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Business Inform

Number 10, 2019

  • 8-16
    Ukraine on Its Path to Economic Growth
    Authors: Fomina O. O., Hoholieva N. F., Labuzova Y. H.
    Number of views: 185
  • 16-24
    The Determinants of the Export-Oriented Development of Open Economies
    Authors: Pugachevska K. S.
    Number of views: 144
  • 25-30
    The World Experience Concerning the State Support for the Electroenergetic Market Actors
    Authors: Biriukov I. I.
    Number of views: 129
  • 30-37
    The Experience of Developed Countries in the Sphere of Creative Economy
    Authors: Karasova N. A.
    Number of views: 142
  • 38-43
    Global Economic Risks and the Problem of Economic Security of the State
    Authors: Semenova K. D., Tarasova K. I.
    Number of views: 130
  • 44-49
    International Migration of Labor Force: Status, Problems, Prospects
    Authors: Bondarevska K. V.
    Number of views: 118
  • 50-56
    Expert Examination of Legislative and Regulatory Acts in the Economic Sphere: Problems and Directions of the Solution
    Authors: Ivanov Y. B., Ivanova O. Y.
    Number of views: 176
  • 57-63
    Innovatization as a Predictive Idea of Business Development in the Context of Digital Economy
    Authors: Hrynko P. L.
    Number of views: 159
  • 64-69
    European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: Cooperation with Ukraine
    Authors: Khimii B. I.
    Number of views: 163
  • 69-77
    Intensification of Investment Processes in Ukraine
    Authors: Savitska O. Р., Shchur O. M., Savitska N. V.
    Number of views: 131
  • 77-82
    The Influence of the Institutional Environment on the Dynamics of FDI in Ukraine
    Authors: Voronina O. O.
    Number of views: 131
  • 83-88
    Directions of Institutional Provision for Administration of the Economic Development of Regions
    Authors: Shved A. B.
    Number of views: 139
  • 88-95
    Analysis of Foreign Trade in Goods of Zaporizhzhia Region in 2013–2018
    Authors: Denysov K. V., Kondratenko A. I.
    Number of views: 151
  • 96-104
    Financial Resilience as a Background of the International Business Development
    Authors: Savchenko M. V., Shkurenko O. V.
    Number of views: 149
  • 105-114
    A Methodology for Macro-Economic Research on Social Tension: Analysis, Evaluation, Diagnostics
    Authors: Bril M. S., Pivavar I. V.
    Number of views: 119
  • 115-121
    Model of Monetary Policy Parameters Formation
    Authors: Pilko A. D., Kramar V. R.
    Number of views: 151
  • 122-130
    Activity of Industrial Enterprises: Essence, Morphology, Some Approaches to Measurement of Results
    Authors: Burennikova N. V., Zavgorodniy I. V., Burennikov Y. Y.
    Number of views: 157
  • 130-135
    Strategic Priorities of Introducing Smart-Specialization into Ukraine’s Industry
    Authors: Shevchenko A. V.
    Number of views: 129
  • 136-143
    Structural Changes in the Real Estate Market in Kharkiv Region
    Authors: Rakhman M. S., Malko V. V.
    Number of views: 140
  • 144-150
    The Essence of the Economic Security of Enterprise and its Basic Principles
    Authors: Stalinska O. V.
    Number of views: 194
  • 151-157
    The Current Status of the Socio-Economic Development of Ukraine
    Authors: Hordei O. D., Myrkun B. A.
    Number of views: 142
  • 158-164
    Analysis of the Regional Differentiation and Tendencies in Development of the Health Care Sphere in Ukraine
    Authors: Lazebnyk I. O., Chala T. G., Burakova A. O.
    Number of views: 148
  • 165-171
    Remote Employment: Precondition, Form of Manifestation and Consequences of the Development of the Digital Economy
    Authors: Maliar D. V.
    Number of views: 167
  • 172-177
