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Bylye Gody

Number 4 (42), 2016

  • 1068-1076
    Buddhism and Legal Tradition in Mongolia
    Authors: Mergen S. Ulanova, Valery N. Badmaeva, Natalya P. Matsakova
    Number of views: 305
  • 1077-1086
    Helmet "tang" from the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City, United States). Features of Construction, Design and Operational Use
    Authors: Leonid A. Bobrov, Alexey V. Salnikov
    Number of views: 354
  • 1087-1093
    The Historical Destiny of the Romanovs in the Evolution of the Tobolsk Prison Castle
    Authors: Olga N. Naumenko
    Number of views: 314
  • 1094-1109
    Between Vienna and Moscow: the Protopope and the General Vicar Nicolae Pop Balomiri(c. 1700 to c. 1764)
    Authors: Cristian Ioan Popa
    Number of views: 359
  • 1110-1117
    The Formation of Imperial Institutes of Governance in Trans-Baikal Transborder Area:Problems of Development of New Territories(XVIII – early XX centuries)
    Authors: Olga A. Malygina, Roman A. Evtehov, Tatiana V. Palikova
    Number of views: 333
  • 1118-1126
    The Incorporation of Bunchukovogo Partnership in Part of Service and Social Elite of the Russian Empire in the last third of the XVIII century
    Authors: Irina I. Kryvosheia, Sergey I. Degtyarev
    Number of views: 520
  • 1127-1136
    The Tyumen County in the Period of People's Movement under Yemelyan Pugachev's Leadership 1773–1775
    Authors: Olga I. Golovanova
    Number of views: 349
  • 1137-1147
    The Ubykh`s Social Typology
    Authors: Vladimir I. Kolesov
    Number of views: 312
  • 1148-1157
    The War which was not:Russian, Turkish and Western Historiography on the North-Western Caucasus of the 19th Century
    Authors: Veronika V. Tsibenko
    Number of views: 367
  • 1158-1163
    The Technologies of Lie in Local Cultures of Western Siberia
    Authors: Evgeny A. Naumenko
    Number of views: 303
  • 1164-1172
    The History of the Northern Frontier Delimitation (1822–1826) in the Light of the Russian and European Historiography: the Interpretation and Perceptual Problems
    Authors: Konstantin S. Zaikov
    Number of views: 296
  • 1173-1181
    The Peasant-migrants from the Land-poor Russian Regions in Kalmykia in the XIX – the first half of XX centuries
    Authors: Ekaterina N. Badmaeva
    Number of views: 496
  • 1182-1197
    The Slavery in Circassia and the United States (1850–1860-ies years): General and Special
    Authors: Mikhal Smigela, Aleksandr A. Cherkasov
    Number of views: 333
  • 1198-1207
    The Protest Movement in the North Caucasus in the second half of XIX – the beginning of XX centuries: Causes, Character, Significance
    Authors: Amiran T. Urushadzea, Evgeniy F. Krinkoa, Diana D. Chelpanova, Alexei A. Iosko
    Number of views: 356
  • 1208-1216
    The Idea of Local Civilizations in Russian Historiosophy in the middle of XIX – beginning of XX centuries. Conservative and Liberal Aspects
    Authors: Sergey Shestakova, Ruslan Kasimov
    Number of views: 337
  • 1217-1223
    The Evolution of the Political Activity of the Guild Merchants of Yenisei province (second half of XIX – early XX centuries)
    Authors: Irina O. Tuman-Nikiforova, Valery I. Fedorchenko, Natalia V. Pashina, Igor I. Krylov
    Number of views: 296
  • 1224-1231
    The Primary Education in Post-reform Russian Village (on Materials of Eletski County Orel Province)
    Authors: Oksana V. Klevtsova, Nikolay A. Zhirov
    Number of views: 303
  • 1232-1238
    Terek Area in the Post-Reform Period (1870–1880 years): the Internal Structure and Demography
    Authors: Tatyana E. Gvarliania, Leonid L. Balaniuk, Alexander G. Varfolomeev
