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Nature Conservation Research

Number 2(4), 2017

  • 2–25
    Species composition and comparative-historical aspects of expansion of alien species of vascular plants on the Sochi Black Sea Coast (Russia)
    Authors: Tuniyev B.S., Timukhin I.N.
    Number of views: 296
  • 26–39
    Invasion of Opuntia humifusa and O. phaeacantha (Cactaceae) into plant communities of the Karadag Nature Reserve
    Authors: Fateryga V.V., Bagrikova N.A.
    Number of views: 339
  • 40–52
    Hieracium sylvularum (Asteraceae) in the Mordovia State Nature Reserve: invasive plant or historical heritage of the flora?
    Authors: Khapugin A.A.
    Number of views: 354
  • 53–77
    Alien species in local floras of the Voronezh Region Nature Reserve Fund (Russia)
    Authors: Starodubtseva E.A., Grigoryevskaya A.Ya., Lepeshkina L.A., Lisova O.S.
    Number of views: 298
  • 78–89
    Smile, you are on camera or in a live trap! The role of mammals in dispersion of jackfruit and native seeds in Ilha Grande State Park, Brazil
    Authors: Raíces D.S.L., Ferreira P.M., Mello J.H.F., Bergallo H.G.
    Number of views: 303
  • 90–95
    Distribution of the Chinese Sleeper Perccottus glenii (Odontobutidae) in fish communities of floodplain waterbodies in the Samarskaya Luka National Park (Samara Region, Russia)
    Authors: Kirilenko E.V., Shemonaev E.V.
    Number of views: 296
  • 96–101
    Alien Coccinellidae (Ladybirds) in Sochi National Park and its vicinity, Russia
    Authors: Orlova-Bienkowskaja M.Ja., Bieńkowski A.O.
    Number of views: 307
  • 102–108
    The effects of an invasive alien plant (Chromolaena odorata) on large African mammals
    Authors: Dumalisile L., Somers M.J.
    Number of views: 335

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