar Gautam1, Mahesh Kumar Aghwariya1
    Number of views: 730
  • 162-176
    Application of Response Surface methodology (RSM) for the Removal of Nickel Using Rice Husk ASH as Biosorbent
    Authors: Sravan Kumar Danda1, Ch. V. Ramachandramurthy2, K.Dayana3, Ch.V.N.Sowjanya1
    Number of views: 704
  • 177-181
    A New Car Selection in the Market using TOPSIS Technique
    Authors: Srikrishna S1, Sreenivasulu Reddy. A1, Vani S1
    Number of views: 1029
  • 182-89
    Biometric Template Feature Extraction and Matching Using ISEF Edge Detection and Contouring Based Algorithm
    Authors: Deven Trivedi1, Rohit Thanki1, Ashish Kothari2
    Number of views: 746
  • 190-194
    Ram Control Block of Vector Display Processor
    Authors: N. Agarwala1
    Number of views: 682
  • 195-198
    Comparative Study of type-1 and Type-2 Fuzzy Systems
    Authors: Neetu Gupta 1
    Number of views: 693
  • 199-203
    Design of High Speed Multiplier using Vedic Mathematics
    Authors: Surbhi Bhardwaj1, Ashwin Singh Dodan1
    Number of views: 748
  • 204-211
    Modeling and Characterization of Tunable Piezoelectric Actuator
    Authors: Meenu Pruthi1, Anurag Singh2
    Number of views: 698
  • 212-219
    TCP Traffic Based Performance Comparison of Manet Routing Protocol
    Authors: Dinesh Kumar1, Mr. Anil Yadav 2,Dr. Mukesh Sharma3
    Number of views: 656
  • 220-228
    To Analyze Joule Heating in Thermal Expansion with Copper Beryllium Alloy
    Authors: Raman Babbar1, Anurag Singh2
    Number of views: 753
  • 229-237
    Detection of High Rate STBC in Frequency Selective m- Nakagami Fading Environment
    Authors: Devendra Kumar1, Nandkishor S Vansdadiya1, Amit Kumar Kohli1
    Number of views: 768
  • 238-251
    Perspectives of Transport and Disposal of Municipal Solid Waste in Srinagar City
    Authors: Niyaz Ahmad Khan
    Number of views: 690
  • 252-260
    Novel Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activities of Silver Nanoparticles in Room- Temperature Ionic Liquids
    Authors: K. Rajathi1, A. Rajendran2
    Number of views: 779
  • 261-265
    Performance Evaluation of Time Reversed Space Time Block Codes in Nakagami-m Fading Channel
    Authors: Subhashini Dhiman1, Surbhi Sharma1
    Number of views: 669
  • 266-275
    CFD Analysis of Electrolyte Flow Pattern in Pulse ECM and to Optimize MRR for Circular Tool
    Authors: 1Anamika Mishra, 2D B Jadhav, 3P V Jadhav
    Number of views: 703
  • 276-280
    Face Recognition using Principal Component Analysis with DCT
    Authors: Kiran D. Kadam1
    Number of views: 713
  • 281-287
    Time Efficient Equations to Solve Calculations of Five Using Recursion Method
    Authors: Sahana S Bhandari1, Shreyas Srinath1
    Number of views: 644
  • 288-292
    Detecting Wormhole Nodes in WSN using Data Trackers
    Authors: Harleen Kaur1, Neetu Gupta2
    Number of views: 668
  • 293-298
    Analysis and Study of Quality Factor for Simple Fixed Beam MEMS Resonator
    Authors: Meenu Pruthi1, Anurag Singh 2
    Number of views: 712
  • 299-306
    Image Encryption using Different Techniques for High Security Transmission over a Network
    Authors: Mohammad Sajid Qamruddin Khizrai 1, Prof. S.T.Bodkhe2
    Number of views: 735
  • 307-312
    Neighboring Optimal Solution for Fuzzy Travelling Salesman Problem
    Authors: D. Stephen Dingar1, K. Thiripura Sundari 2
    Number of views: 677
  • 313-318
    Max-Relay Selection in Cooperative Wireless Networks with Data Compression
