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Medical perspectives (Medicni perspektivi)

Number 4, 2020

  • 4-11
    Current approaches to medical care optimization for patients with multimorbidity.
    Authors: Diachuk D.D., Hidzynska I.M., Moroz G.Z., Tkachuk I.M.
    Number of views: 135
  • 12-21
    Mental health care of medical workers during COVID-19 pandemic
    Authors: Yuryeva L.M.
    Number of views: 171
  • 22-31
    The consequence of biomarkers of myocardial fibrosis in the prediction of arrhythmias in patients with hypertension in combination with coronary heart disease (literature review)
    Authors: Ivanov V.P., Shushkovska Yu.Yu., Afanasiuk O.I., Pentiuk L.O.
    Number of views: 149
  • 31-38
    Neuroprotective properties of n-phenylacetyl-l-prolylglycine ethyl ester nasal gel in an experimental model of multiple sclerosis equivalent
    Authors: Burlaka B.S., Belenichev I.F., Nefedov O.O., Aliyeva O.G., Bukhtiyarova N.V.
    Number of views: 114
  • 39-47
    Сomparative characteristics of lipid peroxide oxidation activity and antioxidant protection in rat’s liver on the background of experimental ischemic-reperfusion limb syndrome
    Authors: Volotovska N.V.
    Number of views: 116
  • 47-58
    Use of dermatoglyphic parameters of the medium and proximal phalanges of fingers for integrated legal-medical identification of a person
    Authors: Kotsiubynska Yu.Z., Kozan N.M.
    Number of views: 116
  • 59-65
    The processes of inflammation and fibrosis in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    Authors: Pertseva T.A., Konopkina L.I., Koval D.S., Guba Yu.V.
    Number of views: 116
  • 66-72
    Renal function and nutritional status in patients with arterial hypertension
    Authors: Rodionova V.V., Boiko O.O.
    Number of views: 105
  • 73-80
    Bacteriophages against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains
    Authors: Poniatovskyi V.A., Bondarchuk O.L., Prystupiuk M.O., Smikodub O.O., Shyrobokov V.P.
    Number of views: 114
  • 81-87
    Effects of dihydroquercetin (DHQ “P” drops) in patients with previous transitory ischemic attacks associated with visual disorders
    Authors: Wang Zi Way, Pohorielov O.V., Bobokalo S.V., Baranenko O.M., Chun Liu
    Number of views: 97
  • 87-93
    The state of antioxidant defense system in young persons with gastroesophageal reflux disease and autoimmune thyroiditis
    Authors: Kovalyova O.M., Chukhrienko N.D., Pasiieshvili T.M., Pasiyeshvili L.M., Zhelezniakova N.M.
    Number of views: 108
  • 94-98
    Comparative analysis of aldehyde dehydrogenase 1 expression in polyps and adenocarcinoma of the distal colon
    Authors: Shyshkin M.A., Khrystenko T.O.
    Number of views: 109
  • 99-106
    Аdvanced glycation end-products as novel biomarkers of eosinophil-derived lung inflammatory diseases (literature review)
    Authors: Gamian A., Zubchenko S.O., Havrylyuk A.M., Kril I.Y., Chopyak V.V.
    Number of views: 102
  • 107-114
    Influence of motivated walking with partial body weight supporting on the gross motor functions in children with cerebral palsy
    Authors: Nekhanevych O.B., Bakuridze-Manina V.B., Smirnova O.L., Byoung-Yul. Y., Kosynskyi O.V.
    Number of views: 138
  • 114-121
    Endometrial state in women with uterine factor of infertility at the stage of preconceptional care according to sonography and doplerometry data
    Authors: Makarchuk O.M., Ostrovska O.M., Okolokh Onieka Gibson, Orishchak I.K., Cheredarchuk A.R.
    Number of views: 102
  • 121-127
    Impact of risk factors in developing bronchial asthma combined with gastroesophageal reflux disease in children
    Authors: Umanets T.R., Buratynska A.A., Tolkach S.I., Stepanova L.S., Matveeva S.Yu., Kondratenkova T.V., Smirnova O.A., Garaschenko T.A., Lapshyn V.F., Antipkin Yu.G.
    Number of views: 106
  • 127-137
    Effectiveness of the rehabilitation program in patients with lumbar osteochondrosis and motor stereotype disorders using shock wave therapy
    Authors: Gresko I.V., Kolesnichenko V.A.
    Number of views: 104
  • 138-146
    Justifications for differentiated approach in correction of some changes of the immunologic disorders in patients with rapidly progressing generalized parodontitis with different drug susceptibility of the parodontal bacteria
    Authors: Gudaryan A.A., Maschenko I.S., Dorogina A.S., Shyrinkin S.V.
    Number of views: 103
  • 146-158
    Results of stress-strain states study in prosthetics of different types of atrophy of edentulous mandible
    Authors: Fastovets O.O., Sapalov S.O., Shtepa V.O.
    Number of views: 105
  • 159-165
    Problems of safety, occupational hygiene and control over infections in fighting with occupational diseases of healthcare workers with COVID-19 in treatment facilities of Ukraine
    Authors: Yavorovsky A.P., Skaletsky Yu.M., Brukhno R.P., Shkurba A.V., Kirichuk I.M., Regan М.М. T
    Number of views: 104
  • 166-173
    Hygienic substantiation of calculating models for prognosis of toxicity of different classes insecticides (second part)
    Authors: Vavrinevych O.P., Shpak B.I., Antonenko A.M., Omelchuk S.T., Zinchenko T.I.
    Number of views: 101
  • 174-181
    Dynamics of the incidence rate of pneumonia in children in Ukraine over the past 20 years
    Authors: Volosovets O.P., Bolbot Yu.K., Abaturov O.Ye., Kryvopustov S.P., Besh L.V., Stoieva T.V., Khomenko V.Е., Kovalchuk O.L.
    Number of views: 126
  • 181-188
    Primary disability due to neoplasms in Ukraine: structure, trends, influencing factors
    Authors: Ipatov A.V., Khaniukova I.Y., Moroz О.М., Sanina N.A.
    Number of views: 110
  • 189-198
    Estimates of potentially preventable hospitalizations in diseases ambulatory care subjected to in Ukraine
    Authors: Lekhan V.N., Kriachkova L.V., Doroshenko O.О., Gritsenko L.O.
    Number of views: 107
  • 198-206
    The quality of life of labor migrants’ children
    Authors: Gorbunova G.D.
    Number of views: 120
  • 207-213
    The comparison of patients' satisfaction with primary health care received in the context of the process of reforming health care sector in Ukraine: a cross-sectional research (based on the example of the primary health care center in the city of Kyiv)
    Authors: Paryi V.D., Korotkyi O.V., Gurianov V.H.
    Number of views: 101
  • 214-220
    Facial palsy as a manifestation of early neuroborreliosis (clinical case)
    Authors: Poiasnyk I.M.
    Number of views: 102

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