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Bylye Gody

Number 58 (4), 2020

  • 2272-2279
    Northern Frontier of Russia and Norway in the 13th−17th centuries
    Authors: Konstantin S. Zaikov, Nikita M. Kuprikov, Mikhail Yu. Kuprikov
    Number of views: 17
  • 2280-2291
    Women’s Studies and Gender History of Great Duchy of Lithuinia in Soviet and Postsoviet Historiography (Main Tendencies)
    Authors: Tatiana I. Pelipenko
    Number of views: 27
  • 2292-2304
    "Wandering Beyond the Stone": the Development of Space in an Archaeological Context (Based on the Materials from the Tara Archaeological Leather as a Historical Source)
    Authors: Mariya P. Chernaya, Dmitry O. Osipov, Sergey F. Tataurov, Nadezhda S. Ben
    Number of views: 23
  • 2305-2314
    Virtual Immersion into Timeframes of Residency of the Representatives of Chicherin Family – Famous Figures of the Russian Diplomatic Service in the Tambov Region
    Authors: Vladimir A. Nemtinov, Alexander A. Gorelov, Yulia V. Nemtinova, Andrey B. Borisenko
    Number of views: 18
  • 2315-2323
    The North Indigenous Peoples and the Inquisitorial Nature of Yamal and Yugra Prisons in the XVII – at the beginning XX centuries
    Authors: Olga N. Naumenko
    Number of views: 25
  • 2324-2335
    The Formation of Institutional and Organizational Forms of Economic Interaction between the State and Individuals in Russia (the second half of the XVII – XVIII centuries)
    Authors: Alexey B. Krasnov
    Number of views: 18
  • 2336-2345
    Flour and Bread in the Life Support of the Tunguses of Central and Southern Siberia in the second half of XVII – early XX centuries
    Authors: Milana V. Ragulina, Anna A. Sirina
    Number of views: 18
  • 2346-2355
    Length-Measuring and Drawing Intruments of 18-19th Centuries at M.V. Lomonosov’s Museum of Mae Ras (Kunstkamera)
    Authors: Yevgenia M. Lupanova, Leonid S. Nazarov
    Number of views: 27
  • 2356-2364
    Unwritten Law: Social Privileges of the Highest Command Staff of the Stavropol Сorps of Christened Kalmyks in State Policy (from the 40s through the 60s of the 18th century)
    Authors: Andrey S. Ryazhev
    Number of views: 18
  • 2365-2376
    The Features of the Acquisition of the Nobility by theSloboda Ukrainian Cossack Foreman at the late of the XVIII century
    Authors: Sergey I. Degtyarev, Mikola A. Mikhaylichenko c, Lyubov G. Polyakova
    Number of views: 19
  • 2377-2384
    Formation of the Academic Language of Russian Ethical Thought in Russian Universities in the late XVIII – early XIX centuries
    Authors: Elena E. Ovchinnikova, Tatiana Yu. Bartashevich, Tatiana V. Chumakova
    Number of views: 18
  • 2385-2395
    Legitimization of Power in the Kazakh Steppe in the XIX century. Search for the Cartridge: Khiva Khanate or Russian Empire? (by the Example of the Fate of Sultan Kaipgali Ishimov)
    Authors: Gulbanu B. Izbassarova
    Number of views: 23
  • 2396-2408
    Russian Pottery of Western Siberia – from the Present to the Past: Methodological Aspects
    Authors: Larisa V. Tataurova, Kristina O. Sopova
    Number of views: 27
  • 2409-2426
    The System of Public Education in Tiflis Governorate in the Period 1802–1917. Part 4
    Authors: Anvar M. Mamadaliev, Dmitrii V. Karpukhin, Natalia V. Svechnikova, Aude Médico
    Number of views: 29
  • 2427-2436
    Personal Factor in Russian Academic Diplomacy of the 1810s – early 1820s: Experience of the Imperial Lyceum’s First Pedagogues
    Authors: Roman O. Raynkhardt
    Number of views: 29
  • 2437-2442
    The Unknown Pages of the Caucasian War: Children in Circassian Captivity in 1812–1815 (based on the materials from “The Circassian Slave Narratives”)
    Authors: Aleksandr А. Cherkasov, Sergei N. Bratanovskii, Ludmila G. Zimovets, Marina A. Ponomareva
    Number of views: 22
  • 2443-2455
    Scientific and Pedagogical Activity of N.I. Lobachevsky and S.V. Smolenskyin the Context of Socio-Cultural Processes (Kazan Province, XIX century)
    Authors: Lyalya T. Faizrakhmanova
    Number of views: 24
  • 2456-2463
    The System of Public Education in the Orenburg Cossack Army (1820–1917). Part 2
