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Journal for the Education of the Young Scientist and Giftedness

Number 4, 2014

  • 1-10
    Necessity of Differentiated Science Education for Gifted Students
    Authors: Sezen CAMCI-ERDOĞAN
    Number of views: 567
  • 11-21
    Affective Curriculum for Gifted Students in Malaysia: A Recommendation
    Authors: Brendan CH`NG
    Number of views: 590
  • 22-27
    Effects of Enrichment Programs on the Academic Achievement of Gifted and Talented Students
    Authors: Suhail Mahmoud AL-ZOUBI
    Number of views: 602
  • 28-40
    Formulation of Word Problems in Geometry by Gifted Pupils
    Authors: Ilana LEVENBERG & Cahit SHAHAM
    Number of views: 585
  • 41-48
    How Do Education Professionals Understand Creativity ? A Study of The Implicit Theories on Creativity in a Sample of Educators
    Authors: Laura Estefania CASTRO-FAJARDO, Andrea SANTAMARIA, Karen L. BERNAL-HERNANDEZ, Félix Antonio GOMZ-HERNANDEZ MG, María Caridad GARCIA-CEPERO
    Number of views: 622
  • 49-57
    Examining of Perceptions of Gifted Students toward Mathematics Concept
    Authors: Mesut ÖZTÜRK, Yaşar AKKAN, Abdullah KAPLA
    Number of views: 516
  • 58-66
    A Study Related to the Investigation of Multiple Intelligence Profiles of Gifted and Talented Children across Turkey
    Authors: Gamze DOLU & Handan UREK
    Number of views: 546
  • 67-86
    Examining the Effectiveness of the In-service Training Program for the Education of the Academically Gifted students in Turkey: A Case Study
    Authors: Hasan Said TORTOP
    Number of views: 693
  • 87-93
    Computer Tree
    Authors: Onur AGAOGLU
    Number of views: 557
  • 94-97
    Üstün Zekâlılar Eğitiminde En İyi Uygulamalar
    Authors: Ozan KORKMAZ
    Number of views: 538
  • 98-100
    Interview with Albert Ziegler about Gifted Education
    Authors: Marilena Z. Leana-Tascilar
    Number of views: 553

Number 3, 2014

  • 1-10
    A Historical and an Educational Analysis to Decode the Gifted Individual Type Intended to Educate in the Ottoman Empire by Searching the Process of Mimar Sinan’s Education
    Authors: Ibrahim Guler
    Number of views: 562
  • 11-17
    Israel’s Achievements in Mathematics in the Last International Examinations: Part I: The TIMSS 2011
    Authors: Hanna David
    Number of views: 594
  • 18-32
    Developing Excellence in Gifted Children: Adaptation of Actiotope Model of Giftedness for Turkey
    Authors: Marilena Z. Leana-Tacilar
    Number of views: 580
  • 33-39
    No Child Left Behind and the Impact of Kurt Heller’s Work
    Authors: Franz J. MONKS
    Number of views: 587
  • 40-52
    The Effect of Teaching Geometry Which is Differentiated Based on the Parallel Curriculum for Gifted/Talented Students on Spatial Ability
    Authors: Basak KOK & Umit DAVASLIGIL
    Number of views: 609
  • 53-67
    Teaching English Activities for the Gifted And Talented Students
    Authors: Cigdem CELIK-SAHIN & Otto SCHMIDT
    Number of views: 570
  • 68-71
    Interview with Dr. Seokhee CHO About Gifted Education and Its Future
    Authors: Huseyin MERTOL
    Number of views: 525
  • 72-74
    Hanna David`s Book: The Gifted Arab Child In Israel
    Authors: Emre KOMEK
    Number of views: 577

Number 2, 2013

  • 1-12
    Multiple Intelligence Theory for Gifted Education: Criticisms and Implications
    Authors: Basak CALIK & Bengi BIRGILI
    Number of views: 801
  • 13-20
    Examining of the Gifted Students’ Teacher Preferences
    Authors: Feyzullah SAHİN
    Number of views: 559
  • 21-31
    A New Model Program for Academically Gifted Students in Turkey: Overview of the Education Program for the Gifted Students’ Bridge with University (EPGBU)
    Authors: Hasan Said TORTOP
    Number of views: 639
  • 32-39
    “If I Were Pascal, I'd do …” Activity
    Authors: Ayse ASLAN
    Number of views: 671
  • 40-52
    I’m Discovering Conics and Designing Buildings with Conics
    Authors: Serkan KULOGLU
    Number of views: 600
  • 53-57
    Developing and Implementing School for Highly Gifted, Exceptionally Gifted, and Profoundly Gifted Students: An Interview with Lynette BreedLove
    Authors: Engin KARADUMAN
    Number of views: 531

Number 1, 2013

  • 1-7
    The Overview of Gifted Education in Israel in Terms of Rate of Receiving International Prizes Israelis and Jews Living Elsewhere?
    Authors: Hanna DAVID
    Number of views: 548
  • 8-15
    Meaningful Field Trip in Education of the Renewable Energy Technologies
    Authors: Hasan Said TORTOP
    Number of views: 543
  • 16-20
    Education of Gifted Students with Virtual Physics Laboratory: Buoyancy Force Topic
    Authors: Necati Hırça & Naci Bayrak
    Number of views: 634
  • 21-26
    Science Activity at Climatology: Melting Glacier
    Authors: Murat Sahin
    Number of views: 554
  • 27-29
    Interview with Kenan Okan on Education and Training of the Young Scientist
    Authors: Editor
    Number of views: 617

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