    Number of views: 296
  • 1239-1250
    Reforms and Cases of Suicide inRussia(Suicidal Activity of Saint Petersburg Population in the second half of XIX Century: Proportions, Trends and Distinctive Features)
    Authors: Sergei Bogdanov, Vladimir Ostapuk
    Number of views: 265
  • 1251-1259
    To the History of the Armenian Education in Russian Schools of the Caucasus in the late XIX–early XX centuries
    Authors: Ekaterina S. Norkina
    Number of views: 293
  • 1260-1268
    The Loggings in the Borderland of Olonets Guberniya: Volume and the Role in Local inhabitants life (the end of the 19th — the beginning of the 20th centuries)
    Authors: Daria V. Brusnitsyna
    Number of views: 290
  • 1269-1276
    The Socio-cultural Characteristics of Zemstvo District Heads in Ufa Province at the Late of XIX – the Beginning of XX Centuries
    Authors: Rezida I. Kantimirova, Oksana S. Pavlova
    Number of views: 291
  • 1277-1284
    The Visiting of the Tsarevich Nicholas Alexandrovich the Tobolsk cityin 1891
    Authors: Alexander А. Valitov, Sergey A. Dianov, Vadim S. Sulimov
    Number of views: 471
  • 1285-1294
    «Giant child covered by the Upturn»: Memoirs of Napoleon's Army Prisoners about the Formation of the Ethnic Identity of the Peoples of the Volga
    Authors: Sergej V. Belousov, Olga A. Sukhova, Oleg V. Jagova
    Number of views: 310
  • 1295-1304
    Liberalism as a Cultural Phenomenon of Russian Provincial Life of the Late Nineteenth – Early Twentieth Centuries (according to Voronezh province)
    Authors: Evgeniy V. Dvoretskiy , Oksana V. Shevchenko, Mikhail Y. Semenov
    Number of views: 319
  • 1305-1314
    The Historical and Ethnographical Research on Kazakhstan done by Foreign Scientists of XIX–XX Centuries: the Case of J.A. Castagné’s Studies
    Authors: Ulzhan Akhmetova, Abilsseit Muktar, Ayaguz Nurmanova
    Number of views: 441
  • 1315-1320
    The Military Training of Students in Germany in the Early XX century
    Authors: Sergei I. Belentsov, Anastasia V. Fakhrutdinova, Alesia A. Kuznetsova
    Number of views: 337
  • 1321-1327
    The Revolutionary Terrorismof Socialist – Revolutionaries: Tactics, Organizations and Practice
    Authors: Andrew V. Mankov, Elena K. Mineeva, Aleksey I. Mineev, Leonid A. Shaypak
    Number of views: 455
  • 1328-1336
    The Finance of Russia and Extraordinary Powers of the Governmentin 1906–1914
    Authors: Michail F. Florinskiy, Denis G. Yanchenko
    Number of views: 278
  • 1337-1345
    The Chişinău Diocesan Bulletin as a Source of History of North American Rus’
    Authors: Sergey G. Sulyak, Vladimir V. Kazakov
    Number of views: 271
  • 1346-1352
    “An Attractive Idea of Parochial Boards of Trustees…” (based on the documents from Eastern Siberian dioceses dated 1914–1917)
    Authors: Tatiana A. Kattsina
    Number of views: 294
  • 1353-1359
    The Activities of Community Organizations in Providing Assistance to Prisoners of World War I
    Authors: Gulzhaukhar K. Kokebayeva, Ryskeldy S. Myrzabekova, Moldakhmet S. Myrzabekov
    Number of views: 325
  • 1360-1367
    Refugees in the Rear Area of the World War I (on Example of Enisey,s State)
    Authors: Аnna P. Dvoretskaya a,*,Аnna S. Zhulaeva a, Galina M. Luschaeva
    Number of views: 327
  • 1368-1377
    To the 100th Anniversary of Storming of the Erzerum: the Offensive Operationand Its Significance
    Authors: Vladimir B. Karataev, Teymur E. Zulfugarzade, Natalya N. Cherkasova
    Number of views: 335
  • 1378-1385
    A Try-Out of the February Revolution?
    Authors: Sergei A. Nefedov
    Number of views: 263

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