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Journal of Natural Remedis

Number 19 (4), 2019

  • 162-168
    Concepts of Prakriti (Human Constitution) and its Association with Hematological Parameters, Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Groups and Genotypes
    Authors: Niraj Srivastava, Varsha Saxena
    Number of views: 300
  • 169-180
    Anti-Hyperglycaemic Effect of Aegle marmelos (L.) in Animal Experiments-PRISMA based Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
    Authors: Preethi Mohan, Madhumita Kumar, Abhayakumar Misra, P. Rammanohar
    Number of views: 311
  • 181-187
    Traditional Development of Pulse Examination as Diagnostic Tool in Ayurveda
    Authors: Aparna Singh
    Number of views: 495
  • 188-197
    Pharmacokinetic Profile of Equol in the Combination of 70% Ethanolic Extract Dayak Onion Bulbs (Eleutherine bulbosa (mill.) Urb) and Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (l.) Walp.) and their Effect on Postmenopause Syndrome
    Authors: Lulung Lanova Hersipa, Katrin, Anton Bahtiar
    Number of views: 361
  • 198-205
    Antioxidant Properties of Red Betel (Piper crocatum) Leaf Extract and Its Compounds
    Authors: I. Nyoman Ehrich Lister, Chrismis Novalinda Ginting, Ermi Girsang, Adek Armansyah, Hans Hotma Marpaung, Ade Putra Fratama Sinaga, Rr. Anisa Siwianti Handayani, Rizal Rizal
    Number of views: 319
  • 206-213
    Development, Validation and Confirmation of an Archetype Tool to Evaluate Prakriti
    Authors: P. K. Tripathi, S. Gehlot
    Number of views: 354
  • 214-220
    Unveiling the Unexplored and Critically Endangered Ilex khasiana for its Antioxidant Properties
    Authors: Charles Lalnunfela, H. T. Lalremsanga, T. C Lalhriatpuii, David Lalnunzira, K. Lalchhandama
    Number of views: 315
  • 221-235
    Biochemical, Phytochemical Profile and Angiotensin-1 Converting Enzyme Inhibitory Activity of the Hydro-methanolic Extracts of Tulbaghia acutiloba Harv.
    Authors: Arhin Isaiah, Dwarka Depika, Bissessur Ajay, Naicker Delon, Mackraj Irene
    Number of views: 348

Number 19 (3), 2019

  • 99-113
    Basis of Disease Manifestation: A Molecular and Ayurvedic Approach with an Integrated Concept of Ayurgenomics
    Authors: Shriti Singh, Sangeeta Gehlot, N. K. Agrawal
    Number of views: 641
  • 114-123
    Ayurveda Insights on Physiology of Sweating and Thermoregulation
    Authors: Vandana Verma, Sangeeta Gehlot, Sonam Agrawal
    Number of views: 1242
  • 124-134
    Anti-inflammatory Activity of Nanoemulgel formulated from Ageratum conyzoides (L.) L. and Oldenlandia corymbosa L. Extracts in Rats
    Authors: Mia Permawati, Effionora Anwar, Ade Arsianti, Anton Bahtiar
    Number of views: 557
  • 135-138
    Variations of Human Milk Compositions as per Prakriti (Psychosomatic Constitution): A Pilot Study
    Authors: Deeksha Singh, Sangeeta Gehlot, B. M. Singh, D. C. Rai
    Number of views: 406
  • 139-145
    Effect of Circuit Training and Yogasanas on Cardiovascular Endurance, Inspiratory Capacity and Forced Vital Capacity among Sports Person with Special Reference to Prakriti
    Authors: Sandeep Singh, Sangeeta Gehlot
    Number of views: 355
  • 146-152
    In vitro Evaluation of Crude Extracts and Isolated Compounds from Goniothalamus rongklanus and Goniothalamus latestigma for Bioactive Properties
    Authors: Nutthapol Funnimid, Wilart Pompimon, Narong Nuntasaen
    Number of views: 402
  • 153-161
    A Case Study on the Ayurvedic Managment of Spastic Cerebral Palsy Due to Birth Asphyxia
    Authors: Srivastava Kumar Niraj, Saxena Varsha
    Number of views: 542

Number 19 (2), 2019

  • 57-63
    Anticancer and DNA-Protecting Potentials of Spilanthes acmella (Toothache Plant) Grown in Mizoram, India
    Authors: P. B. Lalthanpuii , K. Lalchhandama
    Number of views: 397
  • 64-73
    Chemical Composition, Larvicidal and Antibacterial Activity of the Essential Oil of Trachyspermum ammi Fruit
    Authors: Ahmed M. H. Ali, Emad M. Abdallah, Adil A. H. Mujawah, Elena Yu. Avdeeva
    Number of views: 402
  • 74-79
    The Effect of 70% Ethanolic Extract of Dayak Onion Bulbs and Cowpea on Cardiovascular Parameters of Hypoestrogen Model Rats
    Authors: Anton Bahtiar, Farah Amandasari
    Number of views: 385
  • 80-86
    Comparative Study on Myelotoxic and Antineoplastic Action of Synadenium umbellatum, Vitis vinifera and Resveratrol
    Authors: Emerson B. da Silva, Camila S. Chagas, Marina P. A. Oliveira, Alexandre L. A. Fonseca, Beatriz da C. A. Alves, Izilda Bagatin, Fabio F. Perazzo, Paulo Rosa, David Feder, Giuliana Petri, Fernando Luiz A. Fonseca
    Number of views: 435
  • 87-98
    A Scientific Exploration on Concept of Chronomedicine and Chronotherapy in Ayurveda
    Authors: Sonam Agrawal, Vandana Verma, Sangeeta Gehlot
    Number of views: 407

Number 19 (1), 2019

  • 1-11
    Use of Guarana for Hot Flashes after Breast Cancer: Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase II Trial
    Authors: Abna Faustina de Sousa Vieira, Vitor Augusto Queiroz Mauad, Daniel Cubero, Patrícia Xavier Santi, Auro del Giglio
    Number of views: 302
  • 12-23
    Annona muricata Extract Reduces Inflammation via Inactivation of NALP3 Inflammasome
    Authors: Rana Mohamad Bitar, Ragaee Ramzi Fahmi, Jamilah Mohamad Borjac
    Number of views: 309
  • 24-31
    Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Phase II Clinical Trial on the Use of Uncaria tomentosa (Cat's Claw) for Aromatase Inhibitor-Induced Arthralgia: A Pilot Study
    Authors: Renan Sordi, Suellen Nastri Castro, Andrea Thaumaturgo Lera, Macilon Nonato Irene, Marilia de Melo Farinazzo, Claudia Sette, Daniel de Iracema Gomes Cubero, Ana Luisa de Castro Baccarin, Auro del Giglio
    Number of views: 299
  • 32-42
    Historical Perspectives of Nutrition Science: Insights from Ayurveda
    Authors: Veena , Vandana Verma, Sangeeta Gehlot
    Number of views: 316
  • 43-48
    Affiliation among Infantile Age, Morbidity and Prakriti (Physical Constitution): A Longitudinal Preliminary Study
    Authors: Niraj Srivastava, Sangeeta Gehlot, B. M. Singh
    Number of views: 278
  • 49-56
    Biochemical Assessment of Possible Protective Role of Kombucha Tea against Stressful Effect Induced by High Sucrose Dose
    Authors: H. A. Abdel Maksoud, Raafat R. Mohammed, Mohamed G. Elharrif, Nedal S. Abdulatif
    Number of views: 264

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