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Bulletin of the National Technical University KhPI

Number 38, 2012

  • 3 – 8
    Genetic algorithms adaptation to business-processes modeling automation
    Authors:  Baida K.E., Elchaninov D.B.
    Number of views: 341
  • 14 – 25
    Comparative analysis of algorithms filtration of medical images
    Authors: Bondina N.N., Kalmychkov A.S., Kriventsov V.E.
    Number of views: 323
  • 32 – 37
    Identification of logical contradictions in the text information
    Authors: Vavilenkova A.I.
    Number of views: 340
  • 38 – 45
    Method for determining the proximity of objects of weighted training samples
    Authors: Volchenko E.V.
    Number of views: 318
  • 46 – 54
    Optimal controller synthesis for diesel train with the inverter operation in PWM mode
    Authors: Dmitrienko V.D., Zapolovskyi N.I., Mezentsev N.V.
    Number of views: 327
  • 55 – 69
    Determination of the optimal control’s laws of the electric train movement processes
    Authors: Dmitrienko V.D., Noskov V.I., Blindyuk V.S., Lipchansky M.V., Nesterenko A.O.
    Number of views: 342
  • 77 – 83
    Principles of construction and features of functioning the intellectual training system
    Authors: Karasiuk V.V., Gvozdenko M.V.
    Number of views: 312
  • 84 – 92
    Virtual devices in the measuring laboratory
    Authors: Klimenko A.M., Skorin Y.I., Stadnik V.V.
    Number of views: 318
  • 93 – 101
    Time complexity of the variable entropy spread spectrum signals digital demodulation
    Authors: Kozlenko M.I.
    Number of views: 348
  • 121 – 127
    Mathematical model of quantum measurement
    Authors: Mitsay Yu.N., Mayorova A.N.
    Number of views: 313
  • 128 – 135
    Mechanisms of increase of efficiency of procedure of monitoring of safety are in the distributed databases
    Authors: Muhin V.E., Kornaga Ja.I.
    Number of views: 280
  • 148 – 155
    The model of increasing students' motivation to education (aspects of organization and conducting of the testing seance)
    Authors: Rizun N.O.
    Number of views: 311
  • 156 – 162
    The Comparative Analysis of Efficiency of Pseudo-optimal and Mesh Topologies of Networks on Chip, Using Netmaker
    Authors: Romanov A.Y.
    Number of views: 276
  • 172 – 177
    Methods of synthesis natural language texts in expert systems
    Authors: Sudakov B.N., Malyonkin A.S.
    Number of views: 328
  • 178 – 183
    The linguistic preprocessor of natural language texts for expert systems processing
    Authors: Sudakov B.N., Mykhailova Y.M.
    Number of views: 309
  • 184 – 189
    Synthesis syntax of natural language texts in expert systems
    Authors: Sudakov B.N., Philipenko A.N.
    Number of views: 290

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