    Authors: Timur A. Magsumov, Teymur E. Zulfugarzade, Aleksey A. Korolev, Elena V. Krasnenkova
    Number of views: 21
  • 2464-2470
    Slave Trade in Circassia (first half of the XIX century): Some Characteristic Features
    Authors: Ivan A. Ermachkov, Larisa A. Koroleva, Elena K. Mineeva, Leonid L. Balanyuk
    Number of views: 27
  • 2471-2484
    Formation of the Russian Oil Industry in the 19th century: Historical Experience and Modern Assessments
    Authors: Aleksandr A. Kartskhiy, Sergey A. Tyrtychnyy, Mikhail G. Smirnov, Mariya G. Dolgikh
    Number of views: 31
  • 2485-2494
    Pension Reform of Nikolai I
    Authors: David I. Raskin
    Number of views: 27
  • 2495-2504
    "Journal of the Ministry of Public Education"as a Source on the History of Higher Education in the Russian Empire in the 19th – early 20th centuries:Issues of Scientific Certification of Personnel
    Authors: Аndrii E. Lebid, Anatolii V. Honcharenko, Natal'ya A. Shevchenko
    Number of views: 24
  • 2505-2513
    Features of Training Professional Personnel for the Mining Industry in Russia in the first half of the 19th century
    Authors: I.V. Voloshinova, V.G. Afanas'ev, A.B. Tesla
    Number of views: 18
  • 2514-2521
    Russian and Western European Mining Schools in the first half of the 19th century: A Comparative Analysis of Educational Process Organization
    Authors: Sergey Rudnik, Anton Mokeev, Regina-Elizabeth Kudryavtseva
    Number of views: 22
  • 2522-2530
    To the Issue of the Emergence of Migrant Villages on the Kalmyk Lands of the Astrakhan Province According to Toponymic Legends
    Authors: Sergey S. Belousov
    Number of views: 17
  • 2531-2545
    Reconstruction of the Volume of Shipbuilding Production in Votkinsk
    Authors: Nicholas W. Mitiukov, Anatoly N. Loshkarev, Yurii N. Makarov
    Number of views: 17
  • 2546-2553
    The Caucasian Army in the Late 1850s: Management Featuresin the Context of the Unification of Administrative Institutions
    Authors: Alexey H.Abazov
    Number of views: 20
  • 2554-2562
    A.P. Nikolsky – One of the Developers of the Stolypin Agricultural Course
    Authors: Sergey A. Safronov, Larisa Yu. Anisimova, Mikhail D. Severyanov
    Number of views: 17
  • 2563-2571
    The Court of Grand Duke Sergey Alexandrovich: a Review of Primary Sources
    Authors: Dmitriy M. Sofjin, Marina V. Sofjina
    Number of views: 27
  • 2572-2579
    Students’ Everyday Life in the Russian Empire in the second half of theXIX – early XXcenturies in the Context of the Relations with the Professors
    Authors: Elena V. Vititneva, Mikhail D. Severyanov, Natalya V. Pahomovа, Anna S. Zhulaeva
    Number of views: 16
  • 2580-2587
    Training Teaching Staff for National Schools in Russian Empire in the second half of the XIX century
    Authors: Oksana V. Klevtsova, Nikolai A. Zhirov
    Number of views: 23
  • 2588-2597
    Diary of the Head of the Anadyr District N.L. Gondatti
    Authors: Oxana P. Kolomiets
    Number of views: 19
  • 2598-2608
    Objects of Historical And Architectural Heritage of Volgograd: Urban Environment of Tsaritsyn at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries
    Authors: Irina N. Litvinova, Elena O. Danilova, Oksana A. Karagodina
    Number of views: 26
  • 2609-2621
    Administration of the Don Host and the Local Jewish Diaspora in 1860−1890
    Authors: Artyom Yu. Peretyatko
    Number of views: 25
  • 2622-2630
    National Question of Ruthenian-Ukrainian Peasants of Galicia in the second half of the XIX – early XX century
    Authors: Alexey G. Topilsky, Ruslan M. Zhitin
    Number of views: 22
  • 2631-2639
    The Auerbach Dynasty of Engineers and the Development of Mining in Russia in the second half of the XIXth – early XXth centuries
    Authors: Igor A. Tropov, Sergey I. Podolskiy, Sergey V. Lyubichankovskiy
    Number of views: 31
  • 2640-2650
    Russian Narodnichestvo and American Populism in the late XIXth century: Experience in Comparative Analysis of Ideas
    Authors: Aleksei Yu. Viazinkin
    Number of views: 16
  • 2651-2660
