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Zoological Research

Number 3, 2022

  • 301−318
    Mechanism of hyperproteinemia-induced blood cell homeostasis imbalance in an animal model
    Authors: Guang Wang, Yong-Feng Wang, Jiang-Lan Li, Ru-Ji Peng, Xin-Yin Liang, Xue-Dong Chen, Gui-Hua Jiang, Jin-Fang Shi, Yang-Hu Si-Ma, Shi-Qing Xu
    Number of views: 128
  • 319−330
    Identification of global alternative splicing and sex-specific splicing via comparative transcriptome analysis of gonads of Chinese tongue sole (Cynoglossus semilaevis)
    Authors: Yi-Fang Lu, Qian Liu, Kai-Qiang Liu, Hong-Yan Wang, Cheng-Hua Li, Qian Wang, Chang-Wei Shao
    Number of views: 163
  • 331−342
    Phylogenetic relationships of the zokor genus Eospalax (Mammalia, Rodentia, Spalacidae) inferred from whole-genome analyses, with description of a new species endemic to Hengduan Mountains
    Authors: Tao Zhang, Meng-Long Lei, Hao Zhou, Zhong-Zheng Chen, Peng Shi
    Number of views: 133
  • 343−351
    MonkeyTrail: A scalable video-based method for tracking macaque movement trajectory in daily living cages
    Authors: Meng-Shi Liu, Jin-Quan Gao, Gu-Yue Hu, Guang-Fu Hao, Tian-Zi Jiang, Chen Zhang, Shan Yu
    Number of views: 132
  • 367−379
    High-quality reference genomes of swallowtail butterflies provide insights into their coloration evolution
    Authors: Jin-Wu He,  Ru Zhang,  Jie Yang,  Zhou Chang,  Li-Xin Zhu,  Si-Han Lu,  Fei-Ang Xie,  Jun-Lai Mao,  Zhi-Wei Dong,   Gui-Chun Liu,  Ping Hu,  Yan Dong,  Wen-Ting Wan,  Ruo-Ping Zhao,  Tian-Zhu Xiong,  Jorge  L. León-Cortés,  Chu-Yang Mao, Wei Zhang, Shuai Zhan, Jun Li, Lei Chen, Wen Wang, Xue-Yan Li
    Number of views: 142
  • 380−390
    Maternal sleep deprivation induces gut microbial dysbiosis and neuroinflammation in offspring rats
    Authors: Zheng-Yu Yao, Xiao-Huan Li, Li Zuo, Qian Xiong, Wen-Ting He, Dong-Xu Li, Zhi-Fang Dong
    Number of views: 128
  • 391−403
    BMPR-IB gene disruption causes severe limb deformities in pigs
    Authors: Qiang Yang, Chuan-Min Qiao, Wei-Wei Liu, Hao-Yun Jiang, Qi-Qi Jing, Ya-Ya Liao, Jun Ren, Yu-Yun Xing
    Number of views: 142
  • 423−441
    Scan of the endogenous retrovirus sequences across the swine genome and survey of their copy number variation and sequence diversity among various Chinese and Western pig breeds
    Authors: Jia-Qi Chen,  Ming-Peng Zhang,  Xin-Kai Tong,  Jing-Quan Li,  Zhou Zhang,  Fei Huang,  Hui-Peng Du, Meng Zhou, Hua-Shui Ai, Lu-Sheng Huang
    Number of views: 129
  • 442−456
    Characterization of two novel knock-in mouse models of syndromic retinal ciliopathy carrying hypomorphic Sdccag8 mutations
    Authors: Zhi-Lin Ren, Hou-Bin Zhang, Lin Li, Zheng-Lin Yang, Li Jiang
    Number of views: 131
  • 457−468
    Combinational benefit of antihistamines and remdesivir for reducing SARS-CoV-2 replication and alleviating inflammation-induced lung injury in mice
    Authors: Meng-Li Wu,  Feng-Liang Liu,  Jing Sun,  Xin Li,  Jian-Ru Qin,  Qi-Hong Yan,  Xia Jin,  Xin-Wen Chen,  Yong-Tang Zheng, Jin-Cun Zhao, Jian-Hua Wang
    Number of views: 135
  • 469−480
    Discovery of a wild, genetically pure Chinese giant salamander creates new conservation opportunities
    Authors: Jing Chai,  Chen-Qi Lu, Mu-Rong Yi, Nian-Hua Dai, Xiao-Dong Weng, Ming-Xiao Di, Yong Peng, Yong Tang, Qing-Hua Shan, Kai Wang, Huan-Zhang Liu, Hai-Peng Zhao, Jie-Qiong Jin, Ru-Jun Cao, Ping Lu, Lai-Chun Luo, Robert W. Murphy, Ya-Ping Zhang, Jing Che
    Number of views: 134
  • 481−496
    Adult hippocampal neurogenesis and its impairment in Alzheimer’s disease
    Authors: Thomas A. Kim, Michelle D. Syty, Kaitlyn Wu, Shaoyu Ge
    Number of views: 125

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