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Business Inform

Number 11, 2019

  • 8-13
    Visa-Free Regime with the EU: Challenges and Prospects for the National Economy
    Authors: Diachenko T. A.
    Number of views: 134
  • 13-22
    Essence, Principles and Methods of Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in the Modern Market Economy.
    Authors: Mostepaniuk A. V.
    Number of views: 127
  • 22-27
    Measures to Prevent Manipulation with Public Sentiments
    Authors: Abramov F. V.
    Number of views: 120
  • 28-33
    Economic Mentality as a Factor of Economic Development of Ukraine
    Authors: Stepanenko S. V., Sakalo O. Y.
    Number of views: 138
  • 34-40
    The Theoretical Bases for Determining the Fiscal Space of Territorial Communities in a Decentralized Environment
    Authors: Kvasnіi O. R.
    Number of views: 132
  • 41-48
    Export Promotion in the Context of Evolution of Global Trade Regulators
    Authors: Pugachevska K. S.
    Number of views: 141
  • 49-53
    The Methodological Basics of Foreign Economic Activity
    Authors: Yevtushenko V. A., Liashevska V. I., Tokar Y. V.
    Number of views: 177
  • 54-60
    Network Modes of Global Economic Governance in Conditions of Neo-Integration: Mega-Regional Unions and Global Value Networks
    Authors: Kobylianska A. V.
    Number of views: 144
  • 61-67
    The Conceptual Aspects of Reindustrialization of Economy, Based on Technological Modernization
    Authors: Sytnyk N. S., Shushkova Y. V.
    Number of views: 149
  • 67-76
    Causes of Vulnerability and Resilience of the Conventional Monetary Regime – Flexible Inflation Targeting
    Authors: Krychevska T. O.
    Number of views: 121
  • 77-83
    System Approach to the Migration Processes Analysis
    Authors: Kyfyak V. I., Shelyuzhak I. G., Vodianka L. D.
    Number of views: 131
  • 84-92
    Conceptual Bases and Strategic Directions for the Development of Diffusion of Innovations in the ICT Sector
    Authors: Seredyuk T. B.
    Number of views: 131
  • 93-98
    Innovation Strategy as the Basis for the Development of Foreign Economic Activity of Enterprise
    Authors: Dobroskok I. B.
    Number of views: 137
  • 99-107
    Organization’s Intellectual Property Strategic Management in the Context of the Process Approach
    Authors: Kornilova I. M., Olikh L. A.
    Number of views: 129
  • 108-116
    Strategic Management of Innovativeness of Business Processes of an Enterprise in Competitive Markets
    Authors: Arefyeva O. V., Poberezhna Z. M.
    Number of views: 143
  • 117-122
    Assessing the Innovative Development of Tourism Enterprises
    Authors: Mykhailichenko H. I., Zhuchenko V. G.
    Number of views: 123
  • 122-127
    The Main Barriers to the Introduction of a Patient’s Electronic Medical Card in Ukraine
    Authors: Chala T. G., Tumanova O. V.
    Number of views: 126
  • 128-139
    An Elusive Concept: The Problem of Defining Social Entrepreneurship
    Authors: Nashchekina O. M., Tymoshenkov I. V., Nwafor Franklin Nnemeka
    Number of views: 157
  • 140-149
    Methods and Models for Analyzing the Efficiency of E-commerce Systems
    Authors: Sergienko O. A., Shapran O. Y., Sosnov I. I.
    Number of views: 153
  • 149-156
    Development of Risk Measurement Instrumentarium in Modeling of Uncertainty Using the Fuzzy Set Approach
    Authors: Kotsyuba O. S.
    Number of views: 127
  • 157-164
    Modernization of the Basic Means of Mining and Processing Enterprises of Ukraine
    Authors: Glukhova V. I., Tsyhan R. M., Kharchenko D. M.
    Number of views: 164
  • 164-171
    Paradigms of Tobacco Market Producers and the Philip Morris International's Place in Ukraine
    Authors: Rakhman M. S., Rudenko A. M.
    Number of views: 136
  • 172-179
    Improving the Variety Policy as a Vector of Development for the National Viticultural and Winemaking industry
    Authors: Furdak M. M.
    Number of views: 122
  • 179-186
    Topical Questions of the Land Market Introduction and Land Reform in Ukraine
    Authors: Gavrys P. O., Gavrys O. M.
    Number of views: 161
  • 187-194
    The Maritime Transport Infrastructure: Essence, Classification and Advantages
    Authors: Stepanenko V. O.
    Number of views: 146
  • 194-203
    The Ukrainian Market of Telecommunication Services in the Context of the Strategy of Behavior of Its Participants in the Conditions of Digital Transformation of the Economy and Society
    Authors: Grytsulenko S. I., Dzhygaliuk O. І.
    Number of views: 156
  • 204-209
    Improving Methodical Approaches to the Formation of Optimal Inventory Size in Enterprises of Wholesale Trade
    Authors: Levchenko R. V., Ovchynnikova M. A.
    Number of views: 220
  • 210-221
    A Methodology of Phased Assessment of Competitiveness of Trading Enterprise
    Authors: Arkhiiereiev S. I., Mieshkova V. V.
    Number of views: 193
  • 222-228
    Expert Assessment of the Quality of Electrical Installation Work at the Enterprises in the Sphere of Engineering Services
    Authors: Trachenko L. A.
    Number of views: 175
