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Zoological Research

Number 5, 2014

  • 353-361
    Schistura megalodon species nova, a new river loach from the Irra-waddy basin in Dehong, Yunnan, China (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Nemacheilidae)
    Authors: Marco Endruweit
    Number of views: 521
  • 362-372
    Influence of a large dam on the longitudinal patterns of fish assemblages in Qingyi Stream
    Authors: Xiao-Yun SUI, Zhi LU, Yun-Zhi YAN, Yi-Feng CHEN, Yin-Tao JIA
    Number of views: 537
  • 373-379
    Population sizes and group characteristics of Siberian Crane (Leuco-geranus leucogeranus) and Hooded Crane (Grus monacha) in Poyang Lake Wetland
    Authors: Ming-Qin SHAO, Hong GUO, Jian-Hong JIANG
    Number of views: 559
  • 380-388
    Gene cloning and induced expression pattern of IRF4 and IRF10 in the Asian swamp eel (Monopterus albus)
    Authors: Qiao-Qing XU, Dai-Qin YANG, Rui TUO, Jing WAN, Ming-Xian CHANG, Pin NIE
    Number of views: 632
  • 389-397
    Molecular cloning, sequence analysis, and cadmium stress-rated expression changes of BTG1 in freshwater pearl mussel (Hyriopsis schlegelii)
    Authors: Kou PENG, Cheng-Yuan WANG, Jun-Hua WANG, Jun-Qing SHENG, Jian-Wu SHI, Jian LI, Yi-Jiang HONG
    Number of views: 673
  • 398-403
    Cloning the sterol carrier protein 2 genes of Japanese toad (Bufo japonicus formosus) and Chinese toad (Bufo gargarizans) and its tissue expression analysis
    Authors: Yu-Cheng JI, Hui ZHUGE, Shan-Shan ZHANG, Shu-Fang ZHANG, Xian-Yu Yang
    Number of views: 569
  • 404-410
    MicroRNA signature in response to nutrient restriction and re-feeding in fast skeletal muscle of grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)
    Authors: Xin ZHU, Wu-Ying CHU, Ping WU, Tan YI, Tao CHEN, Jian-She ZHANG
    Number of views: 624
  • 411-419
    Effects of surround suppression on response adaptation of V1 neurons to visual stimuli
    Authors: Peng LI, Cai-Hong JIN, San JIANG, Miao-Miao LI, Zi-Lu WANG, Hui ZHU, Cui-Yun CHEN, Tian-Miao HUA
    Number of views: 554
  • 420-425
    Protease-activated receptor (PAR)1, PAR2 and PAR4 expressions in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
    Authors: Si-Man LI, Ping JIANG, Yang XIANG, Wei-Wei WANG, Yue-Chun ZHU, Wei-Yang FENG, Shu-De LI, Guo-Yu YU
    Number of views: 537
  • 426-435
    Differences in cocaine-induced place preference persistence, locomotion and social behaviors between C57BL/6J and BALB/cJ mice
    Authors: Jian-Li WANG, Bei WANG, Wen CHEN
    Number of views: 515
  • 436-445
    Progress on low susceptibility mechanisms of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies
    Authors: Li-Li QING, Hui ZHAO, Lin-Lin LIU
    Number of views: 506

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