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Business Inform

Number 2, 2021

  • 6-12
    Main Approaches to Assessing the Economic and Financial security: The Essence and Directions of Improvement
    Authors: Solodovnik O. O.
    Number of views: 81
  • 13-20
    The Paradigm of Circular Economy in the Conditions of Ukraine
    Authors: Varfolomieiev M. O.
    Number of views: 121
  • 21-26
    The Theoretic-Methodical Aspects in Management of Foreign Economic Activity of Ukrainian Economic Entities
    Authors: Kondratenko N. O., Ternova I. A., Kolesnyk T. M.
    Number of views: 78
  • 27-34
    Poland’s Experience in Implementing the Structural Economic Policy of Cities
    Authors: Zhabynets O. Y., Sukhyi O. O.
    Number of views: 78
  • 35-40
    The State regulation of Public Procurement in Ukraine in the Context of Reforms and Integration Processes
    Authors: Laiko O. I.
    Number of views: 86
  • 41-47
    Innovative Development in the Sphere of Trade
    Authors: Luchko H. Y.
    Number of views: 84
  • 48-56
    Capital Investment in the Economy of Lviv Region: Rating, Tendencies and Directions of Revitalization
    Authors: Savitska O. Р., Savitska N. V.
    Number of views: 114
  • 56-61
    Concession as a Form of Implementation of Public-Private Partnership Projects in Ukraine and World-Wide
    Authors: Shuliuk B. S.
    Number of views: 81
  • 62-72
    Modern Technologies for Management of Outsourcing IT Projects
    Authors: Dudnyk O. O., Sokolovska Z. M.
    Number of views: 86
  • 72-80
    Creating a Сatalog of IT Services of Universities Based on ITIL Standards
    Authors: Vasyliv V. B., Shvets F. D., Khomenchuk A. A.
    Number of views: 78
  • 81-88
    The Impact of Monetary Policy on the Financial Stability of the Banking System: Setting a Modeling Problem
    Authors: Pilko A. D., Kramar V. R.
    Number of views: 140
  • 88-93
    Features of Modeling the Probability of Bankruptcy Using Discriminant Models with Application in Economic Forensics
    Authors: Hubanova I. V.
    Number of views: 80
  • 94-98
    Digitalization of the Educational Process: The Views of Students
    Authors: Shchetinina L. V., Rudakova S. H., Danylevych N. S., Monastyrska K. R.
    Number of views: 128
  • 99-103
    Gender Equality Among Cadets and Students of Aviation and Technical Higher Education Institutions
    Authors: Kiriukhina M. V., Vodolazska N. V.
    Number of views: 71
  • 104-110
    Educational Migration of Student Youth: Challenges and Consequences for Ukraine
    Authors: Shepel T. V.
    Number of views: 90
  • 111-118
    Analyzing the Demand for Educational Services of Higher Education Institutions in Terms of Individual Specialties
    Authors: Skrypnyk A. V., Nehrey M. V., Petrenko A. A.
    Number of views: 107
  • 119-130
    Technologies for Researching the Level of Economic Sustainability of Regional System
    Authors: Bril M. S., Pyvavar I. V.
    Number of views: 91
  • 131-137
    Risks of Industrial Enterprises in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Authors: Orlova O. M.
    Number of views: 123
  • 138-143
    Influence of Mergers and Acquisitions Processes on the Competitiveness of the Agricultural Sector
    Authors: Kudryashova S. V., Taran O. M.
    Number of views: 76
  • 143-151
    The Ecological Component of Sustainable Development of Agriculture
    Authors: Strapchuk S. I.
    Number of views: 79
  • 152-160
    Analyzing the Tourism Demand in Ukraine: The Current Status and Prospects
    Authors: Yevtushenko O. V., Нaponenko H. I., Shamara I. M.
    Number of views: 131
  • 161-168
    The Scientific-Methodical Aspects of Identifying the Sources of Competitive Advantages for Retail Enterprises
    Authors: Chorna M. V., Volosov A. M., Rieznyk M. O.
    Number of views: 77
  • 169-175
    Development of Business Processes in the Sanatorium-Resort Sphere
    Authors: Vlashchenko N. M., Riabiev A. A., Tonkoshkur M. V.
    Number of views: 77
  • 176-182
    The Gender Features of the Labor Market in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Authors: Khandii O. O., Amosha O. O., Mosiichuk D. O.
    Number of views: 71
  • 183-189