    Authors: Alok M. Jain1, Neeraj Tiwari2
    Number of views: 683
  • 319-325
    Protecting Source and Sink Node’s Location Privacy against Adversaries in Sensor Network: A Survey
    Authors: Pavitha N1, S.N. Shelke2
    Number of views: 652
  • 326-227
    Using Wavelet for Finding Fault Place and Neural Network for Types of Facult in Transmission Lines
    Authors: Mohammad Ali Adelian Rahul S Desai
    Number of views: 727
  • 338-347
    A Network Overview of Massive MIMO for 5G Wireless Cellular: System Model and Potentials
    Authors: Ramya Ranjan Choudhury1
    Number of views: 744
  • 348-353
    Various Issues in Computerized Speech Recognition Systems
    Authors: Shally Gujral1, Monika Tuteja1, Baljit Kaur1
    Number of views: 790
  • 354-363
    Assessment of Physico- Chemical Parameters of Upper Lake Bhopal M.P. India
    Authors: Muzaffar U Zaman Khan1, Ishtiyaq Majeed Ganaie1
    Number of views: 684
  • 364-371
    Application of 7 Quality Control (7 QC) Tools for Continuous Improvement of Manufacturing Processes
    Authors: Varsha M. Magar1, Dr. Vilas B. Shinde2
    Number of views: 1263
  • 372-278
    Moving Object Detection and Tracking for Video Survelliance
    Authors: Ms Jyoti J. Jadhav
    Number of views: 741
  • 379-384
    Speech Compression for Better Audibility Using Wavelet Transformation with Adaptive Kalman Filtering
    Authors: P. Sunitha1, Satya Prasad Chitneedi2
    Number of views: 631
  • 385-388
    A Study of Page Replacement Algorithms
    Authors: Anvita Saxena
    Number of views: 858
  • 389-397
    Color Image Segmentation with Different Image Segmentation Techniques
    Authors: Rupali B. Nirgude1, Shweta Jain1
    Number of views: 694
  • 398-402
    Secured Communication for Missile Navigation
    Authors: Kulkarni Laxmi G1, Dawande Nitin A1
    Number of views: 663
  • 403-407
    WNS for Agricultural Monitoring & Development
    Authors: Piyusha D.Patil, Prof N.A.Dawande
    Number of views: 654
  • 408-421
    Application of Grey Based Design of Experiment Technique in Optimization of Charpy Impact Testing
    Authors: Md. Shadab1, Rahul Davis2
    Number of views: 604
  • 422-431
    Design of Low Area and Low Power Modified 32-BIT Square Root Carry Select Adder
    Authors: Garima Singh1
    Number of views: 638
  • 432-446
    AXI Interconnect Between Four Master and Four Slave Interfaces
    Authors: Mayank Rai Nigam1, Mrs Shivangi Bande2
    Number of views: 997
  • 447-455
    A New Pan-Sharpening Method Using Joint Sparse FI Image Fusion Algorithm
    Authors: Ashish Dhore1, Dr. Veena C.S2
    Number of views: 619
  • 456-460
    A Survey & Assessment of Noise Removal Methods in Imageing
    Authors: Nikhil Gupta1, Rampal Kushwaha2
    Number of views: 694
  • 461-464
    Effect of Altitude on the Efficiency of Solar Panel
    Authors: Manoj Kumar Panjwani 1, Dr. Ghous Bukshsh Narejo1
    Number of views: 711
  • 465-478
    Cash Flow of High Rise Residential Building
    Authors: Dipti R. Shetye1, Dr. S.S.Pimplikar2
    Number of views: 654
  • 479-486
    Factors Influencing Anxiety among Epilepsy Patients at Selected Hospital in Chennai
    Authors: Dr. S. Sujithra
    Number of views: 604
  • 487-498
    Application of Response Surface Method in Optimization of Impact Toughness of EN24Steel
    Authors: Rohit Pandey1, Rahul Davis2
    Number of views: 629
  • 499-503
    Effect of Humidity on the Efficiency of Solar Cell (photovoltaic)
