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Moldovan Medical Journal

Number 2, 2021

  • 5-11
    Ischemic stroke in children depending on risk factors
    Authors: Mariana Sprincean, Svetlana Hadjiu, Cornelia Calcii, Nadejda Lupusor, Ninel Revenco, Stanislav Groppa
    Number of views: 11
  • 12-15
    Refractory status epilepticus – a major problem for the practitioners
    Authors: Cornelia Calcii, Svetlana Hadjiu, Mariana Sprincean, Ludmila Feghiu, Nadejda Lupusor, Ninel Revenco, Stanislav Groppa
    Number of views: 9
  • 16-20
    Anxiety and depressive disorders associated with epilepsy in women of reproductive age
    Authors: Victoria Duca
    Number of views: 9
  • 21-25
    Indirect lung injury predictive model in experimental trauma
    Authors: Oleg Arnaut, Ion Grabovschi, Serghei Sandru, Gheorghe Rojnoveanu, Ruslan Baltaga
    Number of views: 9
  • 26-32
    Myocardial remodeling in NSTEMI patients with intermediate and low cardiovascular risk exposed to delayed revascularization
    Authors: Artiom Surev, Lucia Cioban, Mihaela Ivanov, Ion Popovici, Valeriu Cobet, Mihail Popovici
    Number of views: 10
  • 33-36
    Posible differential diagnosis of various chronic nonbacterial prostatites
    Authors: Artur Colta
    Number of views: 11
  • 37-41
    The role of cell signaling molecules in the pathogenesis of glomerulonephritis in children
    Authors: Angela Ciuntu
    Number of views: 8
  • 42-48
    A survey of public knowledge and attitude towards tissue, cell donation and transplantation in the Republic of Moldova
    Authors: Tatiana Timbalari, Oleg Lozan, Igor Codreanu, Viorel Nacu
    Number of views: 9
  • 49-52
    The dental pulp chamber evaluation by using cone-beam computed tomography
    Authors: Stella Samson, Viorel Nacu
    Number of views: 10
  • 53-57
    Experimental substantiation of hyperthermic exogenous and endogenous factors prompt neutralization in burn injuries
    Authors: Roman Chornopyshchuk
    Number of views: 8
  • 58-64
    Some morphological aspects of myocardial bridges
    Authors: Mihail Tasnic, Ilia Catereniuc
    Number of views: 12
  • 65-69
    Comparative analysis between En-bloc resection and transurethral resection of non-muscular invasive bladder tumors
    Authors: Ivan Vladanov, Alexei Plesacov, Vitalii Ghicavii
    Number of views: 8
  • 70-78
    Cardiomyopathy secondary to Duchenne muscular dystrophy in children
    Authors: Iulia Rodoman, Ina Palii, Victoria Sacara, Sergiu Gladun
    Number of views: 9
  • 79-86
    Comparative analysis of the skin decellularization methods
    Authors: Olga Macagonova, Doina Risnic, Adrian Cociug, Viorel Nacu
    Number of views: 9

Number 1, 2021

  • 5-9
    Antibiotic susceptibility and factors involved in virulence and persistence of Acinetobacter baumannii strains
    Authors: Greta Balan
    Number of views: 25
  • 10-21
    Adhesive diseases in children. Prevention, diagnosis and treatment strategies
    Authors: Jana Bernic, Lilia Baranov, Valentin Bernic, Eva Gudumac
    Number of views: 25
  • 22-24
    Opportunities of Fenspiride anti-inflammatory therapy in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    Authors: Valentin Calancea, Sergiu Matcovschi, Svetlana Nichita, Constantin Martiniuc
    Number of views: 24
  • 25-28
    The clinical pattern of patients with recurrent stroke
    Authors: Elena Manole, Mihaela Chitoroaga
    Number of views: 27
  • 29-34
    Stress before and after surgery in patients with laparoscopic treatment of gallstone disease and inguinal hernia
    Authors: Mekola Halei, Ivan Marchuk, Andrii Prodan, Ihor Dzubanovskyi
    Number of views: 26
  • 35-40
    Lactobacillus rhamnosus, and Lactobacillus reuteri with estriol in the treatment of vaginal dysbiosis pathologies
    Authors: Liliana Profire, Adriana Niguleanu, Natalia Corolcova, Mihaela Burac, Veronica Cotelea
    Number of views: 24
  • 41-44
    Silent cardiovascular risk factors among medical students
    Authors: Svetlana Gavriliuc, Anastasia Buza, Cristina Butovscaia, Valeriu Istrati
    Number of views: 24
  • 45-49
    The individual variability of the arterial ”corona mortis”
    Authors: Zinovia Zorina, Dan Croitoru, Eugen Cerevan
    Number of views: 24
  • 50-55
    Chromosomal abnormalities in men with azoospermia
    Authors: Stela Racovita, Veaceslav Mosin, Svetlana Capcelea, Ana Misina, Mariana Sprincean
    Number of views: 23
  • 56-62
    Preliminary data from the retrospective and prospective observational studies on NSTEMI patient management in Moldova
    Authors: Ana Plugaru, Mihaela Ivanov, Victoria Ivanov, Ion Popovici, Lucia Ciobanu, Olga Dicusar, Mihail Popovici
    Number of views: 30
  • 63-67
    Stem-cell therapies in critical limb ischemia
    Authors: Sergiu Visnevschi, Tatiana Malcova, Anatol Calistru, Viorel Nacu
    Number of views: 22
  • 68-70
    Predictive molecular markers of resistance to chemotherapy in breast cancer
    Authors: Valerian Cucieru
    Number of views: 22
  • 71-75
    Diagnostic markers of urinary bladder tumors
    Authors: Ivan Vladanov, Alexei Plesacov, Artur Colta, Vitalii Ghicavii
    Number of views: 25
  • 76-79
    Angioarchitecture of the major duodenal papilla and its relevance for endoscopic sphincterotomy
    Authors: Eleferii Pitel, Serghei Suman, Evghenii Gutu
    Number of views: 22