    Documentation or Evidentiality? (On the Issue of the Basic Principle of Ensuring the Quality of Accounting Information)
    Authors: Bezruchuk S. L.
    Number of views: 141
  • 177-183
    Improving the Training of Future Specialists in Accounting and Taxation through the Implementation of the Conception of Dual Education
    Authors: Izmaylov Y. O., Osmyatchenko V. O.
    Number of views: 111
  • 184-191
    The Role of the Financial Sector in the Country’s Economy and Features of the Potential of Banking Sector of the National Economy
    Authors: Chelombitko T. V.
    Number of views: 143
  • 192-199
    Financial Market as a Potential for Investment Revitalization of Ukraine’s Economy
    Authors: Rakhman M. S., Shevtsova V. V.
    Number of views: 112
  • 199-206
    The Budgetary Financing of Social Services in Ukraine: Features and Prospects for Development
    Authors: Koliada T. A., Moroz O. O.
    Number of views: 164
  • 206-212
    Modeling the Enterprise’s Financial Security Mechanism
    Authors: Slobodyanyuk N. O., Shoker R. I.
    Number of views: 166
  • 213-219
    Problems of Efficiency of Administration of Customs Payments in Ukraine
    Authors: Kostiana O. V.
    Number of views: 153
  • 219-225
    Assessing the Financial Security of the Insurance Market in Today's Environment
    Authors: Sytnyk N. S., Kravtsova O. V.
    Number of views: 149
  • 226-232
    The Strategic Approach to Crisis Management in Banks of Ukraine
    Authors: Kopylyuk O. I., Muzychka O. М., Lozynska O. I.
    Number of views: 138
  • 232-237
    Applying the Cash Flow Method in Estimating the Value of Insurance Company
    Authors: Baranov A. L.
    Number of views: 123
  • 238-244
    Formation of a Metadata System for Managing Interaction with Stakeholders
    Authors: Chernenko D. I., Korepanov G. S., Parfentseva N. O., Chala T. G.
    Number of views: 133
  • 244-252
    Theory and Practice of Introducing a Controlling System in the Context of Information Economy
    Authors: Shevtsiv L. Y., Nepevna B. O., Shevtsiv A. B.
    Number of views: 155
  • 253-259
    The System of Evaluating the Company’s Efficiency as a Component of Efficient Management
    Authors: Omelchenko O. I., Tyshchenko V. F.
    Number of views: 143
  • 260-265
    The Conceptual Principles of Process Management Implementation at Consumer Cooperative Trade Enterprises
    Authors: Filina S. V.
    Number of views: 123
  • 265-270
    The Structural-Contensive Characterization of the Methodology for Strategic Management of the Enterprises’ Innovativeness
    Authors: Koleshchuk O. Y.
    Number of views: 122
  • 271-277
    The Organizational and Economic Mechanism of Anti-Crisis Financial Management of Machine-Building Enterprises
    Authors: Kondratenko N. O., Kolesnik M. S.
    Number of views: 145
  • 277-282
    Substantiation of Managerial Decisions in the Sphere of Staff Motivation
    Authors: Burmaka T. M., Zaburdailo A. М.
    Number of views: 122
  • 282-288
    Defining the Factors for Development of Managerial Staff as a Means of Increasing Its Efficiency
    Authors: Schevchenko V. S., Bіda S. S.
    Number of views: 150
  • 288-294
    The Analytical Aspect of the International High-Tech Marketing in Europe
    Authors: Khadzhynov I. V.
    Number of views: 131
  • 295-300
    Luxury Brand Management in the Fashion Industry: Basic Conceptions and Models
    Authors: Korepanov O. S., Galushka K. О.
    Number of views: 178
  • 301-317
    Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurship in Ukraine: Features and Problems of Development
    Authors: Kyzym M. O., Chechetova-Terashvily T. M., Khaustova V. Y.
    Number of views: 153

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