    The Adequacy of Setting the Level of Minimum Wage in Ukraine
    Authors: Shyfrina N. I.
    Number of views: 96
  • 190-197
    Researching the Development of Remote Work in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic
    Authors: Bondarenko О. M., Tardaskina T. M., Bogatyryova L. D.
    Number of views: 129
  • 198-209
    The Scientific-Methodological Approaches to Transport Risks Management in Multimodal Freight Transportations
    Authors: Yanchuk M. B., Pron S. V., Fedyna V. P., Cherednichenko K. V.
    Number of views: 90
  • 210-215
    Performance Indicators of Enterprises as Systems at the Micro Level: An Updated Paradigm in the Context of «Structure – System»
    Authors: Zavgorodniy I. V.
    Number of views: 81
  • 216-222
    Automation of Enterprise Business Processes Using the Method of Stochastic Modeling and WorkFlow Techniques – EPC
    Authors: Horbas I. M., Linnik M. S.
    Number of views: 108
  • 223-232
    Matrix Methods in Assessing the Feasibility of Accounting Outsourcing
    Authors: Ivanenko V. O., Laichuk S. M.
    Number of views: 150
  • 232-239
    Implementing the State Budget Accounting Policy with the Use of Automated Systems in Ukraine
    Authors: Davidyuk A. A., Kambur I. V.
    Number of views: 103
  • 239-244
    Features of the Display of Social and Labor Indicators in the Integrated Reporting
    Authors: Karpushenko M. Y., Shakhverdyan D. S.
    Number of views: 75
  • 244-249
    National and Foreign Experience of Stocks Management: The Accounting Aspect
    Authors: Hnatiuk O. M., Bala O. I.
    Number of views: 77
  • 249-255
    The Methodical and Organizational Provision of Internal Audit of Revenues and Expenses for the Communal Non-Profit Healthcare Enterprises
    Authors: Momot T. V., Illiashenko O. V.
    Number of views: 73
  • 256-265
    The Priorities for Increasing the Efficiency of the Local Budgets’ Formation
    Authors: Drepin A. V.
    Number of views: 99
  • 266-273
    The Features of Capital Management in Joint Stock Companies
    Authors: Kvasha O. V.
    Number of views: 70
  • 273-279
    The Achievements, Problems and Prospects of Functioning and Circulation of Agricultural Receipts in Ukraine
    Authors: Abramova I. V.
    Number of views: 73
  • 279-285
    Assessing the Personal Income Tax as a Fiscal Indicator
    Authors: Assessing the Personal Income Tax as a Fiscal Indicator
    Number of views: 86
  • 286-292
    Determining the Financial Strategy of the Confectionery Industry Enterprise When Analyzing Its Financial Sustainability
    Authors: Rohanova H. O., Yaryna V. V.
    Number of views: 104
  • 292-299
    Fiscal Burden in the National Economy: A Dynamic Aspect
    Authors: Fiscal Burden in the National Economy: A Dynamic Aspect
    Number of views: 85
  • 299-307
    Analyzing and Assessing the Level of Budget Efficiency of Administrative Districts of Volyn
    Authors: Vakhovych I. M., Nedopad H. V.
    Number of views: 129
  • 308-315
    Assessing the Tendencies in the Production, Sales and Organization of Consumption of Food Products and Services
    Authors: Sukacheva-Trunina S. M.
    Number of views: 105
  • 315-322
    Problems of Competitiveness of Small Forms of Food Retail in Lviv
    Authors: Kryveshko O. V., Kunditskaja G. S.
    Number of views: 98
  • 323-329
    Modern International and Domestic Tendencies in the Development of Winemaking Industry as Result of Efficient Interaction of Stakeholders
    Authors: Portna O. V., Herehiieva H. Y.
    Number of views: 97
  • 330-336
    The Theoretical and Methodological Aspects of Managing the Balance of Interests of Producers and Consumers of Recreational Services in Ukraine
    Authors: Obolentseva L. V., Voronina O. O.
    Number of views: 80
  • 336-345
    Developing the Marketing Research as to Satisfaction of Requirements of Organization’s Stakeholders on the Basis of Methodical Instrumentarium of Quality Management
    Authors: Stankevych I. V., Polishchuk I. I., Borysevych E. H.
    Number of views: 101
  • 346-351
    Modern Approaches to Formation of a Social Media Marketing Strategy
    Authors: Chemorda P. O., Vasiutkina N. V.
    Number of views: 88

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