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Vestnik of Vitebsk State Technological University

Number 1(34), 2018

  • 7-11
    Calculation of Technological Loads on the Heald Motion
    Authors: Bashmetau Valery
    Number of views: 347
  • 12-17
    Length Change of Shoe Last Footstep in Series
    Authors: Gorbachik Vladimir, Bashkina Vladislava
    Number of views: 412
  • 18-23
    Improvement of the Equipment Design for Thermostabilization of Synthetic Cloth
    Authors: Dryukov Vasiliy, Kotow Alexej, Kuzmenkov Sergey
    Number of views: 283
  • 24-32
    Designing of Two-Sided Linen Wraps
    Authors: Kazarnovskaya Galina, Mandrik Alena
    Number of views: 331
  • 33-41
    Investigation of the Influence of Parameters of Technological Processes during Gear Finishing on the Quality Indicators
    Authors: Maharinsky Yury, Latushkin Dmitry, Puteev Nikolai
    Number of views: 334
  • 42-48
    The Ability to Assess the Wear of the Carpet Floor by Optical Properties Indicators
    Authors: Naumenko Alexander, Karpushenko Inna
    Number of views: 316
  • 49-62
    Examination of Kinetics of Natural Leathers Convective Drying
    Authors: Alshanski Anatoli, Klimentyev Andrej, Petrenko Vera
    Number of views: 374
  • 63-69
    Determination of Forces Affecting the Cutter During Shoe Materials Cutting
    Authors: Romanovich Aleksandr, Sunkuev Boris
    Number of views: 292
  • 70-78
    Development of Mathematical Model of Draped Fabric with Use of 3-D Scanning Data
    Authors: Ryklin Dzmitry, Tang Xiaotong, Grishaev Alexander, Piaskouski Daniil
    Number of views: 286
  • 79-87
    Development of Bulk Knitwear Using Multifilament Yarns
    Authors: Charkovskij Alexander, Goncharov Vadim
    Number of views: 287
  • 88-95
    Migration of Heavy Metals from Printing Products for Children
    Authors: Matveika Mikalai, Braikova Ala, Sadovski Viktor
    Number of views: 273
  • 96-102
    Adding Antibacterial Properties to Textile Materials Containing Polyester Fibers during Dyeing Stage
    Authors: Piatrova-Kuminskaya Sviatlana, Mironava Aliaksandra, Garanina Olga
    Number of views: 350
  • 103-108
    Intensification of Wool Fibers Dyeing
    Authors: Skobova Natallia, Yasinskaya Natallia, Kozodoi Tatiana
    Number of views: 277
  • 109-114
    Estimation of Environmental Risk of Waters Pollution
    Authors: Chepelov Stanislav
    Number of views: 299
  • 115-122
    Reclamation of Unexploited Sludge Lagoons with the Phytomeliorative Systems Creation for the Salix Willow Biomass Cultivation
    Authors: Shepeleva Natal’ya, Martsul’ Vladimir, Voitau Ihar
    Number of views: 329
  • 123-133
    Methodical Aspects of Condominium Associations Performance Evaluation
    Authors: Kasayeva Tamara, Chakhovich Elena
    Number of views: 277
  • 134-148
    Efficiency Assessment of Marketing Activities of Sewing Products Organizations: Methodology and Aprobatio
    Authors: Kvasnikova Vera, Matskevich Natallia
    Number of views: 1182
  • 149-155
    Theoretical and Analytical Approaches to the Formation of Tax Environment
    Authors: Kireyeva Alena, Navumchyk Siarhei
    Number of views: 349
  • 156-163
    Research of Personnel Development System in the Organizations of the Republic of Belarus
    Authors: Korabava Alena, Hancharova Katsiryna
    Number of views: 266
  • 164-178
    Prerequisites and Factors of Social Entrepreneurship Development in the Republic of Belarus
    Authors: Kraenkova Kristina, Vankevich Alena
    Number of views: 297
  • 179-189
    Startups in the Republic of Belarus: Actual Issues of Development
    Authors: Ruliova Nastassia
    Number of views: 321

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