    The Highest Reports of Regional Heads and Governors of the North Caucasus as a Historical Source for the Study of the Russian Pre-Revolutionary Judicial System
    Authors: Igor V. Zozulya, Anastasia A. Kondrashova, Maxim S. Trofimov
    Number of views: 22
  • 2661-2670
    Abkhaz History of the XIX – early XX century in Bibliographic Indexes: Experience of Historiographic Reconstruction
    Authors: Marina E. Kolesnikova, Olga I. Shafranova
    Number of views: 17
  • 2671-2678
    Evolution of the Structure of the Financial and Tax Authorities of the Turkestan General Governorship (second half of the 19th – early 20th centuries)
    Authors: Yuliya A. Lysenko
    Number of views: 18
  • 2679-2687
    The Solution of the "Polish Question" within the Framework of the Internal Policy of Alexander III
    Authors: Pavel S. Seleznev, Roman V.Pyrma, Viktor V. Titov
    Number of views: 16
  • 2688-2697
    TheSpecial Court of the Governing Senate as theRussian EmpireHighest Judicial Bodyfor thePolitical Cases
    Authors: Lyubov N. Shchankina, Irina A. Fedorova, Ilya V. Tyurin
    Number of views: 19
  • 2698-2707
    Some Aspects of Demographic Reproduction in Carpathian Ruthenia in the Long Nineteenth Century
    Authors: Branislav Šprocha, Pavol Tišliar, Vladimír Bačík
    Number of views: 19
  • 2708-2719
    Russian-Turkish War of 1877−1878: Combat Operations of the Sochi Detachment in the Sukhum Military Department
    Authors: Konstantin V. Taran, Ruslan M. Allalyev, Vladimir A. Svechnikov, Vladimir G. Ivantsov
    Number of views: 27
  • 2720-2728
    The Image of Russia in Otto von Bismarck’s Mind
    Authors: Nikolay A. Vlasov
    Number of views: 17
  • 2729-2741
    Electrotechnical Education in Russia at the Turn of the XXth Century: Imagination about Technological Future and Creation of Engineers as New Cultural Heroes
    Authors: Natalia V.Nikiforova, Ilya V.Sidorchuk
    Number of views: 24
  • 2742-2755
    Eschatological Representations of the Tsarist Elite on the Eve of the Great Russian Revolution
    Authors: Paul L. Karabushenko, Elena E. Krasnozhenova, Sergey V.Kulik
    Number of views: 21
  • 2756-2764
    Rules on Parish Schools (June 13, 1884): Prerequisites and Preparation of the Bill
    Authors: Zulfira S. Zyukina, Dmitry S. Sknarev, Yulia A. Voropaeva, Natalia V. Poplavskaya
    Number of views: 17
  • 2765-2776
    Fundamental Changes in the Traditional System of the Kazakhs-Nomadsin the Context of the Colonial Policy of the Russian Empire (late 19th – early 20th centuries): Factors and Consequences
    Authors: Nursan A. Alimbay, Bolat K. Smagulov
    Number of views: 25
  • 2777-2789
    Efforts of State Bodies to Develop Siberia during the Modernization of the Russian Empire (1892–1914)
    Authors: Sergei T. Gaidin, Galina A. Burmakina, Ruslan V. Pavlyukevich, Tatyana G. Sheremetova
    Number of views: 16
  • 2790-2797
    The History of Resettlement to Siberia in the late XIXth and early XXth centuries Captured in the Family-Patrimonial Memory
    Authors: Larissa Yu.Logunova, Ekaterina A. Mazhenina, Vladislav A. Rychkov
    Number of views: 22
  • 2798-2808
    Ethnopolitical Discrimination in the late Imperial and Early Soviet Periods
    Authors: Boris N. Mironov
    Number of views: 16
  • 2809-2816
    "Outstanding Zemstvo Statist": about the Life and Work of Sergei N. Veletskii from Siberia and Ufa Province in the late XIX – early XX centuries
    Authors: Tatyana G. Karchaeva, Galina M.Lushchayeva, Nikolai R. Novosel'tsev, Alexander S. Kovalev
    Number of views: 22
  • 2817-2825
    The Population of the Don and the Northern Caucasus at the end of the Imperial Period (1900–1910s): Wars and Other Factors of Geodemographic Dynamics
    Authors: Sergey J. Suschiy
    Number of views: 23
  • 2826-2834
    The US Congress and Russian-American Relations on the Eve and During the First World War
    Authors: Yuriy I. Nadtochey, Dmitrii N. Khristenko
    Number of views: 22
  • 2835-2844
    Political Moods of Forced Migrants in Russia during the First World War
    Authors: Alexandra S. Kuzmenko
    Number of views: 16

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