    Authors: Manoj Kumar Panjwani 1, Dr. Ghous Bukshsh Narejo1
    Number of views: 703
  • 504-409
    DGS Technique for Parameter Enhancement of MSA
    Authors: SunilKumar Vats1, Hitanshu Saluja2
    Number of views: 707
  • 510-517
    Design of a High Speed FIR Filter on FPGA by Using DA-OBC Algorithm
    Authors: Vijay Kumar Ch1, Leelakrishna Muthyala1, Chitra E2
    Number of views: 687
  • 518-522
    Stabilization of Ammonium Nitrate for Phase Modification (ll) by Co-crystallization with Copper (ll) Nitrate (Trihydrate)
    Authors: Manish Kumar Bharti1, Sonia Chalia2
    Number of views: 711
  • 523-530
    E-Waste Management Practices: Specific Focus on Indore & Jabalpur
    Authors: Dr. Devendra S Verma1, Shekhar Agrawal1
    Number of views: 720
  • 531-540
    Dynamic Behavior of 2-D Flexible Porous Vertical Structure Exposed to Waves and Current – A Numerical Simulation
    Authors: Sonia Chalia1
    Number of views: 665
  • 541-548
    Enchanced Fault RIDE-THROUGH Technique for PMSG Wind Turbine Systems Using DC Link Based Rotor-Side Controlled
    Authors: Anas Abdulqader khalaf, Prof P.D. Bharadwaj
    Number of views: 583
  • 549-561
    Numerical Simulation for Heat Transfer Enchancement in a Triangular Ribbed Channel with Winglet Vortex Generators
    Authors: 1Amit Garg, 2Sunil Dhingra
    Number of views: 611
  • 574-581
    Numerical Differential Protection of Power Transformer using Walsh Hadamard Transform and Block Pulse Function Based Algorithm
    Authors: Kumari Rashmi1, Dr. Ramesh Kumar2
    Number of views: 605
  • 582-588
    Multimodal Biometrics Information Fusion for Efficient Recognition using Weighted Method
    Authors: Shalini Verma1, Dr. R. K. Singh2
    Number of views: 653
  • 589-598
    Microstrip Transmission Line Sensor for Rice Quality Detection: An Overview
    Authors: Dinesh Kumar Singh1, Prateek Kumar2, Naved Zafar Rizvi3
    Number of views: 686
  • 599-603
    A Survey of Power Supply Techniques for Silicon Photo-Multiplier Biasing
    Authors: R. Shukla1, P. Rakshe2, S. Lokhandwala1, S. Dugad1, P. Khandekar2, C. Garde2, S. Gupta1
    Number of views: 596
  • 604-616
    Counter ion Effects in AOT Systems and New Fluorocarbon- based Micro Emulsion Gels Counter Ion Effects in AOT Systems
    Authors: Narjes Nakhostin Maher, Mohammad Ali Adelian
    Number of views: 636
  • 617-623
    Design of a Focused Crawler Based on Dynamic Computation of Topic Specific Weight Table
    Authors: Meenu 1, Priyanka Singla1, Rakesh Batra1
    Number of views: 915
  • 624-628
    Use of Phase Change Materials in Construction of Buildings: A Review
    Authors: Pawan R. Ingole1, Tushar R Mohod2, Sagar S Gaddamwar2
    Number of views: 651
  • 629-634
    Modeling the deformation of Earth Dam during an Earthquake
    Authors: Mohammad reza kahoorzadeh1, Masoud dehghani2
    Number of views: 616
  • 635-640
    Use of Smart Wireless Node in Vehicle Networking
    Authors: Shripad S. Kulkarni1, Prof. Ramesh. Y. Mali1
    Number of views: 588
  • 641-647
    Blind Aid: A Self-Learning Braille System for Visually Impaired
    Authors: Shahbaz Ali Khidri¹, Shakir Hussain Memon², Aamir Jameel³
    Number of views: 630
  • 648-659
    CFD Simulation of Heat Transfer Enhancement by Plain and Curved Winglet Type Vertex Generators with Punched Holes
    Authors: Russi Kamboj*, Prof. Sunil Dhingra (Asst. Prof.), Prof.Gurjeet Singh (Asst. Prof.)
