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Paidéia (Ribeirão Preto)

Number 61, 2015

  • 145-152
    Vital Energy and Afterlife: Implications for Cognitive Science of Religion
    Authors: Maira Monteiro Roazzi, Carl N. Johnson, Melanie Nyhof, Silvia Helena Koller, Antonio Roazzi
    Number of views: 331
  • 153-161
    Intra and Inter-Individual Differences in Social Intelligence of Portuguese Students
    Authors: Joana Carneiro Pinto, Liliana Faria, Neide Gaspar, Maria do Céu Taveira
    Number of views: 322
  • 163-172
    Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Adolescents’ Future Time Perspective
    Authors: Renato Gomes Carvalho
    Number of views: 343
  • 173-181
    Real-World Outcomes and Critical Thinking: Differential Analysis by Academic Major and Gender
    Authors: Amanda Franco, Leandro da Silva Almeida
    Number of views: 314
  • 183-190
    Media and Life Dissatisfaction as Predictors of Body Dissatisfaction
    Authors: Melissa Bittencourt Jaeger, Sheila Gonçalves Câmara
    Number of views: 352
  • 191-199
    The Importance of Resilience for Well-Being in Retirement
    Authors: Cristiane Pimentel Nalin, Lucia Helena de Freitas Pinho França
    Number of views: 349
  • 201-209
    Values and Feelings in Young Brazilians’ Purposes
    Authors: Viviane Potenza Guimarães Pinheiro, Valéria Amorim Arantes
    Number of views: 336
  • 211-220
    Happiness at Work: Organizational Values and Person-Organization Fit Impact
    Authors: Juliana Moraes de Sousa, Juliana Barreiros Porto
    Number of views: 437
  • 221-228
    Validity Evidences for the Dimensional Clinical Personality Inventory in Outpatient Psychiatric Sample
    Authors: Roberta Katz Abela, Lucas de Francisco Carvalho, Sabrina Jisun Myung Cho, Latife Yazigi
    Number of views: 340
  • 229-239
    Relations Between Executive Functions and Different Symptomatic Dimensions in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
    Authors: Ana Cristina Pedron, Ygor Arzeno Ferrão, Léia Gonçalves Gurgel, Caroline Tozzi Reppold
    Number of views: 323
  • 241-249
    Memory Monitoring and Control in Young and Intermediate-Age Adults
    Authors: Maxciel Zortea, Graciela Inchausti de Jou, Jerusa Fumagalli de Salles
    Number of views: 332
  • 251-259
    Implied Movement in Static Images Reveals Biological Timing Processing
    Authors: Francisco Carlos Nather, Vinicius Anelli, Guilherme Ennes, José Lino Oliveira Bueno
    Number of views: 329
  • 261-269
    Social Representations of the Environment in Press Media
    Authors: Gislei Mocelin Polli, Brigido Vizeu Camargo
    Number of views: 331

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