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Dogal Afetler ve Cevre Dergisi

Number 6(2), 2020

  • 218 - 227
    Displacement Based Earthquake Early Warning Systems
    Authors: Murat Doruk ŞENTÜRK, Bahadır AKTUĞ
    Number of views: 239
  • 228 - 247
    Identification of Public Awareness on Environmental Effects and Recycling of Waste Vegetable Oils: The Case of Malatya Province
    Authors: Nesrin DURSUN
    Number of views: 254
  • 248 - 257
    Assessment of landslide generated impulse waves in dam reservoirs using empirical relations: a case study on Borçka Dam
    Authors: Hakan ERSOY, Murat KARAHAN, Hasan Hüseyin ÖZTÜRK
    Number of views: 257
  • 258 - 267
    Lake Uluabat Point Pollutant Sources and Pollution Loads
    Authors: Saadet HACISALİHOĞLU, Feza KARAER
    Number of views: 282
  • 268 - 281
    Application of Peaks Over Threshold Method in Flood Frequency Analysis in Seyhan Basin
    Authors: Gülay ONUŞLUEL GÜL, Ali GÜL
    Number of views: 296
  • 282 - 287
    Determination of Some Soil Characteristics of Roadside Landslides Region: A Case Study of Lapseki-Sevketiye (Canakkale)
    Authors: Mehmet PARLAK
    Number of views: 227
  • 288 - 303
    Conceptual Framework of an Effective Decision Support System in Forest Fire Management
    Authors: Kadir Alperen COSKUNER, Ertuğrul BİLGİLİ
    Number of views: 293
  • 304 - 318
    Liquefaction Analysis According to Turkish Building Earthquake Regulation (2018) and Sığacık (Seferihisar/İzmir) Case Study
    Authors: Seda DURUKAN, Ezgi SARIKAYA
    Number of views: 318
  • 319 - 333
    Determination of Carbon Footprint for Local Administrations: A Case Study for Ümraniye Municipality
    Authors: Betül Hande GÜRSOY HAKSEVENLER, Gamze Nur ÇELİK ONAT, Begüm AKPINAR, Tuğba BEDEL
    Number of views: 227
  • 334 - 344
    The Effects of Different Materials and Geosynthetics on Embankment Safety and Behavior
    Authors: Elif ÇİÇEK
    Number of views: 217
  • 345 - 353
    Application of Trend Analysis on Drought Indices in the West Black Sea Region
    Authors: Turgay PARTAL, Ercan YAVUZ
    Number of views: 241
  • 354 - 365
    Determination of Flood Inuandation Areas in the City of Bingöl (Turkey) Using Geographic Information Systems and HEC-RAS
    Authors: Murat ÇELİKER, Nilüfer NACAR KOÇER, Osman YILDIZ
    Number of views: 232
  • 366 - 376
    Calculation of Solid Waste Collection Induced Air Pollutant Emissions through Spatial Analysis for Different Vehicle Capacities: A Case Study in Cigli, Izmir
    Authors: Sedat YALÇINKAYA
    Number of views: 214
  • 377 - 390
    Determination of Land Surface Temperature with Thermal Remote Sensing Images: A Case Study Kocaeli Province
    Authors: Özer AKYÜREK
    Number of views: 271
  • 391 - 404
    Investigation of Air Quality and the Effects of Meteorological Factors on Air Pollution in Nevşehir Province
    Authors: Kahraman OĞUZ
    Number of views: 265
  • 405 - 414
    Center of Rigidity and Center of Shear in Wall-Frame Systems
    Authors: Kanaat Burak BOZDOĞAN, Süleyman AYDIN
    Number of views: 211
  • 415 - 430
    Land Use Change Detection Between Tarsus - Karataş in Lower Seyhan Plain with Spectral Angle Mapper Technique
    Authors: Mamadou TRAORE, Senem TEKİN, Tolga ÇAN
    Number of views: 374
  • 431 - 450
    Evaluation of the Anthropogenic Impacts of Yusufeli Dam in terms of Landscape Planning
    Authors: Belgin YILMAM, Hilal TURGUT
    Number of views: 273
  • 451 - 467
    The Cornerstone of Sustainability: Ecological Footprint
    Authors: Ece Tuğba MIZIK , Zehra YİĞİT AVDAN
    Number of views: 271

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