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Number 0502, 2020

  • 5
    Genealogy of concepts of sustainable development and inclusive economic growth
    Authors: Vladyslav Makhonin
    Number of views: 180
  • 6
    Smart technology based on financial content management
    Authors: Denys Medvedovskyi
    Number of views: 167
  • 6
    The role of institutional support mechanisms for global IT outsourcing development
    Authors: Olha Yatsenko, Tetiana Didukh
    Number of views: 166
  • 6
    Intensification vectors of trade integration of the post-soviet countries
    Authors: Tetiana Tsygankova, Olena Iatsenko
    Number of views: 173
  • 6
    Factors and features of the smart-economy development
    Authors: Iryna Kalenyuk, Iryna Uninets
    Number of views: 164
  • 6
    Formation peculiarities of modern business models of adult education institutions
    Authors: Yuriy Zelenin, Alevtyna Kudinova
    Number of views: 149
  • 6
    Management of global marketing communications in the context of international business
    Authors: Yegor Shevtsov, Tatiana Obolenska
    Number of views: 204
  • 6
    Risks and threats to ensuring food security of Ukraine: methodological foundations and practical evaluation
    Authors: Oleg Skydan, Vadym Hrynyshyn
    Number of views: 148
  • 7
    Trust asset management: essence and features
    Authors: Perminov Stanislav, Djakona Valentina
    Number of views: 178
  • 7
    A strategy development for a smooth transition into the remote studies in Latvian education institutions in a pandemic
    Authors: Jevgenija Dehtjare, Igors Babics, Olga Verdenhofa, Viktoriia Riashchenko
    Number of views: 205
  • 7
    Efficiency evaluation of the diversification of the enterprise activity in the temporary accommodation and catering field
    Authors: Dmytro Voronets
    Number of views: 157
  • 8
    Problems of realization of the intellectual component of innovative development of Ukraine
    Authors: Liudmyla Tsymbal
    Number of views: 185
  • 9
    Development of human resources in Ukraine: key challenges and prospects in dimension of international comparisons
    Authors: Levchenko Anna, Nemchenko Tetiana
    Number of views: 245
  • 10
    Global business network: off-shore model’s diversification and impact
    Authors: Yaroslava Stoliarchuk, Denys Ilnytskyy, Glib Turolev
    Number of views: 160

Number 0501, 2020

  • 6
    Startup marketing strategy to attract venture capital at the age of digitalization
    Authors: Olena Kanishchenko, Yuliia Kuznetsova
    Number of views: 672
  • 7
    Formation of socially responsible supply chain management based on a balanced scorecard
    Authors: Rustam Aslanzade
    Number of views: 250
  • 7
    The online marketing complex in tourism
    Authors: IJ Malhotra, J Dehtjare
    Number of views: 182
  • 8
    Competitiveness of higher education system: international dimension
    Authors: Anna Verbytska, Nataliia Kholiavko
    Number of views: 273
  • 8
    Human resources competitiveness of Ukraine: comparative analysis of the socio-economic prerequisites
    Authors: Olha Kirichenko
    Number of views: 359
  • 13
    Soft skills gap and improving business competitiveness by managing talent in the hospitality industry
    Authors: Oļegs Ņikadimovs, Tetiana Ivanchenko
    Number of views: 338

Number 0402, 2019

  • 5
    Economization of media education: globalizing trend
    Authors: Andrii Chuzhykov, Viktoria Chuzhykova
    Number of views: 256
  • 6
    Dominant business models in the global pharmaceutical industry
    Authors: Roman Simonov
    Number of views: 291
  • 6
    Marketing in the socio-economic development of Ukrainian cities in the context of European dimension
    Authors: Volodymyr Pylypchuk, Arutiun Papoian
    Number of views: 235
  • 6
    Trends of social entrepreneurship
    Authors: Jevgenija Dehtjare, Viktoriia Riashchenko
    Number of views: 224
  • 7
    The state of the global market of project financing and the problems of its development in Ukraine
    Authors: Tetiana Mayorova, Iryna Petrenko, Iaroslav Shevchuk
    Number of views: 430
  • 9
    The impact of application of information-communication technology to increase the efficiency of management in tourism
    Authors: Aleksandra Jovanoviã
    Number of views: 257
  • 11
    On innovation activities development
    Authors: Oleh Khymenko
    Number of views: 218

Number 0401, 2019

  • 5
    Ecotourism – an important factor in sustainable development and environmental protection: the experience of Uzbekistan
    Authors: Bekzod Halilov, Jevgenija Dehtjare
    Number of views: 480
  • 5
    Qualification profile of human resources in the security sector
    Authors: Sevdalina Ilieva Dimitrova, Stoyko Dimitrov Stoykov, Rumen Angelov Marinov
    Number of views: 232
  • 5
    Self-organization and creativity: modes of synergistic reasoning in cognitive and educational activity
    Authors: Maksym Halchenko
    Number of views: 266
  • 6
    The stimulating directions of higher education internationalization in the process of integration into the European higher education and research area
    Authors: Anna Verbytska
    Number of views: 253
  • 7
    Modern challenges of higher education’ development in Latvia and Ukraine
    Authors: Iryna Kalenyuk, Deniss Djakons
    Number of views: 292
  • 7
    Enhancing central resources and social capital to increase customer loyalty in the context of services at English centers
    Authors: Nguyen Tran Cam Linh, Duong Quynh Nga, Phan Thi Ngoc Tam, Vuong Minh Khoa
    Number of views: 236
  • 9
    Institutional approach to development of functional and target consent of subjects of higher education system modernization
    Authors: Nataliia Kholiavko
    Number of views: 247
  • 9
    Globalization and development of infrastructure: the case of agricultural market
    Authors: Denys Ilnytskyy, Dmytro Voichak
    Number of views: 257
  • 11
    Communication competence, job motivation and teaching performance
    Authors: Vanessa Joy Z. Judith
    Number of views: 244
  • 13
    The analysis of MICE tourism development in the world and in Uzbekistan
    Authors: Kamila Khafizova, Jevgenija Dehtjare
    Number of views: 1125

Number 0302, 2018

  • 4
    Modern management hypotheses: staged development of management products
    Authors: Stanislavs Miscenko
    Number of views: 235
  • 6
    Trends of social entrepreneurship
    Authors: Jevgenija Dehtjare, Viktoriia Riashchenko
    Number of views: 244
  • 6
    Problems and peculiarities of the formation of intellectual capital of Ukrainian business
    Authors: Evelina Panchenko
    Number of views: 246
  • 7
    Comprehensive assessment of the relationship between economic growth and material welfare
    Authors: Yuliia Prydannykova
    Number of views: 240
  • 7
    Stressors of mother – administrators in higher education institutions
    Authors: Michael C. Mabalay
    Number of views: 262
  • 8
    Financial aspects of education quality assurance in Latvia
    Authors: Iryna Kalenyuk, Olga Verdenhofa, Lyudmyla Tsymbal
    Number of views: 238

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