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Medical perspectives (Medicni perspektivi)

Number 3, 2016

  • 15-20
    The influence of intravenous solution «Neoreodez» on the course of experimental endotoxemia and evaluation of the regenerative properties of drug in the conditions of application
    Authors: Mamchur V.I., Dronov S.M., Bilenkyi G.Z.
    Number of views: 342
  • 20-25
    Foreign articles as growth factor of falsification for scientific publications and reduction of scientometric indicators of organizations
    Authors: Pototskaya O.Yu., Lievykh A.E., Mamchur V.I.
    Number of views: 284
  • 26-29
    Features of change of intracardiac gemodynamics and functional state of myocardium under the impact of telmisartan in patients with hypertension
    Authors: Koshlia V.I., Ben-Abid M.
    Number of views: 333
  • 29-33
    Gene expression of nuclear factor of activated T-cells in children with bicuspid aortic valve
    Authors: Kamenshchyk А.V., Kamyshny A.М., Ivanko О.G.
    Number of views: 355
  • 34-40
    Features of the cardiovascular system in patients with type 1 diabetes
    Authors: Pertseva N.O., Moshenets K.I.
    Number of views: 300
  • 41-46
    Nonspecific purulent osteomyelitis of the spine
    Authors: Kosul'nikov S.O., Besedin A.M., Tarnapol'skiy S.A., Karpenko S.I., Kravchenko K.V., Simonova E.V.
    Number of views: 351
  • 47-50
    Features of treatment of patients with complicated retention of the third molars at the inpatient stage
    Authors: Gudaryan O.O., Іdashkіna N.G., Nekhanevich Zh.M.
    Number of views: 360
  • 51-55
    Assessment of exercise performance and aerobic efficiency by the results of veloergometry in girls aged 11-14 years with the weak sight
    Authors: Maryukhnich N.V., Klapchuk V.V.
    Number of views: 355
  • 61-64
    Hygienic assessment of asbestos containing dust in the air of the working zone at thermal power plants
    Authors: Moshkovskiy V.E.
    Number of views: 322
  • 65-69
    Justification of urolithiasis prevention and metaphylaxis improvement on the basis of socio-economic characteristics of patients
    Authors: Detsyk О.Z., Solomchak D.B.
    Number of views: 320
  • 70-76
    Public health system - current status and world experience
    Authors: Andreyeva І.А., Lugova О.V., Nashyvanko О.V., Chernyak Yu.S., Shevchenko О.А.
    Number of views: 340
  • 77-80
    Main groups by risk behavior on HIV infection according to the analysis of youths’ preventive awareness
    Authors: Detsyk O.Z., Basarabа T.P.
    Number of views: 353
  • 81-86
    The features of the socio-psychological climate in collectives of healthcare institutions
    Authors: Vezhnovets T.A.
    Number of views: 361

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