Number 6, 2020

  • 5-11
    Clinical and serological characteristics of early systemic lupus erythematosus
    Authors: Maria Garabajiu, Lucia Mazur-Nicorici, Virginia Salaru, Ghenadie Curocichin, Victoria Sadovici-Bobeica, Minodora Mazur
    Number of views: 77
  • 12-15
    Management of elderly patients with chronic myeloproliferative hemopathies
    Authors: Vasile Musteata, Valentina Stratan, Larisa Catrinici, Larisa Musteata, Cristina Dudnic
    Number of views: 69
  • 16-20
    Modern industrial pharmaceutical forms used in dermatological practice in the Republic of Moldova
    Authors: Alexandru Znagovan, Vladislav Gogu, Margarita Fetman, Tatiana Caisim
    Number of views: 67
  • 21-24
    Evolutionary particulars of COVID-19 in elderly patients
    Authors: Ana Popa, Anatolie Negara, Gabriela Soric, Ana Popescu
    Number of views: 75
  • 25-32
    Diagnosis and modern medical-surgical tactics in treatment of biliary atresia in children
    Authors: Gheorghe Gincu, Eva Gudumac, Nina Braniste, Ina Revenco, Doina Haidarli, Oleg Samciuc
    Number of views: 75
  • 33-35
    Prevalence of 35delG mutation in GJB2 gene in the Moldovan population
    Authors: Anastasia Buza, Sergiu Parii, Cristina Butovscaia, Daniela Galea-Abdusa, Luminita Radulescu, Ghenadie Curocichin
    Number of views: 67
  • 36-44
    Updates on classification and management of status epilepticus
    Authors: Cristina Munteanu, Vitalie Chiosa, Stanislav Groppa
    Number of views: 73
  • 45-48
    Uterine arteriovenous malformation
    Authors: Constantin Toncoglaz
    Number of views: 74
  • 49-51
    The use of penile Doppler ultrasonography in the detection of vascular erectile dysfunction
    Authors: Serghei Toncoglaz
    Number of views: 72
  • 52-56
    The psychotherapeutic aspect of psychic trauma in epilepsy
    Authors: Elena Condratiuc
    Number of views: 77
  • 57-62
    Presurgical and postsurgical neuropsychological assessment in epilepsy
    Authors: Natalia Doten
    Number of views: 71
  • 63-67
    Clostridium difficile infection in the intensive care unit
    Authors: Gheorghe Placinta, Valentina Vorojbit, Victor Pantea, Lilia Cojuhari, Valentin Cebotarescu, Lidia Placinta, Dan Croitoru
    Number of views: 75