    Number of views: 557
  • 660-677
    Carbon Nanotubes: A Review on Synthesis, Properties and Applications
    Authors: Kalpna Varshney
    Number of views: 659
  • 678-682
    Review on Microstrip Patch Antennas using Metamaterials
    Authors: Atul Kumar1, Nitin Kumar2, Dr. S.C. Gupta2
    Number of views: 710
  • 683-691
    Frequency Analysis of Healthy & Epileptic Seizure in EEG using Fast Fourier Transform
    Authors: Meenakshi, Dr. R.K Singh, Prof. A.K Singh
    Number of views: 625
  • 692-696
    Parental Controlled Social Network with Multiparty Access Control and String Search
    Authors: Anu P Salim1, Reeba R1
    Number of views: 638
  • 697-707
    Performance Analysis of Multi-Cylinder C.I. Engine by using Various Alternate Fules
    Authors: N. BalajiGanesh1,Dr. B Chandra Mohan Reddy2
    Number of views: 590
  • 708-715
    An Implementation of proficient Rectified Probabilistic Packet Marking for Tracing Attackers
    Authors: Naveen Kumar S. Koregol1, Chaithanyaprabhu.A.S2, Raghavendra K3, Sayyed Johar4
    Number of views: 675
  • 716-718
    SVM Based Spatial Data Mining for Traffic Risk Analysis
    Authors: Roopesh Kumar1,Diljeet Singh Chundawat2, Prabhat Kumar Singh3
    Number of views: 605
  • 719-729
    Optimization of Process Parameters Influencing MRR, Surface Roughness and Electrode Wear During Machining of Titanium Alloys by WEDM
    Authors: P. Abinesh1, Dr. K. Varatharajan2, Dr. G. Satheesh Kumar3
    Number of views: 632
  • 730-737
    Analysis of Liver MR Images for Cancer Detection using Genetic Algorithm
    Authors: Yamini Upadhyay1, Vikas Wasson1
    Number of views: 580
  • 738-741
    Applications of Intelligent Transportation Systems using RFID Systems
    Authors: Satheesh Kumar M, Prof. Ramesh Y. Mali
    Number of views: 672
  • 742-746
    Permeability Behaviour of Self Compacting Concrete
    Authors: Monika Dhakla1, Dr S.K. Verma2
    Number of views: 638
  • 747-753
    Preheating of Biodiesel for the Improvement of the Performance Characteristics of Di Engine: A Review
    Authors: Tushar R. Mohod1, S.S. Bhansali1, S.M. Moghe1, T.B. Kathoke1
    Number of views: 714
  • 763-768
    A Review on Detection of Motion in Real Time Images Using Pel Approach
    Authors: 1Mr.Parveen Kumar (M.Tech Student), 2Mrs.Pooja Sharma (Astt.Prof.)
    Number of views: 570
  • 769-779
    Design Consideration in an Automatic Can/Plastic Bottle Crusher Machine
    Authors: Vishal N. Kshirsagar1, Dr. S..K Choudhary2, Prof. A.P Ninawe2
    Number of views: 724
  • 780-784
    Implementation of dual axis solar tracker model by using microcontroller
    Authors: Mr. Vishal Bhote1, Prof. Jaikaran Singh2
    Number of views: 653
  • 785-791
    SNM Analysis of Sram Cells at 45nm, 32nm and 22nm Technology
    Authors: Gourav Arora1, Poonam2, Anurag Singh3
    Number of views: 684
  • 792-801
    Analysis of a Regenerative Gas Turbine Cycle for Performance Evaluation
    Authors: Rajiv Ranjan1, Dr. Mohammad Tariq
    Number of views: 654
  • 802-808
    Review Paper of Adaptive Work Performance Analysis of Turbojet Engines
    Authors: Kamal Kumar Pradhan1, Bhoumika Sahu1, Hemrani Gajendra1
    Number of views: 590
  • 809-814
    Effect of Fiber Orientations on Tribological Behaviour of PALF Reinforced Bisphenol-A Composite
    Authors: Manu Prasad .M .P1, Vinod. B2, Dr. L.J. Sudev3
    Number of views: 650
  • 815-824
    Study and Analysis of Flow of an In-compressible Fluid past an Obstruction
    Authors: 1Deepak Kumar
    Number of views: 644
  • 825-830
    Influence of Fiber Length on the Tribological Behaviour of Short PALF Reinforced Bisphenol-A Composite
    Authors: Supreeth S1, Vinod B2, Dr.L.J. Sudev3
    Number of views: 581
  • 831-835
    Applications of MATLAB’s Toolbox to Recognize Handwritten Characters Part 2: Experimental Results
    Authors: 1Pallavi Aggarwal, Yashasvi Rawal
    Number of views: 595
  • 836-841
    Review on Relay Node Placement Techniques to Increase System Capacity in WSN
    Authors: Baldeep Kaur Brar1, Abhilasha2
    Number of views: 629
  • 842-851
    Evaluation of Under-Five Malaria Treatment in Sierra Leone: A Case Study Kenema District Hospital
    Authors: Gegbe. B1, Kokofele I1
    Number of views: 550
  • 852-863
    Environmental Contamination By Radionuclides And Heavy Metals Through The Application Of Phosphate RocksDuring Farming And Mathematical Modeling Of Their Impacts To The Ecosystem
    Authors: Meserecordias W. Lema1, Jasper N. Ijumba1, Karoli N. Njau1, Patrick A. Ndakidemi*1
    Number of views: 630

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