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Tribology in Industry

Number 4-Vol. 36, 2014

  • 341-347
    Friction and Wear Processes – Thermodynamic Approach
    Authors: M. Banjac, A. Vencl, S. Otović
    Number of views: 462
  • 348-353
    Wear Behavior of Materials Based on Cu/Cr and Cu/Cr/W used for Welding Electrodes
    Authors: C. Nicolicescu, M. Miclău, V.H. Nicoară
    Number of views: 478
  • 354-360
    Contact Stress Generation on the UHMWPE Tibial Insert
    Authors: S. Petrović Savić, D. Adamović, G. Devedžić, B. Ristić, A. Matić
    Number of views: 464
  • 361-374
    Wear Micro-Mechanisms of Composite WC-Co/Cr - NiCrFeBSiC Coatings. Part I: Dry Sliding
    Authors: D. Kekes, P. Psyllaki, M. Vardavoulias
    Number of views: 427
  • 375-383
    Wear Micro-Mechanisms of Composite WC-Co/Cr - NiCrFeBSiC Coatings. Part II: Cavitation Erosion
    Authors: D. Kekes, P. Psyllaki, M. Vardavoulias, G. Vekinis
    Number of views: 470
  • 384-393
    Energy Criterion of Oil Film Failure during Friction
    Authors: S.V. Fedorov
    Number of views: 421
  • 394-405
    Wear and Corrosion Resistance of Fe Based Coatings by HVOF Sprayed on Gray Cast-Iron for Automotive Application
    Authors: M.S. Priyan, P. Hariharan
    Number of views: 443
  • 406-418
    Structural and Contact Analysis of a 3-Dimensional Disc-Pad Model with and without Thermal Effects
    Authors: A. Belhocine, N.M. Ghazali, O.I. Abdullah
    Number of views: 520
  • 419-427
    Determination of Specific Heat of Polyester Composite with Graphene and Graphite by Differential Scanning Calorimetry
    Authors: M. Bastiurea, M.S. Rodeanu Bastiurea, G. Andrei, D. Dima, M. Murarescu, M. Ripa, A. Circiumaru
    Number of views: 600
  • 428-436
    Multi-Objective Optimization in Electric Discharge Machining of Aluminium Composite
    Authors: N. Radhika, P. Shivaram, K.T. Vijay Karthik
    Number of views: 442
  • 437-450
    Investigation of Nanostructured Thin Films Adhesion used to Improve Tribological Characteristics of Hip Prostheses
    Authors: L.L. Badita, G. Gheorghe, L. Capitanu
    Number of views: 455
  • 451-464
    Micro-lubrication of Directionally Oriented Contact Surfaces
    Authors: O. Maršálek, P. Novotný, P. Raffai
    Number of views: 454
  • 465-474
    Experimental Research for Measuring Friction Forces from Piston Sealing at the Hydraulic Cylinders
    Authors: C. Cristescu, C. Dumitrescu, R. Radoi, L. Dumitrescu
    Number of views: 450
  • 475-487
    Steady State Thermo-Hydrodynamic Analysis of Two-Axial groove and Multilobe Hydrodynamic Bearings
    Authors: C. Bhagat, L. Roy
    Number of views: 470

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