Number 5, 2020

  • 5-8
    Reorganization and resilience of brain networks in focal epilepsy
    Authors: Dumitru Ciolac
    Number of views: 67
  • 9-14
    Functional features in interstitial lung diseases
    Authors: Diana Calaras, Doina Rusu, Aliona David, Victor Botnaru
    Number of views: 71
  • 15-18
    S100 protein in molecular subtypes of breast cancer
    Authors: Ecaterina Carpenco
    Number of views: 75
  • 19-25
    Assessment of bronchiectasis in adult HIV/AIDS patients
    Authors: Oxana Munteanu, Doina Rusu, Diana Tambala, Victor Botnaru
    Number of views: 73
  • 26-29
    Neuromodulatory approach in paroxysmal neurological disorders
    Authors: Pavel Leahu, Stanislav Groppa
    Number of views: 76
  • 30-34
    The development of the automated information system of pharmaceutical staff management
    Authors: Stela Adauji, Galina Croitoru, Vladimir Safta
    Number of views: 74
  • 35-38
    Early detection of urinary bladder tumors with narrow band imaging
    Authors: Ivan Vladanov, Alexei Plesacov, Ghenadie Scutelnic, Vitalii Ghicavii
    Number of views: 74
  • 39-44
    The morbidity rate of acute stroke among adult population in both Moldova and India
    Authors: Gheorghe Ciobanu, Victoria Melnicov, Nasarulla Nasarudeen
    Number of views: 72
  • 45-50
    The risk factors for developing primarily detected pulmonary tuberculosis requiring hospitalization
    Authors: Veronica Feller, Aurelia Ustian
    Number of views: 74
  • 51-53
    Acute transverse myelitis in a HIV-positive patient with COVID-19
    Authors: Victor Nemtan, Evghenia Hacina, Galina Topciu, Elena Manole, Vitalie Lisnic, Majda Thurnher, Rüdiger von Kummer
    Number of views: 69
  • 54-61
    Applicability of next generation genetic testing in epilepsy through whole exome sequencing
    Authors: Daniela Catereniuc, Viorica Chelban, Stanislav Groppa
    Number of views: 69
  • 62-67
    Precancerous gastric lesions: pathophysiology and symptomatology
    Authors: Adriana Botezatu, Nicolae Bodrug, Viorel Istrate
    Number of views: 72

Number 4, 2020

  • 6-11
    Immunoexpression of matrix metalloproteinases MMP-1, MMP-2, MMP-9 and MMP-14 in extragenital endometriosis and eutopic endometrium
    Authors: Eugeniu Cazacu, Eremei Zota, Claudiu Margaritescu, Radu Niguleanu, Ruslan Pretula
    Number of views: 79
  • 12-17
    Stability studies of isohydrafural and fluocinolone acetonide combined ointment
    Authors: Elena Donici, Vladimir Valica, Livia Uncu
    Number of views: 75
  • 18-22
    Identifying levels of professional communication language skills training
    Authors: Aliona Busuioc, Victoria Vintu
    Number of views: 80
  • 23-26
    Determination of carotenoids in extracts from species of Tagetes and Calendula
    Authors: Anna Benea, Cristina Ciobanu, Maria Cojocaru-Toma, Nicolae Ciobanu
    Number of views: 80
  • 27-34
    Macrophages and dendritic cells density correlates with depth of invasion in the prostate carcinoma
    Authors: Tatiana Globa, Lilian Globa, Valeriu David, Pavel Globa, Elina Pelin, Lilian Saptefrati
    Number of views: 74
  • 35-42
    Compatibility determination of potassium orotate with spironolactone by high-performance liquid chromatography
    Authors: Ecaterina Mazur, Martin Schmid, Livia Uncu
    Number of views: 76
  • 43-48
    The role of endothelin-1 in the doxorubicin cardiotoxicity
    Authors: Lilia Tacu
    Number of views: 84
  • 49-53
    Particularities of ensuring with medicines the patients with rare diseases in the Republic of Moldova
    Authors: Elena Zgircu
    Number of views: 76
  • 54-60
    The influence of entomological preparations on oxidative stress in subacute inflammation
    Authors: Ina Gutu
    Number of views: 76
  • 61-64
    Antimycotic activity of phenoxythiazolchloralum
    Authors: Ana Podgornii, Vladimir Valica, Serghei Pogrebnoi, Lucian Lupascu, Andrei Uncu, Fliur Macaev
    Number of views: 81
  • 65-74
    Diagnosis and management of ischemic stroke: time is critical
    Authors: Stanislav Groppa, Eremei Zota, Adrian Bodiu, Alexandru Gasnas, Elena Manole, Natalia Ciobanu, Pavel Leahu, Daniela Efremova, Igor Crivorucica, Danu Glavan, Tatiana Balanuta
    Number of views: 82
  • 75-79
    Inflammatory glaucoma. Elements of etiology and pathology
    Authors: Valeriu Cusnir, Lilia Dumbraveanu, Liliana Groppa, Vitalie Cusnir, Nicolae Bobescu, Valeriu Cusnir Jr
    Number of views: 80

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