  • 229-234
    Management of the Enterprise’s Finances as an Object of Anti-Crisis Activit
    Authors: Diadin A. S.
    Number of views: 133
  • 234-240
    Planning Dividends in the Enterprise
    Authors: Sytnyk H. V., Rybak R. I.
    Number of views: 129
  • 241-246
    The Economic Essence of Costs and Self-Cost of Production
    Authors: Kalenych I. S.
    Number of views: 186
  • 247-258
    Development of Ukrainian Consumer Market in the Face of Macroeconomic Instability
    Authors: Shlykova V. O., Levanda O. M.
    Number of views: 157
  • 259-264
    Blockchain Technology as a Result of Innovative Transformations in the Context of Digitalization of the Economies of Countries
    Authors: Lehominova S. V., Kochura T. O.
    Number of views: 137
  • 265-270
    Managerial Accounting in the Structure of Accounting Activity of Enterprise
    Authors: Loboda N. O., Chabaniuk O. М., Sebestyanovych I. S.
    Number of views: 135
  • 270-274
    The Auditor’s Evaluation of the Enterprise’s Internal Control System when Verifying the Compliance with the Principle of Continuity
    Authors: Selishchev S. V.
    Number of views: 125
  • 275-281
    Organization of Accountance in Health and Fitness Institutions
    Authors: Vavilov V. V.
    Number of views: 143
  • 282-289
    Accounting for Revenues and Financial Results of Performance
    Authors: Averkyn Y. F.
    Number of views: 156
  • 290-296
    Features of Offshore Zones and Their Role in the System of Global Financial Centers
    Authors: Lebid O. V., Harkusha V. O.
    Number of views: 161
  • 297-302
    Forming a Strategy for the Development of Stock Market Infrastructure
    Authors: Nimkovych A. I.
    Number of views: 143
  • 303-308
    Analyzing the Current and Capital Financing from Local Budgets
    Authors: Zakhidna O. R., Senyshyn B. B.
    Number of views: 133
  • 309-315
    Taxation on VAT Operations on Return of Fixed Assets Initially Contributed to the Statutory Capital of Enterprise
    Authors: Vinichenko O. M., Mahdich A. S.
    Number of views: 120
  • 316-322
    Fiscal Digitalization as an Instrument in the Partnership Between the State and the Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
    Authors: Rudyk N. V.
    Number of views: 127
  • 323-329
    Prospects for Development of Health Insurance in Ukraine, in View of Foreign Experience
    Authors: Levkovich O. V., Onyshkevych N. O.
    Number of views: 133
  • 330-336
    Risk Tolerance as a Criterion for Security-Oriented Management of Industrial Enterprise
    Authors: Bashynska I. O.
    Number of views: 148
  • 336-342
    Convergence as a System Basis for Building the Conception of the Security Management of Industrial Enterprise Development
    Authors: Mushnykova S. A.
    Number of views: 135
  • 343-348
    Optimizing the Processes of Customer Success Management in the B2B Segment
    Authors: Mezentseva O. O.
    Number of views: 127
  • 349-354
    The Instruments of «Lean production» to Improve Operation of Transport Company
    Authors: Semenchuk T. B., Sorokun Y. S.
    Number of views: 186
  • 355-361
    National and Foreign Experience of the Use of Controlling in Activities of Enterprises
    Authors: Iakymchuk I. M., Demochani O. Е.
    Number of views: 122
  • 362-367
    Staff Management in the Public Service: European Standards
    Authors: Yevtyshenko H. I., Moroz O. O.
    Number of views: 168
  • 368-375
    Human Resources as a Major Factor in the Enterprise’s Competitiveness and Strategic Planning
    Authors: Herashchenko І. M.
    Number of views: 121
  • 376-381
    Intellectualization of the Conceptual-Strategic Thinking in the Management of a Machine-Building Enterprise Using the Chaos Theory
    Authors: Koleshchuk O. Y.
    Number of views: 103
  • 382-389
    The Financial Mechanism for Logistization of the Activities of Corporate Integrated Associations
    Authors: Pylypenko A. A.
    Number of views: 112
  • 390-395
    Improving the Website Activity to Strengthen the Image of Higher Education Institution
    Authors: Taranishyn O. O., Kaluhina N. A., Sakun A. O.
    Number of views: 130
  • 396-401
    The Economic Essence of the Own Trademarks and Their Function
    Authors: Ketova T. B.
    Number of views: 268
  • 401-406
    Personal Brand as a Manifestation of Leadership in a Digital Society
    Authors: Koliada S. P.
    Number of views: 111
  • 407-416
    Developing Retail Trade Networks of the Mass-Market Segment of the Fashion Industry in Ukraine
    Authors: Ilchenko N. B., Voynilovych V. Y.
    Number of views: 167
  • 417-425
    The Role of Marketing Communication Technologies for Export Promotion
    Authors: Sevruk I. M.
    Number of views: 98
  • 425-433
    The Influence of Marketing on the Forming a Company’s Competitiveness
    Authors: Shtal T. V., Belikov M. P.
    Number of views: 138
  • 434-439
    Evaluating the Advertising Content on Social Networks
    Authors: Zhabiak S. A., Kasianova N. V.
    Number of views: 111

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